Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1610: The Principality of Miniera - The Principality of Miniera

Leaving the Ragna Federation, Sola was set to aspire to be a neighbour of the Patriarchate, known as the Duchy of Miniera. He spent time in the airship on the road learning various things. That's how a day goes. The airship had flown over several countries to reach an international airport in the northern part of the Duchy of Miniera.

"Ugh... it's a little cold"

The three of them stepped down at the city's international airport called Lotsu in the northern part of the Duchy of Miniera. As Bronzite said, it seems to be an excellent city for processing mineral resources, and I saw a chimney there where metal refineries and blacksmiths would be.

Nevertheless, it seems that the north is a little higher altitude, as was said to be the mountainous area, and until yesterday it was a little colder than the Voda where they were. And one bronzite nodded at Sola's words like that.

"Um, it's a little cold... but this is still better. Snowfall is not uncommon in winter and nearby. Well, there's no such thing as snow for meters. Still, thick cold clothes will be enough to be needed. Whether or not, your Lord's protective equipment must be fitted with special equipment."


Sora looks around again, listening to Bronzite. If you do a little gaze, you're overflowing with travelers from the Ragna Federation, just like them.

Among them is Toryn, who is currently in the middle of an application involving immigration screening at the airport reception. This one is troublesome when it's out of hand, so don't get involved with Sola. Toryn was supposed to do it. That's what I've been waiting for now.

"... After all, many blacksmiths have excellent refining skills"


"No, if you clear your ears a little, the sound of hitting the iron..."

"Hmm. They're still adventurers. I can't hear you."

Because I can still strengthen my physical abilities as an adventurer, I guess. Especially in Sola's case, he often attracts enemy attacks in relation to protecting his people. He trained to be sensitive to the surrounding noises, and he heard a lot of iron smelting noises that he had nothing to hide. Well, still, this isn't gonna happen unless you try to hear it. I guess I enhanced my hearing with interest. and Toryn came back to the two people who were having such a conversation.

"Grandpa, Sola. The process is over. I got you a number tag, so you're cleared for immigration."

When Toryn says so, he shows the two of them the number tag. That's how I looked further ahead of him and there was one monitor over the reception. The monitor shows the number, so come to the reception when this number becomes the number of the number tag, I guess.

"Well, wait a while."

"Well... well, not many people come to Yuji this time of year. I don't know if it's going to take long."

Bronzite, who nodded at Sora's words, walks out when he says so. You don't have to stand here and wait. Looks like he decided to rest on an affordable bench. Sora and Toryn then followed him on foot, and the three decided to kill time for a little while before the immigration screening took place.

Three people descend on the Principality of Miniera and are subject to immigration screening for a short time. They were walking through the city of Lots.


"Is that unusual?

"Oh, yes."

To Bronzite's inquiry, Sola nodded one thing. He has never visited the city of Alpine before. So this sight seemed quite unusual. And, like that, he mouths as he sees people going around him.

"I thought there might be a lot of Dwarves out there... you're not going to be able to show them around"

"Hmm... that would be a mistake. Indeed, there are many Dwarves. A little farther away… a little farther south than here are mines produced by high quality iron ore. The iron ore picked there is refined at a nearby steel mill and processed here."

"Here, is it?


Against Sora, who tilted her neck, Bronzite nods one and stops to look around just a little. That's how they found just the right store. He pointed to one blacksmith.

"Look, the store where that guy is sitting right now and talking to the Dwarf shopkeeper, you know?


"That man...... what do you think of the Lord?

"I'm an adventurer."


Bronzite nodded one to Sola's stated answer. There was a sheath at the back of the man's hips, and the Dwarf shopkeeper's hand could see the perfect fleshy, one-handed sword in its size. Furthermore, a shield was erected on the foot of a man's chair, which he understood to be a warrior, obviously.

Both of them had different improvements than the military's ceremonial recruitment, and it could be inferred that they would probably be adventurers rather than military personnel. Looking at such a man adventurer, Bronzite inquired overlapping.

"Now, the Lord sees how good that arm is."


To what extent? Sola speculates on the grandeur from the style of standing and dancing, and the weapons held by the Dwarf shopkeeper.

(That weapon is not magical silver. There is no distinctive silver glow. But I can't handle regular iron ore or alloy arms for sure... which means a step above me... I guess)

Probably rank low as an adventurer, b. Possible A if high. Sora guesses so. If you dare say so with a swordsman with the same shield, it would be somewhere more than Sola and less than Al.

"Above me..."

"Uhm. I guess so...... well, Sola. Your Lord probably saw the weapon and the standing and dancing, and he spotted his arm. Didn't I?"

"Yes, I focused on those two"

Sora nodded clearly at Bronzite's inquiry. These two are important if the adventurer is to spot the opponent's skill. I don't choose the Hiroshi brush, but I choose the user on the brush side.

