Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1654: Inherited and Will - To Escape

The bronzite was set to go to permanent sleep as a result of a plot by the Duchy of Miniera. After he took his breath away, the three of them had nothing to say for a while. It was when Gustav returned that they were finally to open their mouths.

"Ha... ha... I brought it!


They rushed to Lafita's place, and the three left behind watched Gustav return with a weeping, sad eye. With those eyes, Gustav also understood that the Bronzite had taken his breath away.



To Gustav, who leaned down to the sinking pain, the three of them just leaned down crying. He's certainly not an apprentice. but I admired him like a real grandson because his sexual roots were pure. The grief was by no means inferior to the three who had taken the end. So, an hour or two? The four of us are going to have a short time.

"... Toryn"

Though the four men who surrounded Bronzite's body and wept, it was Sola who opened his mouth first. While he broke his knee beside the bronzite, he also took a good look at Toryn on his opposite side.

"... Master. You said you knew everything."

Over the past few hours, Sola had carved it into her brain, mourning the death of Bronzite but not forgetting every last word of it. That's how, after the grief had gone away slightly, he understood that the Bronzites would have made some sort of plan.

"... tell me. What are we gonna do?"


To Sora's inquiry, Toryn closes her eyes and wipes her tears only once. That's how I looked forward firmly.

"Mr. Konrat. Mr. Gustave... will you believe me"

"... oh"

"... oops"

To Toryn's inquiry, they both wiped tears and nodded again. In Sola's words, he understood that Bronzite's death was simply one possibility for him.

I even assumed my own death, the plan of the wise. The heart of the plan is definitely Toryn. Failure to believe that was synonymous with saying that you do not believe in bronzites. That's how Toryn made it clear to the two of them.

"... give me a week, time. In the meantime, I want you to make contact again with the people we've been in contact with and show them that you're angry."

"What are you going to do?

"As initially planned, we'll have an armed bee."

"... enlightened, perhaps"

Gustav asks what Toryn said clearly. He hadn't learned from the Bronzites, but he was listening to the teachings beside him. This is what I was looking for. And it wasn't Toryn who didn't understand it.

"I don't mind. No, on the contrary, please move to find out a little."

"... I have a plan. Is that good enough?


Toryn nodded clearly at Konrat's inquiry. Its eyesight was looking straight back at Konrat's angry caged eye for irrationality, which made him understand that he was the grandson of a wise man and the one who inherited all of it. So when I looked into its eyes, both Konrat and Gustav nodded.

"... ok. Gustav. Keep it up."

"Whoa... what about the boss?

"I gather people myself. If Toryn had originally told you that he was out of his mind, then I was going to make a big mess of him. If your brother has a plan, just follow it."

To Gustav's words, Konrat makes clear. Sora asked Toryn where they had moved on to each action.

"... Toryn. What am I supposed to do?

"... you have nothing. You will take the lead with me in this operation. [M] And there are a few things we need to do."

"With you?

Sola tilts her neck, to Toryn's words. Toryn was the weakest fighter, even including the old body bronzite. With him will be the dominant force in the rebellion. It wasn't something I could honestly believe. There's more to be done.

"... yeah. Sola... I'll reveal my secret to you. You can hit me there. [M] But just trust me now."

"... ok"

Seeing with the eyes of those who are ready, Sola also decides to be ready for another. Neither does he know what the conversation with Bronzite meant. but I guess it's only true that one of his shells was torn in that last conversation. That's how Sora and Toryn also moved toward an armed bee.

Now, while Sola and the others moved out turning their grief into anger, around that time. Abiel said that he had heard the news of the death of Bronzite.

"Right... dead"


"Okay. Then you must hurry to tell His Majesty the King about this. Your Majesty awaits this newspaper with thoughts of a thousand autumns."

"Yes. How about an adjustment?

"... well, just send a report. It'll be good in an hour."


Bronzites are dead, both in the raven and in the corner. It is good to say that this has allayed one of my concerns. And this is also one important milestone for the plan. You should report it to the Duke of Miniera. So after one of the neighbors leaves for the report, Aviel hears the report to another neighbor again.

"So, what about the rest of them?

"You don't have the strength to do anything right now, you're stuck in your room."

"What about the watch?


It was Aviel who ordered us to keep the bronzites alive in the first place. So the flow so far was within his assumptions, and it was a visible story that Sola and the others would try to rebel after this. And that's understandable, and there's no way I'm gonna try to deal with it.

"Hmm... I don't know how to get out of here..."

"At least, Konrat or Gustav will move. Two symbiotic adventurers. We have information from the Union branch in Wangdu that we can also see a short circuit."

"Well... if so, I guess I can handle it"

Abiel nodded one while receiving a report from the side. The report is about Konrat and Gustav. It was not long ago that we had asked the Union to submit an investigation report on Konrat and Gustav, which we had once again confirmed.

"I know you do, but tell them not to step in poorly. We need to clean up with the guy outside."

