Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1621: The Principality of Miniera - The Village of the North

To relieve the fatigue of the incident in the Ragna Federation, Sola had come to a hot spring town called Bayer, in the northern part of a small country called the Duchy of Miniera. The vacation was also brought to him on the second day when he was fishing in the news that a village north of Bayer had been attacked by demons.

As a result, Sola accompanied the Bronzite, who was to lead the Crusaders, as a result of a countermeasure meeting held at the Bayer's chief's house. Thus, the morning after the overnight dawn from the meeting on measures. Sola was in a fully armed departure this time.

"Mr. Bronzite. Everybody ready to go."

Adventurers who will take control of Bayer's adventurers will report to Bronzite. Of course, Sola never takes control. This time, he was assigned a direct Bronzite escort, and this was what they were supposed to do about the basic crusade. This is an unknown place for Sola. In contrast, they focus on this one. I would have taken it for granted.

"Hmm. Shall we head there?"

"Yes. Unfortunately, to the village of the north?

"Mm-hmm. I have to talk to you in the northern village first...... Lysa. Is your body good enough?

"Yes. Well, we can't fight yet... no problem if it's to the point of escape"

Lysa nodded one at Bronzite's inquiry. This time, she was supposed to accompany me as a guide. We're talking about leaving her luggage intact in the northern village, and her nose is useful in the mountains. Plus, he's an animal man, so he can handle his escape. He hasn't removed the bandage on his head about the injury yet, but otherwise he's recovering thanks to the healing pills.

"Um... So, go"

"Yes...... then we're all leaving! The enemy is assumed to be quite strong! We don't even know what time or where we're going to run into each other! Pay close attention!

In line with Bronzite's decree, the crusader captain issues the decree. Thus, the crusaders set out north to crusade the demon that appeared in the northern village.

Roughly four hours after the crusaders left Bayer. Together we had an early lunch and had a good rest. There were a number of people on the boulder this time, and most importantly, fully armed adventurers.

Therefore, it was difficult to tread to the northern village in a few hours, like Risa, and it was expected to take roughly 1.5 times longer. So I had to eat lunch on the road, including what the break meant.




"What's the matter, since yesterday..."

Toryn asks against a bronzite who seems to be thinking something while eating a meal. He seems to care about something, and I've been thinking about it.

"Hmm... Something bothers me a little. I hope you're overwhelmed..."

"What do you care?

"Uhm... well, I have the strength to prepare in that case... mmm..."

"You know what it is?

"No, I don't know. I don't have much information yet. It's better to just say,"

To Toryn's overlapping inquiry, Bronzite shakes one head to see the far north mountain. There was a mountain there that was said to be dangerous several times.

"I've been down since then... where?

"It can be, too. One of the possibilities is to be afraid."

Bronzite nods at Toryn's words and drops his gaze on the drawings. Again, the more danger zones you become anywhere, the less information you have. So even in the drawings he has, the details of that mountain demon are barely posted. Kalsa was not close either knowing it was dangerous, and if that mountain demon was coming down for any reason, considerable foes in distress were expected.


It can be, too. From what Bronzite said, Toryn had guessed that was not the biggest factor in fear. but it is also true that the word does not have enough information. Therefore, Toryn also decides to shut up.

"What do we do now?

"... it is true that we have to head to the village, not to dare. but from there, we'll have to rewash the witness statement."

This time, Risa had come here at first sight at the request of the village chief for multiple murders of village men. And I can't say yet that I'm completely sure about the information, and many things are uncertain. It was necessary to rewash such contents properly and obtain accurate information.


If so. Bronzites who eat while looking at the drawings make a slight wish that what they fear will not become a reality. but i don't know unless i try all this on boulders. That's why he managed to re-set off while continuing his research to reduce the danger at all.

Now, after the break, we set out again and arrived at the northern village at 15: 00. I left at 9: 00 in the morning and took an hour's rest at noon, so the calculation was about five hours old. Fortunately, there were fewer demonic raids and the arrival seemed a little earlier than planned.

It was the village chief in the north who welcomed him with whom he arrived that way. When he saw the bronzite, he had opened his eyes and revealed his surprise.

"This is... Lord Bronzite"

"Lord Schumann. Long time no see. It is unfortunate that this is the occasion for a reunion…"

"No... I didn't expect you to come... thank you very much"

Apparently, the village chief named Schumann bows his head and expresses his gratitude to Bronzite for his condolences. That's how I ended my first greeting. He gives instructions to the adventurers he brings again.

"Everyone, take a break. Lord Schumann. I'd like to give everyone a break... if I could borrow a place?

"Yes...... outside the village, there is a cabin. Please use that one."

"Thank you"

"Good! Put down the luggage I brought you and get some rest today! I'll show you where it is! Follow me!

