Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1600: With the Sage - Tabernacle - 2 -

A few days after the capture of the mayors of the city of Voda, who were members of the underground organization. Sora, along with the Bronzite escort, was striving to restore security. In the meantime, he was coming to the police station for the first time in a few days at the request of the public security police, who wanted to take care of this one case. Sola, who met Marcelo with Nicklas, who welcomed him that way, had since cooperated in the police investigation.

"I see... so I questioned his arm on one of the private lodgings,"

"Yes... after all, that strong killer saw quite a bit of arm... so I was wondering if it would be suspicious to be able to avoid that unintended blow lightly. Then I thought you were a former adventurer."

"Ok...... so, it's about the fight......"

Sora will be honest in answering the query of the public security police officer who will take the paperwork. That said, I haven't answered some of them where I went into battle on the boulder. For adventurers, the way to fight is with rice tare. I don't expect you to answer that silly honestly, and I don't want to know more about them there.

"I see... I get it. Thank you for your cooperation."

"No, I hope it helps"

Sora also bows her head one more time to a public security police officer who lowered her head. So for a moment, the police knew what they wanted to know, so Sora came back to the room where Emmanuel's division held her.

"Oh, done?

"Uh-huh. annoying."

"Oh, whoa... So, Mr. Nicklas. It's over."

Apparently, Floran was here while Sora was taking the paperwork. He was greeting me in the street at all times with one hand up.

"Oh well. Well, we don't have anything in particular, so you can go home if you want."

"Ugh... so, Floran. You're late again."

"Uh, no, I'm fine with being late now if you blame me."

Floran laughs bitterly at Sora's words. Besides, Sola tilted her neck.

"What the hell is going on?

"Haha...... well, naturally, because Rosano was there. Everyone is under suspicion of insiders. So, you were ordered to wait here until you were judged white. Besides, there's no chief."

"Is Mr. Colette good?

"She assures the McDawell family of her identity. There's an anonymous telecom, and public security has just been freed. You don't want to rub it with one of the empire's greatest nobles."

Nicklas also smiles slightly at Sora's words again. I hear Kate turned her hand on this. Anonymous talk, because it's from an informer. As for Kate, she was going to call her to Maxwell at the final stage of the project, and she turned her hand so that her preparation would not be prolonged. And when we talked about it, I thought that Sora would.

"Heh... Speaking of which, I remembered in Mr. Colette. What are you two gonna do?


Sora is surprised by Niklas, who suddenly looks disgusted. And, on the other hand, Floran told me normally.

"I wonder if I'll stay this way. Even so, I'm still worried about what I'll do in the future..."

"Hmmm...... well, if something happens and you ever change your job, write to me. If I come here and see you, I won't be able to find you."

"Haha. Ooh."

Floran laughs at Sora's request, nodding and responding to one. Apparently we could have gotten close there. And with that conversation over, Nicklas opens his mouth like he gave up too.

"I wonder if I might be sent back to the capital..."


"Yeah. As you know, we were set up and torn apart by the greats in the middle of the basics. So far, the good news is that whoever wants to go back to the capital is going to bring the rabbit back to the capital."

This is only natural when it comes to naturally, and I only take it for granted when it comes to sola. Anyway, their HR can be described as obviously unfair. Then there should be a proper complement to that, and it should be taken into account more than there is at present.

Nevertheless, that must mean that in the center he returns of his own free will. Why do you look disgusted? Sola didn't get it.

"? Does that mean we're going back?

"Haha. The chief said you'd come too because I'd skip my eyes. Unfortunately, I'm not single. I enjoyed my life over here..."

Nicklas looks out the window, a little lonely. I wonder how many more times you can see this sight. It should also be noted from his mouth that Emmanuel will return to the capital as well. Originally, he also seems to be from there, where he returns to his former sheath. and Sola asked Niklas about going back to the capital with him like that.

"Well, you can stay here..."

"If you stay here, I'll lead this class now."


"Oh. In this one case, me and the section chief were sentenced to an unfair disposition, and they were supposed to make up for it. So, I've been reviewing my HR rating accordingly, and I've been given an extra promotion where I'm paid once and for all for my unfair salary cuts."

"Oh, congratulations on that"

"Thank you. I want the money."

Nicklas laughs and expresses his gratitude for Sora's praise. It only seemed natural to Sola, but if that still happened, it would be polite to offer a single compliment. And then it was about Emmanuel that bothered me.

"So, Mr. Emmanuel, too?

"Oh, yeah. The section chief was reinstated to the position of former department director, and on top of that he was promoted in this case. However, it seems that the chief paid the information clerk for the internal investigation was considered problematic, and the salary cut would be offset. I have public security. I can't believe I busted you into a boulder. I can't help it with the boulders, so the disposal is only offset and a month's pay cut."

