Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1649: Handed down and Will - To Plan A -

Kite was boarding the Duchy of Miniera to rescue the Solas who had been captured by the Duchy of Miniera. He was ready for their rescue as he rewarded for several conspiracies with the Duchy of Miniera. Such is he, but after about half a month of inside detectives, the operation for rescue had finally reached the decisive stage.

but just before its execution. It was Kite's last contact with Tina, but the weather did not favor her and the decision would be the next day. So, a day. Kate was taking her last break to the operational decision.


After all, did this happen? Kate looks down at the snow as it hits, with a rugged face on her face and a lid in a hurry. It has been quite cold at heights since yesterday, but I guess the temperature has dropped considerably since I got there at night.

It has even become painful rather than chilly in the early morning, which probably means it finally snowed in the morning. It was already around noon and evening, so there was no snowfall as good as in the morning, but the soil was still slightly white. Next to him like that, Calsa stands.

"Kid...... you were right not to move today. I don't know about this until it blows... but if you're dealing with a ship, it's weather to avoid."

"... I know. So I avoided it."

"That's right. That's the right answer."

Calsa laughed and nodded at one too, to Kite with a slightly bitter mixed grin. He said his real brother was being captured, but he didn't see any more haste than Kate.

"Show me what you look like."


"You, you're doing it steadily and without haste in most situations. Too used to it, kid."

"What time did I rush through?

"Well, if you think about it, there's a side to it."

Calsa laughs at Kite's inquiry. As such, thanks to him, Kite was able to relieve the wrinkles between her eyebrows just a little. And to those two, the moment asked.

"Weather to avoid if you're dealing with a airship?


"Oh, that or. The weather doesn't really affect the airship. But by contrast, we're going to fight ashore. Besides, when it snows, the scaffolding gets worse... especially if it's like Sho's, the scaffolding gets worse and the speed doesn't make use of it, and it's easier to spot it from the footprint. Regardless, the cold deprives me of my health. All in all, the attackers are at a disadvantage."

"I see... naturally"

Sure, if it's a moment or a kite, you can fight without worrying it would be a snowfield otherwise. but this time they're only an advance party. I intend to fight a great deal on the battlefield because it is also the main force, but there is a main unit led by Tina. I had to think about them and work out a strategy.

"Hmm... so I guess I should learn a little strategy too"


"No... I was wondering if I lacked a big perspective."

To Kite with her neck tilted, moments flaunt her shoulders half smiling. When he is as good as boulder, he can usually fight on most terrain, but if he thinks of himself as a base, then something else will not arrive.

You thought about it there and wondered if it would be good to stay like this. Just like Sola, he's a sub-master again. I guess I couldn't help but wonder. And Yuri, who was caged in him like that, opened her mouth.

"Hmm... that may not be a big picture"

"So, what is it?


In an instant inquiry, Yuri makes it all too obvious. To this, if the moment unexpectedly steps.

"Oh well."

"No, this is a pretty awkward issue with jokes and stuff, huh? Well, we weren't the brother-in-law I could tell you about. Still, the adventure club is pretty much running too far. I'm sure Kite knows that."

"Uh... well, that's right..."

It's a headache. Dropping his shoulder, Kite really holds his head with a sigh of relief.

"I haven't rushed this many times before... so I'm not experienced enough. As a matter of fact, I sent Sola out because of her orientation. I want all sorts of things to look at."

"Hmm... what is this all about?

"It's easy to say. The Lower Load Age is short, isn't it? Adventure club... so it really moves around me. Bad news is, I don't know how hard it is. If it's true, I need to understand the lower loads as much as the one who stands on top..."

I think Yuri has no choice but to do all this. There's just a reason we have to do that, and now there's the result. If we looked at this, then this situation was also an issue that we had no choice in so to speak.

"In the first place, it's the problem that cemented the top with talent priorities. I had a problem if I didn't consolidate."

"Well... after a big sink at first hand, then the cauldron is me. If you don't buy it in bulk with a focus on talent, it will later develop into a crisis of internal division... grumbling..."

"Shh, sorry..."

In the first place, the reason Kate stood in the Alliance Master was because the moment was the first to commit a major failure. As that recovery, it is the form he was chosen to be the school's best warrior at the time.

but that meant that as a rule an anonymous man suddenly came to the top, and he had to continue to score almost full due to a last-minute lapse. That was undoubtedly not only an artistic discipline that only Kate could do, but also a situation in which the very organization Tian Sakura School could have collapsed if it had done so poorly.

"Ma, that's how I got my track record up as soon as possible for now, and I gathered faces up there that could also make a later leap. Well, even normal people would come up with this far..."

No, I can't think of any talent or horns. I think that in Yuri's words the moment is in my heart. Nevertheless. This is only a story of being pushed and desperate to think.

So there were many who could be guided out, which was the word after her. but from here on out, there was definitely Kite's arm used to running the organization.

"If you blame me, it's bad afterwards. Because in Kite's case, he's too used to running an organization. Expanding the support system, adapting to organizational changes, gathering extensive information…… Other courses have been held to learn a wide variety of other ways of doing things such as < > meat, etosetra etosetra… As a result, the labor of trial and error has been greatly reduced."

