Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1679: Luxerion Nation - Arrival -

When the Adventure Department Expedition led by Kate took a day to enter the Luxerion country, he spent another half day travelling with the fleet led by Ludwig, who became the father of Rufaus, who joined him at the border and became the head of the Weisslitter home.

As such, another half day after they entered the country. When the morning sun rose a little, they had arrived in Luxerio, the main mountain of the diocese.

"Heh... it's so majestic"

"Oh, this is the main mountain of my country."

Overlooking the bridge of the airship, Luxerio is simply a city centered around a huge church. Originally the Church was a religious state. The country is moving around the religion of Luxerio. It would be natural for the church to be central.

Nevertheless, that church is still huge only to be at the heart of the nation, and it may be considered that Mont Saint-Michel or the Cathedral of Kern remain at the heart of the city. The appearance also resembled that of Laelia.


Next to some proud Rufaus, Kate feels a slight nostalgia. Three hundred years ago, this city hasn't changed much. It looks slightly bigger as a scale, but I guess it's because there's still a religion fundamentally.

On Earth, things like the teachings of pure poverty are protected, and that doesn't change after hundreds of years. As a result, there were still many qualitative houses and I guess there was nostalgia. Nevertheless, I can't even look like that for too long. So Kite is west of Luxerio. View huge facilities.

"... what's that one over there?

"Oh, that's the lab where Lord Kite and the others are going this time."

"That's big... I've been to the Imperial Central Laboratory a few times... any more? A few kilometers in all directions... No, sounds a little more likely if you suck...?

"I don't know the central institute of the Empire, so I can't say anything... at least there are no bigger institutes here in the Patriarchate"

I'm surprised it happened. That's what Kate thinks of Rufaus' words. It is still once the largest laboratory in a nation that dominated much of the continent. Besides, it would be suspicious if only one major country on the continent had a giant institute built to shoulder it.

It should be noted that this is something that Justiel later tells us, but it wasn't supposed to be this big. While several facilities were being built and renovated, they had extensive premises, and a wide variety of studies were carried out. That was huge enough to be able to do summoning and metastasis-related research on the premises as well. And when we're discussing that, communication enters the comms machine.


'Oh, it's me. Kite, are you there?

"Ah, yes. Both me and Rufaus are here. Good morning."

Communication came from Ludwig. And Kate nods one thing with Rufaus.

'Oh, good morning. Well, if you're on the bridge, you can already see it, but it's Luxerio, the capital of my country, that's spreading under my eyes. And to the west is the central laboratory of the Mars Empire, to which you are going. "

"Oh, I was explaining that now"

'Right. If so, do you not need to talk in detail'

To Rufaus' words, Ludwig nodded one. Apparently, if you haven't told me anything, I'll tell you. So he enters again into a practical story.

'A little more and I'll be down at the airport. You can't just leave our link on the boulder when you do that. I'll leave the piloting to you. "


'Oh... Oh, Lou. After you report your return, take Alice home once. I have your permission. "

"Oh, yes... yes. What about guidance?

"People come from the government about it"

Later, Rufaus told me that apparently many people in the diocese return home essentially after a long expedition. So I guess that means I won't leak into that example again this time, and I'll be home once.

"Okay. Now let me keep sweetening your words."

"Oh... say hello to your mother"

"Oh... what about your father today?

I'll be home early.

Ludwig laughs at one of Rufaus's inquiries. And when we talk about that, the manoeuvring of the airship on which the kites ride is transferred to the side of the kite. That's how I got the airship down to the airport I was directed to, and it was all over.

"Well... is that it?"

"Oh... well, Lord Kite. I'll go down first and wait for the church. You stay here and wait."

"Ok...... oh Rufaus"

Kate turns to Rufaus, who turned her back to get up and get off the airship first, and speaks up. Besides, he stopped.


"Thanks for everything. I was taken care of with Alice."

"Ah...... no, I learned a lot about this one. If I get another chance, I'd love to fight with you."

Rufaus firmly holds the hand offered by Kite. After exchanging goodbye greetings that way, Rufaus went outside with Alice after the bridge. Kite, who dropped off his back like that, laughs just a little.


"What's going on?

"... that's not the end of it."


Yuri tilts her neck to Kite, who abruptly affirms. Besides, Kate slightly recalls the handshake she just exchanged.

"... I still don't know which rebirth he is. But he was originally a knight of my Knights."

The only thing I remember with my eyes closed was the ruins of the Entesian family that Elusha and the others had previously discovered. At that time, Kate understood that Al and Rufaus were the knights she once even thought of as family. Then I thought I was bound to cross paths with myself again.

"There's Al here, and there's no way he's not coming. Only when they're all there will they show their true worth."

"You're very confident."

"How many times do you think I scolded those guys? Not once or twice."

To Yuri's words, Kate just laughs. We ran through dozens of battlefields with them, hundreds of moons together. And at the end of the day, I vowed to gather under that banner. If so, he will surely return. That's what I believed.

