Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1637: Inherited and Intent - Liquidation -

Sola was housed in a compulsory labor facility in the Principality of Miniera, where mining of the Huai Iron Mine was carried out. In the meantime, he managed to survive learning a lot more than a bronzite, but one day. He will wake up abruptly with the sound of a bell.

It was the sound of a bell announcing the revolt that had taken place in Building C, and slowly in the wake of it, but they were also beginning to work out an operation to escape. That, on the other hand. Huey and the others partitioning this compulsory labor facility were attending a half-monthly meeting in Miniera, the capital of the Principality of Miniera.

"Then he said the rebellion had already been suppressed"

"Yes, Your Majesty. We suppress it without delay."

"... well. If only."

King Miniera nodded after seeing Abiel beside him once in Huey's response, when he nodded small. Basically, King Miniera also thinks Huey is a dumb, dark figure. So I basically didn't trust him very much, but I often caught a glimpse of Abiel's reaction.

"So, Your Majesty... I was able to suppress..."

"I know. I guess we're short on manpower."

Blocking Huey's words, Lord Miniera tells him in a frivolous manner. I'm not so stupid with him that I don't know this extent. Therefore, measures were contemplated at the time of the report of the rebellion.

"As for the manpower, let them follow us. Wait a week or so."

"Thank you"

"Uhm...... but again, don't let the rebellion happen. Pick your buds."

"Naturally. After that incident, we have more soldiers on patrol to patrol."

To King Miniera's bitterness, Huey bows his head deeply. The opponent is the king of this country. I was rubbing sesame seeds with a rubber hand rub.

"Well... well, let's stay tired in that different space then. Later, Abiel tells me that the Lord will rest in the land of Miniera for a little while."

"Thank you. Now sweeten to your words..."

Huey smiles at the words of Lord Miniera and quits the spot. That's how King Miniera sighed heavily when he saw him leave.

"Ha... that's not stupid"

"I thought..."

Abiel also sighed deeply at the words of King Miniera, who seemed heartfelt disappointed. Naturally, but the reason he was let out of the room is rest, not that. It was merely physical trouble to get out of the way when I was there.

"So, what about the rebellion?

"Ha... as Huey said, we can suppress it properly."

"Right. If the Lord says so, it is certain."

Basically, King Miniera also deserved credit if it was Aviel's report, I thought. It has been said several times that he is competent. It is firmly based on merit about it, and King Miniera is not so dark as not to trust it.

"So... this rebellion, I see it not as something that happened to Noh, but as something that made him wake up."

"Yes... do you remember the rebellion that took place in Building B before"

"That one."

Naturally, Aviel also had a solid report on the rebellion in Building B, which he thought Huey had hidden. I had decided that it was still possible to deal with this, so King Miniera had just left it for now without reprimand.

Instead, they said several times that Huey is a lizard tail. At the end of the day, it's just a throwaway. It was much better to pull it all over later and cut it off than to make you take responsibility for something you couldn't prevent like that.

"Yes… we were continuing our investigation into the matter, and we saw signs of a patriarchal lead"

"Well... someone who still belongs to the army."

"Yes...... so I thought I'd take the opportunity to clean this up and rebel in building C. We caught it."

"I see... so I finally asked him to make a proposal for staffing."


Get my will. In that way, Aviel laughed and bowed his head to the words of King Miniera. This one, as Bronzite predicted, can be said.

In any case, it can be argued that the replenishment of personnel is essential in order to recover the delay in delivery. This is a natural consequence even as Lord Miniera. but if Abiel suggests it, it's like he's spreading what Huey was going to hide in the corner. Therefore, it was decided to make the proposal itself.

"That means... are you going to start a revolt sooner or later even in Building A?

"Yes… but if there is any more rebellion on the boulder, I would also like your permission"

"Good. Allow. If you said so beforehand, it would be easy to arrange manning."

King Miniera nods one against Abiel's request and gives permission. As he said earlier, crushing the rebel buds is important. That's why I couldn't have let you down. And so he inquired, curious.

"Speaking of which... what about the captors?"

"Ha... so I was wondering if I could ask you anything about the rebellion in Building B, and now I'm in the process of making an investigation."

"Well... tell them not to do it like before."

"We've already included tough words. We were rather dissatisfied..."

Gustav, torture is my hobby. He was dissatisfied with what he told me to do when he told me not to kill him. Hearing that, King Miniera sighed deeply.

"Oh man... was that Aldo? If it's too much for your eyes, you can drop it on labor, too."

"Yes...... but that one helps"


"It's only if you're such a raw man that the prisoners grow up afraid of that one. It's better to be alone, to help govern."

"I see, does that make sense"

To the words of Aviel, King Miniera smiles unexpectedly. What you're saying is right. He's a rough guy on the outside road, which is why he's so intimidating. It could have been used as a deterrent.

"Nevertheless, hold the reins tightly so that it will be again but not too much"

"I know. That's why I never order him to look around. Being badly injured by personnel is out of hand..."

