Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1661: Inherited and Will - The End -

While Sola and the others were escaping forced labor facilities in different spaces and boarding forced labor facilities again, around that time. The royal castle of Miniera, the capital of the Principality of Miniera, had become noisy.

"What's happening!

In the noisy conference room, King Miniera appeared grumpy when he was knocked up for the night. but he, too, opened his eyes unexpectedly when he heard the report.

"What!? He said it was a riot in the mining yard!?... No, it would be"

After all, he was King Miniera, who was disturbed by the fact that he was awake, but he had received reports that there would be riots in Building A this evening in the first place. So I blinked him a little, and he sighed. but one of the senior military officials told him so.

"No... that's the thing... the riots seem to be happening in buildings B and C. We have a request for reinforcements from the mining site to the military."

"What!? Why did that happen? Didn't you try to pay close attention!?

"That's the... somehow, one of the prisoners seemed to have a weapon"

"Huh! Why didn't you notice that!

"That's... the prisoner apparently was a Bronzite apprentice. revolting around them, and rioting..."

A more detailed report will be made to King Miniera, who has made his voice absurd. There, further reports came in.

"Report! The prisoners are apparently shackled off! No repression can be done by the force inside alone! Ask for immediate backup!

"" "Nah..." "

Both King Miniera, who was absurd in his voice at the reports that were being sent, and all the senior officers and civilians of the army who were making the reports, will cease. Something we don't envisage is happening at that mining site. To understand that, it was enough.

"Why... why does this happen!

"Your Majesty! This is not the case now!

"If we don't crack down on the insurgency immediately, the surrounding countries... especially the Patriarchate, if this leaks to them!

"Notify the Kingsguard of your departure now!

Senior military officials advise the king of Miniera, who unexpectedly bares his voice out of haste and anger, to come into immediate action. Still, the riots are in different spaces. There was nothing I could do about it.

"Huh! Right! Order the First and Second Fleets of the Kingsguard now! Yes, but suppress the insurgency!

"" "Ha!

Senior military officials head down and immediately enter into action at the behest of His Majesty King Miniera. Things fight for a moment. They were moving desperately, too. And in the first place, the preparations were over before they were told, and by the time Sola and the others secured buildings B and C, the Kingsguards were ready to leave.

"Your Majesty! Both the first and second fleets of the Kingsguard are ready to leave! In turn, we are leaving!

"Good! Together, give the Border Guard along the border a grim alert! I'll leave the reason to the Lord!


Senior military officials begin to give further instructions to the continued instructions of Lord Miniera. Again, it was a disaster that this forced labor facility was illegal. In such a case, it is a place where we want to do something at once with man-made sea tactics, but only a limited number of personnel were able to command it, even though it is illegal. Really, the movement had to slow down.

Furthermore, even though it will put the Unified Army highway ahead, it will have to go from the capital, Miniera, to the Forced Labor Facility. It was not in time at all, and border security needed to be combined. Thus, for a while, he was committed to suppressing the uprising, headed by Lord Ella, but one report came in there.

"Ho, report! This is an emergency report from the first and second fleets!

"What's next!?

"Well, that... put me in a state of engagement with both fleets that were ahead, the mysterious fleet," he said.

"Mysterious fleet!? What a mysterious fleet!

King Miniera abhors his voice to the report of the blue-faced rapporteur.

"Unknown! About half of them side check the patriarchal objects, thought formats and tattoos! But the other half is with airships that are not in the data!


What the hell is going on in this country right now? Everyone goes into an incredible state of affairs, and now it's time to lose the word. And there. Further reports will come in.

"Ho, report!

"What's next!

"This is a continuation from the First and Second Fleets!


What's next? Everyone simultaneously spits on the reports that continue to come in. That's how they told me it was an event no longer assumed by anyone.

"... confirmed the presence of Alphonse Weisslitter and Rufaus Weisslitter among our enemies."

"What... so...?

Al and Rufaus. These two are in the fleet. I can only think a little bit of what that means. And in that place. A rubbing voice sounded outside.

'Minister! Your Majesty is in a meeting here and now!

'How can I say minister, I can't go through now!

'Shut up! Hurry up, it's a requirement you must reward Your Majesty! Push through!'


"Come on......"

Apparently, something nasty is going on. Everyone on the spot understands it because of the ravages of the voice. Besides, one says it's some kind of minister. It's separated by doors and I don't know who it is, but someone in the ministerial class is getting into the conference room during the meeting. Everyone understood that. Therefore, the Duke of Miniera, with his head, gave instructions to pass in view of the dangers to which the case was exposed, on the contrary, poorly.

"Let it pass."


When King Miniera gave instructions to one of the civil servants, he nodded one and gave a signal to the outside, giving instructions to pass through those who were rubbing outside. That's how I came in, a pretty good looking old man.

"Matthew? What the hell's going on at night like this?

"Ha... ha... hey, sire... sorry to disturb you late at night, and during the meeting"

Matthew. The minister so called will advance before King Miniera and apologize for kneeling and making a scene noisy as he prepares his breath. Besides, the Duke of Miniera lets him move on, concealing his inner haste and frustration.

"Good...... so many people as ministers rush in. I suppose so."

"Ha... from the Empire of Entesia and the State of Luxerion, a letter to His Majesty. Almost simultaneously."


