Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1706: Luxerion Nation - Battle of Abandoned Villages

A village called Orrim in the northern part of Luxerion. It was a village that perished about twenty years ago, following a demonic raid. Having undertaken such a massive crusade mission in the village, Kite enters the juncture intact once he has a spiritual connection with Sonya and Alice. In the junction thus entered, he presented a dim appearance.

"This again... the word" disgusting "suits me better than anything else"

"It's an undead nest."

"Sure. Perfect for that."

Dare I say it in a nutshell, like a thunderstorm is about to fall during the day. That's the way it is. This will allow even the undead, who are vulnerable to sunlight, to survive enough.

"Hmmm... how is it being vandalized?"

"Oh. Well, the undead both attack the living, but they don't destroy much else. Still, if someone like Bone Sword Dancer fights, it becomes a sabotage..."

The appearance of the visible Orrim was roughly to the extent of twenty years of deterioration and collapse due to combat, and some buildings still appeared to rise if about rainstorms. With any luck, I might be able to use the fire. Whether or not you still want to use the facilities of this village, where both the undead are situated, is a different story.

"Well... no big welcome. A visitor came to a village where people rarely visited."

"Hopefully, the more I don't want to come later. Don't worry."

Kate and Laurent carefully observe their surroundings as they wake up to the pattern of swords on their hips. The target for this operation (the former village chief's residence) is approximately 1 km. If you find it, it's a forcible breakthrough from there.

I wanted to go as far as I could without finding it. So we go along, hiding in thin alleys and shadows. but that doesn't last long either. It's been a long time since this place collapsed. That's not conveniently shady.

"... is this the limit"

We both know that we can't reach the shadow of a collapsed building and move on from here without finding out how. The building was facing a place that apparently was a square, and the square was littered with demons resembling multiple zombies. From here on out, if we didn't break through the square, we didn't seem to be able to move on.

"Wanna take a detour?


Laurent is slightly troubled by Kite's suggestion. He asked Shayla.

"Shayla. How's the user demon?

"... you can't. There are few demons in the square or park anyway. I'm with you everywhere. They'll find us somewhere... if you dare, to the extent that we can go straight or take a little detour."

"Looks like we could make a detour or hide near it and move on"

"You don't have a place. Naturally, if you're going to fight for yourself, you're going to fight in an open place. If so, the area will be destroyed and the open area will spread... from the opposite side, although we don't know yet."

Blocking Laurent's words, Shayla makes it clear she can't. This is something I can't help. Naturally, if you want to fight, you want to fight where you opened it. That's remarkable, especially if you have a large number of people. Then, open places such as squares and parks would be chosen, and as a result, the surroundings of such places would inevitably become even more promising.

"... the other side would be with me. For twenty years, fewer troops have been challenging us here. If those places are bypassed, they will inevitably be together everywhere."

Nobody has been able to accomplish this request for twenty years. If so, of course, it's not hard to imagine that the detour is collapsing because everyone thinks it is. If so, Laurent turned to his stomach.

"Kite, keep going straight and look for more detours to get to nearby. Which is better."

"Hmm...... well, it would be good to keep it straight. Miscellaneous fish of this magnitude are not my eyes, and if 'Bourne Sword Dancer' has come for the most part, it is easier to fight here.

Go in a straight line with the detour. That would be troubling if they asked which was better. but here kite advises to proceed in a straight line. Even in previous battles, 'Bourne Sword Dancer' showed medium combat power. Fighting him in a narrow alley is unlikely to cause defects in Kite or Horn Alice. Then he wanted to fight in a wide area with satisfactory support. And such he asks further.

"Mr. Shayla. What's a bigger alley than this?

"... you don't have that. According to the map, this is the biggest road in the center.

"Then breaking through here is the easiest way to fight. Regardless, there will be many enemies... this one will not be dealt with if it is a miscellaneous fish. Wouldn't you?"

"... right. Everybody, any objections?

Laurent, who was questioned by Kate, nods one and asks everyone once. Plus, everyone just shakes their heads. They have no objection. Well, if you're going to fight anyway, it's all together that you want to fight in an open place. Then you should be ready here. So with the same consent, Kite rises from the shadows.

"... well. I'll take the lead. Well, to that extent, I can do it in an instant... but I guess we should run through here all at once"

"Okay... don't be late, guys"

Laurent also rises again as he matches Kite. Along with that, everyone stood up.

"Sonya. Alice. Both of you, keep going behind me. I kick my enemies on the road. Don't deal with the miscellaneous fish. Just be careful if there are strong enemies coming. Alice, give Sonya close support. Sonya basically needs Alice's help. I don't have a problem alone with groceries."

"" Yes ""

At the behest of Kate, Alice and Sonya both nodded. That's how he gives instructions to the two of them, and Kite takes only one deep breath.


So far, there has been no problem. Proceed straight from here and you can reach the former village chief's residence. The distance is approximately 700 meters. It won't take me a few minutes if I can get there all at once. Regardless, there are countless demons on this boulevard, and there is no way to get there at once. We just have to force a breakthrough.

"... good"

I'm ready. Such a kite jumps out of the shadows at once when she's in the mood for one thing. He also noticed demons resembling zombies.

"" 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh "

A voice similar to a groan rises from the mouths of demons similar to zombies and moves slowly. In contrast, Kite is meaty at once. I slashed and lay down everything.


Kite, who just slashed everything together with a knife and lay low, nods one and calls everyone in. Kate had noticed the demons moving around her as she watched the four leading Laurent in the wake of it coming on her back.