"Then good."

If the reins were held properly, I had no problems as Lord Miniera. The trouble is that you get killed before you get the information, and you lose manpower because of your own hobbies. I wasn't interested in anything else. So this brings this story to a close, and King Miniera returns to it all.

"So, there's going to be a revolt in Building A. Do you have any ideas?

"Ha... Actually, there was one person I cared about"

"Well... I thought you said there were no signs of rebellion ahead"

"Yes, we're not showing any movement"

Naturally speaking, there are still no signs of rebellion in Building A. The Solas looking to escape had not yet made any moves with the time of the female ambush. but that's why they don't pay attention, except for the story.


"Ha... the first squad in Building A apparently had quite a bit of control."

"Mm...? Sure enough, Squad A... wasn't there someone who had explored the mining site your lord had mentioned before?"

Apparently, the Duke of Miniera had heard about the Konrats. Well, there's definitely someone trying to find out. Failure to report it would not normally be considered.

"Yes... after the previous rebellion in Building B, I was afraid they would form a detachment party and divided it somewhere else..."

"Yes, you did. Why did you do that?"

"Ha... Apparently, one troublemaker was in the midst of the captured"

To the inquiry of the surprised Duke of Miniera, Aviel reports as far as he has examined it. That's how I heard it, and King Miniera, the boulder, couldn't hide his surprise either.

"Oh, my God! Mmm... is that true?

"Yes... as far as I've been checked, I only say yes"


To Abiel's clear words, King Miniera roared one with a very bitter face. Naturally, Bronzite is not the person whose name has just come up recently. It has a proven track record of many years and is a name you must know if you are all the heads of one country when it comes to small countries.

"It's been awkward... I don't know what other countries will say when they find out about this"

They illegally capture sage men and make them work in forced labor facilities. And the bad news is, they also have connections to the brave Kate. Though the brave Kate is not supposed to be here, his home, the McDawell family, is alive. If so, this was a project that could have allowed the Empire to intervene.

"What are you saying to Huey?

"I haven't told you yet. I have trouble being foolish..."


Helpful. Lord Miniera strokes down his chest about something Huey doesn't know. If you are judged on your own and acted on in a detour, it can be the worst thing you can do if you do poorly.

This worst case scenario is not killing Bronzite. The other country will know about this. Naturally, that forced labor facility thing is a secret to other countries. Neither the Empire nor the Patriarchate has grasped it. Kill as much as you are a wise man if you need it for that, but it is not a fool like Huey who should have judged it, but King Miniera.

"Mmm... what time is it? What time did you get in?"

"It's at the same time as the mastermind in building C earlier. From what I've checked, it looks like he was in the same unit."

"That time... that name was too big..."

The Duke of Miniera understands that his instructions were far-fetched and again holds his head with a bitter face. Soon after the rebellion, as Sora had heard at that time. Prior to that there had been major major accidents, which had been understaffed.

Knowing that, he had given permission to Huey's request for additional manpower and had him gather manpower for some reason. And that would mean that the investigation was sweet and the bronzites got mixed up.

"What to do..."

King Miniera, with his head, turns his thoughts around. Naturally, we can't just let Bronzite go outside. The Duke of Miniera has never met with a bronzite, but his personality is heard of. I'm not the one who misses this kind of injustice. Besides, the handover is too troublesome. We had to avoid the only situation in which the Empire would move poorly.

"Aviel. Is there any good idea?


To the inquiry of King Miniera, Aviel is silent. This is just a hassle. Killing is a problem, and not killing. I can't even let it go out there. After a while, King Miniera opened his mouth.

"... who knows there are wise bronzites"

"Perhaps those in the same squad know. It is a well-known fact that there is one disciple. There is no more reason not to know than to be with him."

At the inquiry of Lord Miniera, Aviel reports as far as he is investigating. As a matter of fact, it was something I had decided to do in advance. Basically, Sola was treating her as a disciple, but she made it easy to keep her mouth shut.

If you were to say disciple, it seems that Bronzite was going to tell you after getting a good grasp of the other person. In the unlikely event that something like this happened, it was to keep Sora on guard. One of the measures, that's why.

"No, that's good. This much time has passed. You can't possibly not know. What I want to know is, outside. Who knows outside"

"It's currently under investigation"

The headache for them here would have been that the Bronzites are vagabonds. Even the kites can't get where they are. If you knew, you would be in the Intelligence Guild later, but you know that the total tightening of the Intelligence Guild with them is the Victor Chamber of Commerce. If you ask for information there, it will be clear to the McDawell family at that point.

"Uhm... hurry up and find out who knows"

"Yes... what about their treatment?

"... yet, I can't give you an answer. In the meantime, you have to know how much you know."

King Miniera gives instructions to Aviel, holding his head. There is too much uncertainty about the current situation. I needed information to move. As such, the situation involved the Sora and the others in Russia and began to move forward.