Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1699: Luxerion Nation - Rescue

The Cathedral Church, the heart of the Luxerian State. In the wake of a demonic raid that took place in the field exercise of a school called the Episcopal School run by that church, Kate was embarking on that rescue with the adventurers of the Luxerio branch.

and during that mission he got a few questions and was using and crusading a special bullet made by Tina for a zombie-shaped demon manipulating a bunch of demons. So then a little. Although most skeleton-shaped demons disappeared with the disappearance of the head of the flock, he was still finishing crusading the remaining skeleton-shaped demons.

"Phew... this is it all"

"Hey, kite! Are you okay!?

"Oh! This one's fine! What about you?

To the inquiry of one of the adventurers who was on this assignment, Kate returns her voice with a naked sword. Plus, this adventurer snorted.

"Oh! This one's all over! Thanks to you, boss of the herd, for knocking me out, it's over fast!

"Right! Are the students hurt?

"I hear there's a little bit of damage out there! Hey, can I borrow your hand!?


If Alice is still here as Kite, I'd like to make sure she's in good shape. So this adventurer's offer is for a boat to cross. Therefore, Kite decides to head to the students' base upon offer.

"Are you..."

"I'm an adventurer, too"

"Oh, thank you"

Teachers and thinkers bow their heads to Kite, who presents the adventurer's registration card. That's what Kate asked her.

"How is your student doing?

"Fortunately, Mr. Weisslitter was accompanying us... so much damage"

"Weisslitter...... is it Genius Rufaus?

"No, it's his sister. He has already graduated from our school... so I was supposed to be on vacation, but I'm glad he came for a field exercise."

The name of Rufaus is known to other countries. Therefore, in response to Kite's inquiry, the teacher makes it clear that she is Alice and her sister. Apparently, Alice is still here. Kate understood it and asked again.

"What about that girlfriend?

"I'm safe. Even so, I am slightly injured..."

"Who's in shape?

"I'm in treatment. but not so worried..."

"I have some advanced restorative drugs I got on my trip. A few others. It should be much better than what the army has prepared. Depends on the salt plum of the injury...... shall we use that?

"Is it true!?

A teacher opened his eyes to Kite's offer. If possible, I want to make sure Alice is safe immediately. Fortunately, it's an eyelid to what it is now. It was not considered as problematic as if it had been seen. That's why Kate was led to Alice by a teacher.

"Thank you. Okay, come here."


Guided by the teacher, Kate walks in the stronghold for a while. Essentially, the teachers were treating the injuries of the students, but it appeared that some of the students specialize in healing and that they are also working mainly. I guess it's still an organization close to military schools from its inception. He seemed to have decent control. Walking through it, Kite is led to a tent near the center.

"This way...... Mr. Weisslitter"

"Ah, Doctor."

It was definitely Alice who was in the tent. I don't know what happened to Kite, but it looks like she was in this field exercise. Such was how she was untied of her armor and being treated in her underwear. Besides, Kate turned her back in a hurry.

"Oh, bad!

"Huh? Ah, hey!

Alice rushes to hide her own chest against Kite, who turned her back. Besides, the teacher's side also panicked and lowered his head when he realized that Alice was half naked.

"Ah... oh, I'm sorry. I didn't think you were taking it off..."

"Uh... Doctor. What about you?

"I brought you some healing pills."

"Take this."

To the teacher's words, Kate offered him the recovery pills he had in his back hand. It should be noted that the teacher was plainly passing the kite because the female knights are basically gathered in the same female knights and nuns, so they often go in and out even during dressing. He accidentally lost track of being a man and let it go. Therefore, such a teacher received the recovery medication offered by Kate, who turned her back, and handed it to Alice.

"Ah...... thank you"

"Stay in McDawell territory until then. It's superior. For a moment, but from what I can see, this will heal all injuries well enough."

"Is that good?

"Am I to assume you are a credit for this one? Then I don't mind."

"Thank you"

To Alice's inquiry, Kate shows only goodwill. Even so, it was about Alice and the students who were treating her who received this honestly. After all, the teachers knew exactly what was behind it.

Again, Alice is the courtier of the famous house Weisslitter. By selling grace in this way, you will have a good impression on the part of the Patriarchate. If so, it will lead to the next request. I was going to. Whatever it is, Kate is worried about Alice's injury.


After a slight rubbing sound, Alice's distressed voice was heard lower. The sound of the clothes rubbing was the sound of the bra being removed, and the distressed voice would have caused her to hang a healing pill on the injury. and soon afterwards there was the voice of a student who was doing handouts on the side.

