Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1672: Luxerion Nation - Support -

A few days after Sola made her return from her journey with Bronzite Toryn and gained her longtime reunion with Earth. He was being treated to regain the strength he had lost in captive life, but from this day on, it was supposed to coincide with his return to work.

"Uh... no, you said that..."

Sora, sitting on her own seat in the clerk's office for a long time, was nodding when Kate told her plans for the future. It was still a year ago for him. There were many things I forgot, and it was more likely that I didn't remember what kind of work I had done before I left.

"Oh. There's one thing about this one, and you need to go see him under the Pope"

"Am I not supposed to go?

"You were originally residual, and your strength hasn't been completely restored yet, have you? Prioritize that one, and you will find yourself under the Pope's command."

In response to Sola's inquiry, Kate talks about the response on the part of the Patriarchate. Pope Yunal was clear about this directly through Ayul. It's just that there's nothing completely on the boulder, and it's not. The fact that Sola received the support of the Patriarchate was a place where she also knew about her father's stars and nights, and she was supposed to take a parent book from him in the form of a proxy - although it was only personal.

"Oh well... well, I can fight, but I feel like I'm not that far back..."

Sora looks at Kate's point, once and for all, at her health. Though it has grown considerably above pre-departure in terms of overall combat power, especially body congestion and output, the flesh that uses it is not yet adequate.

The story accompanies me that I couldn't really eat satisfactorily. Although the muscles have not deteriorated due to heavy labor, the weight itself seems to be slightly reduced.

In view of the fact that his back length is also slightly stretched, it is good to say that the optimal balance for him as a warrior is not in place. Reesha's story was that it would be a good idea to recover while slowly healing for a month.

"That's the thing. Ma, I need you to stay in charge here for a month as an inside job. If Toryn joins us again, he'll need a lot of help."

"I don't know if my assistant needs an assistant..."

"That's where patience is until you get used to it... well, that's why you need to relax a little bit over here"

"I will."

I knew that Sola and I were not in the best shape. Because I knew it, I honestly decided to follow Kite's instructions.

"No... in the end, who's going?

"Oh, that or. Essentially, I think Tina is in the top half. So, the school will also be involved in this one, so head teacher from the school."

"You're going quite an executive. Well, naturally, naturally."


I guess that's where Sola's been learning from Bronzite for a year. The general political situation seemed to be known.

"Uh... I forgot, how long have you been going?

"Oh, that or. About half a month. Where the capital of the Mars Empire was originally located, there is Luxerio, now the capital of the Patriarchate. The lab is in good condition. So what we're going to do is we're going to get information about the reconnaissance and the return that the Patriarchate will have."

To Sola's inquiry, Kate once again talks about her activities in the diocese. Taking it, Sola nodded, so much so that it seemed a little unexpected.

"So, it's not that long"

"Oh. It was originally in their favor. I'm doing some vetting... and I feel like I'm just gonna go and do some work and go home."

"Oh well... no, is there any prospect of a harvest?

"That's not so much. It's not an old civilized legacy."

"... why are you going?

"I want information about the old civilizational era held by the Mars Empire."

To Sora's inquiry, Kate once again talks about the content of this investigation. In that way, he tells more details.

"Originally, the context of the times was the Mars Kingdom/Mars Empire period before modern times, and before that it is said to be the Warring States period, and even before that, the Old Civilization period. Since the Warring States era has lasted for more than a hundred years, there are all sorts of materials, facilities and technologies lost there... but the Kingdom of Mars is nevertheless closer to the old civilization than modern civilization. The information I was getting is presumed to be better than it is now."

"That's what's coming together, the lab that's going next," he said.

"Oh. For once, some facilities are still in operation and we're talking."

"Is it working?

In a surprise, Sola asks. Kate nodded one at this.

"Oh. They managed to restore some of the demon guidance furnaces successfully in the course of three hundred years. The Empire didn't grab it either. I was also surprised when Rufaus told me. I don't know... I heard there was a genius scholar about 200 years ago, and he quickly recovered it."


"Well, I knew the rumor of the person itself... but I didn't think he was that far away. I'm very busy reassessing historical greats."

"Well, I don't care...... how did you not know?

"I was the chief when I was a hardliner. He then became pope and was his successor and cut off. Well, I was known to have merit in the research of the institute because it was before the cut off... and I know very little about the footprints of my tenure as pope. After assuming the post of pope, they were able to restore it. I guess that's why I used my position to throw materials."


Speaking of two hundred years ago, I can say just when the skirmishes between the Patriarchate and the Empire began to take hold. He has developed into a massive rub several times, but this time he can be said to be one of them.

Therefore, the great men of the Church who were active around that time, especially those active in the vicinity of the capital, were hardly investigated in the Empire, and they did not grasp that the institute could be restarted.

"So, you don't know anything in the meantime, so you're going?"

"That sort of thing. Well, thanks to the Imperial Central Institute and the university, it's amazing."


Naturally, it is good to assume that this time we enter the Church's central institute because of the background of the kites. So there was no way the imperial universities and researchers could get in. I guess there's no choice in all this.

"No, is that good? That's what happened to the rabbit and the corner, so please give me at least half a month. It will be even longer... but I'm ready to ask for it."

