Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1599: With the Sage - Tabernacle - 1 -

Approximately three days after he began to engage in restoring security in the city of Voda, Ragna Federation, along with both names of Bronzite Torin. Sola hadn't come to the police station in a long time. Even so, of course, it's work.

"Hey, long time no see."

It was Emmanuel's men, Nicklas, who greeted Sola like that. He was moving as a central figure in this case. So I would have liked to have cooperated with the investigation at the request of the Public Security Police. And that's why Sola was called. They have the fact that Marcelo and I were acting together, so they have to keep a single paperwork.

"What do you say, these days?"

"Ah. You're doing a lot over there. Well, the basics are that your master's escort is the basics."

"Well, I guess so."

Apparently it's because the case is closed. Nicklas was back in that mess again. So after a little discussion, he is passed into Emmanuel's holding room. Even so, there was no Emmanuel there.

"That, what about Mr. Emmanuel?

"The chief would have gone to Lax. I've taken care of a lot of things in this case. Informing the great members of the Public Security Police over there, well... you see, I picked them up over here once, but Marcelo... because Rosano was my man. They're supposed to take paperwork and stuff over there for a little while."

Niklas taught me in Sola's inquiry with a slightly bitter face. Come on, I really can't change the fact that Marcelo was one of my men. So once he was suspended from public power, he was investigated a lot. And he went on like that.

"Well, I'm listening. Including that, I wonder."

"I can't help it, but I can't help it again."

"I really do."

Against Nicklas with a bitter face, Sola also had another bitter face. Whatever you were talking about, it's contact with an informer. He had previously asked an informant to investigate Nicklas, the chief, and even Jose.

And needless to say, it's illegal to be an informant. Therefore, this method had to be viewed as a problem, and there was no way to do it even if it was called to the capital. Emmanuel also made it clear that he was ready for this, and that he was ready at the time of the call.

"Well, maybe that's a bigger shock than that as section chief"

"Over there?"

"Yeah... look, you said there was a guy named Jose before Marcelo, right?

"Yeah... is that what happened?

To the name given abruptly, Sora tilts her neck. What came out of it was an unexpected thing.

"Marcelo said, he's my predecessor, yes. I can't get in touch with you on this one. The local police went to his room... and they said it was a stuffed shell. Maybe you are. Chief, don't you know that it's surprisingly delicate to see?"

"Huh? But sure..."

"You let him hold the money knowing the organization was working for an informer. The chief said, in order, I, the chief, they made him look into it in Jose's order. So, the chief of the division at the chief's office... even the cop who was after the central official at the time grabbed him. Funds, connections, that's better."

What about Emmanuel?

"You're probably listening over there."

The face of Nicklas, who strives to speak clerically, was slightly angry. After all, he was also deceived for two years. Besides, he was worried about the injury and sent out various letters. I guess you know it's all a lie and you feel like you can't do it.

"Well, the police or the army will do something about Jose over there. There's nothing we can do about this. Different jurisdiction."


I know you want to cuff him with your own hands if you can, but all this has the premise that it's the police. So it seems that Niklas and Emmanuel cannot go to Jose's place and investigate. Especially now. Regardless, they won't ignore them altogether and the story will go on, but the subject won't be them anymore. And a few moments after that, Sola realized that there was not enough.

"Speaking of which, what about Floran?

"Oh, him? You're right all the time. I checked under your desk today, didn't I?

"Oh, haha... it doesn't make a difference"


To a half-laughing Sola, Nicklas laughs with pleasure. Nevertheless, he also knows that Floran was very depressed about the day after the incident. So I knew it wasn't going to be the same in the real sense, but I wish I hadn't worried about Sola.

By the way, it was the reason Sola and the others were suspicious that Floran wasn't sleeping, but if you asked at the barbecue shop, apparently he was actually awake. It is also true that she was asleep, and because Emmanuel and the others were here at the time of her wake, she was going to secretly leave and pretend she was late. but before that, Sola noticed me, so she pretended to be asleep in a hurry.

