Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1662: Inherited and Will - Over -

An incident in which Sola was imprisoned in a compulsory labor facility in the Principality of Miniera. It was with Kite turning his hand from behind and moving both the Empire of Entesia and the State of Luxerion, that King Miniera finally declares his surrender. As a result, the battle near the forced labor facility came to an end.

"The soldiers... pull away...?

"Thank God... you...?

The rebels stop the fighting hand in confusion to the soldiers in the forced labor facility who are pulling back on orders. Their purpose is to escape, not to crusade the soldiers. Therefore, it was normal to stop the hand of battle at the time the soldiers pulled back, and they did not intend to pursue it.

"I don't know who you are, but thanks!

"Thanks! You guys are the benefactors of life!

Though I don't know what happened, it helped both the raven and the corner. Understanding it, the rebels cheer and express their unstinting gratitude to the Adventure Department. And that's where the highway came in.


"Is that... the Weisslitter family crest? The White Knights! Hey! Hey! Right here! I'm here!

Apparently, the survival of the Knight of the Patriarchate has figured out where this airship belongs. He raised his voice and waved loudly. That's how I saw it and the airship slowed down slowly and landed on the side of the Adventure Department position.

"... I am Luxerion. The country is the Weisslitter family owner, Ludwig Weisslitter! Gunter Vust, or the knight of the squad he was leading! Answer me if you're there!

"Sir Weisslitter! It's me! Let me through! Right here!"

"That voice... Sir Wust! How are you?

One magnificent man enters and speaks out from among the rebels against Ludwig, who emerges from the airship. Plus, Ludwig noticed and ran over to you again. And so the guntering man accidentally held his leg.

"He said... Ha... sorry. It's been a while since my body's been following me in battle."

"Lord Gunter..."

Ludwig, who supported the good Gunter, smiles sadly. At first, he was satisfied with the five bodies, but later Ludwig said they were so thin that there was no shadow to see them. Plus, my beard is puffy and my hair can grow all I want. How bad the environment was and how it could only be perceived.

"Lord Gunter... are you alone?

"No... whoever was in the same building has managed to escape with me. Even so, I got a little out of this brawl... about those guys. You're safe. But for more information about the others who were put in another building..."


To Gunter, who leaned down to grief, Ludwig also leaned down to grief again. And two of Rufaus and Al came down to that place, and knelt.

"" Captain ""

"Oh, two or... Lord Gunter. Do you remember my boy, Rufaus?

"Oh... oh...?

"Haha...... one is Alphonse of the Empire of Entesia. This time, after a few deaths, the Patriarchate and the Empire are aligned."

Ludwig explains the situation with a laugh to Gunter, who rounded his eyes for two identical faces. After such a brief explanation was given, he asked Rufaus.

"Lou. So, what's up?

"Yes... the fleet of the Principality of Miniera has pulled, so hurry with Sir Alphonse to reward you"

"Well... how soon will the fleet arrive?

"In twenty minutes"

In response to Ludwig's inquiry, Rufaus reports the current situation. As a matter of fact, Ludwig was ahead of us on the highway with a few of his neighbors. The commander-in-chief of the fleet was the Ellord, who was placed in charge by the McDawell family, and Ludwig came to the rescue of the knight, who would become the old knowledge if he was entrusted with command.

Regardless, it was not simply a matter of prioritizing the rescue of the Knight of Old Knowledge, but rather to bring the rebels together around him. They are important witnesses. We were asked to secure it as soon as possible.

"Okay...... both of you. Put together those who escaped with Tirula and the others. Thereafter, their treatment also solidifies with the Duchy of Miniera. For one thing, have them stand by."

"" Ha!

Al and Rufaus salute Ludwig's instructions. Neither of us seems to compete or stick together on this occasion on the boulder. The place was open. And where the place for the newly escaped began to be set up that way, Kite and Sola, guided by Rufaus, appeared.

"Captain, Lord Kite is here."

"Oh, you. Nice to meet you. I'm Rufaus' father, and I'm Ludwig Weisslitter. They're taking care of the kids."

Ludwig, who received Rufaus's report, broke his face and offered his hand to Kite. Besides, Kite bows her head and responds.

"No, this is the one I'm looking after for both of you"

"No, Lou tells me about you. Alice's training, guidance to this guy, etc.... and this other guy sucks at taking time off... thanks for giving me some time off."


"Hey, Dad."

Oh man, to Ludwig, who jokes and laughs a little, Rufaus rushes to stop him in embarrassment. So after a little social dictionary, Kate bowed her head again.

"Thank you for your help from the Patriarchate. Thank you. You're right, you succeeded in rescuing the Submaster."

"You... well, you did your best."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Sola Tenjo. Thank you for this."

Sola bows her head deeply when she sees Ludwig nodding after being introduced to Sola by Kate. Besides, Ludwig shook his head.

"No, you were a disaster, too. I heard more from Lord Gunter over there. You and Toryn led the rebellion. Thank you very much. Thanks to you, we were able to rescue our compatriots."

"Ah...... thank you"

Sola responds to the handshake requested by Ludwig. The reason the Luxerian State moved this time was the rescue of Gunter and other knights captured in the battle during the Cold War who were sent to this forced labor facility under the guise of death. So the guerrillas, the White Knights (Weiss Ritter), moved to investigate.

Even so, of course, this is publicly, yes. Originally, the Church and the Empire had aligned their footsteps. Therefore, at the time of receiving a report of a riot, a waiting fleet was launched at the western edge of the Patriarchate.

