Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1683: Luxerion Nation - Solo -

Pope Yunal and the clowns were doing some sort of leap behind the kite, while around that time. Kite was also making a leap, as they read in Kite.

"Huh... Long time no see solo, huh"

What time is it? Kate remembers that someone was there all the time and smiles slightly. Someone was with us all the time, both on Earth and in Enefia. I could say it's been a really long time since I've acted entirely alone.

As such, he would first set aside his luggage and head to the Luxerio branch of the Adventurers Union when he went to an inn where he could stay based on information obtained by the Viktor Chamber of Commerce from an informant in the Church.

"Well... I have to submit my registration card for now"

Kate enjoys herself a little and turns around the registration card she obtained in Heisenberg territory. This was a counterfeit card that I didn't even know the Adventurer Union got on a certain route. As a basic story, it's impossible to forge an adventurer's registration card.

As a precondition, the Union will be in a position of basic neutrality. If there is any injustice of the state or aristocratic guru - the Kingdom of Marisia and the Principality of Miniera fall into this - they will cooperate, but this time it will take the form of undercover detectives to other countries that have not done injustice. If you're going to ask an individual adventurer, the Union is not going to cooperate.

but, in fact, if it is kite, it may be possible to forge a registration card held by the Union. As has been said before, the Anti-Counterfeiting Technology for Adventurers' Registration Certificates also holds the Viktor Chamber of Commerce with casino management. If so, yes. Kite, who owns the Viktor Chamber of Commerce as a lower organization, is also capable of counterfeiting.

Therefore, Kite decides to head to the Luxerio branch with an irregular counterfeit card in one hand. Nevertheless, such is how he walks without hesitation.

"Here, huh"

I miss you. For Kite, who came to the Luxerio branch, it wasn't actually the first time he came to this Luxerio branch. Three hundred years ago, when I brought Lux into my company, he came as an adventurer. At that time, they registered here just like they do now.

"... no, not if you're nostalgic. Let's just get inside."

"Welcome...... registration of your location, right?


"Please come to the desk over there."

I guess the boulder is still a place called Luxerion. Whether the custom of helping people is widely rooted or not, when I went in, I had guidance. Therefore, Kite will follow the instructions and go to the reception instructed.

There was a pretty young girl at the reception. I guess this is where the time slot was just empty and this place was vacant.

"... Yes, I did check my travel documents. Dear Kate Florencia, right? Your stay is scheduled for about two weeks, right?

"Oh. At the corner, both the Empire of Entesia and Urca have restored national traffic. I've traveled a lot... but I think it's weird that I've never seen a nearby church country. I thought I'd take a look and go home."

"Really...... yes. This completes your registration. Well, you look injured, so be careful."


Kate talked to the receptionist as she seeped in ease, but apparently the receptionist talks to an administrative or unusual degree, but that was all. Well, Kite is registered as an interracial hybrid. The wind is particularly strong here, I guess.

"Well... do you want to see the request for now"

Kite here is one of the Rank A adventurers. So that's all the requests you can get, and you'll need to match them.


Three hundred years ago, Kite and I were swinging around this neighborhood. So I also remembered the demons that appeared here.

(Request for Crusade of Light Dragon of Rank B...... I wonder what to do. It's also my hand to get a crusade system first to show how adventurous you are...... no, should I get some as a used to driving and get one bigger crusade system?

Although Kate saw the crusade request in her eyes and thought about what to do, it seemed to her that this would be her first public visit. Decide to accept a modest and simple request. And he was thinking that way, but he looked sideways at the person who had newly entered the Luxerio branch and looked at him.


It was Rufaus and Alice who came in. Why are you two here? Kate thinks so. So Kate decided to eavesdrop on the conversation while pretending to think about the request.

"Brother. Didn't you have to come today?

"No, this stuff should be decent, and it would be basic to do it early so we don't forget"

"That's why you could have left your stuff..."

Neither Rufaus nor Alice registered as adventurers until this trip to the Adventure Department. but when he came to the Adventure Department, he signed up as an adventurer to follow him when he entered the town.

And basically, the Adventurer's registration card is either a serious violation or valid until you return it. So I went home, so I thought I'd register my address here. Alice is right. The package stays the same. Soon after the meeting with Pope Yunal, I guess that means he came here on his way home.

(... as serious as ever)

Fortunately, Kate is now turning to the bulletin board and turning her back on both of them. What he noticed was still arguably a difference in his ability to read the signs. Naturally, Kite is in the highest position in the Alliance because of two things, Enefia Earth.

"With that said...... brother. Is your brother on vacation for a while to come?

"No, I'm talking about wanting to make a detailed report on this assignment at the request of the military. Canned in the army for a week. And Alice?"

"I am a school too...... I am taking a week off with mercy from under. I just wanted to talk to you a little while ago, so I'll do it tomorrow."

"Right. So now you're free from your amulet?"

"What does that mean"

I guess that means brothers and sisters, even though I still say something. The two walk in a soothing manner. And the two are still the Weisslitter men and the ladies. The Luxerio branch, for its part, was also responding not to the ranks, but to the finest.

(... are you okay?)