"Yes, sister. Towels."


"Yeah. Well, I'll get you some clothes."


Heh, was that your sister lying next to you earlier? Kate thinks that as she listens to the conversation between the two of them on her back. A little while later, I heard the clothes rubbing again, and Alice's voice sounded.

"It's okay now."


"Is that...? Kite......?


I guess it's still because we've been face-to-face almost every day for months. Alice intuitively seemed to think it was kite. Originally she looked good. I guess that's what I thought when I turned around. but naturally as kite, there's no way to reveal that. So he looked sincerely surprised and asked.

"Sure, I'm Kite... but I'm sure I've never met the Weisslitter family warrant before. This is also the first time I have come to the Patriarchate. I never heard you were in McDawell territory..."

"Huh? Oh, excuse me... because I looked like someone I knew..."

"Oh... maybe they're even numbing?

"Yes, no! No!"

Alice dyes her face bright red and shakes her head at the words of Kate, who laughed a little and joked and told her. Indeed, resembling someone you know is too clichéd and known for oral complaints. I can't help it if they take it that way. So she told me she couldn't wait to get such a misunderstanding.

"Actually, I was in McDawell territory of the Empire on a mission until this time... The adventurer who took care of me there followed me. During this time, I was blindfolded by injuries, and the atmosphere was similar, so I followed..."

"Heh... Was that a handsome guy who wanted to see me?

"Yes... uh, no... ah, no. I'm not lying that you looked good..."

"" Huh?

Both Kate and her sister next to her unwittingly round their eyes in response to Alice wandering over the question she asked as only part of a joke - some to make a difference in character.

Kite goes without saying, because I didn't envisage such a reaction. He also had trouble reacting when he was told that he looked good towards the face of the boulder. Though, this is him. Drinking down the upset in an instant, he nodded with a laugh at the same tone as he was showing Sonya.

"Right. Then there's no choice."

"Shh, excuse me..."

It would still be because of the overlap of my own faults. Alice lowers her head as she turns her face bright red. and, on the other hand, Kate again inquired about the state of the injury.

"So, how's the injury?

"Ah, yes. I have no problem with injuries. I was spending time with adventurers over there, and earlier I had more power as an exorcist... so I taught him a lot."

"Heh. That's unusual."

Kate nods like she admires Alice, hiding her own power as an exorcist. It should be noted that Rufaus asked me to do this. Again, there are few exorcists in the diocese. Those who are made to train thereon are even more limited.

So he asked me if I could train with Kate. If his disciple as a swordsman is a calendar, Alice was, in a sense, an exorcist or an exorcist. It's close to my sister's apprentice for the calendar, or I could say synchronized. So I heard later that we were close here.

Forget that. It was also on those sides that Ludwig received well against Kite. And when we had that conversation, Kate cut it out with a hunch.

"If you say so. You said the Union receptionist who was just accompanying this operation would also have powers as a de-psychic. I was seen to be pretty strong... but didn't I get any teachings from her?

"Ha... who is it?

"I'm a girl named Sonya."


Apparently Alice didn't know about Sonya. Well, if I knew, I'd just be asking you about Megami. I'm not expecting anything as a kite either. And a teacher who had guided Kite to such a place pinched his mouth.

"Sonya...... Sonya Lenov...... is it?

"" "Huh?

Apparently the teachers knew about Sonya. If Kate turned around, a slight fear appeared on her face.

"You know what?

"Yes, no. Just the name. Rumor has it that there was an excellent exorcist with that name."

"Heh... are you famous there"

Probably knows something. Kate understands that Sonya is a celebrity there because of her teacher. Later, Alice told me that this female teacher also possesses some powers as an exorcist. Therefore, it is said that the country may ask us to move.

Nevertheless, the talent seemed to be below Alice at this stage, to the extent that it could be taught only a little. Compared to Kate, that difference is huge, and it is good to say that compared to Sonya, there is no longer as much difference between heaven and earth.

"Can't I be too disturbed here? I go outside to help others. If I can help you, I'd like to hear from you again."

"Ah, yes. Thank you."

"" Thank you ""

The female teacher bows her head, as does Alice and her sister, all together again. Unfortunately, I couldn't get Alice's sister to introduce me, but Kate as head of the Adventure Department is supposed to be interrupting the Weisslitter family at the main house a little later. You'll hear it then. So Kate decided to go out of the tent where Alice was being treated and go in to help treat other injured students and teachers.