Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1680: Luxerion Nation - Just Before You Look -

Kite and the others arrived in Luxerio, the capital of the diocese, and were led to the hotel for a little while. Naturally, this story had soon been raised to the Pontifical Unil.

"Right. Have you arrived?"

"Yes, everyone has shown their gratitude for the mercy of His Holiness under the Pope"

Iasanto, who welcomed the kite, had made his report in response to the request of Pope Yunal. His position is as an aide to the Cardinal. In Japan, for example, it would be the Under-Secretary of State. So I was in a position to report directly to the Pope. With this in mind, it was something to see how generous the Patriarchate was to the kites.

"Well... how did the boy react?"

"Ha... that already looked amazing"


With his gentle expression as pope, Pope Yunal nodded satisfactorily. As I was told earlier, he was the one who chose the hotels for the kites. I guess that's why I was satisfied. And so he inquires with a glimpse of a slight worry.

"Speaking of which... I'm sure he was talking about an eye injury right now. In keeping with that, the doctor's accompaniment was also applying... how did it look?

"Yep... as it was in the original declaration, he looked like he was wearing an eyelid now. but it doesn't come down to action, especially how it's coming in the way of everyday life. Regardless, the eye bands are medical sealed items. This job is important to them. It would be more than reasonable for him to take command of his own team, and it would be only natural for him to accompany a doctor."

Pope Yunal's inquiry is not particularly strange. This time, he's inviting Kite as a guest. From the standpoint, Kite is supposed to attend, but it will still be important to know in advance the salt plum of the injury. And that's where life came from.

"Excuse me... Were you in the middle of a report?"

"Oh, life. No, good. I've heard most of the things I'd like to report. Besides, we can't keep Peelis' aides away for too long... Iasanto, give me the report with Peelis."

"Yes, I did."

Pope Yunal gives instructions to laugh and nod one and wait as he does against the life who tried to bow his head and quit the spot. That's when Iasanto, who was instructed to go together, lowered, and his life advanced.

"I have a report."

"Which report?


"Well...... if so, let's keep asking"

In the wake of the words of life, Pope Yunal urges ahead with a soft expression. In response, Life also began reporting as it stood.

The Weisslitter brothers and sisters have returned.

"Oh well. If so, tell him to come before me. I need to hear from both of you straight away."

"Yes, I did. I'll make arrangements."

I take a slightly more entertaining offer from Pope Genal, and Life snorts one more time into the arrangement. After a while like that. Rufaus, who was making a report in an area controlled by the military, and Alice, who was accompanying it and learning how to do it, came before him.

"Under the Pope."

Step forward in front of Pope Yunal and the two kneel down and bow their heads. Besides, Pope Yunal sent Negiri.

"It was a long mission, hard work. Far from home, and also a pagan land. Is everything all right?

"" Thank you. No problem. ""

Rufaus and Alice speak up and make it clear that they are okay. Besides, Pope Yunal nodded one thing.

"Well... I think it would be a good thing for both of us to be on a journey with a lot to learn. How'd it go?

"Ha... the arm of Lord Kite's operation, even for me, I was only impressed with each and every one of them as I succeeded my father in the future. And then I could learn how great my father was. I was wondering if it was a task that I, and my sister, often got."

"Right, right."

Pope Yunal nodded with a merciful look in Rufaus's report. When he is satisfied with Rufaus' response, he hangs more words of ambition.

"Well, if it was meant to be, I'd like to give them a few days' rest... sorry, but I have to see them after this, too. So I know a little bit about your work as pope. I just want you to tell me a little bit about them. Iasanto told me what it felt like... but there are still things I know because you guys lived together. I'm sorry I'm tired, but could you give me a moment?

"It's a word that has no extermination. That said, what should I tell you..."

"Good, good. I'll listen, so I hope you or Alice answer."


In the words of Pope Yunal, Rufaus nodded and expressed his recognition. In that way, the two of them followed Pope Yunal's request for a while and talked about the kites.

Then, a few hours. Kate was riding a carriage to a church in the centre of Luxerio with the summarizers of students at Cherry Blossom and Instant Heavenly Cherry School, heads of school and heads of school teachers such as Lighthouse. In the meantime, Kate was slightly worried as she saw the pilgrims on the road.


"What's wrong with you?

"There's a lot going on. This is where Lux was born."

To the cherry blossom inquiry, Yuri lurks in the hood to represent Kate's mood. This is the birthplace of my own best friend. I've only been here enough to count, but I still had all sorts of thoughts. That's how he heard such pronouncements, pointing to a small church from inside a carriage that stopped due to a few circumstances.

"... oh, that church. Will was worried. He scolded Lux."

"Did you scold him?

"Oh... I miss you. I was worried about Lucia, but there was a fight... and he didn't know what to do."