"Aye. Well, I can't do anything about it either."

"I guess so. In the meantime, get used to the power."


Sora nodded honestly to Kate's advice. There was actually another reason why Sola became residual this time. That's where he hasn't used his powers.

It's like he's been training for a year, but in the meantime he hasn't learned how to use his powers as he grows. The flesh is growing, the technology is acquired, but in fact, it was used only once - in an escape battle. If you grasp the difference in your senses, you will damage your allies as well. There should be no expedition to let them grasp it. And Rufus appeared where he was talking about it.

Lord Kite.

"Oh, Rufaus. Hey, what's up?

"Sir Ayul is here for you. I'm sorry, could you come with me?

"Oh, okay...... Sola. I'll take care of the rest."


Kite rises after being summoned by Rufaus, who had gone to Ayul to ask her how she was feeling. Basically, they say Rufaus goes out to her once a week unless it's a long expedition. Well, he said he was in a good mood, but Kate was aware that it would be a report of the current situation toward Edram. So with Rufaus like that, Kate decides to head to Ayul's waiting church.

"Dear Ayul, Long time no see."

"Yeah, it's been a while. Was Sola okay?

"Yes, thank you. Fortunately, I was blunt..."

Kite, who answered Ayul's query, first exchanges a social dictionary. After moderately exchanging social dictionaries, Ayul cut them out.

"Speaking of which, were you going to the Patriarchate next Monday?

"Yes, if the weather isn't bad..."

"Haha. I think the next period is going to be okay... but it's getting cold."

Ayul snorted, laughing at Kate's words. For once, during this period of the year, neither the Empire nor the Patriarchate will snow yet. No, but the weather is natural. I don't know if I'll come down this year because I've seen her every year.

So it was possible to match the departure in the event of a snowstorm. Regardless, I can also say that this is paradoxically said to go as is if not for as bad weather as that.

"Sure, you're meeting my father, too."

"Yes. Thankfully, I have the same name as a former brave man. I would love to see you once, your father..."

"Because my father is somewhere childish. Are you hurt... are you okay?

"Yes, injuries of this magnitude are common if you are an adventurer. It won't be a problem."

Once Kate sees you, she'll be concerned about the injury. Nevertheless, Kite is one of the top executives in the organization and can be seen as the total head of the actual work force. The only reason he wouldn't show his face was if it wasn't for so many reasons.

"Really... Well, there's one thing I'd like you to do."

"What is it?"

"Why don't you deliver one letter to my father? I think you can give it to my father if you tell the greeter... and that's okay."

"Yes, sir."

"Thank you"

To Kate's euphoria, Ayul laughs and bows his head. That's how Kate questioned her when she went to pick up a letter at her desk.

"Speaking of which... to this extent, wouldn't it have been better for Rufaus?

"Yes... but I think you're the best."

"Ha... oh, that..."

To Ayul's words Kate leaned her neck for a moment, but immediately understood the intent. This may perhaps be seen not as a public report but simply as a letter addressed by my daughter to my father. And it will be reported over there about the visit to Heavenly Cherry Blossom School. It was decided that it would be one story that Kate brought Ayul's letter. Perhaps that's how it was decided between Ayur and the Patriarchate while Kate was moving to rescue Sola.

"Okay, this way, please"

"Yes, we did keep it"

When Kate receives a letter from Ayul, she securely stores it in different spaces. That's how we end the whole exchange, and we'll go into the chatter again.

"Speaking of which... I heard you went from the Patriarchate to Miniera in one of the previous cases"


"Did you stop by Trayful?

In an earlier case, the Adventure Department's main unit was waiting with the Weisslitters in the Patriarchate for about a week. To keep the movement from being understood by the Duchy of Miniera.

The idea is that the Duchy of Miniera is unable to detect the movement of Kate - or Adventure Department - and has been defeated. And Ayul's stated city of Trayful was close to the border with the Duchy of Miniera.

"Speaking of which... were you from Trayful, both under the Pope and Lord Ayul?

"Yes, we are a little far from the border...... if this is one thing, it was close there so we said"

This time, Kate is also coordinating with the Patriarchate through Ayul several times. So Ayul also knows what's going on there, and I guess he cared about his hometown.

"I entered the country on an official route, so I don't know the details… I saw a vast garden, I heard about it"

"Was I? Good......"

"Is there something you want?

Kite tilts her neck at Ayul, who seeps through a slight relief. Sure, a city called Trayful is her birthplace, but as she herself said before, she shouldn't have been here long because of the plague. but kite apparently forgot about when she heard this story.

"Haha...... I thought perhaps that flower garden was what my mother and I were growing. My father is sending people to take care of me now... but I haven't been able to get there in a while. I was just wondering."

"Is that what happened? Then why don't we ask the Pope once and see how it goes?

"Can you please? I'll talk to my father more than this one..."

"Okay. So, I think I'll take a picture...... do you have something you'd like to see?


To Kite's inquiry, Ayul closes his eyes for the first time and thinks. You won't have a choice if you're worried about your first home in a long time. So Kate asked Ayul for a little while after that and decided to go back to the guild home.