If you can use an excellent brush, that means that the owner is Hiroshi. Above or below the weapon you own? It was understandable whether we should fight enough or run away.

"Bye. That's what all the adventurers Toryn and I met on several occasions said... well, the only thing we can see on top of that is the adventurer himself."

"The person itself?

"Uhm...... for example, looks and outfits. Race...... see such things in a composite way"

Listening to Bronzite's words, Sola observes the man adventurer again. And that's how I observed it, and I realized it. It was a little different from the city's residents and the adventurers who put their roots down here. And I noticed that, to Sola, one bronzite nodded.

"Hmm. Look, you can see that purple hand plush wrapped around that right arm."

"Yeah...... what is that?

"That's a sign worn by the followers of a religion that prevails in a different country from the Duchy of Miniera, let's just say. A testimony to the followers of a sect called the Krall. Not uncommon in that country, but rare in this country"

That's a name I don't know. Sora thinks so to Bronzite's words. For once, cultural customs were examined by him as he came to this Duchy of Miniera. but it was a name that wasn't on it in any way. I guess you're right about people from other countries.

"That means he's not an adventurer with arms who can at least cross the country. Now, after showing this premise, let's look at this one."

Bronzite, who had Sola share the premise, takes his gaze off the store and looks around. To match it, Sola also turned her gaze around again. Then I realized something.

"... Fine... sounds like a lot of people are coming from different places"

"Um, a lot. That's why we do the machining here. Naturally, guests who come from outside the country travel from here. but we need a weapon to get on that journey. We can't move without weapons."

Naturally. The northern part of the Principality of Miniera is said to have many excellent mines. If so, many adventurers coming to Lots are sure to see weapons and protective equipment as their aim. As such, Bronzite went on further.

"Then where do you think it would be convenient to buy weapons? Here it is, let it be. Sola, I'd like to say a little around you, but your Lord can't create a demon."


"Oh, you can be depressed. Naturally... Well, if you can look a little out of the city with the demon, you can see that there is a forest if you head a little south. Blacksmiths need fire. I can get that fuel, too. If you set up an arms store here, the adventurers can buy weapons in preparation for their journey from here, and vice versa, if you are only looking for weapons, you can get excellent weapons here and go to the next place as a relay."

"So, there's a lot of blacksmiths here."


Apparently, he was convinced. One bronzite nodded at Sola. That's how I finish that narrative, and the three of them walk out again. And even more bronzites taught Sola on the road like that.

"Well, even so... it's also the policy of the Principality of Miniera to be able to do this"

"Policy, is it?

"Uhm...... what the hell. I'm sure Lord Kite once said... Oh, I'm sure it's called Hub Airport."


They say, and Sora understands, too. An excellent weapon is important to the adventurers. If so, if there are stores here that can provide excellent weapons and protective equipment, the adventurers will use this as a relay point.

And considering all kinds of screening, selection of weapons, etc., I would really need a day. That's where they drop the money. The economic benefits were also enormous.

"Does that mean it's easy to do a lot of vetting and stuff?

"Mm-hmm. Well, just for those who use it as a hub airport,"

"I see..."

Once again, Sola looks around. Again, many are adventurers and blacksmiths. but when I moved the focus from person to store, now there were as many inns as there were blacksmiths. And what they aspired to was one of those inns. It was an inn a little off the boulevard, and it had a sense of history.

"Oh, Bronzite's husband. I've been waiting for you."

"Oh, Calcos. Breath catastrophe, it doesn't seem the same."

"Yeah. It's been a disease-free breath disaster for the last hundred years. You look good."

"Whoo-hoo. I'm still tired of this. That's why Yuji is here."

"I see. So come here."

It was the Dwarf man who bowed his head to Bronzite. Both the Pearls and the Dwarves recognize themselves as relatives of Gnome. Therefore, it seems common for Dwarves to respect the Pearl tribe, and Bronzite once saved this Dwarf named Calcos, and when he came nearby, he said he would take care of him.

If you look at the mouthful, you can tell, but they've been close to each other for quite a while. They say it's the most trusted inn here. And that's why Calcos knew about Toryn. I rang casually.

"Oh, Toryn. You look good, too."

"Yes, Mr. Calcos is no different."

"Haha. You looked a lot different. The poor minister's kid then...... no, the poor minister is still the poor minister?


I guess it's because we've been dating a long time. Calcos was tearing it up for fun, and Toryn doesn't know anyone at all, and he looks friendly. That's how Calcos saw Sola when he talked a little bit about not loving her.

"So, is that the kid that you took on the new one?

"Um... sorry, but I'll take care of all three of you"

"Hey. leave it to me"

Calcos bows his head to Bronzite's words and rings the bell.

"Well, needless to say, it's Lord Bronzite. I ask you never to be rude."

"Yes, owner...... get your stuff"

"Um, sorry"

An employee of the hotel, instructed by Calcos, receives and transports the three luggage. After that, the three of them went to the hotel room where they were staying today.