Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1638: Inherited and Willing - Moving -

Sola was captured by a forced labor facility that became the dark part of the Duchy of Miniera, roughly half a month. By that time, the Duchy of Miniera was supposed to grasp that bronzites had been captured in forced labor facilities.

The conclusion that was drawn was, for the first time, to investigate to what extent the Bronzites knew that they were entering the Principality of Miniera. Thus, the Duchy of Miniera began washing out the bronzites' footprints for a week. The movement was mediocre, at a level transmitted outside.

"... did you move?"

Someone who knew such a move was here. It's Calsa, Bronzite's brother. He was actually still staying in Bayer when it came to him. No wonder about this. He originally received a request from an acquaintance in a village south of Bayer to stay in Bayer to relieve a short period of fatigue after the request was accomplished.

Therefore, the symptoms appeared to be staying in Bayer and taking treatment. Regardless, half a month has already passed. There are those who think it is long, but from time to time they branded it a shoulder habit and went outside.

"Well... it's my job from here..."

Calsa gets a piece of paper with information from an informant she's been gracious about and puts one back in the mood. Naturally, he understands the character of the Bronzite. Therefore, he was supposed to go back to Bayer. He did not believe in any of the reports of the Principality of Miniera that he did not return and entered the capital city of Miniera.

"That kid and his brother are going to say a lot of trouble, I want to..."

Kalsa pleasantly recalls the words of her brother and Kate. Thus, he entwined a hegemony commensurate with his power.

"I don't know what's funny, but I want to talk to you about drinking. It's easy to say... fight against one country...? I doubt your sanity."

If this hadn't been the words of his brother or kite, Kalsa would have honestly doubted her sanity. but the man who said it is his brother, who is called a wise man, and a legendary brave man. The former is a raven and a horn, and the latter can be serious. Instead, in his case, if it's for a purpose, he really overthrows one country at a time. I would really do it.

"but... it's not, it's not funny..."

Kalsa starts walking, keeping her hectic. That's how he set out to rescue Sola and the others.

Well, Calsa and the kites started moving, while around that time. Sora and the others, who had finally become known to Huey and the others, had managed to make a move towards their escape.

but this one still has something to do with being watched. So the preparation was as slow as a cow walk, and so on. Nevertheless, inside there were already captured and 36 months of moon flowing. So the results were slowly starting to come out.


While mining proceeds, Sola recovers the dull ore when she finds it. The basics are this repeat. And this is where illegality and injustice all pass. Therefore, a certain amount of supplies could be procured through barter.

"Good. Now we've reached our target number, I guess..."

Sola snorted one of the recovered pieces of magic silver (Mithril) in a sachet. The first thing they started to do when they made a real move to escape was to procure recovery drugs.

No one thinks there will be no fighting during the escape. And the equipment is overwhelmingly on top of the target. If so, it was Bronzite's instruction that, at a minimum, only restorative drugs need to be stored in lubrication. And now he has managed to finish collecting the quantities needed for that target number.


Sola, who was able to recover the ore needed to obtain the target number, recalls something like a process chart for the next one without stopping her hand. The boulder would be a place called Sage Bronzite. It was planned to go through a number of stages closely and aim to escape.

(First stage. Procurement of restorative drugs. In order not to force your master to do so, including the excess amount decided, for now, I am ready to secure the Norma portion,...)

Good. Sola bites firmly at the achievement of the first stage. Bronzite also originally has a norm about restorative drugs, but Konrat and Sola were supposed to ask for this to be borne by the three of us, including Gustav.

Bronzite is still an old body. The life of a prisoner was harsh on him, and although he behaved in his temper, he lacked precision in his movements here for the time being, and the impossibility was invisible. I thought I couldn't force it much.

"... Sola. Where are you?"

"Oh, no... it feels like it's over for now"


Konrat listens to Sola and understands that his share of the norm is over. Naturally, he also saw where Sola was collecting magic silver. So it was over, I understood that the recovery drug norm was over, not the mining job, when the word was put out.

I haven't made myself clear, though, and I can't. Therefore, in order to make sure that mutual understanding was properly obtained, we decided on something like a coding after this.

"Well, I was able to mine some good salt plums, so I thought I'd bring them."


Sola also responds to the words of Konrat. This is the coding. The norm was over if I responded. Mistake if you're not up to it. And Sola's response confirmed that the norm was over.

As such, Sola, along with Konrat, was reviewing the following as he loaded a wheelbarrow with Norma's share of the Huai Iron Mine that he had been able to mine.

(next... person)

Sora remembers what Bronzite told her. Sure, they're looking to escape, but we knew it wasn't possible to do it properly. First of all, there are shackles fitted between the hands, feet and neck.

Their current physical abilities are only slightly higher than those of ordinary people for this act. There is not a single reason you can win against a soldier. So when we escaped, we were supposed to create confusion and multiply that confusion by escape. but in order to do so, we need just the manpower to create a high degree of collaboration and confusion.

