Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1606: With the Sage - Epilogue -

underground organization that had spread to the Ragna Federation. A few days after conducting that sweep operation. In the meantime, it was a bronzite who had made several arrangements, but for the first time, the situation in the city of Voda was to see stability.

"Is this the first time?"

"No... thank you so much so far"

Murcia bows her head to Bronzite's words. The mayoral election, which will determine the new mayor of the city of Voda, is scheduled to take place early next month again of the announcement, without the need to stay that far in the boulder.

As Bronzites said earlier, they are only runners. Therefore, if the government is safe, the government should arrange these mayoral elections, etc., and we are more accustomed to them. I didn't need to get my hands on it badly, I had decided. In any case, the results will be reported in the newspaper. That's all I need to know.

"No, no. This will make our citizens' lives a little better."

"Yeah...... then I'll take over later"

"Thank you"

When Bronzite bows his head to Murcia, he refuses to drop him off and decides to resign. Until a new mayor is decided, Murcia, the vice president, will represent politics, and he will remain in Voda for a while.

The president is supposed to support me from the capital, Lax, and although I came to show my face at once, that's clear. The president said he would give nationwide instructions to deal with the disruption that followed the collapse of the organization.

"Destroy the tissue. That's it, not Naturally, then, some organizations will be after the cauldron of the organization. It's important not to get into that organization."


Sola nodded one in Bronzite's commentary. There was a lot to learn in this city, but it was also in the next few days. And at those two places, Toryn came back.

"Grandpa. I got permission to leave the country."

"Oh well. I'm sorry."


To thank Bronzite, Toryn hands over the paperwork she has received. That's how the three of them decided to leave the city hall behind. On the road like that, Toryn opens his mouth.

"Even so, it's been a while. He said he's not going anywhere."

"Speaking of which, yes. For a while now, I've been prepared for a call from Lord Kite."

"How long ago was it?

"Hmm... well, the last three years I've basically been working on one of these organizations... because I've been to other continents according to that sometimes"

"The basics are the Enesian continent, depending on the purpose, I wonder where the other continents are..."

Toryn also evokes her own memory as she gazes into the hollow again in Bronzite's words. From their defeat three years ago, basically, they were investigating this case.

but the investigation really takes time. Furthermore, because of the size of the organization, tentacles have been extended to other continents, and sometimes they have traveled to other continents. In that, there are still other continental rubs if you head to other continents. He said he was going to lend a hand to those places. So Toryn opened his mouth.

"It's really been about three years. There's no purpose."

"Uhm... I've really done a lot here for the time being... well, what's conveniently gone so far is that Lord Kite is still a big place to be returned. You can't move < > without him. That was my last push."

Once again, Bronzite, who agrees with Toryn's words, makes it clear that Kate was the trigger for everything. It is true that I had foreseen a break in conversation with him, perhaps it would be time for difficulties in the leadership. I go to Kite in anticipation of it and accept one disciple for the price of support. That was one of his prospects for this one.

"Hmm... head east for now, I thought... I don't know what to do"

"For now... isn't the eastern Duchy of Miniera the best?

"Miniera? That's good. Just as peace has been concluded, security has been restored for a long time."

Bronzite laughs and agrees with Toryn's suggestion. And, to a country I had never heard of, Sola tilted her neck.

"The Principality of Miniera, is it?

"Well, your lord can't help not knowing. Not in the other country across the Patriarchate."

"It's a long idle country. It's made up of mines and farming."

"In the Duchy of Miniera, special ores are produced. It is made up of specialties that are exported to various countries. We export other crops."


I guess it's like rare metal. That's how Sola understands Bronzite's commentary. And that's what Toryn taught him further.

"As for the size of the country, it's not that big. Eh, how long was it..."

"It seems that when combined with what Noon heard and what Lord Kite told us, it was about the size of Shikoku."

"I see..."

Hearing the bronzite supplement, Sola understands how extraordinary it is. It's Enefia, which has several times the surface area of the Earth. In view of that, it would undoubtedly be a small country.

"The basics are mountains in the north and a barn zone in the south. It's critical this time of year. There's still no snow. Looking a little further south at the mountains, about to pass through the capital, you and your lord will be separated, and they will go further south."

"Maybe that's a good idea. I'm afraid of snowfall when I arrive further north from now on."

"So I don't know if I will...... Toryn. Could Smanu come straight to the embassy in Miniera and get permission to cross?"


To Bronzite's instructions, Toryn laughs and deviates just a little. Voda has an international airport, so it also has national embassies if not so many other small countries on the continent. And with these applications, Toryn is used to them. So Toryn and I broke up and decided to walk straight back to the hotel.

Well, get back to the hotel for a little while. Bronzite retrieved one of the maps he himself had written up.

"Well... Sola. This is a rough map of the Principality of Miniera."


What Sola thought when she looked at the map was that there was still a huge mountain forest in the north, as she was told, and a barn zone in the south.

