Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1710: Luxerion Nation - Battle of Abandoned Hospitals

Abandoned village in the northern part of the country of Luxerion. Kite undertook a crusade mission for a herd of demons that nest there. After several engagements and troubles, he finally reaches the boss who is leading the herd.

but such a boss was a demon known as Rank S 'Shadow Hate the Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul)'. Fighting this properly is extremely difficult, so Kite will perform a ritual via kiss to accommodate even more powerful forces with Sonya. So, after the rituals were exchanged. Kate firmly recognizes that she has the power of a mighty exorcism.

"Hmmm... accept it but I get it. I knew it was a hell of a force."

With Sonya's exorcism power in her body, Kate realizes once again the strength of her power. At least one turn will have stronger power than itself, which does not have Charlotte's protection. It was so powerful.


"... oh, yes"

"What's up? Are you uncomfortable with the increase in power?

"Uh, ah, yes"

To Kite's inquiry, Alice nodded, slightly blushing her cheeks. It should be noted that Kate was unable to pursue it in depth at this time, so she didn't hear about it, but the reason her cheeks are red is because she saw the kissing scene in front of her.

"Right...... well, this is the situation. There is no need to suppress it. Fully, just wield that power"

"Oh, yes."

"... oh... that would be nice... let's just do a test drive for now"

I wonder if you're okay. Even though Kate thought so, she knew that when she gained an undue amount of power, she sometimes felt like she was in a fever, so she decided to wonder if Alice was in that state again. Nevertheless, we need to try more than just being in action from here.

"Do I have to try it out a little bit?"

Not to mention Alice, who deals with countless miscellaneous fish, Kate has to fight Rank S demons from here on out. Therefore, he decides to do a light prep exercise to get used to his senses for once.

"Mr. Shayla!


"Do a little prep exercise with Alice! Help!"


Shayla, who was stopping her single enemy, nodded in two replies to Kate's request. So he took one deep breath and turned to Alice.

"Alice, if you're not feeling nervous or well, take a deep breath"

"Ah... yes"

Sooo, ha. Alice takes a few deep breaths to cover her flaming cheeks in the earlier kissing scene. By the time I took a few deep breaths that way, her mind had also managed to get to normal.

"... you can"

"Good...... then, just a little"

Kite nods one thing and jumps off the roof of an abandoned hospital. Thus, he set up a sword for a large group of demons approaching for a few decades.


Kate firmly recognises the power of the demon that resides in her. So I tried to wiggle a knife lightly.

"... Huh?

A voice similar to Alice's confusion is heard in Kate's ear. It's like sweeping dust with garbage cleaning. Kite's slaughter, unleashed in a mild way, had erased a bunch of demons just in the aftermath. And as a result, Kite was also getting another surprise.

"... this is awesome. Is this Sonya's power? How much would it be if I was fucking you...?

Release your cutting edge toward the army of demons, and that alone will make the demon herd dust and collapse. Even demons of the realm, which would withstand the sunlight, had turned everything into cut dust.

If she could have unleashed all her might without considering her own burdens, even a 'shadow hating eternity (Haytrid Seoul)' could have been dust without question if she had done badly. It was so powerful.

"Alice. You should try it too"

"Ah... yes"

Alice was bewildered in a different way than earlier, but she nodded one at Kate's instructions. This is also slightly enhanced, albeit in the aftermath. So she also pointed her cutting-edge at a bunch of demons, just like Kate, but unfolded some sort of magic formation.

"< >"

Countless arrows of light are created from the magic formations created by Alice and fly to the herd of demons. After all, because it is further enhanced by the aftermath of the ritual, each and every one of them held a more powerful power than earlier.

"... you can. Enough of this."

Basically, what Alice does is keep her enemies away from abandoned hospitals, just like Sheila, and protect Sonya in melee combat in case she does. If it looks like this, if it's enough for a miscellaneous fish opponent, it'll be fine. I see that, and the two go back to the roof of the abandoned hospital.

"Well... Alice. I'll take care of Sonya. I'm coming too."

Once Kate is ready to breathe only once, she looks firmly at the dark light that flows inside the abandoned hospital. Apparently Laurent is still safe. It was not a wind of full-blown creativity, but a robust battle. Kite stepped down before the dark light that was emitted on his face like that.

