Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1703: Luxerion Nation - To Abandoned Villages

Kite moved to get information on a blacksmith who could fix a knife to find out the darkness of the Luxerion nation. He was watching the request at Sonya's, where he was cordial in his request the other day, but Laurent appears there.

Upon such a request from Laurent, Kate was to receive a request for which no one had achieved for twenty years. That's how he was holding a meeting with Tina first, as a support for the request.

"That's why I'm leaving Luxerio tomorrow. I left the arrangements in between. I'm due back after noon tomorrow."

"Wow. Let's arrange this one here. Well, pretty much everything's going to be a crusade tomorrow with the plans so far. Let's not have a problem."

After all, the central laboratory of the Mars Empire boasts a vast site area. The military is now holding a meeting for a re-investigation, but the kites are likely to join it. Well, I don't care if you don't join me, either way, I won't be able to get in there in the meantime.

If you fail to enter, you will receive a simple request for free time here, or you will only be accustomed to shoulders. I went in and fought under the command of the army, and when I didn't, I was on an individual mission. There was no problem without Kite.

"Please. Well, I'll just get used to my shoulders tomorrow, too. It would be nice if there were no injuries."

"Put it on. The Lord has made a request that no one has broken for twenty years. That's what I'm asking."

"Wow. I'm not an adventurer with Dada. Even the millennium has a proven track record. I'm not alarmed because it's 20 years high. That's a metaphor, even if it looks like a mere crusade request."

To Kate's clear words, Tina laughs. A millennium is a request that no one has achieved in a hundred years. There are various reasons for this, and if it is a crusade of demons, for example, the demons are reinforced by the passage of the moon and day, which makes it difficult to achieve the request. There were other attempts to attack difficult labyrinths (dungeons), all of which were monogamous and bipolar.

Have you preached to Buddha?

"That sort of thing... mind your own business. I don't know what it means. Then you're with me."


Tina nodded one thing to Kate's attention, cutting off communication. For one thing, this won't be a problem. And if I had such a lot of support, it would have been time in no time.

"Okay, let's go."

Finish the schedule, and Kite gets up. That's how he decided to travel all the way to the airport.

Now, it's Kite who moved to the airport, but naturally it's Laurent who's been waiting for him like that. He raised an order for this assignment. That's why he was making overall arrangements for me. Also, that's why the leader of this party will be the initiator.

So his discipline included there, and I guess he had come earlier. He was still the only one at the airport rendezvous point - the dedicated waiting room.

"Am I the first?

"Except me, it will be."

"Can't you help it"

Kite, who had arrived without delay at assembly time, had at first come a little early as an adult. I didn't think of it as the earliest, but I guess this one is about people. That's why I decided to sit in the chair provided in the waiting room and wait for the others.

"With that said... you meant sweep battle this time. What do you say we destroy the village?

"Regardless, the military would have thought about it once. but there were no airships at the time. Bombing, I guess that's why it didn't work. A sophisticated magician would have thought to destroy it from a distance in a land war..."

"Is there a problem?

"... right. There's not going to be any more coming, so let's talk about it first."

It was Laurent, who looked around once, but he didn't seem to be here for a while, so he decided to hold a meeting with Kate earlier. He spread a single map to the waiting room desk.

"This is the map I independently surveyed around this abandoned village. It also describes the flow of ground veins."

"You tried to take it several times?

"Oh... but they're pushing me back. I decided it would be useless to gather half a dozen arms."

"Hmmm... you got something?

A man as skilled as Laurent is leading a party and failing. If so, it is not difficult to imagine that there would be some circumstances.

"Apparently, the junction that was set up in the village caused a resonance with the head of the demon or malfunction, and a strange force field is occurring. The phase is slightly uneven. Support from super distance does not work. Together with this, it is a perfect place to survive for undead demons. We can survive in the sun."

"I see..."

No one can achieve that for twenty years. Hearing Laurent's story, Kate nodded convincingly. If the number of enemies is high, the most useful is shelling from a distance by airship or mage.

When it becomes unusable, now we have to gather the best in melee and sweep them in numbers. But then, this time, there will be a problem with the credits that were previously considered problematic. As a result, when it could be achieved with sufficient profits, it had to be managed with a small number of elite and talented people who could even ignore the availability of talent.

"So this time the ultimate goal is the destruction of village boundaries"

"Oh. As long as we can destroy the junction, it's good to see that the majority will disappear naturally later. Regardless, I intend to do all possible sweeping to do so. Either way, you'll have to crusade to defeat something that leads a bunch of demons."

"I see... this is a big project. The reward will be bounced."

As far as I can tell, whatever you think, I just think that if the army goes, the damage will be enormous. It would be best to have asked an adventurer.

"That's why. So I waited for someone who could fight with the power of a demented man like you. They were originally confirmed."

"The two...... the branch manager of the Luxerio branch is also an exorcist?

"No, she's a regular magician. An old acquaintance. I have some things to organize before I become Branch Manager. The easiest thing to do is just say" she. "

"What about your arms?

Think of it as a step below me or you.


Laurent is undoubtedly also in the upper tier in rank A. Given the considerable difference in rank A, Shayla's arm is probably equivalent to rank A. No wonder Laurent invited him as a supporter enough.

