Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1685: Luxerion Nation - Two Kites

Adventure Department Alliance Master Kite and Kite, a one-time adventurer. Using these two identities separately, Kate begins her action in the Luxerian nation.

That's how Kate, who was using her marginal time until her meeting with Pope Yunal to act as a one-time adventurer, had taken on the Tenryu crusade task of nesting in the nearby woods with an adventurer named Laurent who had just happened to be back in Luxerio.


Kite, who truncated Tenryu into a single knife, exhales there for a moment. I didn't mean to struggle particularly, but I would have fought as usual.

"Brilliant arm. Have you ever been in Nakatsu?

"That's where I originally came from. After that, I moved with the Empire, the Demonic Territory, and Urca, and was called by Puri's sister, and it felt like an empire again. And now I'm back in Urca again."

You've been traveling all over the country for a long time.

Laurent slightly draws her cheeks to Kate's told background. It's Kate's word that she looks a lot younger, and her age doesn't change that much. Yet when it came to being very rare to be traveling so far across so many countries, I could say it was rare.

"The size of the Alliance is huge. It's not Dada's biggest guild. Most big cities have branches. I don't have trouble sleeping."

"I see..."

Originally < > is famous as Enefia's largest guild. Although there are no branches in the Patriarchate on boulders, there are branches in many cities. It is particularly common in the continent of Enesia, where < > Alliance members may have accommodation owned by branches or partner accommodation. It was only at this magnitude that we could cross this path.

"Still, you're strong enough, too. I also found it extraordinarily early this time..."

"I've only been here a long time. Born and raised in the Patriarchate. If you're playing warrior in it and you're swinging around, this is what happens. That forest is where I've been used to it since I was a rookie. It was approximated where to build a nest."

"I see... wouldn't that arm be close to rank s too?

"I don't know. I can also say I came back to try it out. It's the last wall. Never, not low."

Apparently, Laurent's thoughts were exactly what Kate imagined. The wall called Rank S is never, not low. He's a handful of fierce adventurers out of tens of thousands. Even though it seems like Kite is getting along a lot easier because of Kite, it's not really such an easy area.

"Sure... many people are dying trying the last wall. Maybe this is just as cowardly as it gets."


Rank S demons are still full of fiends. That's why the Rank S Adventurers are challenged by more than one person, and there are countless demons that don't seem to rival each other. Besides, you have to try it alone. Regardless, I'm not going to challenge the chemicals so far, and I can't let them. But there is no difference in rank s by the bend. The exam will have to be done. Danger is dangerous. Careful attention needed to be paid. And the two of us discussed that, but we couldn't just stand outside the city at all times.

"Do you want to leave? I stripped away the material."


Get the "Dragon Ball" of the Light Dragon that will prove the stripping and crusading of the material while we have a conversation, and the two will nod one at a time. Crusade proof is basic, bringing back some of these things. It is a mechanism whereby rewards are paid accordingly.

It should be noted that what if the crusade target is completely extinguished was a mechanism whereby Union investigators would later head to the investigation and a prize would be paid at a later date. So the two of them returning to Luxerio with the core in one hand first submit the core to the reception that will prove it.

"Welcome back, Lady Laurent. You're on the same page."

"No... this time this guy gave me a hand, so I got cleaned up early"

"Ha... Ah, both of you, good luck. This completes the request. Please check that the bounty has been transferred to the designated account as requested in advance."

Again, the wind was tough about Kite, but the wind seems to be good against Laurent. If you ask on the road, Laurent says he has a long track record there in Luxerio.

He said he was in martial arts training this time against the rank s wall. I'm guessing that Kite was also slightly reviewed for making the request along with it. He was giving me the words of Negiri. And that's why the request was completed.

"So, what do we do now?

"I'm going back to the inn for a moment. Well, it's still a little distorted on the journey. I'm going to make some adjustments for you."

"Right. I thought it was quite a blow..."

"Not bad, but not good either. I want to adjust my senses a little bit."

In response to Laurent's praise, Kate waves behind her back to follow the scene. In that way, he was now to be replaced by a demon of use, preparing for a meeting with Pope Yunal.

Time had progressed and Kate had finished her activities as an Adventure Department kite. He sighs one thing like that, as well as finishing all the activities of the day.


Kate flaunts the light dragon scales with her fingertips like a basketball. We decided to halve the light dragon material we collected with Laurent and Kite. Neither of them were interested in special materials because of shoulder habit this time, so this seems good. and the cherry blossoms were interested in the scale of the light dragon, which thus reflected light on the rainbow.

"What is it, that?

"It's a light dragon scale. Isn't it beautiful?

"Yes... it's kind of like a mirror"

Cherry blossoms express that sentiment as they look at Kite turning the light dragon scales as she twirls. Kite laughed at her thoughts like that, too.

"Well... a demon named Kowloon basically doesn't work well with attacking magic. Armor with a lot of high-altitude light dragon scales is worth more than even high-altitude adventurers can handle."

"Heh... so why don't we use that?

"No, there's no such amount of boulder. I was with some other adventurers this time."

This time, Kite has taught Sakura and other upper management that there are other things to do with the demon. So I understood that cherry blossoms are there too.

"Right...... this amount would be about shield even if I could make it at best. Nevertheless, whether it can still be done…"

"So what do you do?

"Right...... Actually, the light dragon scales are also used for artwork. You see, I bought a pigeon in Nakatsu, remember?

"The yellow one, is it?


Kate nodded clearly to confirm the cherry blossoms. Needless to say, Nakatsu Kuniku was on that vacation when he was reunited with Kusu and the others. At that time, Kate was buying a gift for her using a solo demon.

