Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1626: The Principality of Miniera - Survival -

I was visiting Hot Springs Street Bayer in Yuji. Sola was part of a crusade to deal with the damage caused by demons in that northern village. As such, he was to fight a demon whose name was Emperor of Bears (Emperor Bear), who fought on the way to Bayer, turned into a Fallen.

It is a battle, but with the support of a spacecraft with the emblem of the Duchy of Miniera that flew abruptly on this, we will manage to succeed in the crusade. So, right after the fight. Sola accidentally reached her butt when she understood from the bottom of her heart that "Emperor of Bears (Emperor Bear)", which had completely disappeared, had no further prospect of resurrection.

"Ha... kichi..."

Fortunately, this time Bronzite instructed me to go ahead and fight with warmth, and even more so after taking two healing pills. Although I had some strength and magic, it was still a mental pain to force my opponent to fight off far above. That's why he had a rare face on his face that could only be described as a hard win.

"Sola, are you all right?

"Ah, Master...... thank you. If it weren't for that bond, he'd probably be dead."

"Uhm... I've got more power than I expected"

Bronzite, who gestured at Sola for trying to get up, nodded at his words. That had to do with him and say he was more powerful than I imagined, and it could have been detected that there would have been a considerable struggle without the support of the Duchy of Miniera airship.

It is good to say no thanks to that support that everyone was able to survive even though they were quite small and injured. So Sora looked up and asked.

"... Is that airship owned by your master?

"... no, probably a call from Bayer flew and the National Army moved. I didn't even assume... you're lucky."

Bronzite, who looked up just like Sola, shook one head and mouthed a daimyo guess. After all, Bayer is a famous hot spring there, and people come from all over the world. Sometimes nobles seem to come with patience. I guess that's why the country moved so fast. and one of its airships descended at a lower altitude.


Bronzite roars one as he looks at the airship that came down. And, in front of their eyes like that, the airship landed, and Tallap came down.

"Excuse me. I was contacted by Bayer and I was a member of the Army of the Principality of Miniera..."

"Oh, excuse me. Non was asked by the chief of Bayer to support him, leading a crusader who had come to the northern village."

Bronzite bows his head to the words of the soldier who came down. For this, the soldier bows his head again and thanks him even more.

"Again, was it? Thank you for your help in maintaining security in our country. For once, we've seen it from above... but it's completely crusaded."

"Yep... that guy over there todme first"

"Did you...... oh, guys, how you are injured. You will also need to treat your injuries. Here you go, take a ride. Let me show you to Bayer."

He was a soldier who snorted one at Bronzite's words, but offered that to him in a slight panic. And, hearing it, a rank A shielded adventurer who was sitting on the spot raised his hand.

"Oh, I'm sorry, me and... that guy and that guy are good here"

"What can I do for you?

To the words of an adventurer with a shield, a soldier tips his neck. That and that, I said, were both female adventurers, one of whom was a hunter accompanying him as a directions. The other one is a magician. These are the only two women in the crusade. Thus, he pointed to the sorcerer within.

"Me and that guy used to have the same party. Actually, your archer asked me to run errands in the north village. I want to go back to the village like this. At this distance to the boulders, it would be more difficult to get them on the airship. We'll take care of the injury ourselves."

"Were you...... ok. If that's the case, it's better that way. Just a moment."


Well, as the National Army is out, there is a very good chance that some reward will be given to the adventurers who took part in this one. Then it was necessary to hold down various names, etc. for the purpose of the procedure. The adventurer with the shield knew that, so he never refused.

So a soldier used a comms machine to have a conversation with his superior officer and nodded one. Then a little longer later, another soldier came down again. The soldier had a small terminal in his hand.

"Here you go. Can you please show me your registration card?

"Oh... there you go"

The shielded adventurer presents his own registration card at the request of the soldier. And in line with that, the two men he mentioned also presented their registration cards.