"Well, let's just say... from here on out, ghosts out or snakes out"

"No matter what happens, it's no wonder. In the meantime, kite. What are your plans for the future?

"In the meantime, take the fatigue of your journey from here to the hotel once and see under the Pope with the face of the student and teacher representatives? In the meantime, Tina and the others enter Luxerio's Adventurers Union and apply for a temporary stay."

After that, I guess.

"Oh...... oh Yuri. I know you do, but you're not getting out of the hood."


To Kate's words, Yuri dives into his hood. This is where we were at the forefront of interracial exclusion until a few months ago. They were brought in in position and in case, but they were supposed to lurk all over the city to avoid unnecessary rubbing. Regardless, the chosen personnel are basically students from Tianqiao School.

And when we were talking about that, they noticed that time had passed. I've been in touch since the moment I was out with Rufaus.

"Kite. The messenger of the Church is coming"

"Okay. I'll be down in a minute. After a little discussion, everyone is supposed to get off. Just make sure you get off without delay."


When Kate nodded to the report more than momentarily, she decided to use the communication to tell Cherry Blossom what was going on, and to go down outside herself. He is because this visit is only led by the Adventure Department, and the teachers at Heavenly Cherry Blossom School are oriented to oversee it. So he of the Alliance Master basically stands on the table.

That's how a man in clergy clothes stood where he got off the ship's tarrap. When I was a year old, I guess it was 30 years ago. Basic In the current patriarchal country, only quotas with the same lifespan as the human race or at least the human race hold public office - implicit understanding, not the law - and therefore the appearance and age do not seem to diverge.

"I say Iasant Migol. I'm an assistant to the Pope. I'm an assistant to Cardinal Peelis."

"It's Kite Heavenly Sound. Welcome and thank you."

Iasant. Kite holds the right hand offered by the man who named him so. After shaking hands, there was going to be a little social decree.

"How was it, the view of our city from above"

"It was wonderful. I have certainly seen a city built with one of these huge will in La Elia...... is this place different, and everything is clearly in harmony. It will be because it is united by one idea: teaching. It was as if the inhabitants of this city could be seen living in piety."

"Really? Thank you."

Iasant smiles softly and bows his head to Kite's praise.

"Oh, what's standing here for? The carriage is already ready."

"Thank you. Excuse me for a moment."

Kite receives Iasant's offer and uses the headset to send a signal inside. This will bring down the Adventure Department HQ led by Cherry Blossoms and Moments. So when it was over, Iasant opened his mouth.

"Is that the new type of communications machine that is now being used in the Empire?"

"Yes... we have been involved in the development as well, and we are using it as it is"

"Was I? Developments have also been made in our country for magic props… There has been a great deal of research into the heritage of the Mars Empire. Still, hand-held is the mainstay. This time in peace, there will be technical exchanges... but I just hope that that kind of thing will spread."

When Iasant says so, he makes his personal property-like comms look a little bit like Kite's. Again, it is more hand-held as a function, but the headset type is more user-friendly if it is limited to communication alone.

Regardless, Kite and the others who developed the headset type also knew that they had the ability to link it to the handheld and make calls. Walking a little while talking about that. With Iasant, Kate boarded the carriage.

"Well... I would like to revisit it and talk about my future plans"


"First after this, you are to attend a luncheon with the Pope. Are you sure about that?

"Yes, I am asking... I just didn't know until just before who was coming under the Pope..."

I have been applying for and deciding on this visit for quite some time. So I've been deciding about the luncheon for quite some time, but I'm still busy with the < > case. In addition, the status quo and the resurrection of the evil gods are involved. So who can participate was taught just before.

Even as a patriarchate, the worst is just Pope Unal. As a kite, too, I heard about what Cardinal Inner Rufaus knew, so I decided there was no problem and didn't pay special attention.

"Yes, we have already made a decision about that. This will be the list, please check back as soon as you get to the hotel."

"Thank you...... so, what form should I proceed after that?"

"Then, for one thing, after tomorrow, it will be all right to be free."

Iasant makes a clear statement about Kite's reconfirmation. It's not a bad story to get confirmation about this again. Therefore, I arrived at the hotel when I was taking such confirmation of all kinds.

"Use this place."

"This place..."

"Three hundred years ago, this hotel was supposedly used by a brave man of your name."

Iasant makes a clear statement to Kite, who was getting a little nostalgia. Even after the Patriarchate and Lux have rubbed it, Kate has stood between them and visited the Patriarchate several times. It was the hotel I used in it.

At the time, it seems to be a pretty historic hotel to hear that they have also stayed at the opening of the Weisslitter family - naturally they have made several alterations. So Kite instantly erased a moment of nostalgia and bowed her head.

"It's an honor."

"No… that would be better, a consideration better than under the Pope. Ask the hotel employee about the room"

"Yes, well, thank you for getting this far"

From what I've heard in the carriage, Iasanto is just entrusted with picking him up. So once I broke up with him here, he said the carriage would just come during the luncheon. Therefore, Kate decided to enter the hotel prepared for her by the Patriarchate, along with other adventure club faces coming from the carriage behind her.