Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1697: Luxerion Nation - Two Spiritualists -

Episcopal schools held by the Cathedral Church of the State of Luxerion. In the wake of a demon attack that occurred during the field exercise, Kite was supposed to undertake the rescue mission on behalf of the < > White Knights (Weisslitter) >, who could not move in one of the Central Laboratories cases.


During the time leading up to the rescue of the Episcopal School, Kite felt a slightly strange air. Dare I say, it's avoided. That's the way it is. Nevertheless, it felt more like Sonya was being avoided than Kate was being avoided.

'... hey'


I don't know, this weird feeling. It was Kite who was blurring out of time thinking about it, but he leaned his neck toward a suddenly sounding reading. I was aware of the presence of those who were vigilant by stretching out their magic threads, but I didn't even dare to show them what I was aware of, so I left them alone. but the conversation was connected via the magic thread.

'... you, you know who the woman next to you is?

"Sonya, isn't it? of the Union's receptionist. '

If anyone asks, Sonya is Sonya. All I can say is a Union receptionist. So Kite answered as he was, but this adventurer spoke a little pity for it.

"... you, you don't know anything"

'Unfortunately, I just got here a few days ago. Sonya can only be seen as a pretty girl. "

'... that's just what it looks like. The Woman Seriously Sucks'

Although I don't know who it is, there was a slight seep of fright and fear in this adventurer's voice.

'I was listening to your conversation earlier... but you heard it was psychic?

"Oh. Is that it?

'Then you know it too. I can read other people's thoughts about the Demon Woman.

"Oh, I knew it?


I knew about that. This adventurer was unexpectedly stunned by Kite's response, which he just said. Regardless, this witch is not about the witch clan. A witch as an abomination.

'There's nothing to be afraid of. Me and the Dementor. Well, that's within our expectations, and we're dealing with it.'

'Don't look sweet... no, shouldn't I say this any more? Do as you please. I don't know if I regret it later. "

This stuff is just plain blame. All I can say is that I just showed my old age and taught him because he doesn't seem to know anything. Still, if it meant engaging Sonya, it wasn't what he found out anymore.

"Oh man..."

This is going to have tremendous power inside. Kate glances sideways at Sonya, slightly flaunting her shoulders. Nevertheless, that gave me a little interest. So much so that it rings as a prestige around. How strong is that? I wanted to know. So Kite decides to just play a little bit.


I wonder how I'll play. Kate worries a little and thinks about how to play in Sonya.

(Hmmm...... oh yeah)

Apparently something came to mind. Kite grins for fun. That's how I thought of Sonya herself. However, the figure is a very small underwear with a cloth area. I further tried to make him pose as a fan. Besides, she would never float to a man with a charming face.

Surprise. Sonya jumps slightly like that if you dare to make a phonetic sound. To such an abrupt appearance, Kate inquired as she looked really surprised.

"Hmm? What's up?

"Yes, no... there was just a bug"

Here we go. That's what Sonya tells me, with her face bright blue and goosebumps, as she distances herself from Kate. Apparently, he wants to hide the power to read his mind. To her like that. Kate turns away a little and just chuckles a little. As she thus plays in Sonya in further delusions, Kate speculates on her prowess.

(I see. Is it superior as a psychic medium? pitiful)

Perhaps the reason for this character stems from it. Sometimes even the thoughts of the living can be read by beings who have become extremes as spiritual media. I might say a one off generation version of the power of the Shannas' clan.

She must have been born to read people's desires. Besides, it looks like this. It was possible that men's desires, etc. had been seen by Moro. If that were the case, it would not have been impossible to have such a personality.

(I'll entertain you with that.)

It's just a toy. It is only to be fully entertained. Even so, it is kite. In fact, there were other obvious intentions for this as well. And then, after a while, Sonya notices.


Could this man. Sonya was being shown whether or not she painted herself on a man's desire, but there she noticed as well. but what I got there is troubling. If so, this is the right decision to make. but if it is a mistake, you may just be afraid of yourself.


What you don't like is treating yourself like a crazy bitch. Sonya was getting frustrated with it. Therefore she decides.

"Pervert...... Guess. Outside roads. Lorico...... Tsuru Petamania '

(You said it! I caught it!

Seeing Sonya, who was moving in her own delusions, suddenly spit out the same jitty eyes and poison as her outside girlfriend, Kate makes a gutsy pose inside. And I guess I read his thoughts like that. Sonya stepped up the pressure on her jitsu eyes.


Sonya, who moves behind his brain in an attempt to strengthen the pressure of his jitty eyes, is as lustrous as ever. Kite therefore enjoys herself. So Sonya finally realized that Kate had made her take this look after she had figured it all out.

(... what do you mean)

(No? I was just measuring my strength, huh? We're going to fight now. If you know how powerful your allies are, you can't talk about it.)


So, you look like this. Sonya in paranoia aligns herself with Sonya in reality and turns an absolute zero eye toward Kate. Besides, Kate dares to smile with an abusive grin.