Begin guiding the adventurers brought in by the Bronzite sighted captain. He has been to this village several times with his arms open. He said he volunteered first. I would have liked to have been expected there and captain of this one.

If the Bronzite is in charge of the overall command, he will be the head of the actual unit. So while the adventurers followed him to the cabin and do it, Bronzite decided to introduce Sola.

"Lord Schumann. Can you remember Toryn?

"Yeah... what about you?

"This is Sola. Non will now be one of the disciples who is greeted with a certain edge. It's called Toryn's apprentice."

"I see... Lord Sola. My name is Schumann. I'm the village chief."

"Ah, it's Sola Tenjo. For once, I'm an adventurer... and now I'm taught at your master's."

Sola holds the hand offered by Schumann and returns the introduction together.

"Really? You're young, you're studying hard and you're wonderful."

"Thank you"

"Yes... then, Lord Bronzite. This way. I'll show you home."

One nod to Sola's gratitude, Schumann, turning again to Bronzite, leads the three of them to his house in the heart of the village. On that road, Sola looked around a little bit.

"... basically, the hunters' village."

"Yeah. It's a village that makes a living from hunting and mountain vegetables and river fish that can be picked in nearby rivers. The vigilante also has a patterned land pattern and has a higher strength than the surrounding villages."

"... sure"

Sora saw the hunters and vigilante men watching carefully around her and understood that Toryn's words were correct. The hunters' eyesight is probably no worse than the average archer in the Adventure Department.

Regardless, it is difficult to say that you have good eyesight and high combat skills, but that is certainly an important element as well. Furthermore, the vigilante face is well trained in the land pattern, or he would have had a strength a few steps above the vigilante in a secure village. Compared in the vigilante in the village of Minado, each and every one seemed likely to be about one step below the corathon.

This appearance would make him comparable if he were the strongest. Comparable to the former adventurer, it was just plausible how sure his arm was.

"... hey, it could suck"

Sola once again tightens her mind to the smell of a foe in distress that has begun to drift slightly. I was tempted by the fact that the enemy was quite difficult, but this time the bronzite instructed me to keep < > sealed. It may also have been necessary to look at solving it.

"Is there anything else about this village?

"Well... as for the land, I guess it's called the last area where you can make a village. Well, he was originally in a place called a relay point to get into the surrounding mountains... that's what Grandpa said people who were chased in the war 300 years ago would settle in. A relatively new category as a village, I suppose."

"I see..."

I looked at the shape of the village again when I was told, and Sola nodded one thing. After all, the foundations of the village change according to the times when they were made. Fort Entesia, I'd say the head of it.

Over there lost much of its function as a fortress as a result of its reconstruction in a time of peace. but because this village was on the contrary made during the war, or the surroundings were also close to some kind of fortress covered by strong walls. And so I guess we could have maintained the village even close to this danger.

"The outer walls are pretty strong...... sounds like"

"Yeah. At first glance, it's normal spinach... but they're planted with demonic metal reinforcing bars inside. The exterior walls are constantly being repaired, so as long as the junction is unfolding, it will be okay for demons to attack us in the herd."

"As long as you're in here, you're safe."

"You can see that."

The sky is a junction. The surroundings are fortresses protected by robust walls. This village was also rephrased as so. If so, it would be a hand to escape in case. Sora keeps it engraved on her chest. And, hearing those two conversations, Schumann smiled slightly.

"... you've received a good apprentice"

"Yeah...... I miss Toryn a lot too. I guess it's not a bad sexual root. Sometimes it's good to grow up... sometimes his own sexual roots are good"

Bronzite is natural, but he had a good understanding of Toryn's character. Though Sola and Toryn were familiar in about half a month, this was actually a very rare thing.

As Sora knows, Toryn has a spectacular past. In fact, Bronzite knew that he had been driven by various harsh circumstances just because he hadn't told Sola.

So there was really instinctively vigilance against others, and that was the cause of his people-familiarity. He also thinks that all this has to wait for time to heal, and accepting Sola has no taste in it. The Toryn got used to it in half a month. Instinctively, I understood that Sola was a good person.

"Really... you remind me of the day he first came"

"Ha ha... it was a long time ago"

"Yep... I'm old enough too. Younger than me, many young people have sacrificed themselves in this case…"

Schumann lays down his face slightly with a mournful expression against a bronzite who looks somewhere nostalgic for his past. Happy or unhappy, sometimes his son was not a vigilante, and he was safe to keep an eye on his surroundings from above, but he was also injured by several young men who knew his face. That's what he was mourning. To him like that, Bronzite once again undertook clearly.

"... vengeance, leave it to us. Let's take out the demons and show them."

"... please. Oh, you're here. Okay, go inside."

He was a Schumann who bowed his head deeply to Bronzite's unequivocal statement, but before long had arrived at his house. As such, the three of them were invited by such a Schuman to enter his house.