Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1660: Inherited and Will - Condolences -

Sola was once again embarking on a different space with Kate where forced labor facilities were located in order to put a bullet on the death of Sage Bronzite. The two men who thus embark in different spaces encounter the Duchy of Miniera army, which has driven the time in different spaces crazy and attitudinal. This was all to be unconscious due to two books of magic instruction by Al Azif and Nakoto.

"Ugh... it's all gone..."

"I'm not gonna kill you. It's just that you're a dick."

"You're surprisingly sweet."

"Well, yeah."

To Sora's words, Kate grins deeply. If Sola were familiar with Kuturf mythology here, she would have understood that there were both one- and two-habits when she heard this dream when she heard the names of Al Azif and Nakoto copies. Sure, what I saw seemed like just sleeping, but it actually felt like I was being captured in a nightmare.

"'The Land of Dreams' is fun, huh? Much, have fun."


You did something with this. To Kate's twinkle, Sola guessed it. but I have no sympathy. Anyway, these soldiers took care of everything. There was no way I could do that without sympathy. So the two of them leave the unconscious soldiers to move on. Fireflies descended in such a place.



"I've got the information on your orders"


Kate nodded one at the fireflies she had obtained in accordance with the directive she had been putting down through a leaf and received the printed out documents. That's how he throws it to Sola.

"It's these guys, right?

"... oh"

"According to the latest information, the interrogator is in the interrogation room in the basement of the central building, and the deputy is in the mining director's office on the same top floor."

Fireflies continue to report the status quo further to Sora, who nodded with a strange face.

"Hmm... the exact opposite. Sola, given the time, you won't be able to do either. I'll take care of one. Which one do you want to kill?

"Up, I'm coming. Here we go. I'm gonna crush all the shit in here."

"Well... first, I'll tell you what. Kill as you please. but let one live. Either way."

"... aye"

To Kate's instructions, Sola nodded one thing. That's how Firefly returns to the surrounding sentry again, and the two walk out again. but without major obstruction, we reached the central building. Apparently, few soldiers remain either. I felt little popularity.

"Good...... Sola. You know how to get up there?

"No... I've been downstairs a few times, but not up there"

Naturally. Downstairs is the interrogation room, and if he was a prisoner, there he is. On the contrary, I didn't think I could go to the hierarchy above, which would be most vigilant.

"There you go. Here's the schematic."

"Ever... Is there such a thing"

"If you're going to attack, I'll have this for you. I'm banging him in the head. Take it."


Sola had no doubt about Kite, who was moving exactly as Bronzite taught her. And those two people called me.



"Ugh! Sola! It's me, me! It's Lafita!

A figure hidden in the shadows reveals himself against Sola, who turned his cutting edge toward a voice that was abruptly hung from the shadows.


"Oh... hey! Wait, wait, wait!

Rafita reveals her indifference by raising her hands against Sora, who has revealed her alarm at the appearance of a familiar soldier. As he raises his hands like that, he looks at Kite and asks Sola.

"Er... your eyelid is your guild master?


"Well... I'm listening. I got the keys right, as promised."

Rafita looked at Sora's snort and took some key out of her nostalgia. In contrast, Kate throws him a slightly improved cigarette generator that the Victor Chamber of Commerce is putting out.

"Right. Then take this. If you go outside and use this, the operatives will collect it later."

"I believe you."

"? What do you mean?

Sora tilts her neck at how the two seem to have gotten through something. To this, Kate told me quickly.

"It's troublesome if time drives you crazy all the time. Hold down the device that is driving you crazy for the time you have here first. After that, it's serious. Priority"

"Don't get in the wrong order, right? That's how your master beat me up."

"Well... this is the key to that room"

Kate shows Sola the key given to her by Rafita. The decision was made that the existence of a time control device was considered troublesome even as a kite, and that we should secure you first. The operatives for that had also already entered this forced labor facility, which was only later actually controlled by Kate.

"... how could you do that?

"... Lysa was attacked by some National Army shit. Well, I'm a National Army piece of shit too... but so I decided to discern it too. I'm the one who secured your armor, right?

"Were you..."

It was Sola who wondered how strangely Sho's rendezvous had been quick since the incident, but apparently that meant it had moved since before. As far as the actual place was concerned, Sho entered at the same time as Aviel went outside, and from there Rafita, who had become an insider, multiplied the loose security of the central building to secure a cylinder equipped with Sola. I handed it to Sho. That's why.

"That's why... if it's for anything, do you want to take it? I guarantee you quality, okay?

"Are you still going to do business here..."

"Don't worry, it's Roja this time. It's supplies here anyway. Take whatever you want."

Raffita, who puts down all the bags, tells Sora, laughing back. Besides, Sola mouthed what she needed for now.

"Recovery pills. 5"

"Aye. Maido."

To Sora's words, Rafita took five vials out of her bag and handed them to her. I don't think there's a fight, but I have the recovery pills. I guess I thought I'd keep it.

Then I'll get out of here.

"What are you gonna do about it?

"I think I'll get it instead of retirement money, so... now I'll see you again with Risa."