(Than that, that's good. It's really glossy. Nothing's gonna be a problem in here, okay? This place is in my delusions.)


(Hahaha! You didn't notice? You're really strong... but I have control in this, don't I? You're just contacting my soul with my delusions on the medium... I mean)

In other words. Sonya freaks out and frightens, understanding what lies ahead of Kate's words. And to her like that, Kate dared to tell her. Whatever it is, it's a slightly different word from her assumptions.

Is that why you want me to hold you? I'll be nice to you, okay?

(I refuse!

(Oh, I got away)

Kate laughs joyfully at Sonya, who escaped like a shedding in her own delusions. Apparently Sonya also knew that if she had simply disconnected, she would only be tainted by herself in paranoia.

It should be noted that, in fact, the actual girlfriend herself had to defend herself, but she had not been able to think that far. For a while, Kate decided to kill her spare time while playing in Sonya.

Now, Kite, who was swallowed by the container while playing in Sonya, will also come to an end where the battle is approaching.

'Gentlemen! We will arrive soon! Thank you for your time!

"Oops...... almost"

Apparently, he can't even just hang out in Sonya. That's how he understands it. Kate disappears from Sonya, who was having fun chasing after him in paranoia. That's how he took the little knife out of his nose.

"Huh... Sonya"

"... Yes"

Sonya licks Kate's finger, which she slits through the skin on her index fingertips and drips blood, leaving her slightly reddish lip. That's how she licked Kite's blood sticking to her mouth with her tongue. When she received the knife from Kite, she mutilated her own fingertips with a hand she was used to.


Sonya gave Kite her index finger, which was slightly ridden with a ball of blood. Taking it, Kate licked the ball of blood off her fingertips.


Kate nodded one, temporarily fully aware of her spiritual connection to Sonya. And, that's what one of the adventurers asks him.

"Hey. You, the weapon is a knife?

"You'll see when you see it, won't you?

"Well, yes... I'd like to keep my line"

"Each individual would do well to fight. Sonya. I ask you one thing, have you ever been in action?

Kite, who gently flushed the adventurer's inquiry, asks Sonya. Besides, she nodded one thing.

"It's possible. I also have military service experience... you know."

"Well... then you stay here and wait. I need your help."


From the side I said it was possible, stay back. There's no point in Sonya opening her eyes. but kite was never particularly concerned about this.

"All I wanted to hear was that I simply didn't want to be confused or frightened in battle. Nothing is going to be a problem with an enemy of this magnitude. That's enough if you support me from behind, and you're not a frontline soldier in the first place."

Turn off the deception and Kate just pales out the facts with a face for work. Her clothes are indeed monastic clothes ready for battle, but still hard to say for soldiers on the front line. Clothes for those who provide rear support. I don't need you to come out on the front.

"I use Sonya, but what's the problem?

"I'm not."

"I don't have a problem, either."

The adventurers will make it clear that there are no objections to Kite's inquiry. Apparently, most other people than him are afraid of Sonya. I agreed to let Kate support me thoroughly. On the contrary, even Kite, who was plainly exchanging a cup of blood with her - about an earlier act - had an eye for creepy objects.

"Aurai. Okay, so."

It's convenient. Apart from de-psychologists, those with psychic media are also called psychic media. And even in this psychic medium, which is as high as Sonya's, we can talk by connecting the spiritual bodies as we did earlier.

This is another thing from reading. Although the principle has not yet been elucidated, it was therefore a very useful technique that detection was impossible. And it was Kite who was shuddered at such a thing, but there the dragon knight outside raised his voice.

'I see it! I'll open the hatch! Please be careful!

come on. Make that noise, the hatch opens, and the outside air enters. And the hatch opened so I could see the outside.

"Oh, oh, here we go again"


Kite laughs at the crowd of overflowing skeletal demons. Meanwhile, Sonya was staring at her face.

"Have you been guessed?

"... no problem"

"... right"

He's been treated pretty, terribly. Some of Sonya's expressions hid her accustom in spiciness. At the same time that Kate understood it, he also had trouble with his own insides.

(That's troublesome, this nature...)

I want to save you more than I've seen. Kate smiles slightly at her inevitable business. Nevertheless, that is not something to think about right now. Therefore, he decides to concentrate on the herd of demons he sees under his eyes.

"Phew...... go first"

"Oh, hey!

"Good here!

That's what Kate says. No, he really kicks the ground and falls to the ground. The voice was called because it was still a little far away. but good here. I was going to assault him from behind.


Kite calms her mind quietly as she freely falls for a few moments.

(There are many enemies. but this one has a handbill for every blow and kill)

The current kite is supported by Sonya. Her powers are a special attack on undead demons. You don't have to help Charlotte to fight effectively. Then you just need to take advantage of your own flavors to reduce the number of enemies at once. As such, he decided to land and cut into the enemy formation at once.