"Well, come on"

Until now, the demons have not noticed, because they did not release as much power as they could to lurk their breath. but now kite is in combat action. At that point, the demons must have noticed the discomfort. Not far from here, this square will be filled with undead demons from all over the village.

"Well... go"

If you stay, you're just staying, it's just gonna be a hassle. Kite, who understood it, runs out again feeling on his back with him running.

"Sonya! We don't need a buff yet if we're enemies to this extent! Keep your power warm now!


If we reach the village chief's house before the enemy gathers, both in the raven and in the corner, the kites will win. However, given the presence of powerful demons in important facilities, it is clear that it will not be easy to get there. Sonya also snorted at the late instructions and decided to curtail her power slightly. That's how we push down the boulevard for a while. Before we were together, a giant bone demon stood up.

"'Bourne Giant'! Shit!"

"What the hell is Rank A! Trouble has come!

Kite and Laurent look unexpectedly at the giant bone demon, which is about five meters long. To put it plainly, it's a giant species of bone. Among undead demons, it's a slow species in circles, but for that matter, it comes with origami for attack and defense. I didn't want to fight properly. but we have to do it.



You can't be stuck with this guy. Therefore, Kate decides to end it with a single blow. Sonya's spiritual powers are accommodated for Kite, who thus rushed out. And at the same time. Shayla slammed the ground with a cane.

"< < Blue Rose Restraint" Blue Rose Bind ">!"


Kate kicks and jumps up the ground in front of 'Bourne Giant', who is bound by a goose claw by a blue tsu. That's how I waved my fist wide in front of the giant face of 'Bourne Giant'.


Cancer, and making a dry noise, the face of 'Bourne Giant' is shattered and scattered. In so doing, Kite finds the core that was tucked away in the center of its face.



In response to Kite's voice call, Alice jumps up for the core. Sonya's power is dominated by the power of the exorcism, and now that a strong defense has been destroyed, the opponent will be sufficiently common on a far scale. but just before that blade arrives or not. Kate kicked in the void and bashed Alice in.



"" Mr. Kite!?

A voice sounds similar to the screams of the two girls to Kite, who was beaten up with the giant arms of "Bourne Giant" and disappeared into the rubble. By contrast, Laurent and Shayla are still proficient. I understood that Kate would not die to this extent.

"Kite would die to that extent! Do something about the enemies around you for one second!

"< < Judgment Ray > >!"

Laurent stops the advance of 'Bourne Giant', which regenerates his blue-white flame-wrapped face, and Shayla dares to launch a wide-ranging magical shell at a massive group of undead demons that are gathering. Hearing that sound, Kite blew up a pile of rubble.

"Shit... you'll do it"

The reason Kate poked Alice is simple. I noticed the signs of a blue and white flame and realized that my arm had moved. I can't stand the blow of a Rank A demon in Alice on a boulder. Fortunately, it was just a beating, so it wouldn't be a death, but it still wouldn't spare the injury.

"Raise the blue-white flame and play, that's not a 'Bourne Giant' move... boss"

"Kite. Are you all right?

"Oh. Apparently, there's no doubt there's a reason why we can't attack for years."

"I knew what I was talking about."

Laurent, who had single-handedly stopped the 'Bourne Giant' advance, laughs bitterly at Kate's words. Perhaps this blue-white flame is some kind of power on the boss to rule this area. And I guess this "Bourne Giant" means its executive character.



(Turn the force to Alice's protection for once. Looks troublesome inside. I want you to do something about the miscellaneous fish)


To Kite's instructions, Sonya distributes more of the power to turn to Alice. Side by side, Kate observes' Bourne Giant 'again.

(Playback by a blue-white flame... that's a force he doesn't have. Hmmm......)

I can't fight the fact that I don't know what power this blue and white flame has. And the bad news is, this demon even has resistance to witchcraft. but there was only one more weakness in the undead system.

"... good. Sooo..."

On the rubble, Kite only breathes once. Undead. Immortal by Japanese name. but there is a clear difference between those who do not die and those who still move. And this is the latter. Dead and still moving. Therefore, it was particularly weak to be said to be an attack by life force.


Tong, and kite kicks the rubble in a light way. That's how he kicked up the rubble like a few kicks, his own floating and kicking the rubble towards' Bourne Giant '.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Towards the flying rubble, 'Bourne Giant' roars and punches him. Rank A demons and just rubble. I see this victory and defeat. Therefore, Kate hid this rubble so that it could be sewn to the ground and fleshed to the feet of the 'Bourne Giant'.

"You're not home, are you?

Fit, and Kite grins touching around the 'Bourne Giant' tibia. That's how he thumped his temper into the power of his mind.

"Ha, ha, ha!

The 'Bourne Giant' giant comes up with feelings similar to surprises at the immense vitality instilled abruptly. but the other guy is what they call the strongest man in the world. It could not resist its immense vitality and fell apart like it collapsed from its knees. but from by the collapse, a blue-white flame dwelt in a bone shard.

"... sweet. Only once can we manage remotely...... Alice!

"Yes! < >!"

Found two 'Bourne Giant' cores out of a pile of collapsed bones, Kite throws them away, finds it and Alice knits out an arrow of light, firing. As it pierced the core of "Bourne Giant," it disappeared far away.

"Good...... well"

Kate nodded one thing, stopping the revival of "Bourne Giant". But that doesn't mean it's over. Therefore he set up his sword again and proceeded toward the former village chief's house.