Regardless, she is not the only one who has bought the pieces for Rui Tree and Meizi. Naturally, considering each individual's hair color, eyes, etc. It was the same mame.

"That part of the jaw. It's actually made of this light dragon scale."


"Oh... Actually, that could also be used as a protective gear, huh?

Kind of a joke, Kate tells the cherry blossoms how surprised she is. Most of the things he sent seemed to be excellent as a work of art but actually secretly practical. So just in case you can protect yourself.

Well, that's why they actually put up quite a bit of value. Even so, he is one of the leading aristocrats in Enefia. If it were my own, I would not have cared so much about presents for them.

"With the feeling of cleaving magic, swing that one. We need the scale and the habit of witchcraft, but we can handle it."

"But your value as a work of art is about to drop."

"So you didn't tell me, did you?


Sure. Cherry blossoms laughed and nodded at Kate's words as well. He is there so that we do not need this kind of thing.

"That's a horn too... I got it in that relationship this time. I got it by accident, so what to do is troublesome. Do you think about using it later, as appropriate?"

I don't care about this stuff on the rabbit or on the corner. I was simply playing with it by turning it around because it was shabby. So he asked Tina as he tilted the amber liquid.

"Tina. So what happened to the meeting?

"Though. Not exactly as I let Tsubaki put it together for now... hmm. I thought so when I saw it before, but it's still big. I also know very well that the Big Lady worked. That could be better than the rest of the lab if you do it badly."

"Instead, modern civilization is somewhat more technologically degraded than it was during the Mars Empire."

"Well, that's true."

Tina laughs at Kate's point. World War involving all of Enefia three hundred years ago and the Great War with the collapse of the Mars Empire. As a result of these two, the civilization of this continent has fallen slightly from the time of the Mars Empire.

You can tell that by looking at the fireflies. They are no longer auto parts in modern times. Many other objects cannot be made in modern times, or even if they can be made, their cost-effectiveness is worse.

It was an act where we could see for sure how awesome Tina was to be compared to or partly outnumbered. And that's what the lights tell her that she was offering kite's supper.

"With that said, I've never seen Tina's lab."

"Well, the rest of the institute is from the demonic realm. The basement of the Duke's mansion is more of a laboratory than an institute..."

"Are you amazing after all?

"What do you think? The rest will only be improved to make it easier to use. Other people's laboratories are still difficult to use..."

"Uh... I don't know. I knew my room was the easiest to use."

What Tina was saying was especially true. They found that out as a researcher even in the lights. He was snorting. but against those two, kite narrows her eyes.


"What, those complaining eyes?"


Against Tina pointing her mouth, Kate looks at the two silently with her jitsy eyes as usual. So, Kate told me.

"What makes your room the easiest to use, both of you? Especially in the light."

"Hey, what's up? You didn't say the wrong thing."

"That's what the guy who comes to the people's room and scatters all he wants!

"Your room is mine. My room is my room."

"Where's Ganda-kun?!?

To the joking words in the lights, Kite roughs up her voice. Well, aside from that, these two are habitual offenders who even use people's rooms like their own. Even though I still say it's Kite's room, I'm immersed. He is a teacher at the bend. It would be suspicious at this point. And against such a kite, cherry blossoms went into arbitration.

"As it is, well... yes, we also have a proper and serious conversation for once..."

"Uh, Sakura, good boy, good boy."

"Ah, that lamp... I'd rather you didn't hug me to the boulder..."


He looks like the cherry blossoms are going to illuminate in the lamp where he hugs and caresses his head with a wasp. Seeing those two, Kate dropped her shoulder. I thought it would be useless to say so. They think of it all the time, but they think of it all the time.

"Ha... uh... stop... so, Tina. In the end, what's the conclusion?

"In the meantime, I have to access the database... because it's the most heavily guarded laboratory in the Mars Empire. They don't have access to the highest level of research data. We should start by working with your analysis."

"I see... sure, that's the top priority"

Talking in the first place, it seems that the Mars Empire at the end had fairly strict classification and information management. Therefore, when it comes to the highest level of information, it cannot be accessed without the permission of the Emperor of the End - it seems that the successive betrayals of the Sisters of Justizia Justiel and other bellies, who were the chief, have been tightened up - it seems that the mechanism was in place, and only about the fireflies who can represent them can access it.

And having that golem is either kite or ixphos in modern times. It was said that no matter how much we scratched in the Patriarchate, we could only hack into the tunnel and analyze it. Regardless, the opponent is a few steps ahead of modern times. They also say that the analysis will not proceed as late.

"Okay. Tina. Again, you're okay with the firefly shield, aren't you?

"Whatever. That kid's control system can't be said to be pure Mars Empire stuff right now. It may be said that the majority of the core units are moved to the Demon Stone side. It can no longer be described as an independent system. It's not just a golem made by the Mars Empire."

"Without OS, how good a spa is just a scrap of iron"

"That's not what this is about. You can't manipulate the core system. So you can't manipulate fireflies. Regardless, it is still equipped with several self-checking functions in case, and it also has a shield. So now we're checking the system."

Tina nodded at Kate's words, peeking at the fireflies closing her eyes in a corner of the room. In preparation for the investigation from tomorrow, Tina was right about self-checking.

"Really... well, it will take the form of a refrain on my side, but what should I be aware of?

"None. If anything happens, report it to me. The newspaperman is important."


As a matter of course, Kite decides to flush it properly. On the boulder. He is also a duke. To this extent, I was curious and understanding. So, for a while now, we were going to have a serious conversation, and then we were going to take our time and get some rest in preparation for tomorrow's investigation.