Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1601: With the Sage - Tabernacle - 3 -

The day after Sora took the paperwork at the police station. Starting from this day on, Sola was supposed to help out while packing into the City Hall and escorting the Bronzites. That's why I've been in the city hall since morning, but the bronzees are going to give him one job.

"Hmm... Sora, a little Smanu wants to ask the Lord for one job"

"Ah, yes. What is it?

"Mm-hmm. Actually, the guests are supposed to be here this morning. I want to ask the Lord to welcome me."

"Okay. Where should we go?

It is good to say that the reception of our guests is a job that Sora is often asked to do. Sola is still better hit than Toryn, who is familiar with people. So it's always been the past few days that he basically helped the customer respond, and Toryn checked for typos in Bronzite's finished paperwork. So Sora also accepted without any particular doubt about this job.

"Mm-hmm. You can tell if you wait in front of the city hall. Look, your lord knows you too."


"Mm-hmm. Well, we're not talking about delays in time, etc. So don't come any time soon."

"Okay. Then I'll go."

From what is taught by Bronzite, Sola rises, wondering whether Chief Dafan is coming or Emmanuel is back. That's how he broke up with the two of them. He walks to the front door through the city hall where he starts to get used to gradually.

There was still more guarded by the army, and I had become acquainted with the soldiers there in the past few days. And the guy I'm guarding now, he was one of them.

"Hmm? Oh, it's Sola. Hey, what's up? Using it again?

"Oh, Mr. Kamarc. No, I'm picking you up today."

"Right. You're in trouble, too."

I wonder if anyone planned to come to the Agency today. The soldier guarding the entrance moves the labor as he looks at the list in Sola's words. And so for a while, the soldier ahead tilted his neck.

"... Hey, Sola. Are you sure this is your visit today?

"What's going on?

"No, I was just looking at the list of visitors... I don't have any plans to see Mr. Bronzite in the morning on the list of visitors to the Agency. I'm reviewing the others... but I don't have any. The vice president goes to Lax and talks to the president..."

"Is that...? But they already told me it was coming..."

Sora tilts her neck to the information from the soldier. Nevertheless, I've lived with him for about the past month and found out that Bronzite still has its flaws as well. That means accidentally.

So sometimes I accidentally misschedule, and sometimes Toryn is correcting me. but it was no surprise that Toryn was also forgotten because she was in the middle of paperwork this time.

"I'll just check"

"Can I ask you something? We have security to do with it too... maybe he came in suddenly and hasn't contacted us. If you're a customer, it would be rude to throw them back."

"Ugh. Excuse me for a second"

To the soldier's words, Sola tries to take out a smartphone type comms machine and move it to the edge of the entrance with a slight no. but just at that time, a voice was called to him.

"No, it fits now. I'm a little late."

"Mr. Orr!?

"I am, Sola. Have you studied a little?

It was Orr, who was supposed to be in McDawell territory, who spoke to Sola. She was here somehow. Seeing that, it seems that the soldiers also understood that they knew each other.

"Hmm? You know him?

"As it were, well... but what's really going on?

"Instructions from the Admiral. Please help Lord Bronzite."

"To your master...?

To the information from Orr, Sora tilts her neck. To this, Orr nodded with a laugh.

"Oh, well. Just a little bit of stuff. A few others are bringing us here. As its representative, I am the place. I know Mr. Bronzite, too."


I also know that Orr is the chief of the Dwarf tribe as Sola. So there seemed to be no particular doubt. As always, there is a question as to why we are here, but then I can nod the instructions of the Bronzite. And that's how it took me to convince myself, but there I noticed Sora, too.

"A few? From < >? What are you doing? If you're Mr. Orr, that's enough for you, isn't it?

"" "Ha!?

In the name of the legendary troops, who were put out too lightly, the soldiers surrounding them ascend to heaven. In contrast, Orr taught me normally without paying any particular attention.

"Mmm. Big catch. I'll talk to Mr. Bronzite for more information. Oh, and. You'll be coming with me, so it's time to give me a hand. I gave it to you, didn't I?

"Ugh, that sounds convenient."

"Hahaha! You know, I've been trying to be funny with the Admiral's proposal... it's been a long time since I've won a big one."

What the hell is going on? The soldiers just dropped off Sora's back, laughing oar and walking a little slow-eyed behind him. It should be noted that what you two were talking about was the cylinder that Sola used in the Battle of Marcelo.

He was building a device that would hold his protective gear in it so that it could be worn immediately in case a battle broke out all over town. They still have a lot of work to do with the prototype, but they can be worn instantly throughout town. There was no reason not to use it. It was originally for a secret detective like Shora, and it seems to be still in the prototype stage. They say it's another plan for a belt with a sunset. So they walked straight to the mayor's office where Bronzite was waiting.

"Mr. Bronzite."

"Oh, this is Lord Orr. Long time no see."


Apparently, Orr and Bronzite knew each other. It was over with a few greetings. That's how I ended my greeting, then Orr cut it out.

"I've heard from our general. He wants to attack."

"Yep... the enemy is now standing. There's no reason to miss this. Interpretation, Branch Leaf, whether it's the mayor of this city or a central official. It's just whether that's close to the big tree or not. Therefore, it is best not to miss this opportunity to destroy the home of the enemy at once and capture the chief."

Once again, Bronzite makes it clear that he will continue to attack. Besides, Sola opened her eyes.