It should be noted that Colette has already been contacted, and she is busy with various procedures due to the fact that her next workplace will be another country - the Empire. Emmanuel's not here, and the Voda City Police itself is almost suspended. He has very little paperwork, and he's going to use up his paid vacation just fine.

"Nah, you look lonely when you do. I thought it was a pretty small room..."

"Haha. Thanks to you, I appreciate the phone number. I thought I'd get paid first, but... it's a problem even if no one's around."

In a way, he's probably the most usual. Sora thinks so. He wasn't motivated either. That just went back to normal.

"Oh, yeah, yeah. Speaking of which, the robber I was chasing."

"Is that it"

"Yeah. I got you. They tried to escape by multiplying this case, but on the contrary, because the military was sealing it off tightly. How dare you?"


I don't know. But I don't, but the detour is detour. Sora thinks so against the robbers she's been chasing until the last week or so. This one case was totally coordinated and the city was temporarily sealed off by the military.

Regardless, some rounds were still possible, but you thought you could escape by poking a gap in confusion. It seemed that the blockade was too fast and that was why I needed it so badly.

"What was stolen?

"I hear you're back about half of the time. The other half is at the organization's place, and we'll secure the other half with a gasket. A quarter of them were flown somewhere, and now the army's after them."

"Organisation, Suka"

"Sounds like. Even so, it was the subordinate organization that was redeeming the money... but yesterday, the army got in."

That would be what I would call an underground organization that was cowing behind the great powers. The devil's hand was stretched out everywhere. Thought of that again. Sora is a bitter face, but where was the wind blowing Niklas who originally knew.

"Speaking of which... we still have time, and you want to see Marcelo?

"Can you do that?

"He's got a lower end and a lower end, and he's cooperative in the paperwork. They're pretty free to do that."

"Well, sweeten to your words..."

Sora nods one at Niklas' inquiry and rises again. Fortunately, I was moving about an hour earlier today because I was taking paperwork. And it's in the same precinct. It won't be a problem as long as I go to detention. So they decided to head to the detention center in the station.

In the solitary room there, Marcelo was put in. If you leave your room poorly together, you could be assassinated, which is why he became a solitary cell. Other mayors and deputy chiefs of the city of Voda, apart from here, were apparently kept in solitary confinement at unspeakable distances.

"Hmm? Niklas?"

"Hey, Rosano."

"Whoa... is that Sora? Oh, it's been a while."

"Hiccup. Doesn't look the same."

Sola laughed unexpectedly at Marcelo on every street except being put in a solitary cell and a handkerchief fitted in. Even more, you had become a habit, and you were bowing your head. So after a few greetings, Marcelo opened his mouth.

"So, what can I do for you? Or has the transfer been decided?

"No, just that Sora wants to see you. I'm here to get my papers."

"Oh, I see."

I guess I'm really glad I got there at all times. Marcelo was laughing as usual. And that's what Sora asked him.

"Speaking of which... How did Mr. Marcelo get into the organization?

"Hmm? Right...... well, you know what I mean. My previous job."

"Adventurer... Su, right? It's just that arm, and I was used to fighting..."

"Ha ha. Well, you know what?"

To Sora's inquiry, Marcelo nodded with a laugh. It was all that arm on the boulder. Probably an adventurer who also fulfilled over the wall, you don't have to doubt it.

Probably just an arm man who can get away with it if the army surrounds him. If you think about Jose, you must have taken care that the organization didn't happen. That was him, but he mixed a little bitterness after laughing a lot.

"... Well, I already said it in the paperwork. I don't know if you're going to be heard."


"It's not about this one... it's just a request, and my client's dead. Well, the organization turned its hand around and no arrangements were made... I borrowed the organization's hand to escape. So, all sorts of things."

Marcelo confesses his criminal record without hiding it from Sola. It should be noted that according to what Sora was concerned about and showed me the paperwork, she apparently made an argument with her client and then killed him with a detachment.

The bad news here is that my client was a serious person there, and he was sure that he was going to be able to get a chaser because of his popularity. Trouble with what to do there, he seems to have asked the organization.

