Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1653: Inherited and Will - Sleep

The Bronzite was finally captured as a result of a plot by the Duchy of Miniera. All Sola could do was watch it. So after he was taken away, he cried with repentance once and for all, and then Sora ate and hung up on Toryn.

"Why did you stop!


Toryn didn't say anything for a while against Sora, who wept and grabbed her own chest. So, a little later. Toryn opened his mouth.

"On the way home... I told you, didn't I? He said he was trying to kill Grandpa."


"They should probably say this to Sola... if Grandpa told them to, I'd make it easier"

"You think I'm gonna sell it!?

When I heard Toryn's words, Sora soars and asks. To this, Toryn told him with a cold eye.

"... you're watching torture sweetly"


Looked at with cold eyes characteristic of the military master, Sola was accidentally pressured. He looks about the same age, and he's actually older than twice. The experience I've seen has never been the same.

"Of course, I believe in you, too. You never sell your grandfather... but you do. Maybe in that case, you can't go home alive."

It's not like I'm telling you. Toryn tells Sola to tell the truth. It was a strength that would not allow any objection. As such, he goes on.

"... now, if you die, even the buds of escape will be gone. The one you have is the trump card for the escape. If Grandpa comes home alive, if you die, we'll be together either way."

The plan of escape is certainly one of rioting and multiplying that confusion by fleeing, but in doing so there will always be fighting. That's what everyone was prepared for. Sola's sword was essential if she was to increase her survival rate at all.

but the divine sword can't be handled except by Sola. I've been told more times than the Bronzites that Sora is out at the time of her death, and I've taken safety precautions to make sure that Sora doesn't die either. That reminds me of Sola, too, in Toryn's point.

"... Damn!

"... Now, believe me, we have to wait. Grandpa didn't die, he said. Then I won't die. The name of Sage Bronzite is not Dada."

Just like I believe, Toryn speaks of the Bronzite's survival as she looks upwards. That's when the night dawned while everyone couldn't sleep.

Sora and the others revealed the night sleepless, a little. The soldiers were also killed by the boulders. Were they called out to them, and the Solas waiting for the bronzites in the room were left unattended despite the start of working hours? As such, it became working hours for a little while. The door opened where everyone stayed silent.

"" "Eh!

Hearing the door open, everyone looks up simultaneously. but when I saw the bronzites brought in that way, they all were unexpectedly stunned. He's full of body slurs, and his clothes are worn out. His eyes were lying, and he lived hard. No, to be more precise, there was even a place where it was strange to be alive.



After a moment of inactivity, Sola and Toryn rush to Bronzite. Meanwhile, Konrat and Gustav had no choice but to turn away from too much cruelty. Sora manages to hold the bronzite thrown out like that, and Toryn assists her with it.

"... this grandfather. Hurt me all night."


Sora unwittingly beats the soldier so as to block the words of the soldier who brought him Bronzite. Whatever you said, I guess you were going to punch me. That's how he roughs up his voice, breathing on his shoulders.

"Huh... Huh... hey, are you still a person!?

"Sola! I don't care about that now! Come on, give me a hand!


Sora hurries to turn herself over to the voice of Toryn heard from behind. I did it by accident, but that's not the case now. I had to treat the bronzyte quickly.

"Mr. Konrat! Give me a healing pill!

"Whoa! Gustave! Hurry up and get to Lafita! Use all of our storage!


With Toryn's voice, everyone retrieves me and enters into action simultaneously. In contrast, the soldiers did not stop it. That's how a soldier beaten by Sola throws up blood and tells him unilaterally.

"Pei... I found out Grandpa had nothing to do with it. After that, do as you please."


"Sola. Enjoy."

Toryn tells Sora she is desperate to indulge in anger. So they lay down in his bed holding a bronzite. In that place, Konrat handed Sola the recovery pills she had just gotten yesterday.

"Toryn! Take this one!

"Thanks! Sola! Slightly lift Grandpa's posture!


When Sola holds up the bronzite, Toryn puts a healing pill in the water and lets her breath go to the constant bronzite to mouth the healing pill. So, a little. Bronzite coughed up.

"Ooh! Ooh!"

"" Master!


Three voice to coughed bronzite. Besides, Bronzite noticed.

"... tri... n...? And... with Sola... a contort...?

"Yeah... I'm here"

"Well... still..."

Bronzite closed his eyes for the first time in response to Toryn, who nodded and held his hand.

"Sola...... I told you? He said," He will die. "

"Master... if you have time to joke, take this"


Bronzite mouths the water spill offered by Sola. but coughed up along the way.

"Ooh! Ooh!"

"Sola. A little slower"

"Wow, no..."

"Good, good... a little easier"

Bronzite smiled in the same atmosphere as at all times, drifting just for a moment. That's how Konrat tells him.

"Master. Gustav's guy's at Lafita's right now, picking up some therapeutic tools. Just give me a little more patience."

"... I'm sorry... but Konrat. That's good enough."


To Bronzite's words, Konrat asks. but with him and the adventurer. I couldn't possibly have known. Therefore, the face even looked spicy. Ask him like a bronzite would tell him to.