"Sounds like you... be careful"

"It's easier than you."

To Sora's words, which make her look just a little frightened, Lafita secretly follows the scene with her bag in a sachet. I'm dressed as a soldier now. Essentially, only those Rafita knows as insiders are entering this different space in the kite faction.

Plus, if you ask later, they have plain clothes at the escape point. They change their clothes just before they go outside and are careful not to be attacked by insurgents or Adventure Department personnel.

"He... he's not here."

"Well... well, let's go"


Sola, who laughed and dropped off Rafita, who still showed her merchant soul annoyance, begins to move on again at the behest of Kate. So, for a while. Once again, the two encounter a group of soldiers. Even so, not so much.


Again, the soldiers are aware of their absolute disadvantage at a time when they are attacked so far. Cold sweat was flowing from his forehead as he pulled out his sword and turned to Kite and Sola.



Soldiers talk with their gaze to discuss how to fight. That was how it flowed for a few moments, and the moment the enemy tried to strike simultaneously, Kite moved first.

"... to?

Sola turns her eyes to the soldiers who fell and lay down simultaneously in battle.

"It's the < > of the Divine Yin Current. The moment you breathe together trying to get into an attack, it's the easiest time to tap into it."

"Me, it doesn't mean I'm here...?

"You know what? If you come to work, you need to prevent it."

"You don't even have to..."

Sora drops her shoulder to Kate's fighting power, which I have to say is too overwhelming. Those two go further, unlock, and go inside.

"What, this?

"Time control device. That's what researchers in the Principality of Miniera used to call it. Otomoto, who was manipulating time in different spaces here."

What the two people in the room saw was a bizarre device like turning around a communications machine installed at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School and installing a cylinder in the center. There was something floating around 10 cm inside the central cylinder, which emitted light.

"Is this... serious? I was talking about a possibility... I didn't know it was real."

"Oh, my God, this"

"Oh, oh... no, I'm sorry. Actually, it's something that's involved in the imperial secrets. I can't tell you the details... it's a very rare substance. I didn't know you were getting this before we did..."

Kate sighed slightly as she saw the 'space-time stone' floating around the center of the device. but when he regains his mind, he immediately proceeds to shut down the device.

"Er... here, here... I guess"

Basically, this is an invention of old civilization. So the basic operation goes hand in hand with the demonic props of the old civilization. So Kite manipulates the device to ask for the display of the console.

"... Oh, it stopped"

"Oh, I just turned it off...... this is Kite"


"Again, it's a 'space-time stone'. We shut down the device."

'Okay. Let It Go Immediately'

In response to a report from Kite, Tina will begin making immediate arrangements, which the Principality of Miniera has sometimes abused and is likely to be the depository of the Continental Conference. So we should have secured it immediately so that it wouldn't be taken.

"Is that Tina?


"No, speaking of you, what about Yuri?

"He needs you to join Tina for a little while."

Answering Sola's questions, Kite puts a seal on the time controller. That's how when it was over, Stra and Stella's brothers and sisters showed up.

"Are you here? I'll leave this to you. Strictly manage it. This will probably be the management at the Continental Conference. If you move poorly, the Empire will be attacked. Be very careful not to break it."

"Yes, sir."

When Kate leaves this place with the two of them - and the gesture - she decides to nod one at the response and leave the room behind. That brings us to the end of all public events in this one case, after which we merely ended our private affairs.

"Well... Sola. You kept me waiting."

"Thanks to you, it's time to remember the map"

"haha...... I'll take care of it up there then"


Sora snorts at Kate's words, where she breaks up with him and goes for the upper floor alone. As such, he walked through the central building, which had become almost unpopular, and reached the mine manager's office, which Huey should have refrained from.

"Nah, you've been kicking the door before..."

In front of the door, Sola laughs one bitter laugh. In the back of his brain, this journey was running around like a running lantern. That's how he regained his temper for one thing and kicked through the door as much as he wanted.



"Ha! I didn't think I could kill you to this extent!

Sora gently waves a divine sword to defend against the attack of one of Abiel's sides, who was unleashed when he kicked through the door. I pressed the tip of the shield all at once and blew it up all at once. He's good at < < pile shields (stakes. Shield) > >.

"You... Amasillo!

"You're back!

"Oops... here we go."

In the words of Abiel's proximity, Sola stares at the soldier who once took away the bronzite.

"If it's true, I just want to beat the shit out of Aldo... and think your master would be happy to beat all of you"

This one is a condolence to Bronzite for Sola. So he thought desperately, how much more condolences it would be to capture the neighbors here than to defeat Aldo, who tortured Bronzite directly.

Instead of leaving it to anger to defeat enemies, think hard and get strategic victories as taught. That was what I thought, above all, was the condolences I could give him.

"Come on... I'll beat each one of you up"

Sora feeds on the anger gushing from her own depths, increasing her magic. As such, he mourned the Bronzites by knocking in and hurting them to such an extent that they would not be able to resume, even if he did not die to everyone, and by capturing them without killing them as one.