Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1604: With the Sage - Tabernacle - 6 -

Operation sweep of underground organizations that spread to the Ragna Federation. Sola, who was to participate in the operation according to the Bronzites who had participated as commanders, joined < > with the Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) > provided by Kite as a help to the Bronzites. He was on board as a pilot on a Magic Machine held by < > Uncrowned Troops.

As such, it was decided to engage with the large demon guidance armor held by the underground organization in order to support some of the Orr et al. < > 's troops and Ragna Federation Special Forces, which invaded the home of the underground organization, but it was also an aircraft that possessed the overwhelming performance of demon guidance machines, so it was won in due course.

"Phew... now, that's it all"

Sola sees the last remaining plane fall and fall, stroking her chest down. As for combat time, it is net from landing and less than enough to fifteen minutes. A little shorter than most fights.

but I was still more tired than ever because of the operation of the magic conductor. and the operator of the < > Uncrowned Troop (No Orders) > to him opened communication.

"Oops, tired. There's a refrigerator inside for now, so take some recovery pills. '

"Oh, you guys."

Do you even have a refrigerator? Sola laughs and looks at it by pressing a small switch in the place taught by the operator. Then the wall moved slightly so that the inside could be seen.

"Yes, there's a lot going on..."

"Our general likes a lot of things. I'm not complaining about the spill. '

I bet you guys are definitely getting in and out of shape. With that in mind, Sora picks the right healing pills to grab. I don't think he's focused on the flavour of restorative medicine. and that's how he took the recovery pills, he inquired.

"No, what am I supposed to do from here?

"Ah? Oh, you? You can wait right there."

"Is that good?

"You think we're gonna lose?

"... I don't think so."

Sola is distracted by the operator's inquiry and decides that it is impossible. It was militants, except for the face of Orr and the technical squad, that Kate turned to as reinforcements this time. The dominance of the enemy home is also moved by them as the main force.

Well, to put it plainly. Rackham or Reynard - not these two, though - if you think they're coming. They're the kind of people who call Orr clutching their feet. Sora honestly wondered what would happen and how they would lose and let them participate in that preparatory movement.

'Wouldn't you? So, Orr's inside, so if we get to the control room, we win. If you connect me later, I'll make you all naked. "


I knew it was a cheat army. Sora honestly thinks so, listening to the operator's light words. Well, if you think it's an army led by his best friend, nothing else, you could honestly be convinced.


Then I guess this is really the end of it. Sora so relieves herself and lowers her hips in the cockpit. The operator has already hung up on me about the link, so the Magic Machine stays standing.

"Ohh... it's awesome..."

What Sola sees while taking healing pills are < > combatants who overwhelmingly control the home of the underground organization.

Why do you see them in the pit, it's very easy. Because they gently smashed the outer wall into it. No one can but be distracted from acting out of common sense like this. There was no formation, no preparation, nothing, and it was kicked all at once.

It should be noted that it was not only the outer walls that were smashing, but also the passageway walls that were smashing as much as I wanted because they were cumbersome. It's an abandoned pit, so they don't have a problem. I also have proper clearance for the Ragna Federation.

And you go straight in that ridiculous way. They quickly reached the deepest point of the enemy's home base. Orr's voice echoed from the external microphone.

"Ugh. Me. Popcorn bastard, you hear me eh? '

"Ugh. Are you done?

'If it wasn't over, I wouldn't be talking to you. I'll connect you. Receive it. "


The operator and the auer conduct a conversation using the external microphone of the airship and the external microphone of the enemy home. And the operator spoke to Sola, who was listening to such a conversation.

"Ugh, Solar."

"Hey! You're an external microphone!?

'Ah? Uh, that's good. Can you hear me?'

An operator switched from an external microphone to a call on a telecom machine with Sora's scratch asks him. Besides, Sola sighed.

"Ugh... what do you do?

"I'm going to take over control of the enemy base for a bit now, so I'm going away from your operation. Watch your surroundings yourself. '

Roger that.

Well, you can't do anything because you took control of the base's control room. That's how Sola figured it out. Therefore, in the operator's words, Sola expands the display of the sensors displayed on the monitor. So, on the other hand, the operator was tapping the console at super high speed to start taking over the enemy base.

"I don't know... isn't this overwhelming, my army is in a state..."

I guess it's just a nightmare for the enemy. Sora thinks so as she looks at the fighters of < >, who dominate the enemy's home base with overwhelming combat power.

Instead, Sola doesn't think it would be better if we just told her that we were < >. And I guess it's because I was thinking about it. Communication came in again.

"Sora, can you hear me?

"Hmm? Is that Toryn? Where are you?"

'No, because the operator went into hacking. The army fleet is about to arrive, so we'll be in touch.'

"Oh, you know..."

Sure, Sola also looks at sensors, but the airship is still more expensive if it's performance. Furthermore, this was originally planned. If you know, information-sharing will be important.

"So, how about that way?

'I'm free here, too. Whatever it is, it's < >. They have too much experience for me. Because each and every one of us can always make the best decisions and move...'


Sora laughs unexpectedly at the joking words somewhere in Toryn's bittersweet mix. Nevertheless, this is true. You cannot command < > in the current Toryn. Because their judgment is faster on the battlefield, and they even read a few steps ahead of Toryn.

"Does that mean you're free now?

"I just told you."

"Well, I need to ask you something, okay?

"Yeah, what?

Toryn nodded one at Sora's inquiry. Besides, Sola asks the question of why she didn't name it. Toryn nodded.