When asked why he did this, he apparently received a rather large request - that a low-ranking adventurer should be able to live for a year - and he couldn't have been caught.

After that, he would be kept in the organization with the fulfillment of the request, and after several jobs as a soldier, he received one of his predecessors (Jose) and would have liked to have come to Voda.

"... Really?"

"Haha. I don't think you care. Adventurer, you've done this for a long time."

Marcelo laughs bitterly at Sola for her indescribable appearance. And that was him, but he turned around and scratched his cheek with a strange face.

"Uh... well, you have to be like me. Five boys from a farmhouse in the country, no schooling, an adventurer to eat, and I did that... but if I did it with blood on my head, we'd be murderers at that point. Don't forget you have all that power."

"... I'll be careful"

"Oops... and then your blow, it wasn't evil. If you're pointing more upwards, good luck. To go home."

"... nagging"

Sola firmly engraves Marcelo's advice on the last laugh into her chest. That battle, Sola thought, could be won because she was equipped. And as a reality, that would be clear to everyone. In contrast, Marcelo grinned and nodded.

"Good. Well, go now. We'll see each other next time, in a few decades. Of course, if you choose to stay here or stay here until then."

"Haha... my top thinks a lot. You can handle it when you get home. I'll come and see you soon."

"Ha ha. Right. Good luck to the rabbit, to the corner and that way."

"Ugh. See you later"


Sola finally bows her head to Marcelo and nods to Nicklas to follow the spot. That's how I asked him on the way back to Emmanuel's section room again.

"No, how long will Mr. Marcelo be sentenced?

"His sentencing?



Naturally, Nicklas was investigating one of Marcelo's cases, and the public security police apparently decided he was easier to talk to. He seems to be the spindle and talking.

"... well, maybe a little over ten years, including military service to the Punishment Unit. Depends on him, though."

"It's surprisingly short."

"Actually, the big book case is the case. Well, I know when I see it, Rosano. Because I'm not as forthright as I say. After looking into it, they said there was plenty of room for discretion. In his case, when he added his work attitude as a police officer, except for the part where he was in disguise, his work attitude was not bad. Florent is worse. Sounds like you can handle it."

To Sola, who looks surprised, Niklas tells the untold part of Marcelo. If this were a robbery murder for monetary purposes, it would be beyond circumstantial, but this time, apparently, the other party was insulting Marcelo. He said it was considered provocation and left room for extenuating circumstances.

"Well, even so, he still doesn't know. Instead of telling me poorly and not being able to extract information," he said.

"? What do you do? You were running away from that case, weren't you?

"Actually, he escaped because his opponent is quite admired for his seriousness. They knew the servants would testify that he was completely bad. In fact, he was completely bad at the beginning of the case."


I don't know. Sora tilts her neck at information from Nicklas. But for some reason, Marcelo had plenty of room for petition. I don't know. But no wonder.

"They said there was an anonymous story. So I checked it out, and apparently the serious family hates adventurers a lot. Sooner or later, they made a request, but it was pretty tight all the time. The adventurers who received the request from the Shinjitsu family thought this would happen at some point. In fact, there was someone who testified..."

"What is it..."

"Maybe you are. Either the adventurer who pitied Rosano or the adventurer who requested him drowned because he couldn't get to his stomach... I don't know."

Niklas, who sighed, at the same time had no choice on the part of the Serious Sisters, but I will end the conversation with Sola here. He doesn't need to know any more.

(Well... the Shichi family are also attacked and killed by adventurers, so I guess I can't help it...)

I don't want to. Nicklas thinks so. It is bad that Marcelo is bad. That's true. but at the same time I have been insulted quite badly with him, I hear. Then the Shishi family that caused it is the victim with him.

I just can't help but damage myself if I want to hit eight. but it's a mistake to hit unrelated marcelo there, and all I can say is that you deserve it in that respect. Only bad luck remained later.

"... No, there's nothing I can do about it."

"? What do you want?

"It's nothing. Come on, let's go back and crush some more time."

Niklas shook his head and kicked out the nasty he held slightly. So he decided to go back to his room with Sola and kill some time.