Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1696: Luxerion Nation - Rescue Mission -

Kite began investigating the central laboratories of the Mars Empire in the Luxerion Church. He understands that the Church is malicious to itself or that there is some kind of malicious presence intervening in the case of the Central Institute. Launched for the investigation, he starts acting as an adventurer prepared for the disguise.

In the meantime, as part of his appearance as an adventurer, he learns that Alice was attacked with demons along with students in a school called the Episcopal School. And I heard such a story at the Luxerio branch of the Union, but at the same time I was concerned about one of the receptionists, and I was supposed to conduct your investigation.

"Well... can we do something about Sonya for now..."

As for Sonya's investigation, this will work out. When Kate finished her consultation with Tina, she sat back in the chair and nodded one. He's still an A-class psychic. I'm also curious. That said, I don't know if you know the worst about this, but it's good. Of course, if you understand, then you need to move with it.

(If she belongs to a secret service agency in the former ecclesiastical country... don't worry about why she quit. If I didn't quit but was forced to quit, I'm still concerned about the reason)

He's a class A psychic. Kite knows exactly how precious it is. Even a rare de-psychologist is a gift. I don't think I can quit.

If so, it is likely that he was forced to quit. Then what happened there? If so, there might have been darkness in the Patriarchate.

(I don't know what to do... when it comes to really spouting, there is...)

I don't really want to dictate women at work. Kate groans so small, she sighs. He says it himself, but he doesn't hold a woman he doesn't even like. He can't go to a brothel. Instead of not functioning as a man, there is later a great deal of load on the spirit. I don't hold it.

Sure, this time I have to do it if necessary because it's my job as a spy, but his essential position is the nobility of the Empire. It's also a great nobleman. In view of the fact that it may take the waveform of magic, it is difficult to say that it is a good hand.

(If you hold it... kill it in view of the cover-up of the information or take it home... but hold it in the first place... no way)

What Kate remembers is Sonya's eyes looking at herself. Oh, my eyes haven't been made here in a long time, so it's been a long time since I've had a sadistic - not abusive - pain.

(Well, is that good? But Hmmm...... I hope so)

For a moment, Kite peeks into Lord McDawell's face as Kite. Needless to say, I don't want you to be a woman. I want you to be human resources. As a nobleman, he loves talent. There is also the size of the territory, and no matter how many people there are, there is never enough talent.

It qualifies as one of the most rare and valuable talents of all. As things stand, even the McDawell family, who are said to be highly talented, have enough A-level psychics with their fingers on both hands - the two inside are Kate and Charlotte. Sonya with it was on a good level for him to bow his head straight away, wanting him to come.

(... I can't help it. Will you be involved in Sonya for a while? I would like to go to many different places if I could... can I do more than not have manpower)

Though accidental, they are opponents that may lead to the darkness of the Patriarchate. There's no reason not to look into this. Then you'll have to stay engaged with Sonya for a while. As such, Kite decided to stand up and head to the meeting place of the adventurers who were rescuing Alice and the students of the Episcopal School.

Episcopal school attended by Alice and once by Rufaus. You may understand this, but it's an abbreviation. The official name is the Knights School attached to the Cathedral Church, a school run directly by the Cathedral Church. It is also the oldest school in the diocese and the righteous school of origin that has existed since the time of the Mars Empire.

It is basically a cavalier school, so it raises knights like Alice and Rufaus, but now it also raises monks. Well, if I told you, it would mean a school to train church gatekeepers. So the name is the knight school, but now they called it the school.


To rescue such a school, Kate had come to the meeting point of the Union's rescue unit when she was ready to leave. There were several other adventurers there besides him - apparently gathered besides what was said - among whom was Sonya mixed up.

"Heh... you're so cute"


"Oh, the eye that sees garbage"

Sonya looks down at Kite with a trashy eye against Kite with an honest compliment. It was such a sonya, but it's still not a uniform as a union clerk because of the battle. It looks like a monk somewhere.

If you dare, monastic clothes for combat. It combines ease of movement with chastity as a nun. It was a common battle suit for monks in the Patriarchate.



"Whoa. You're an occupational disease, huh? Perhaps."

Kate laughs and doesn't stop observing her against Sonya, who has eyes further below freezing. What I want now is information about her. Whether it was her contempt or her contempt, Kate wasn't going to stop observing her.

(Hmm... the material... dude. Are you braiding sanctified magic silver? Besides, this realm... isn't it holy relic class? Whether you belong to the Secret Service or not, it's something you rarely see... is it real?

Seeing Sonya's gear, Kite opened her eyes, albeit slightly. And such a voice echoed behind his brain.

"It's real. It smells slight but I know it. Maybe he's misappropriating some of the saintly relics of each saint."

"Holy relics, after all"

Holy Relics. It's about the remains and relics of great men and saints that once existed, just like Earth. If it is Luxerio, objects that use sacred relics are rare and cannot be obtained by outside humans first. and Exhia's voice continues against Kite, who thus seeped a slight vigilance. However, the voice seeped seriousness.