"... if it's the Lord, you know?


Conrad leaned down unexpectedly to Bronzite's inquiry. Smiling at him like that, Bronzite asked Sola.

"Sola... the healing pill your lord brought me... isn't it from the twin continents?

"Uh, ah, yes"

"hehe... lucky for you... I didn't know we'd meet at the end..."


To the smiling bronzite, Sola nodded again. but the only person here who didn't fully understand the status quo was Sola. I can't help this. He's an Earthling. No matter how much you learn in Enefia, it's only a year and a little. I didn't really understand the interracial thing.

"Sola... I'm sorry, but can you hang everything else on the core of your chest?"



"... oops"

Having heard the sad Toryn, Sora, who seemed strange, decides to follow his instructions. Thus, to a core of bronzites no longer full of cracks, Sora infused all the recovery drugs.

"Phew... Now I'll keep it a little"

I received a dose of restorative medicine from Sola and Bronzite nodded with a slightly easier face. That's how he opens his mouth.

"... Sola. Keep your mouth shut, then. Listen carefully."


"I can't help you anymore."

"... Huh?

Sora renounced her understanding at first, saying the words clearly. but that instinct understood. He won't be able to help anymore. Bronzite smiled at him like that.

"Whoo-hoo... Non said he'd go home alive, but he didn't say it would help."

"Oh, master! I'm joking at a time like this..."


What if I'm joking at a time like this? Toryn puts her hand on Sola for trying to say that. He knew too. This will be the will of Bronzite, a man who admired his grandfather. Then I couldn't let Sola get in the way to hear the words for a little while longer.


"... Non had a grandson who was really made... Sola. It's hard, but listen carefully."

"... Yes"

Crying, Sora nodded at Bronzite's words. That is how the will of the Bronzite is told.

"The Lord is still immature. I am often emotionally flushed. Yume, be careful."


"Uhm... not after this... in the wishes of the children of Non. Trust Toryn."

"... Yes"

Sora nodded clearly at her short statement to herself. That's how Bronzite then saw the Konrat.



"Being able to meet the Lord was unexpected even for Non... I'm sorry I couldn't give you the teaching until the end"

"No... I'm glad to have been taught, even for a while. This teaching will never be forgotten."

"Well... your lord has a short circuit in the lord. If you have anything, ask the person next to you… experience is not enough. After that, just remember to think calmly… so the Lord can leap further up. If you know your enemies and you know yourself, you won't have a hundred battles... in the words Lord Kite used to say. Never forget the words of the brave."

"... hey"

In tears, Konrat engraves the bronzite's last guide into his chest. After telling them that, Bronzite smiled at Toryn.

"... Toryn"

"... yeah"

"You don't have to tell me anything, do you?

".................. yeah"

A long time was available and Toryn nodded at the Bronzite inquiry. His grief is incomprehensible to Sola and to Konrat. but there was something I could tell because the two of us spent decades together.

"I taught the Lord all about Non… after that, live free of the Lord. Non's handover. Knowledge of Non. Non's experience… gave everything to the Lord"

"... yeah. Fine, it was hard."

I guess it's because I know it's the last. Toryn smiled as she held Bronzite's hand. Besides, Bronzite laughed again.

"Whoo-hoo... because I raised the Lord with the intention of my real grandson"

"... yeah. I was going to live with my grandfather."

Toryn laughs and nods in tears, too, at the words of the laughed bronzite. Besides, Bronzite deepened his grin.

"Whoo-hoo... Toryn. Finally, let me tell you one thing to the Lord."

"... what?

"There is no need for your Lord to suffer"


To a word told, Toryn opened his eyes. Apparently, this was unexpected. Plus, bronzyte laughs.

"Whoo-hoo... Non is your lord's grandfather. You don't think I know?


Toryn just weeps silently at the words of a smiling bronzite. Thus, Bronzite tells him that he has been silent. but now it was a word as a teacher, not a family.

"... Toryn. The Lord, who has inherited all of the Non, will understand everything now. I entrust you with everything that follows. Let the Lord escape the three of you."

"... Yes"


Hearing Toryn's response, Bronzite exhales like he's tired. Besides, all three of them understood that the bronzites had finished telling them everything. That was how the three of them wept, but Bronzite shook his last strength and turned to Sola.



"Tell Lord Kite... I hope you'll do me a favor."

"... Yes. I will definitely tell you."

"Sorry... Phew..."

Did you tell them everything you tell them? Bronzites exhale like it's only slightly easier. So he opened his mouth a little, but his eyes no longer looked at the three of them.

"Oh Lord Kite... it's been a long time... then... beyond that..."


Sora understands the meaning of the slightly smiling Bronzite word. The power of kite is the power to call the dead. And the power that is with the dead. That's what he said. What it meant was something to know. So a little later, he uttered a small word.

"... and now Noon... and Mi... hehe..."

Now, Noon too. The three of us didn't know what was ahead. But at the end of the day, the old sage Bronzite never uttered a word, and he took his breath in peace as he slept.