Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1684: Luxerion Nation - Shoulder Familiarity -

Luxerian country with many darknesses. Kite, who got in there, beside being an adventurous ministry kite invited by the Patriarchate, had begun his leap as a mere adventurer at the request of the Empire.

That was how he initially registered his location at the Luxerio branch of the Adventurers Union, where he accidentally witnesses two Rufaus and Alice who stopped by to register their location at the Luxerio branch as they returned home.

It was Kite pretending to be an adventurer confirming the request so that those two wouldn't find him, but there I can speak to an adventurer named Laurent. After a little discussion there, Kate was asked to join him on a brief request, after Luxerio.

"Speaking of which... I don't know about this, is this a lot?

The two of them rush to a place where the crusading light dragon is nesting, but Kate asks along the way. The demons that come out here are basically unchanged, but they still change slightly with the month. I don't think I will ever come to the Patriarchate in the future. If so, I thought it would help later.

"The light dragon will build a nest near the city?


"No, not really. There are dragon species here for what it's worth... basically, because each Knights is stationed. There are often no problems when it comes out. So building a nest is a rare thing in itself... but I guess I didn't get around to it this time."

"I see."

To Laurent's response, Kite nodded so much. This one hasn't changed in three hundred years, and it hasn't changed in any other country. The capital is heaviest guarded in every country.

"I can't get around to it," he said. Is something wrong?

"The Commander of the Knights of the Seal is now on vacation in the words of the Pope. They're leaving the city and returning to self-government. One of the Knights is moving slowly now. The White Knight is moving along with it... but still for that matter"

"I see..."

Hearing Laurent's words, Kite comes to bitterness slightly inside. This time, one of the Empire's investigative missions included an investigation by the < > Commander of the Knights of the Seal (Emblem) >, who did not show up in previous peace negotiations.

but if you're not there, you can't help it. I do wish I could go when it comes to going, but there is also an investigation in Luxerio. There's more to look into than just the Knights Chief's investigation. I couldn't see the value of just throwing them all away for one thing.

"Well, thanks to that, we can have this one for dinner for a while. Let's think about it."


I agree with Kate's words, Laurent laughs too. Running through a little while talking about that. I see a small forest.

"That one."

"Oh. Sometimes neighbors say they go into the woods. If a dragon breed builds a nest here, it could cause damage."

"Aye... what do we do?

"Number is two if you're making a connection. If you're in the middle of nesting... it won't be enough to kill you instantly. What about the comms?

"Made in the Empire, so I hope so"

Understanding the approximate flow, Kite presents her comms to Laurent. Besides, Laurent took out his own comms.

"Let's link it. If we find him, we'll be in touch."

"Rikai. Always check the linkable distance."


When you activate a synchronization system for a communications machine with Lulan, who agrees with Kite's opinion, you link it temporarily with Kite's communications machine with familiar arrangements. Still an adventurer. I could see the familiarity.


"Be careful."

"You too."

Laurent also returns encouragement to Kite's encouragement. Thus, once there, the two divide into separate directions into woods.


This request is from the crusading system. The target is known when it comes to known, but it is a subspecies of the dragon species. I can't be alarmed. So Kate closes her eyes once and reads the flow of signs.

"With Yuri, it would be easier..."

With his eyes closed, Kite is so blurry. She's a fairy. It is a species born and raised in the woods. Because you can hear the forest, if there are troublesome foreign objects like dragon species, you can tell me. Regardless, he can't connect with the Great Spirit, but his accuracy drops slightly. There really is a race difference.

"Hmm... is this big sign Laurent"

That's pretty strong. Once again, Kate clearly recognises Laurent's signs and grasps that he has considerable strength. There will still be more than cohort warriors, even though we suppress them because they are in the woods.

"Rufaus... Is that all there is to it? On the wall, or over the wall... and the possibility that you just haven't applied... no, maybe that's why you're back here?

As soon as he reads Laurent's signs, Kate guesses just a little of his thoughts. Although it is basically a promotion exam for adventurers that can be taken in any city, only the highest rank s are actually to be taken in certain branches. Sometimes the rank of the enemy is high, and rarely can an exam be done.

And as an adventurer, I have the rank of highest. As a result, it could only be received in branches of large cities like Maxwell and in capitals like Luxerio and the Imperial Capital. In view of his strength, that was considered the reason for his return to Luxerio.

"No, I don't care. Hmm... this is a big sign there, I guess."

After finishing Laurent's discussion, Kite reads the signs again and divides them into the woods. After all, the magnitude of the signs changes according to the state, more than the demons are also alive. So no matter how much he said, I couldn't make up my mind about this.


For a while, Kate lurks her breath and travels through the trees. That's how he got near the signs. Once there, Kate killed his breath.

(... Shit. Hassle)

Kite, who killed his breath and looked ahead from the shadows of the trees, was a werewolf demon. About C as a rank. Not weak, but never enough to have to be vigilant.

(What do we do...? Should I stop...?