'... just'


'... her. This seems to have a strong sealing role. Maybe this child... is innate and endowed with some power. That's pretty strong, too. "


I see. Then it may come as no surprise that you still hold equipment using the sacred relics after you go outside. We can manage the exchange between the Union and the Patriarchate, and given Sonya's membership in the rescue force as we do now, there's nothing we don't know.

In Enefia, there are special skills that individuals possess. Therefore, when ex-soldiers and ex-employees quit, they were spared their talents and asked to cooperate regularly with weapons and tools in consideration. Considered one of her.

(Grade A of the Dementor...... is there anything possible)

In the first place, the very talent of a demineralist is a very rare talent. You either have some cause or effect of death like Kate, or you need a special eye that sees a soul called < > like Sonya.

(... Let's raise the strength of the mental defense wall a little)

Maybe. Kate considers certain concerns that have surfaced behind her brain, further increasing the strength of the wall she is planting on her inner surface. Very rarely, but those with something congenital, like Sonya, are equipped with certain special powers. Given Sonya's character, I thought it might be possible.

And, kite thought about it, but contrary to the inside, the face will start talking about work while still appearing deceitful.

"So? How many more?

"I'm alone later. As a moving leg, accompanied by a dragon knight. Wait for him, we're leaving."

"Can we go on our own feet? I'm more confident than a dragon."

"Then feel free. I just need a dragon. We need supplies at the rescue. You should know that."


Are you saying there are injuries out there? Well, naturally. Kate sees it as inevitable and understands that the Dragon Knight has more to do with it than with moving around. and, on the other hand, Sonya's side had gained slight vigilance against Kite.

(this man...... understands I can go)

In fact, if it's Sonya, he has as much strength as he can expedite with the kites as he can as a rescue unit. but she's the only one who knows that. Much of the familiarity is painful or bitter to Sonya's companion. Foot clumps. That's what I was judging. Those who do not are not trying to relate to themselves. but kite was different from either of them. Enough reason to be vigilant.

"... Sonya"

"... what is it?

"Don't look so disgusting. We're talking about work... psychic medium?


Sonya's face distorts against Kite, who looked serious and inquired.

"... so what?

"No? Says it's compatible. I'm a psychic, too."


So? Sonya understands why Kate is aware of herself. Although de-psychics are rare, some adventurers are de-psychics. The ratio would be higher than that of a soldier.

And often such people use a magician or a knife. Because by its very nature the knife is also very good as a psychic medium. Knowing such a thing, she inquires with a grin that seeps through the emotions to be described as mockery and giving up, even slight hatred, to Kite.

"No way, you want me to hold you?

"No way... I don't think so. If I tell you to hold me, will you let me hold you?

"... you're a geez"

"Thank you."

Sonya responds to Kate's words with a slightly softer look, albeit in a tone that looks down on her heart. Needless to say again, this is a joke. She figured that out, too. To her like that, Kate turns her back.

"Fit me in. If you're going to be a psychic, drink my blood later. That's enough."

"... I don't want to starve or drink your blood, and I can't give you my blood if you die metaphorically... this is also my job. Okay."

To Kate's words, Sonya nodded one thing. Spiritual media is like reading and writing. As a kite, I only inquired by inquiry, but apparently the guidance Sonya has a powerful spiritual medium. And that's how I ended one story, when the heavily armed knight came.

"We're late."

"I've been waiting for you"

"Yes...... OK, come here"

Apparently, the Dragon Knights belong to the < >, not the Adventurers. As you can see, the shield and armor were stamped with the < > crest.

Well, it also involves the children of the Weisslitters. I wouldn't move in position, but I should have enough people to be a little impotent. If so, I guess one platoon of dragon knights can handle it.

"We're in the military about loading supplies. Everybody, hurry up."


With the words of the Dragon Knight, Kate decides to follow him to the place where Tenryu will wait. That's an area of military jurisdiction near Luxerio. There, harnesses were fitted to several large tenrylons, and large containers were crosslinked.


It is the ecclesiastical school that is damaged, even though its personnel cannot be broken, because it still involves its own children. In view of that, it is not surprising that, indeed, only one person, if well thought out. I guess some dragon knights will accompany you because there is only one coming.

"Guys, come here! As soon as you get on board, you'll be in the arrangement! We don't have time to leave anymore!

A soldier from the army who was transporting supplies, etc. raises his voice as he opens the hatch at the entrance and exit for the transport of personnel for the kites.

"Lie down."

"... can't you sit quietly?"

"I'm trying to ease your nerves."


Sonya sighed at Kite, who showed her how she was still confused. As far as the seating order is concerned, she's the deepest, and Kate is next to her. In that way, while doing that, other faces get in and the hatch closes.

"I'm leaving! Be careful because it rocks!

One of the dragon knights outside conveys to the kites. And shortly afterwards, a great shake struck him, and Tenryu and the others took him to the cathedral school to rescue him.