"Thank you...... yes. We have saved it."

"Oh...... well, if you're going to get a gratuity, ask for a Union account. Otherwise, let the Union through."

"Yes, sir."

A soldier nodded one as he received a registration card for an adventurer with a shield and passed it to the terminal he had been brought to. Now they keep a record of the information registered in the registration card and use it to contact you later.

"Yes... now I have no problem with the three of you. I think we'll hear from the military again later..."

"Oh, I've taken requests for this lineage and this guy several times. I know the procedure there, so it's no problem."

"Yes, sir."

The soldier nodded with a slight bitter smile at the shielded adventurer who broke off his own explanation en route. Well, it's his arm. No wonder you didn't take this kind of request once.

"Oh, yeah. So... did you mean that the three of you are headed to the northern village?

"Oh...... yeah?

"Then can you tell me that the crusade is over? I'll have a messenger from the military again later... and I was wondering if I should reward you as soon as possible."

"Oh, you know what? Absolutely."

He was a shielded adventurer who was surprised even though he was slightly wary of the soldier's inquiry, but he hears the soldier's words and shows pleasant consent. Besides, the soldier bowed his head.

"Thank you. No other rides, anyone?

"What do you want to do?


Bronzite thinks slightly of Sola's inquiry. It's half a day to Bayer, and once we get back from here to the northern village to take care of the wounds and rest, the first day will crumble. Therefore, the conclusions reached by Bronzite were natural.

"You should give me a ride. Both Non and Toryn are wearing out their magic, and your Lord is wearing out. If we're going to Bayer, there's nothing particularly wrong with that."


Sola nodded one at Bronzite's pointing. Neither Bronzite nor Toryn are pure adventurers in the first place. Being a traveler, he is a good leg, but still at this time of year in the area, it would be better to refrain from travelling as much as possible. Therefore, the three of them will be allowed to board the airship of the Principality of Miniera.

"Now please use this room"

After boarding the airship. Guided by one of the soldiers, he was led to the large room for those who were not seriously injured within the face of the crusade. After treating a seriously ill person like the other adventurer with a broken arm earlier, he treated a slightly injured person like Sola and the others.

"Phew... are you okay with the boulder?"

"Mm-hmm. Well, that's good"

The bronzite who hears Sora's words nods one, and takes it and Sora takes off her protective gear and stores it in a cylinder. You won't have to bother wearing hot and painful protective gear even though you're housed in an army airship.

"Phew... I knew you were hurt a lot... and your armor was pretty damaged... I'll have to get Mr. Orr to fix it thoroughly when I get back..."

I have taken healing pills so I have recovered quite a bit about my magic and strength, but as a result I have not healed much about my injuries. Seeing her own flesh like that, Sola smiles slightly. Nevertheless, to this extent, the worst we can do is talk about putting on restorative drugs. I wasn't so afraid.

"Ha... I'm tired of boulders today..."

"It's only morning. I didn't even have breakfast before that..."

"Oh no... is that right"

Toryn told me to laugh a little bit and I remember that Sora woke up soon. They beat me up with the sound of a bell in the first place, and I immediately geared up to fight. I didn't know what time it was.

"No, what time is it... Shh. It's 7: 00. No, it's only 7: 00?

"If anyone comes later, you should have breakfast ready."

"Right... uh... I'm getting hungry when I care..."

Sora and I have a lot to eat. Looks like you've had enough exercise to get here without breakfast. Furthermore, almost everyone in this room is not eating breakfast in the same way.

So after a short wait, one of the soldiers came to the room. Ask the soldier if he can prepare a meal for the number of people.

"Uh... I did. Let me arrange it here."

"Thank you"

Time slot is time slot. Looks like the soldiers found out they had no choice either. And then he realized that Sora had turned into plain clothes.

"Is that...? You are equipped..."

"Oh, I've got my gear covered. You don't have to wear it all the way in the airship..."