Everyone on the spot loses color to the reported words. At this time, a letter from these two countries. What it meant seemed like everyone was the worst of the worst. And from the power of the Principality of Miniera, we cannot turn these two countries from the front to the enemy. Therefore, it could not be ignored.

"... what's in it"

"... I learned from the Empire of Entesia that it illegally operates a mining site in the Huai Iron Mine. Also, there are reports of Japanese currently protecting in our country being captured. It has arrived in formal writing that it is disputed that there is a greater likelihood than the Luxerian nation that the knight who reported that your country has died has been captured in the facility in question. I don't know what to say... I've read more about it, the location is the same, the two countries are aligned, so please hurry to report."

"... No way..."

Everyone understood who hit this measure here and blued his face. There is only one person who can make such a report, as it stands.

"Um, the boy...?

"No way... you moved two big powers..."

"Heh, Your Majesty...? No way...... you say it's a fact!? What have you done?!?

Apparently, a minister named Mathieu was unaware of the existence of an illegal mining site. Well, you're a minister, so there's no way you know anybody to anybody. So it seems that it was the Prime Minister and the generals of the army, headed by the Duke of Miniera, who knew the case, and he, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, did not.

It was a decision that if you didn't know, you wouldn't even have to lie to foreign countries. and King Miniera intimidated him for that reason, which made his voice absurd.

"... now, that's good. What else does it say?"

"… would like to send a fleet of investigations by the McDawell and Weisslitter families… on the part of the Patriarchate, to the investigation of this case, yes… Accepted,"


I mean, what fleet is First and Second Fleets fighting now? Combined with Al and Rufaus' reports earlier, I could understand where the other fleet was. And that's how even more civilians rushed in where no one could say anything.

"Heh, Your Majesty...?

We have to hurry and reward him. He is a civilian who tried to run into an empty door, but tilts his neck when he sees everyone on the spot losing color. but I was aware of the very existence. Therefore, with his gaze alone, King Miniera gave instructions to come.

"... what"

"Ha... that's the one... contacted by the first and second fleets. From the belligerent fleet, communications. Reports of rescue were received from the compatriots that they were fleets of the Empire of Entesia and the State of Luxerion and had escaped from the facility they had contacted earlier. I've already got confirmation that I'm the one... If I'm going to give it back to you personally, fine. If you don't return it, we'll take control of the facility after we destroy both fleets."


Ri. Lord Miniera's face is greatly distorted. Whatever you think, it's already a diplomatic matter. Moreover, there is even the great nickname of rescuing the people of their own country who have been illegally captured there. Where we fought the war, there is no reproach. So, after a while. With a grudge, King Miniera made his judgment.

"First and second fleets… order both fleets to avoid any further fighting and return to the capital. There's no reason to fight both countries and win."

"So, but Your Majesty!

"Shit! One is that McDawell family! Those who can destroy their country alone! If there were any creatures in that fleet, what would you do?

"" "Eh" "

Everyone lost their words to the words of King Miniera, who roughed up his voice at the suppression of senior military officials. Both of them. That would be definitely < >. They don't give a damn about turning the state against their enemies.

Whether the McDawell family stops it or not, at worst it could be attacked by the capital. And I could understand that if they attacked me, it wouldn't have to be him enough to lose. I didn't think it would be a good idea to turn to the enemy in a situation where he couldn't grasp his enemy's power. And in that place. The woman's voice echoed.

"Ho...... that was good. Let's not turn this place into a sea of blood."

"Ha ha. I wonder if it's a boulder."


What do senior military officials do to the sounding voice? To this, the Lord of Voices appeared. That's how he showed up, needless to say. It is Tina and Yuri.

"Long time no see, Lord Miniera"

"Ulysia Felicia......"

Someone tells you Yuri's name. As a matter of fact, when they left the command of the battle with Toryn and stopped the impending reinforcements in Kite's fleet and in the fleet of the Patriarchate, they were coming to the capital once and for all, exercising their metastasis.

If he tries to scratch you ugly, it's to tell his checkmate. Tina must be the escort. Ride alone into the center of the enemy. There was only one person she could escort.

"From the same land as my dear friend, and from visitors, I heard the story."

"No way, you're moving."

"Yeah... being my friend will move for those who try to save my people. If so, I would say so too."

"Don't you even hate turning a country against its enemies for that matter?"

"Yeah...... that's the brave kite. He's my friend."

Yuri nodded clearly at Lord Miniera's slightly even fearful words. A man who has no hesitation in turning a country against his enemies. That's Kite. For her to publicly proclaim herself to be that friend, it was all too natural for her to act in the same way as Kate if it were from the people of the Empire of Entesia.

For a while then, silence descends on the scene. How I know Yuri's name with them, and I can't say I don't. I don't know who she is, but at the time I was taking my escort in here, it was enough to fully understand the stuffing.

"... our loss. Later, both countries will send messengers to both countries over our own. Please, let me pull the fleet. Those of you we have captured will be taken over there."

"... would be good. Well, we look forward to your messenger."

Yuri nodded one to Lord Miniera, who bowed his head. The head of a nation bowed his head. Sure, it's a kite I don't hate to deal with a country, but this was the lowering point of my fist. Thus, when Yuri and Tina took the vow of sending out a messenger from the Duke of Miniera, they disappeared from the scene again with metastases.