It was once said that it was Will who took Lucas and his pardon-in-law, Lucia, in a way. At that time, knowing that Lucia was mixed with the fairy clan for various reasons, he had become a plank between doctrine and his own love heart. It was Will who made the final inquiry into his romance.

"From this city, the three of us started it all."

somewhere fun, somewhere happy Kate talks. And, leaving such a sentiment behind, the carriage runs out again. That is how the carriage approaches the cathedral where Pope Yunal waits. And in that, Fuji inquired.

"Speaking of which, what's that big church called? I heard from Rufaus that it was the Great Church... forget the official name."

"Is that it? That's St. Angelica's Church. It is a church that bears the name of its founding fathers. Well, it's more common to call it a cathedral or cathedral than an official name. That's a lot of them."


"It's scary to call the name of the Founding Fathers. Bad memory three hundred years ago... but none more than that in the diocese existed in Enefia. That's why the followers of Luxerio called it a cathedral with respect."

To a cherry blossom inquiry that lasted momentarily, Kate tells the story of the coming of the cathedral, which became the main mountain of the sloppy Luxerio religion. Such cathedrals were still visited by many pilgrims, and care was taken not to intimidate the pilgrims too much with regard to guarding them. and by the end of such a commentary, the carriage slowly stops. That's how the carriage door opened. Waiting there was life.

"I've been waiting for you. My name is Life and I'm the bishop of this cathedral."

"Thank you. It's Kite Heavenly Sound."


Life offered his hand as Kate got off the carriage. Besides, Kite also shakes hands. It should be noted that even though the head teacher is with him, Kate has preceded him because this visit is only being invited in the form of an adventure department led by Kate. That is the life I shook hands with, but I smiled softly and bowed my head to Yuri's greeting, which I continued.

"Yes, the smaller ones were welcome. Welcome, everyone else."

"Thank you"

To the greeting of life, the head teacher bows his head. With those two sideways, Kate was getting a slight surprise. Yuri came out, regardless, because it is an obvious bad hand for her to lurk in hiding as she looks at Pope Yunal from here.

But at the same time, the current series of flows is to determine what the other person will do. I was hoping it would be a little more windy.

Nevertheless, if the wind is weak, that's a good thing. Plus there's the politician side to it. With that in mind, maybe there's no wonder. That's what Kate thought.

"Okay, come here. Before the luncheon, the Pope wants to see you once."

"Thank you"

To Life's offer, Kate smiles and nods and walks behind him. Although it is customary for sightings with the Pope to take place in a chapel within the diocese if they are believers, this time the kites are not believers. So we mixed up with the pilgrims and proceeded to the Cathedral's veneration, but stopped in the small room in front of them.

"As is customary, the Pope will give a sermon in the chapel… this time you are not believers, so I will guide you to the sight. Nevertheless, the chapel is basic and free to enter and exit… if you like, please see it on your way home."

"Amazing. As far as this majestic church is concerned, there may not be one."

"Is it? Thank you."

To Kate's praise for observing the chapel from the outside, Life smiles and bows his head small. As such, we proceed further back, sideways through the chapel, through the right side of the door to the left and right of the small room before entering the chapel. In the meantime, Kate asked Life.

"You've been admired for a long time."

"Haha...... it's not my feat. My predecessor's father was a wonderful man... so I'm the seven lights."

"I was wondering if that's all. Ladies and gentlemen, I have been calling you in the name of the bishop and I have been praying. With your own merit, I think we're all respected."

"If so, thank you."

Apparently, life was quite admirable, and when I saw him in front of the chapel, I saw a pilgrim praying thankfully. He laughs and expresses his gratitude to such pilgrims.

As a result, after a further walk, more monks and knights work in the church than pilgrims. Basically, there's no difference in church here either. So they say the monks still normally live there. Even there, life still looked essentially revered as a cardinal.

"This is the spot between us. And, as I said, I need some time under the Pope. Please wait in the room next to me as there is still some time to see."

I mean, stay familiar. Kate firmly understands the meaning of Life's words. Therefore, when we enter the room that was passed through, we decide to become familiar there once. So when I went in, the moment opened my mouth.

"You were very gentle."

"I guess that means a bishop by the bend. I hear that it was he who made the offer to His Majesty Emperor Leonhardt even during the previous intercontinental conference. Against the young Lord Ayul, he seems to have been a substantial ruler... but he may have made an arbitrary offer to the Empire or be a realist."

"Moderate, you mean?

"Come on? I can't tell you anything. Anyway, we just met."

In an instant inquiry, Kate shakes her head. Naturally, this room is also being watched. How much of a religious state is that? There is no way that the Head of State can fully trust a guest to meet us from now on.

So Kite also had to talk in a body that didn't know what information she might know as Lord McDawell Kite again. And that's how being familiar for a little while, life came again.

"Here you go. The Pope is ready to take you to the next room."


To the words of life, Kate looks all over the face and stands up with her consent. In this way, they went to meet Pope Yunal.