"Rest assured. Those who are always attached are the same ones as the last time they were in Building C. Never."

"Well... but you understand that they can be watched with them. Tell them to take the surveillance off moderately. They have to rebel."


Let Sola and the others rebel in the wake of Bronzite's death. That's Aviel's prospect. That's why I went out of my way to bring Bronzite back alive. I dare you to let them live and let them die in front of you.

By doing so, he intended to instigate moderate anger. This is also the way I did it when I was in building C. Moreover, he cleverly hurts those who are seen as masterminds. By doing so, we will destroy the masterminds, while provoking the rampage of those who remain. When I was Kite, for example, I tortured Sora and burned Kite.

"Good... Well, how long will it be before it moves..."

"Come on...... but it won't be that late"


Come on, happy or unhappy, Abiel said he was used to it. This is the place in the first place. There have been many riots. I've done the same on several occasions during that time. So he seemed optimistic.

"Let the soldiers prepare their weapons. Yeah, as usual, don't forget to wait near Building A. Also, let the airship slip into the dark night."


Did Aviel not have any particular interest, or give proper orders while wiping his glasses? That's how the Principality of Miniera, along with Sola and the others, would also begin to act.

Okay, then for a while. When he found out that Bronzite was dead, Kite said he had moved the operation to Plan A to coincide with his death, and was waiting for Bayer so that he could keep up with the movements of Sola and the others.

He was in contact with an informer while waiting for Bayer like that. Regardless, this informant was also hired by the Principality of Miniera. but kite was still showing the wind unaware of it.

"... right"

"Oh... it's only when Abiel goes outside that the inside and the outside time will be synchronized,"

"... ok. Thank you. Here's the price."

"hehe... maido"

Check the contents of Kate's handed sachet and the man smiles happily. As a matter of fact, Kite had frequent contact with the informant so that she could move to Plan A in parallel with Plan B. I was daring to show the wind exploring this place. In this way, they were able to distract the intelligence agent connected to the Principality of Miniera.


Kate watched with a cold eye the back of the leaving informer. Also, one of those who became close left. It is also involved in a conspiracy and is. Just like Sola, Kate had anger again.

"... Ha... you idiot. I don't even know who they are. To the point of death, the wise man's measures end? That's why you lose."

From the information sent, Kate understood who was the breathtaking one of the Principality of Miniera. Therefore, he understands that the informant he has been in contact with this time is the breathtaking one of the Principality of Miniera, and so throws up and throws it away. They are inviting. That Kate will come aboard. Besides, he was gonna give you a ride.

"... Sage Bronzite measures. Our genius, the Demon King, and I have improved it immediately. And... No, let me give you a thorough taste."

This time, Kate is going to wreak havoc around the Duchy of Miniera with mercy and mercy. but I'm not going to hesitate to do anything about it. Because it rewards the dead.

"... Well..."

Kate looks at the paperwork she gets and understands it's time to move. That's why he activated the comms as usual.

"Tina, it's me."

"Uhm. This one can go anytime"

"Oh...... I got the info. He and the mine's deputy mine manager are going out tonight. There was an urgent call from Lord Miniera."

'Well...... so should we move along with it'

"Oh... tell the two of you to pay close attention"

If the opponent was on the move, he was on the move with the kites. Therefore, with only brief information, Tina moves everything with it alone.

'I know. So, kite. What about you? "

"Oh. I found a good place. Maps."


At Kite's request, Tina develops a map of this area. That's how, south of the mountain where the Solas are being captured. It pointed to a little further down the road.

"From what I've seen, we'll be fine here."

'Okay. Okay, let's move this one too. You should be able to arrive at night. "

"Oh... be careful"

'There is no problem. Anyway, I'll see you later. "

Tina laughs at one thing against Kate's attention. Plus, Kite laughs again.

"Right...... what about Al?

"I think I have a narrow shoulder. There's no other way."

"Haha...... tell me to bear it a little longer. Even to Rufaus."

"Not until today. Leave me alone. '

"haha...... well"

When Kate disconnects communication laughing at Tina's words, she regains one temper herself. So he decided to head for the moment.


"Oh, kite. How'd it go?

"Move today. End it all today."

"Right...... ok. You can go here any time you want."

One moment nodded in response to Kate's report. A little from the death of Bronzite. The moment was ready to move at any time. After giving him the instructions, Kate nodded one to Kalsa.

"Mr. Calsa."

"Whoa... I'll take care of it"

"Please... I'll take those guys"

"Oh... no. Let me wipe your brother's ass."

"No... we were helped many times by each other, by him. Let's do this."

"Haha...... right. My brother. I think I'll have to wipe my brother's ass."

To Kate's words, Calsa grinned and nodded. He has his. Kite has something to do. That's why I said goodbye to him once here. Anyway, once. When Sola and the others are rescued, we'll rendezvous again. As such, Kite and the others started acting to end this whole thing again.