"Now… this is the Principality of Miniera, but it has established this southern centre of Miniera as its capital"

Bronzite, who spread the map, took one stone similar to Acer Stone and placed it near the center of the southern barn zone. I hear there's a capital in this place. It would be a place surrounded by fertile earth.

"So, this time, what Nong and the others are after is a city called Lotsu in the north. It is one of the leading cities in the north and is also a country with excellent processing skills for mineral resources"

"Is the move an airship?

"Mm-hmm. Well, a lot of times if you're too busy traveling in a wagon to swallow... if you take a wagon that far this time, your time will be over in no time. Not in a hurry, but around the corner. Look at the meadows and mountains of Miniera and learn. This one's from the city. Rural countries don't have country sights."

"Thank you"

To Bronzite's care, Sola bows her head. I nodded one bronzite at him like that and went on to talk more.

"Um. So, yeah. There are several routes from here to go for the metropolitan miniera... well, the basics are good on this route"

"Are you going far?

"Uhm. See, you see this mountain?

In response to Sola's inquiry, Bronzite points to several mountain ranges en route from a city called Roz to Miniera.

"This mountain is high altitude. It may be easier to cross if you are an adventurer like the Lord, but it is hard on the likes of Non. So it's just a good idea to take a detour and relax."

"I see..."

Sola understands one important thing in Bronzite's words. Basically, when we become adventurers, we tend to think about the extent to which we can act around ourselves, but if we're going to accompany others, we have to think about that as a standard. So it would be dangerous to cross the mountain. If my client were to accompany me, that had to be well included.

"Well, this trip ends in half a month, but as I said earlier, this isn't a quick trip. So you should just relax in the cities along the way. Besides, your lord must be tired this time. Actually, there are hot springs on the road. You just need to rest there."

"Oh, thank you"

"Mm-hmm. I'm tired too, so I'm planning to Yuji there once. Rest well, Lord. So, make your last long journey and become a miniera of final destination"

To Sola's gratitude, Bronzite laughs at one, pointing further down the road as it is. Basically, you arrive at Hot Springs Street in two days from Lotsu, where you can stay for a few days and Yuji. I planned to take about two weeks to go for a slow miniera while I took a few days from there to go through the lodging town. So, about two weeks of sightseeing in the last miniera and looking around the Duchy of Miniera, Sola was due to return to the Empire so far.

"Well, there will be several battles with demons along the way even after the time is over. So you have to be careful. Because there are no ex-girlfriends or children when Yuji is injured in the corner."

"haha...... yes, I'll be careful not to distract you"

Sora laughed and nodded again at the bronzite who joked and laughed a little bit. This one is used to traveling many times. So there was no drain on Sola either. That's how he ends the whole story, and Bronzite rounds up the map and puts it in a bag. And that's the time. Sora noticed something spilled off his hem.

"Oh, something fell, didn't it?



To a bronzite with his neck tilted, Sora gives in and picks up something that fell. Touch it. Okay, but apparently it looked like minerals. The color is dark brown. I'm not sure what it was, but it looked closer to gems than minerals.

"This is..."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I kept it in my nose, but did it fall when it moved?"

"What is this?"

"It's a gem. It is a lesson for the Non La Zhu to possess the same jewels as their own core. Instead, should I say? It's like a wish. In the case of non, it's not a bronzite."

Receiving the bronzite of the gemstone from Sola, the bronzite behaves nostalgically for it. Though this is something that Sola does not know, the ancient Pearls were targeted in various ways. He said it was the beginning when he was offering the same thing as his core as a substitute.

"Hmmm...... but I might not get along well with falling. Do you want something else?"

"? Do you have something?

"Mm-hmm. In fact, it is a lesson to give this to the temple when you have escaped some evil, as it is a substitute. So I don't hold a spare for a basic amulet... it's not very common for a spare to fall on a boulder. This kind of thing is only in charge of testing."

Answering Sora's inquiry, Bronzite stares at the troubled Bronzite as he shivers. Well, it's a gem. It won't be something you can get so cheaply.

"... well, I'll think about it later. Fortunately, this time, it's not like I've been attacked by some kind of tragedy. but if you leave it, you can leave it alone."

"Aha haha..."

Bronzite is an excellent figure as a wise man, but as a private man, he had a lot of goofy aspects. This time, a small surface appeared. And doing that, Toryn came back.

"I'm home. The embassy of the Principality of Miniera, it's here. I knew it was just in front of the festival, so it was a little crowded."


"Yeah. There's a festival about a month from now. Harvest Festival...... but not a giant thing like the McDawell family festival. It opens up."


To the information from Toryn, Sola realizes that slight interest brings sickles. I still enjoy these festivals, so I didn't hate them.

"Um. Well, at the end of the day at the festival, you can buy some souvenirs. There are a lot of stalls out there."


To Bronzite's words, Sora nodded with a smile as she waited a little. As a result, the three of them began to prepare to leave the Ragna Federation, where they stayed for about three weeks, and on that day they would be on the floor.