This is just as natural a measure as it was earlier. That's why Sola was convinced, too. And as a result, Niklas was promoted, so if he stayed, he would have taken over this division as it was.

"Well, that's why. Now Florent is going to be able to put in some pretty serious talent, both ravioli and horns. It's a lot more trouble staying."

"Oh, alas..."

Listen to Niklas' seemingly conclusion and step on it if Sora doesn't think. To the easiest possible. I'd say it's his kind of judgment. Then it seems that Florent is the only one left in this city. Even so, he said it was a delicate place to stay in this section again.

Even so, you mean Florent will be left alone.

"Uh. You'll stay. What if it stays that way?

Nicklas opens his mouth to Sora's words, and Sora snaps his neck, including Floran, who is the winner of it.

"This time, you'll be a part of this division again. Surely he was an officer now, wasn't he?


"Maybe I can get you promoted to sergeant so you don't talk about things you don't have to do? There's a lot of trouble in this case... Besides, it's not very nice to say that a troublesome department like ours has become the focus. Well, it's better to say that it's a special department that brings together promising people who hid it in the future."


When he hears one end of Niklas' talk about police internal affairs, Floran looks grandiose. Unlike Emmanuel and Niklas, as Sola uses his tame mouth, he is on the side of what is called a non-cali in Japan.

So it's pretty young, and there's a lot of trouble with that aspect. However, it was decided that a little guidance, etc. would also be gained if the corresponding status was given, as I would have learned a lot in this case. It will depend on him later.

"I don't care... that's why I'm going back to the capital. If anything happens, come to the police station over there."


On the rabbit and on the corner, Nicklas said he would return to the capital again. If so, I guess even if I could see him, I'd be a long way ahead of him. I have no plans to go to Lax, the capital of the Ragna Federation, either as Sola or as an Adventure Department at the moment. I could have guessed it would be a long way off. And such Niklas inquired.

"So, what are you gonna do?

"Uh... Actually, there, you haven't decided yet. This time it's about me, and the master says," If this one clears up all the way, I'll go to the next place... "I'm not done with this one yet, so I should think about it now."

"I see. Does that mean there can be other countries?

"Looks like it. Once again, your teacher has a registration card for the adventurer..."

It still seems that the Adventurer Registration Certificate is useful when traveling. They both Toryn and Bronzite had this. So for once, they're both making the public treatment here an adventurer. He was only revered as a wise man because of the great work he had accomplished.

"Nevertheless, this is the case... I wonder how far we should take it to finish cleaning up."

"Come on... I'd like to see it through to the end anyway..."

Sora squeaks that way again in response to Niklas' crush. Nevertheless, as was mentioned earlier, it is not a police job from here on out. So I couldn't see through it. And where we were talking about that, Sola's comms rang.

"" Hmm?

"Oh, excuse me. The timer rang, so I'm going back."

"Oh, is that your comms machine? Speaking of which, you said there was one."

I've been watching more of the paperwork for a while, but still don't think it'll take Sora a day either. So they had plans after this, and they had set the timer so they wouldn't be late for it. So Sola decided to break up with Niklas and Floran and head back to the city hall.

Well, on the other hand, bronzyte around that time. When he said that, he was in touch with Kite using the Adventurer Union communications machine.

'And so it is. This arrangement is going unanswered. "

"Really... from what, I don't know"

'No. We were originally established under the assumption that this would happen. The late, uncrowned. Troops moving in disregard of all status and all borders. That's us. "

"But you have a position and a position right now."

'I don't mind. status for it, and this is the name.'

To Bronzite's overlapping gratitude, Kate laughs and shakes her head. Kate herself had already made it clear, but this one doesn't end here. The original Bronzite reunited with Kite was meant to be left to Kite after finishing here, but as a result of various exchanges, the Bronzite was also to be seen to the end.

'We already have more personnel and supplies out here. Not far away, I was wondering if I could rendezvous. The Ragna Federation is also aware. Even in the military, they moved, which is easy to hustle about. There won't be a problem.'

"Thank you"

'No... this is Sora, isn't she bothering you'

"Ha. Aren't you a good boy?"

After finishing discussing the next arrangement on the subject, the two went on to talk about Sola. but on that kite's face, there was seriousness not at what time.

'Thank you… So, Lord Bronzite. Next, still?

"Yep... I'm wondering if that's probably going to happen"


To Bronzite's words, Kate lays her eyes down with a sinking face. Besides, the bronzite laughed furiously.

"It's good, now. As I said earlier, Sola is a good girl. It'll hold you back."

'... if ever, I'll support you, too. Even so, you will be my uncle. "

"Thank you. If you say so to yourself, you can rest assured of Noon. If that's the case, that's the best thing."

Bronzite laughs again at the words of Kite who laughed. As a result, the two exchanged a variety of other exchanges and decided to disconnect their correspondence after this consultation.