"Even so... you can often drive out a branch manager"

"On several occasions, I told you I was working with Shayla, right? It's not that I don't answer the request because I'm the branch manager. You've never seen it before?

"Well, it's not. It's rare, though."

"I like fieldwork."

Rare. I heard Shayla against Kite, who so affirmed. If the two of them looked up in such a voice, Shayla and Sonya stood in front of the waiting room door all together.

"Mr. Branch Manager and Sonya."

"Yeah, Laurent's got a raven and a horn. You were fast."

"Oh, I'm not used to this geography yet. I came a little early so I wouldn't be late."

"Nice try."

Nodding at Kate's response, Shayla sits back in the waiting room chair with Sonya. Now it's just Alice. And Alice came right away, just because such rumors would cast a shadow on her.

"Here you go"

"Now, all of us? So, go."

After Alice arrives, Laurent puts the map in the bag. As a result, the five of them boarded an airship headed to a place where there was an abandoned village and proceeded all the way north.

Well, five people left for Luxerio for half a day. Around the evening after the evening, they had come to the city of Kiem, one of the leading northern Luxerian countries.

"Heh... are there places like this?"

As far as I can tell, Kiem can be described as a cluttered city. Well, I can't see any interracial from the national wind, but that's why there was an atmosphere somewhere similar to that of a city on Earth.

"It's Kiem, the third largest in the North. This is the closest place to the abandoned village."


Apparently, Kate never even came to Kiem three hundred years ago. He nodded like he was impressed. And, that was him, but asks Laurent with the flow as it is.

"So? What are we going to do now? Are you camping, or are you taking the inn?

"I know someone I got when I got here. I'm asking him to arrange an inn. He should be able to use the dragon car first thing tomorrow morning to get out."


Basically, Kite is just supposed to be invited by Laurent to join the fight. So you can say the basics are up to you, and you will follow him. After waiting for a while like that, one young man showed up.

"Mr. Laurent. I've been expecting you."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Talk to me suddenly."

"No...... but are you serious? Last time I tried Orrim with a 20-member caravan, this time less than half of them..."

Apparently this guy is also asking about the end of this assignment. He was flattered by the information Laurent was conveying.

"Oh. Instead, I brought in those with skill and aptitude. The swordsman there has the same arm as me, but he also has one of the leading arms as a psychic. He's also the head of the Luxerio branch and one of the most spiritual degenerates in the Church, the Weisslitter family's maid."

"Oh, that's again... Huh? Miss Weisslitter's house?

That's another great mix of faces. He was such a surprised young man, but was greatly surprised that Alice was included.

"Are you okay?

"Oh...... no problem. She also has the power to be an exorcist. He's still in the bud phase... but he's got months of practical experience as an adventurer as well. Combined, you can't keep your feet together."


Well, if Laurent says it's good, it's good. The young man nodded, surprised by his words. And he was such a young man, but as I recall, he turned to the kites and bowed his head.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry, I'm late for my name. I say myself, Pearce Wilder. I'm not in charge of this, but I was, and I'm going to serve as your master again."

"Hey, nice to meet you."


Pierce also smiled and bowed her head in response to a casual kite. That is how, at the end of his introduction, we walk out together again.

"Oh, yeah. Mr. Laurent. The map you were asking for before. I managed to find it. Looks like he managed to stay in the library."

"Right. Sorry."

"It was tough. Anyway, it's a map of an abandoned village 20 years ago."

Pierce laughed slightly, but tiredly, at Laurent for her labor. Apparently this means a map of that abandoned village. So that's how he led us to today's inn. Once you have checked in, you decide to hold a meeting tomorrow before entering the room and resting.

"Well… so I will share with you as much information as I have pre-investigated"

"Hey, what's Pierce's real job?

"Oh, is that you? Whatever you call yourself, it's a store. Even so, I don't fight like all of you. It's a job to carry out pre-investigations to the extent that there is no danger, or to arrange things like this one."

"What. Agent?"

"Yes, I was asked to arrange an inn and an owner this time… I was also asked to continue my regular investigation of Orrim since the last time."

With Kate's satisfaction, Pierce tells her why she has the information. These kinds of professions are surprisingly demanding. Adventurers sometimes take requests and have to go back and forth for hundreds of kilometers in just a few days.

At that time, it would be a hassle if I made all sorts of arrangements on my own. Sometimes we may not be able to arrange accommodation when we arrive at night. So there are agents like Pearce. Since there are many places where we have partnered with the Union, we can also trust it. Kite has also been used several times.

"Good. Then ask for information"

"Yes… this is the abandoned village where you will all be headed… this will be the map of the village known as Orrim at the time"

Pierce spreads a blurry map on his desk. Seeing it, Kate opened her eyes unexpectedly.

"That's huge."

"Yep... as for the size, you can say it's a medium-sized village. The population at that time was five hundred. It's a village with about a hundred houses."


Is such a village devastated? Apparently, he suffered a pretty massive raid. This may have to assume a considerable fierce battle. Kate decides to have one temper. That's how he decided to hold a crusade mission meeting for a while afterwards for a village called Orrim.