(I'm talking about it getting harder from here at once... even though I'm talking about it...)

Naturally speaking, this is an illegal forced labor facility. So few of those who were brought here were deceived or forced to come like Sola and the others. And it's a bad environment. It is no exaggeration to say that there are only those who are somewhat dissatisfied. I have no trouble gathering manpower.

Nevertheless. Can you make this easy, there's no way. More people increase the risk of information exposure for that matter. So about this, Sola or the three people involved in mining below him were not supposed to move.

(Your master and Toryn will do it this way, right? Well, I'm talking about...)

As for the second stage, we have no choice but to leave it to Bronzite and Toryn. Sola trusts two people who are far better at spotting people than she is and decides not to get involved in anything. Nevertheless, on the contrary, they had been instructed by Bronzite to take charge of their specialties.

(The next thing we do is procure weapons and protective equipment. And training... and I'm this guy)

Sora had been taught a little bit more than a bronzite since the day of the rebellion in Building C. That reminds him.

"Sola. Actually. The Lord has one weapon. '

"Weapons, is it? Not this guy?

To Bronzite's words, Sola asks, indicating the tsurhashi she hides under the bed. Besides, Bronzite nodded one thing.

'Um, no... it's the Lord's sword. Just before I was last put into a coma. At the end of the day, he managed to hide it. "

"A sword? Do you have something like that?"

Conrad opened his eyes to the words of a laughing bronzite. At present, even without weapons, Konrat is stronger than Sola. It would not have been impossible to remove the shackles if it had been for weapons. Then it's not impossible to escape. but this was something I couldn't use for a contort.

'No, Konrat... this is not for the Lord'

'Well, maybe...'

"Uhm. What I hid was < >. Your Lord's natural partner. Lord, even at the last battle, it was over without that one, wasn't it?

'Speaking of which... right'

In a Bronzite inquiry, Sola recalls the battle against the Bear Emperor (Emperor Bear), who turned into a fallen man long ago.

At that time, even as he eventually prepared for the < > Great Sun (Sol Grande) >, he ended up with < >, so the Sword remained in the earrings worn on his ears.

"Well? So, Lord. Keep it in the earrings."

"Aha... aha haha..."

Sora nodded shyly at Bronzite's inquiry. The original guy would give this one more than the one-handed sword he used broke, but at that time, shortly after the battle was over, the Duchy Army of Miniera came and boarded the airship.

Therefore, I left it in the earrings as it was, whether it was necessary to serve it. When it comes to detours, it's a detours, but on the contrary, I couldn't find them because of this.

"Let's hang magic on that one and keep it out of sight...... Konrat. Have you seen what Sora's earrings look like?

'No... I didn't notice anything until I was told now'

'And that doesn't mean. The earrings made by Uncrowned Troops (No Orders) were disguised by Non. I don't think anyone in this facility thinks this is a weapon. "

Looking at the contort that sees Sola's earrings in a surprising way, Sola tries to touch the earrings that are attached to her own right ear. but I didn't react. Naturally. This is a magic prop. You can't take out what's inside without magic.

'... but, Master. This is a magic trick. Why can't you keep the shackles in place?

'Uhm... that's the problem. We have to do something about that. Well, let's think about that. It's not like I don't have any hands. It's not impossible to do it the way you can now... but then it won't be too much trouble later.'

There is a way to activate the magic item even with the shackles of the Sucker Stone fitted. After all, the wise man seemed to be in the place of the wise man, and three other people besides Toryn accidentally rounded their eyes on the remarks too much.

'So, bye. To do so, we have to break through the first phase. The next thing you know, you should think about it when you get there. Now I have to do the trick of what's right in front of me. "

Look far away, and at the same time keep a close eye on the most recent things. Sora reminds me of what Bronzite said.

(Sure... use healing pills to activate demon props, huh?)

This was something Sola didn't know about, but she said she could activate the magic props with the healing pills. In the first place, healing pills are liquids with high concentrations of magic. This one seems to be because it blends into the liquid or is less affected by the absorbent stone. Rather, if it affects you, it will be more difficult to treat you with restorative drugs. It's done, so don't say anything.

That said, the concentration of restorative drugs available here on the boulder doesn't get you to activate the Demon Prop. So they need to concentrate it, and then they need to prepare a lot of things. Either we make it or we get it, either way, they were going to need to get more healing pills than they think they need in the fight for escape.

"From here on out, you talk to your master for now."

In the meantime, the first stage has been broken. If so, the next thing to think about is how to break through the second and third phases. Then the first thing to do would be to consult with the Bronzites. And that's how I tried to get back to work, and suddenly Toryn's voice sounded.


"Hmm? Is that Toryn? What's wrong, hurry up..."


Toryn, in a panic, talks about what happened earlier to Sola. That's how Sora rushed to the refinery with Conrad when she heard about it.