For a few moments, Kate thinks about what to do with this wolf-shaped demon. People from nearby villages are also coming to the woods, he said. If so, it is where I want to keep it more than I have seen, but if the smell of blood stains it, that is the only factor that other demons may notice. Speaking of wanting to avoid anything more far-fetched than the light dragon being his opponent, I wanted to avoid it.

(... no, keep it)

In the end, it seems that Kate decided to keep this demon. Judgment criteria would still be that this demon is about rank C. It's true that from the kites, it can be described as a miscellaneous fish, but usually from adventurers, rank C is quite a strong demon.

From the ordinary people, it is no exaggeration to say that they can no longer resist. If a villager might come here, it would have been better to keep it as long as possible. Nevertheless, the situation is still the situation. He decided it would be better to stir up a hassle.

(< > Deploy Wind Wall (Window Shield) > … Maximum Density… Minimum Effect Range…)

Kite, who decides to end the wolf-shaped demon, develops a magic called < >. This is a magic trick that creates wind membranes, basically a kind of defensive magic that prevents them by distracting from projections such as arrows. By increasing this density to the extreme, Kate created a space where no smell would enter.

"Sooo... ha..."

On the branches, Kate closes her eyes once and gets her breathing ready. That's how he knits out the bow and arrow.

"< >"

Small, Kite announces a verbal verdict and releases an arrow. The arrows released from the bowstring are in a straight line like light, but without sound they cut the wind and thrust, striking straight at the wolf-shaped demon. It flashed with it, and by the time the flash had subsided, the figure of the wolf-shaped demon was nowhere.

< > is a move (skill) to wipe out without a trace if hit directly. I did my best not to be noticed, but his arm could tell me that I could afford this.


Kite exhales like a remnant when she wipes out a wolf-shaped demon with the < > Extinction Arrow. Now it is good to say that the first crisis has left. Nevertheless, I just did this for the cost of getting there. I'm not finished with the real deal yet. So he decides to read the signs of the forest again.


I wonder which one looks like that. Kate reads the signs, thinking about it. After all, when you sleep, your presence diminishes no matter how powerful the demon is. It would be easier if you were hunting with me, but I didn't think so. Regardless, if you were hunting, saying you were hungry would make you more ferocious, so it would be troublesome. I can't say enough about being generally good. And that's why I read the signs. That's why he moved toward his next target, but communications went in on the road.

"Hmm? Is that Laurent?

"Oh. You look okay."

"Oh... have you found it?

'Oh. I haven't slept... but I don't look alert. Luckily, it doesn't seem like you're hungry. "

"Right...... merge. Where?"

'Oh... I'm launching a signal bullet here. Mark it.'

"Ok...... I'm fine"

Kate, standing on the tree she was just riding, tells Laurent no, no, the trees are pulled apart and a white signal bullet launches. This is a signal bullet by sorcery, so all I see is kite.

So he goes straight for you. and where it plugged into the open space, Kate discovered a white Tenryu.

"Ever...... Laurent. I plugged it in where I opened it."

'Oh... oh, I see you too'

Laurent, who received Kite's words, uses a mirror from behind the trees to send a small signal to Kite with a reflection. Apparently, he's in the exact opposite place of Kate around where he opened it.

"What do we do?

"I'm not looking alert... but what's the breeding season for this Tenryu?

'Fortunately, this is not the breeding season. There doesn't seem to be any sign that we're still making a connection. Lucky for you, I guess. Not impatient'

"You're lucky."

As animals do, the demons plugged into the breeding season become quite alert. Then it was troublesome, but apparently I didn't have to worry about it.

"Let's finish it all at once. I don't care if they fly badly."

'Right... sure the weapon was a knife, huh?

"Oh. That was a two-handed sword."

Laurent and Kite will have their last meeting. As it stands, both are coming to get used to the shoulders. A thoughtful meeting was a must.


"Oh... can you use magic?

"I can use it. If I can get some time, I can use restraint."

"Can you ask? I'm in pure proximity. I'm confident in my aggression... but I can't help it."

'Okay. Do it in one breath.'


When they decide what to do quickly, they both nod and get their consent once. So, a few moments. Laurent popped out after he was ready for sorcery.

"< < Roses Cage > >!"

The magic formations appear as Laurent speaks or no, surrounding the Tenryu. Then stretched out of his magic formation a lion resembling a crimson tsubo, and restrained Tenryu to a goose claw. It was a form of restraint magic commonly used in the Patriarchate, and Kite also looked familiar.

"Kite, go!


Following Laurent's instructions, Kate jumps out of the shadow of a hidden tree and kicks the ground. That's how it fleshes into a light dragon in a straight line. but on that road, Kowloon only moved his face in agony to release < >.



Laurent apologizes to Kite for avoiding < > with one tongue punch to further expand the scope of the < > effect. That's how the light dragon was completely covered in crimson tsu. Seeing that, Kate kicked the ground again.


Reaching one step ahead of the light dragon, Kite closes her eyes there and breathes once. Thus, when he opened his eyes, he unleashed the slaughter of his abode and turned off the light dragon at once.