'Oh, that's the thing. Well, this is easy.' Cause it doesn't make any sense if you're a beginner. '

"Doesn't make sense?

'Well, do you think we usually believe that we're < >?

"... you don't normally believe me"

I don't believe it, I don't want to believe it, but it's accurate. That's how Toryn corrects Sola's words. The most powerful troops in the world, with the most authentic world at the top. That's right in front of you. It's only a nightmare if you give it to the bad guys. I don't want to believe in the late, not incredible.

'That's why we have to create some believable soil'

"So this is what happens all the time?

'At all times... there's always Mr. Kite. And you can't believe it.'


I see. Sola nodded unconvinced by Toryn's scratch. Kite, no, the brave Kite is too famous to be exact. Now is not the time to fight with your strength as a brave man, but if he doesn't want to hide his identity, fight with style change.

Besides, don't hide the power of the Great Spirits. It will be the way he fought in the battle in Frankour territory just a little while ago. You can fight by switching on the power of the Great Spirit, there's only one kite in this world. You won't have to tell anyone, and you'll see that all of the men on the spot are < >.

'Well, there's talk of not wanting too many enemies to escape besides that this time. I don't care if you lose your mind before the army arrives. "

"I see..."

I'm thinking a lot. Sola listens to Toryn's commentary and convinces her why she doesn't call herself Daima < >. And between the two of us talking like that, the operator interrupted.

"Hello, Sola. Sorry I'm studying. I think I can work for you."

"What do you want?

"It looks like the enemy leader's airship is about to bust the bulkhead and escape. If a boulder physically destroys you, I don't know what to do. '

"Did you get away with it?

Sola puts a slight surprise on her face and asks. < > was attacked and escaped. I was able to admire it as a quick move inside.

"Apparently, there was a direct escape route from the command room. There were no sensors, so it took me a while to inspect them."

"How did you find me?

"Am I right? An area that doesn't detect part of the sensor is a natural path if it floats there as a blank. You can see if it's in the wall or in the hidden passageway."

"I see..."

You've been doing that for a short time. Sora was no longer able to hide her fright. Now he's taking over the enemy's home base. Besides, what's amazing about this is that he's doing it alone. Though, if that's the case, Sola stood up.

"I get it for now. You think I should catch you over here?

'Oh. The guys inside can do it. A great man from the Ragna Federation said he wanted to catch you alive if he could. Look, if it's our guys, you're gonna get in trouble, you're gonna shoot down the airship, right? I don't care if it's an operation led by us. Call me this time, and I'll leave you to it.'

"Ugh, nagging"

I wonder why the biological ones are more dangerous than the ones who ride the magic machine. Sola - and Toryn next to the operator - pull her cheeks together. And while I'm doing that, the demon conductor starts up again and links to Sola's armor.

'Good. Now we can move again. So, now he's de-limiting the plane. I can fly...... well, I want to go as far as possible in the direction of not flying'

I don't know how to fly.

'So you're saying you want it to end in a direction that doesn't fly'

The operator says something special about Sola's words. To date, Sola has never flown of her own free will. There is no prospect of mastering the art of flying. Essentially, even though it is said that flying on a Magic Guided Aircraft is with Magic Guided Armor with Flying Aircraft, I have never used it. The operator also knew that. but I was thinking of more measures than I could possibly use.

'In the meantime, in case, just use a thruster with the image of you dashing forward. I'll fix the trajectory over here. You just fly straight. That's good.'


Should I just increase my magic all over my body for now? Sora understands the operator's words so chewed up. And while we were talking about that, a small airship carrying the boss of the underground organization blew up a bulkhead leading to the underground hangar.

'You're here. Go.'


Upon the operator's instruction, Sola slowly advances to the airship, which increases speed. So, a few seconds later. Even a winning airship at the highest speed could not beat the speed of the Magic Conductor that had been ready earlier. A piercing hand of Sora's manipulated Magic Conductor pierced the rear of the airship.

'Well done... hey!

"What the fuck!?

Sola rushes to ask the operator, who abruptly bares his voice.

"Here comes another one! That's your destiny!

"Huh! Guh!?

Sora, who hastily sees the bulkhead leading to the basement hangar where she passed up earlier, confirms that one airship there is about to fly the other way. but at that moment. A small airship he was catching exploded.

"Hey, Sola! Are you all right?

"Ts...... na, I'll manage to be okay!

Sora shook her head and regained her mind with only a few faces on the operator's voice. but in the meantime, the airship on which the boss of the underground organization was riding had begun to accelerate.

"Sola! Fly as hard as you can! I'll figure something out later over here!

"Copy that!"

When Sola agrees with the operator's words, she does everything in her power at once. Thus a flying plane mounted to each part of the magic conductor blows fire, and rainbow flares are scattered from the flying plane mounted on the rear.


Sola smiles slightly at the acceleration at the maximum output of the Magic Conductor. but the output is high for that matter, catching up at once with the airship that was moving away.

"Hurry up! We're gonna get caught up!

'This is the biggest!

In the airship, the boss of the underground organization and his proximity panic. The operator opened his mouth when he said he would catch up a little later.

"Sola! I unsealed the weapon in my right arm! You should be able to use it! Target will be instructed over here! Aim and shoot there!


Sora opens her eyes to the information of the armed men sent. but that face turned into a laugh in the next moment. Because he had one word for this, too.

"My specialty! Let's go, bunker!

Sola burst out her arm laughing and started the bunker that was attached to her right arm. Target the operator's instructed aeroplane. Sora's blow to the ship slowed down once and for all, damaging the plane and surrounding it by an army airship that was circling after the operator contacted her.