And the Adventure Department was also part of this fleet, where they had secretly entered the country as an advance party and set up positions where Kate had instructed them. They took advantage of the fact that it was a secluded area along a border with few people. Of course, not only that, but Tina applied a concealed bond so that she could not find it.

"You will also be tired of escaping. Until I get picked up, I have a little. Rest in the meantime."

"Yes...... thank you. Let me sweeten your words."

Sora bows her head again to prompt more than Ludwig. So, Sora followed the scene. As he dropped it off, he opened his mouth to Kite.

"... a good young man. You have a good eye for people."

"No... I didn't expect him to be like this. Originally, I was friends with him. It was simply one of the leading magic holdings in school with each other, so we just had them come in when the Alliance was launched. I'm pretty sure it was his hard work."

In response to Ludwig's praise, Kate shakes one head and keeps it praised as a result of Sola's efforts. And talking about that, a fleet of airships came from the southwest.

"Really...... hmm? Is that... is the main unit here? I'll leave this to you, Kate. [M] You know best. [M] I'll leave a few people near me, too. Use it."

"Thank you"

"Oh...... Lou. I must inform my country of the survival of Lord Gunter and his men's knights. Once you return to the main unit, you must learn how to handle Kite."


When Ludwig instructs Rufaus to learn how to handle Kite with his help, he starts contacting the fleet with Gunter, who was on the sidelines. That's how each began to move in its own way.

Well, when Kate was starting to take control of the rebels. Sola was merging with one Toryn, saying she couldn't do it to Yuri and Nanami.

It's just a short way out of the boulder, and it's the Adventure Department's purpose to help him out in the first place. This time, he was totally exempt for the dominance-related. And in line with that, Sora was also exempt due to Kate's considerations.

"Phew... you're done"

"Yeah... you're done"

Toryn nodded again at Sora's words. Both of us, what we lost is too big. but still managed to survive.


For a while, the two will be silent. That's how I opened my mouth first, Toryn.

"... you're not going to her place?

"No... I'm coming. But first, I realized I could get out of here with you."

"... you're lying"

"Haha...... mana. You're like a partner, aren't you? Listen to me for a little while."

I tell Toryn, who smiled bitterly, that's what Sora tells him with a laugh. We've been working together on the boulder for almost another year. Sola thought it was possible to have a relationship that was just not an exaggeration to say partner. And that was Toryn, too, together.

"... maybe, but. Grandpa... I think he was going to come here."

"No... you said that Kite considered it one of the possibilities,"

"Haha... you would have revealed it all to Mr. Kite"

Toryn laughs at Sola, who was remembering Kate's story. Everything so far has moved as it should. There was no way it wasn't.

"I... I didn't know about this place."

"... no, that's what it looked like. But so what?"

"... Grandpa... maybe he was incurable"

"... Huh?

Sora unexpectedly loses her words to words spoken abruptly. Plus, Toryn told me.

"... I don't know the details either. I haven't gotten confirmation yet. But maybe... I think it's true that it was a disease. So here I am."

"Why not?"

"I just wanted some time."


To Toryn's words, Sola tilts her neck. And Toryn nodded one thing.

"Yeah...... maybe Grandpa didn't have much time left. There wasn't enough to teach me until the end. Enough to teach you...... now I think it was strange. Grandpa's only gonna take it for two months, that's what. What the heck...... the word was taught to me by Mr. Kite a long time ago. Boy, it's easy to be old... er..."

"Boy, are you old and hard to learn...?

"Yeah, that's it."

Get my will. That's how Toryn nodded with a slightly painful laugh. Sora hadn't forgotten what Bronzite had told herself several times.

Reject the teacher's words again and again, and reread the material you gave him to make it your own. That's what he said. In doing so, he was introduced as a Japanese proverb from Kite.

"Of course, I should have thought about it a lot, so it should have been only possible... but I don't think there was enough time for it to be the right way. To teach me everything. And to teach you enough... that's why I wanted time. There, you might be able to slow the disease down somewhat... pay the price, though."

It must have all been over and overflowed with what I was enjoying. Toryn weeps, guessing so the thoughts of the Bronzite. consideration he would have paid. It is a spectacular pain caused by incurable illness, without even having to think about it. Even he was prepared for it, and he was trying to leave his teachings to his disciples. Understanding that, Sora was silent again.


Sora looks at Toryn in tears and understands that this presumption was probably correct. Regardless, that's not to say a little bit of respect for bronzites.

I was taught myself in the same calories when I gave Toryn teaching. The certainty was with him. I simply didn't have enough time to give myself everything. Besides, it wasn't much. That way, it just takes a while for Toryn to weep. And for a while. Toryn wipes her face in shame.

"... thanks. A little easier, I guess."

"No... good. Same door, right?"

"Aren't you my partner?

To Sora's inquiry, Toryn takes a fried leg. Apparently I cried a lot and it got easier. Later, he said, he decided to move as a disciple of the wise until it was all over, and decided not to shed tears as a grandson on that spot.

"Haha... either way is good"

"Haha... well, you go. I'll take a look at Mr. Konrat and the others. You have to go see the people you've worried about."

"Right... well... I'll see you tomorrow"

"Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow. Good night."

"Oh, good night."

Sola nods one at Toryn's words and returns the words in the same way. So Sora went back to Yuri and Nanami, who said she couldn't make time.