"Huh? But I've been involved in this case, and I'll leave it to the military..."

"Whoa... that can't be right. I usually end up here, but naturally, that's just what I showed you. The enemy is still lurking there. I can't get it out of my mouth. Let's just say it's a good time. It's best if we don't miss this opportunity."

Sora was convinced of what Bronzite was saying. Now they have information that leads to the enemy's home base. but if this becomes a stretch, naturally, the enemy will move their home location. And if we don't smash it here and now, the tentacles of underground tissue will grow again.

"Besides, it was there that I actually asked Lord Orr and others to do so. Lord Murcia didn't just come in here to restore security. It was also to have a meeting there with Noh. I'm only returning now because I'm busy coordinating with the capital's commanding unit."

"If I tell you plainly, we will attack the enemy at Bronzite's request. Using it as an opportunity, the army moves and destroys it all at once. Of course, the Ragna federal government has agreed to this operation. There are still enemy informants inside the army."

"I see..."

Currently, the army is also in a great hurry to pick up insiders. Murcia says this is going to be an unparalleled sweep over the last hundred years, so be it. but not all of them have yet been picked due to their scale.

They therefore do not know where the information will be leaked from and will not inform the operation until the last minute, except for senior military officials trusted by the Presidency. So on the face of it, it would be an emergency mission.

"Dada doesn't have tens of thousands of members underground."

"That sort of thing. If the tree is big, there are many branches. If the army moves on a large scale, their hands will immediately turn to prepare for a response. In that regard, we are a group that does not belong to some country. A small number. It was easy for the Ragna Federation to make a request."

"I see. Well, I guess there's nothing wrong with < >."

"Nothing. It's not like Dada's been snubbed by Tina, and I'm not dating the general's impotence. Not as high as an underground soldier."

We don't routinely train Dada to make even rank S worthy warriors sound. Even engineers headed Orr say that the Adventurer's Rank A equivalent is Zara < >.

In fact, it's a catch of fanatics who happened a few months ago in the wake of one of the Minado villages, and they're ending without any struggle on the part of the military wrestling with their opponents. Besides, the reason we got together was because Kate called it in. There was no way that the high underground organization would be the target.

"That's why you're on the front line with us. The general tells me to do my best."

"haha...... nagging"

Sora laughs and regains her temper at one of the messages from Orr. As such, the four hurried to prepare themselves for immediate action.

Well, Orr came to the Voda City Hall for a few hours. Sola was aboard a airship headed with Orr to the home of the underground organization. Soldiers of special forces under the direct authority of the President of the Ragna Federation were also on board there.

Again, Auer and the others are not enough hands. Therefore, a special unit composed of those whom the Presidency believed to be trustworthy was supposed to cooperate.

"Lord Bronzite. The president ordered you to keep our command. This is the power of attorney."

"Oh, no wonder. I will surely keep your lives."

Bronzite firmly undertook to receive a power of attorney handed to him by the captain of the special forces. The president's main unit is supposed to send signals, too, and all subsequent field commands are supposed to be handled by bronzites. That's how the captain, who bowed his head to such a bronzite, then saw Orr.

"Thank you...... so, Lord Orr. It's an honor to fight with you."

"Haha. Don't be nervous about me like that. We're just strong."

"Still, we grew up hearing more about your hero, Tan, from birth. What an honor to be able to shoulder to shoulder to shoulder. It'll be a good souvenir story for my son."

"haha...... then don't die"


In Orr's words, the captain of the special forces nodded, seeping in slight tension. He looks older as far as he goes, but I guess Orr is actually older. After a brief conversation, Orr spoke to Sola, who learns Bronzite instructions with her nervous Toryn.

"So, Sola. You study well over there, but are you ready for this one?

"Can't be done!? It's the first time I've ever heard of a feature like that!?

Sora abhors her voice against the oar of the street at all times. Because apparently, his armor had several improvements he didn't know to match this trip.

"Ha ha. Ma, I grew up with good holdings. I thought I'd be able to use it if I assisted a lot."

"Can you at least tell me first!? Not too fast for that!?

"No, here. If it wasn't for you, there wouldn't be anybody who could make you use it."

Orr sighs as he scratches his head against Sora, whose voice is absurd. Thus, Sola turned her attention to it, which causes it.

"Do you think it's stupid to use a magic machine?!? I've never used it!?

"Hahaha! In the beginning, everybody, that's not true!

"It's not funny!

Sora roughs up her voice again. And, well, that's how it seems. Apparently, the underground organization also develops its own weapons commensurate with their size, and it also possesses its own large demon guidance armor.

Then I would like to use the large Magic Armor as well, but this time it is an ambush, so the large Magic Armor held by the Ragna Federation cannot be put out in combat. That's why Orr and the others brought the < > possession of the Magic Conductor. but then the problem is the pilot.

The Magic Machine was developed by the Kites and the McDawell family, but some of it therefore includes imperial military secrecy. We cannot offer it to the Ragna Federation. Possession of < > uncrowned troops will not change this. So let's just put Sola on, who grew up in a good condition with a good amount of magic holdings, and I wanted to.

"Really? It was the Admiral's idea... where we talked about what to do. Uh, well, that's a good idea for Sola."

"... hit me once you get home"

I knew it was his idea. It seems that Sola understood that it was Kate's idea. Nevertheless, I knew I was the only one who could handle it with him as it stood. That's why Sola gave up and was put on the Magic Machine.