Alice is certainly still immature, but Rufaus is a handyman, needless to say. Whether you are going to work as an adventurer with arms trials in the future, you will be able to work satisfactorily.

Besides, this is how it goes. Think of them as known. There is also a land pattern, and even if the opponent is an adventurer, it won't be bad. And Kate, who was thinking about it, called me.

"Are you worried about something?


"No... because I've been watching bulletin boards for a long time"

I talked to Kite, he's a pretty big guy. As far as Kate looks sideways, she doesn't look bad, but makes her feel more elegant than the wild taste of what she is an adventurer. What's more, you're a melee warrior, and you have a famous sword and a two-handed sword on your lower back. Regardless, the body is pretty well trained.

Looking at the fact that the movement is also fairly sophisticated, the rank A is at least the same as the rank of the public kite. It looked like it could be rank s if it was high. Spoken to by such a man, Kite immediately came up with the best response on the spot, even as he roamed the response for only a moment.

"Oh... actually, I've been working in pairs until this time. I felt like I was about to try and weigh in a little bit. So, I was wondering what to do."

"I see... was it some good job too?

"No... I thought this or something would be good. The enemy is strong there, and the distance is close."

In a big man's inquiry, Kate decides to continue her conversation with him with the ship on the crossing. While I was looking at the bulletin board, the only time I could see Kate's face from the two of us was for a moment in and out. Therefore, I thought that if I had a conversation with him, I would be able to hide my face without being suspected by both of us.

"Hmmm... a request for a crusade for the light dragon. From hereā€¦ < > is it sufficient to use it together? Close. From what I've seen, if it's your arm, can you crusade alone?

"Oh, actually, I just got here today. So, I thought I'd give it an arm test... not stupid enough to give this guy an arm test on a boulder. Especially now it's solo."

"I see. That's prudent."

"Careful is just the right thing to do to live in our industry."

"Aren't you cowardly?

"It's not like you're not so confident in your arms as to be timid. If you become a coward in our industry, you won't be able to ask for anything you can."

To the enquiry of the big man, Kate dared to show her spare time and groaned so. And the man laughed, too, and nodded.

"I see. That does make sense... what do you say? You want to take this with me?


"I'm Laurent. Actually, I just got back here yesterday, too. Basically, I fight with someone... but I'm still used to it. I thought I'd get used to it slowly, so I came to look for one request today... if I could pair it up, this was just the right amount of salt plum."

From this mouthful, I guess this guy who named himself Laurent got used to driving yesterday and got uncomfortable. He also looked like he thought it was a boat to cross Kite.

And, taking his offer like that, Kate looked at him again. It's not like I need to move solo. If you want to move like an adventurer, sometimes it works with this kind of encounter. If we're going to discuss it, we'll see one of their faces.

"Hmm...... hmm?

"What's up?

"No... I thought you saw it somewhere..."

"Hmm... no, I don't recognize you. Well, it must have slipped during the intercontinental conference."

Laurent leans his neck surprisingly against Kite, who was getting a slight sense of ready-made vision. Besides, I decided to wonder if Kite was that kind of guy. At the time of the Intercontinental Conference, the Patriarchate and the Empire stayed in neighboring areas. Al and Rufaus, for example, are meeting there for the first time.

Then there will be no wonder that Kate and he were just as wrong. Besides, it's not good to be noticed that you work there as head of the Adventure Department, even as a kite. That's why I thought so.

"That's the place. Sorry, that's weird."

"No, I don't mind. You're right. It's a common story that this is our industry."


"So, what do you say?

"Tell me your rank before you do. You wouldn't even be able to start talking if you didn't, would you?

To Laurent's inquiry, Kate presents her Adventurer Registration Card with a laugh. Besides, Laurent also offered his own registration card. That's how it came up with the same Rank A crest as Kite's registration card. Seeing that, Laurent nodded one.

"Mutual, Rank A"

"Seems so. Half your share, all right?

"That would be good...... yeah, I'll say no for once before then, but I'm mixed... you okay?

"I'm an adventurer, and I can't care less about them."

To Kite's inquiry, Laurent smiles one bitterly and flaunts his shoulder. Well, he was on a journey now, too, and he just came back, he said. And as powerful as he is. You may even go near the border. Just like an adventurer named Rodolph, whom Sola met, he was considered one of those in the diocese who did not care about the interracial race.

"Right. Then let's keep it this way."


When Kate gets an agreement with Laurent, she pulls off the requisition. The interests are in agreement with each other. Then there would be no reason to say no. So Kate turned her back off the bulletin board with Laurent. Apparently, both Alice and Rufaus were home while we were talking. There seemed to be no problem.

"This is... Mr. Laurent. Requested again today?

"Oh, I decided to take the request with him."

"With him...?

Apparently, Laurent was a warrior known there here. The reception of the Luxerio branch - which was just the reception to which Kite responded - revealed a slight surprise when he saw Kite.

"Never mind. We need his help."

"... Yes, sir."

It was a receptionist who asked about something, but he decided not to listen to Laurent. As he tells me, we will proceed with receiving the request. It was then that they received it properly and closed the process about the compensation, leaving the Luxerio branch behind.