"But because of that, it's almost over with no sacrifice so far... right?

Moments follow only a little against Yuri, who also releases words similar to the bitterness that made her praise. And this is it, I could only tell anyone. So she nodded again.

"Yeah. As a matter of fact, without Kite's arm, you can see that 10% of the Adventure Club was dead, right? Still, if you're lucky, it won't turn out like this."

"... militarily, consuming 30% against the total number of soldiers can be said to be a great defeat of total extermination treatment. I wonder if it was impossible to continue the operation at 20%. If you drain 10%, it's enough, it's a mistrust resolution thing. Then we just had to try not to let the dead out."

"But now it's the result."

"That's right..."

In response to Yuri's bitterness, Kate sighed again, too. That's how he goes on.

"I've only received accumulation that I should have gained with pain. Well, that's humanity... so I only know how to deal with the part where I'm supposed to get that pain, so I don't understand getting the pain. As a result, I guess it's getting easier to think about it by my own standards. Not just seniors."

All in all, this could be said to be an issue for the entire Adventure Department. And the only way to do this is to carry the pain, but if you carry the pain excessively, that can create doubts about Kite's ability to govern.

It is very difficult to identify it, and it would be good to say no to what I was able to do because I was Kate, who was the same Japanese. Not even Tina or Yuri.

"So it's easy to assume that others can do what they can do as a result. I made it easy."

"Or easy... say so, but no, well. Sure, I guess so."

It was the moment I tried to argue with Kate's words, but I turned around and shook my head remembering my own previous journey. It certainly wasn't easy. but I realized that's not what the ease here means.

To date, he has begged countless people to teach him. It's Urka, led by Berntaine and Schiff, and here too, led by Lil and Kate and many others, who let me learn from them. That's what they're letting me walk down the road, and I don't know how hard it is to get that road in order. Not everyone can, it's hard to think.

Regardless, this is not just the upper management. For example, if it is Kendo, it is taught by Musashi. If you look to the school, you are studying agriculture with Brem at the head, or you have the peculiarity of Heavenly Cherry Blossom School, which is why you often learn through interaction with the Magic Guidance School. I don't know much about the hard work of making my way, even if it's hard to make my way.

"That sort of thing...... it's easy to assume that everyone can because I think anyone can learn it. In fact, < > because most of them can take courses or learn from the ones they take, but not everyone can do just by looking at the adventure club. Whatever, maybe I just don't get it..."


< > is a very useful technique. I know that for a moment. Regardless, when asked whether it is easy to master due to the difficulty of handling, I still think it is a technology that I have mastered and have no loss for a moment. So I would have liked to have thought that everyone could or was trying to be. and Kalsa opened her mouth with a bitter smile for Kite, who was talking about it.

"Oh my God, you're still holding your head like that when I saw you before."

"In fact, more often than not, I wonder why we can let it reign from scratch. That's why I gathered wise men from all over the world... from scratch this time."

"No, my brother tried to hold me too, you..."


Kite laughs nostalgically again at Calsa, who talks nostalgic. As a matter of course, I have tried to hold a bronzite with Kite. He's as wise as he is. There was no way I didn't want to borrow that wisdom.

but he preferred to go around the place, and still agreed that when Kate asked him to come by, he could give a lecture at the Magic Instruction School.

In fact, this time he was also giving me a course at the School of Magic for a few days during the month he was breaking up with Toryn. And it was Kite laughing at each other that way, but the look suddenly froze.


"... why... no, well..."

Calsa was surprised by the frozen kite on her expression, but she leaned down to grief when she saw the flickering kite's face turn blue. Besides, the moment one couldn't grasp the situation asks.

"... what's going on?


In an instant inquiry, Yuri just leans down to grief and answers nothing. So after a while, a sad kite opened her mouth.

"... Lord Bronzite is here now"

"... Brother, did you say something?

"You laughed softly. He said he planted everything. Both Sola and Toryn are safe, and when they can return... after that, they probably did what Non expected. I'm so sorry."

"... well... you seem like a brother... you know we don't honestly obey... just a little bit more, you know... as usual, I feel sorry for you even though you're my brother..."

Listening to Bronzite's words via Kite, Kalsa turns slightly upwards and says stupidity. It would never have been my fault that there was something shining in his eyes. As such, Kite removes the small box she received from Bronzite from her nostrils and checks inside with a slightly wiggly hand.


Kite, who looked inside, exhales as deeply as she gave up. That's how I activated the comms.


"... change the operation to Plan A... I'll take care of it later. Proceed as instructed by Lord Bronzite."

'Eh... right. All right. Now, let's get you into immediate preparation'

Hearing Kate's words, Tina instantly regains her mind even with a smile on her face.

"... seniors. We're in a hurry to get into action. Keep your watch so you can move whenever you want."

"Oh, oh... what happened?

"... Lord Bronzite was taken. Soon, Sola and the others will make up their minds. I don't know the exact date and time... but it works with it"


Bronzite is dead. The moment I hear that, I stop thinking about it. But time won't wait for me. There is little time left for Sola and the others to take action beyond his death. As a result, Kite and the others held back the shock that the Bronzite was dead and immediately went into action.