"Oh, right. Excuse me...... please wait a moment"

One laugh in Sola's response. The soldier bows his head again and leaves the room behind. That's how I dropped him off, and Sora opened her mouth.

"That's a very polite unit."

"Hmmm... it's like that"

"What's wrong with you?

Sora tilts her neck and asks the bronzite how she is thinking of something. Besides, he shook his head.

"No, it's nothing. It might be pointless where I care."


Though I don't know what it is, Bronzite seems to know something again. Unwrinkle between brows. At a time like this, I also understood that Sora had been dating for a little while the past month that he wouldn't tell me something. So away from the bronzite, who started to think about something again, he sits next to Toryn.

"Master. What are you thinking?

"Come on... but I know what's causing this."



To Sora's inquiry, Toryn nodded one thing. As such, he began his narrative to Sola in a low voice with a slight vigilance around him.

"You said that earlier, too, didn't you, Sola? Even polite troops."

"What's wrong with that?"

"It's pretty rare to have a well-educated unit so far. That's what I was told, and I hurried. It's suspicious."

"There's a chance that he's getting some kind of a separate life, is that it?

"Well, I guess you're thinking."

Toryn nodded one as she saw the bronzite in Sora's inquiry. Sure, then the muscles go through. I don't know where this airship belongs in the military, but it seemed to me to be a well-trained unit to see polite response. As for the troops to be sent out of a phase where no details of the enemy were known, it was certainly suspicious.

"Don't you know what that separate life means?

"I don't know if I can do it on a boulder. There's too little information on anything..."

"Oh well..."

Sora and Toryn discuss what they can think of as separate lives for a while. And when I was doing that, the time there had passed, and the breakfast was carried.

"Then tell me if it's not enough. We'll get you ready."

"Thank you"

Sora bows her head to the words of one of the soldiers who brought me breakfast - because she was close by chance. Breakfast consisted of bread, soup and salad with a little thick chopped bacon and eggs. That's how the crusaders began their breakfast side by side.

"Umeh... it works on an empty stomach... agu..."

"Still eating well, you."

"I'm particularly hungry today."

To some tearing Toryn's words, Sora is a little shy but wears a big mouth on her bread. So, where we were having breakfast while we talked about that, the soldiers came in again.

"Excuse me. Oh, keep your meal. After meals, I'd like to take care of the paperwork sequentially...... are you sure?

"Oh, right. Ok...... everyone, is that okay?

A soldier-offered bronzite asks all of them. There is no reason anywhere to say no to this. So the soldiers nodded one after all of them nodded.

"Thank you. Now, please offer to the soldiers outside in turn from those who ate your meal. I'll show you."

Well, neither does the military know who is the compiler of this crusade at present. So it seems that from those who are ready, they have become. That's how we got agreement on the paperwork, and when we got into that support, the soldier left the room behind again.


"What's wrong with you?

"No, that man... I kept my weapon"

"Speaking of which..."

To Bronzite's point, Sola recalls, if she put it that way. Be it the soldiers ahead, or on this road. All the soldiers I met had swords on their hips.

Essentially, as long as military weapons are not owned by individuals, they will be managed in bulk in the arsenal. That's no different in any army. Yet all the soldiers on this airship were armed. I had to say that it was suspicious. And to him like that, Sora speaks of speculation.

"But isn't that natural?"


"We're adventurers. So, I'm armed, and you don't know personality, do you? Well, I guess it's not suspicious to have a weapon for self-defense."

Sora speaks of her speculation against the bronzites who urged her to go ahead. And when I heard that, one bronzite nodded.

"Hmmm... sure, that would be possible"

"Hey, kids. For now, that's a good story. Eat up. If you're not eating, I'll take it."

"Ever! No, you're gonna eat it!?

Apparently, there's something very difficult going on. Sora rushes back to her meal to say the slightly frivolous Great Swordsman. And so he restarted his meal, and then he took the paperwork.