"... Mm"

(i) Laurent unexpectedly glances at the dark light extinguished with a machete. The opponent is a Rank S demon who is regarded as superior for once. That's what happens if you rip that attack without question.

"Oh, my God."

"Let me hope for that, shall I?

"As I've just seen."

To Laurent, who exhaled slightly relieved, Kate dares to seep through the room. In doing so, Kate once again takes a firm look at The Shadow of Hatred of Perpetuality (Haytrid Seoul).


From what I've seen, The Shadow That Hates Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul) looks like a Fallen. It is shaped around a body resembling a human being and surrounded by dark moya. Just resembling a human. The orbit has a blue-white flame, and no mouth. Such a 'Shadow Hating the Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul)' looks at Kite and raises his hand with a seeping gaze of strong will.


The next moment when The Shadow of Hatred Eternity (Haytrid Seoul) raised his hand. There was a dark light coming from the fingertips of The Shadow That Hates Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul). It's a basic attack of The Shadow of Hatred Seoul.


Against the dark light, Kate can put a little effort into the barrier. In addition to his former exorcism powers, he now houses Sonya's mighty exorcism powers. As a result, the barrier also housed the power of a mighty exorcism. Therefore, not a single barrier of kite was broken to prevent the dark light.

"Enough, don't go...... Laurent. Ask for help."

"Oh. I'll take care of the front lines"

With all this performance, you can beat the metaphor that your opponent will be in character. Having so decided, Laurent accepts Kite's request and takes only a short distance. With that in his back, Kate decided to set up a head-on battle.


In response to The Hate Shadow of the Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul), which attempted to shed an even more powerful dark light, Kate releases a living slaughter to stop it.

"... ho... can you even take it directly from the front?"

Kite laughs at The Shadow of Hatred Against the Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul), which took Kite's slaughter with his dark sword in his hand. The basic "Hatred Seoul" is a supportive and long-range demon, but still ranks S. Physical ability is high enough. Thus, an impasse is made for a short time.


Nevertheless, it is still a demon that focuses on support no matter how much of a rank s demon it is. There is no reason to beat Kite in pure proximity and with special attack power in the undead system. Therefore, after a few moments. When Kate came to power, that alone blew away The Shadow of Hatred Seoul.


Laurent had already refrained from such a blown 'Shadow Hating the Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul)'. No, Kite blew it off to him, to be exact. Thus, Laurent waved his two-handed sword without any hesitation.


It was a blow that was thought to be a direct hit with a two-handed sword, but just before the direct hit. "Hatred Seoul, the Shadow of Everlasting Aggression" suddenly stopped on the spot with a dark light from all over his body. In a few moments, Laurent's attack will come off. but kite wasn't sweet enough to miss the timing of that stop.

"If it stops at that time, it won't work!

'Hate the Everlasting Shadow (Haytrid Seoul)' gives a similar look to surprise against Kite, who turned to the cutting edge of the knife instead of daring to approach it.

Thus, a light strip of extreme light emerges from the tip of Kate's knife toward such a 'Shadow Hating the Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul)'. That was a blow that Kate had tested first, but now it was a blow at the upper limit he could put out.



Concurrent with the firing of light strips. Laurent jumps up and leaps on the path of the light strip. So, right after that. "The Shadow of Hatred Seoul" was blown away by Kite's Light Strip.

"Whoa, whoa!

Laurent waves a great sword relentlessly toward the Shadow of Hatred Seoul, which is shot at by a light strip and comes with fierce momentum. Now, inevitably. Thus a temperamental slaughter was unleashed, and the Great Sword profoundly pierced the darkness of The Shadow of Hatred for Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul).


Laurent who unleashed the slaughter, but his face was bitter. I also put up Kite's light strip, but the opponent is still a Rank S demon. Besides, he doesn't have the power to call it a special attack. Although it was made to strike directly, it did not seem to have reached a fatal blow.

"Nevertheless... Was the damage done inside"


"Hate the Everlasting Shadow (Haytrid Seoul)," which made the noise and clashed to the ground, but there was a great scratch on its torso. In addition, Moya was bleeding like blood from the presence of powerful exorcisms in various parts of the body, which never appeared to be a minor injury.


The two snort silently and kick the ground toward the 'Shadow Hating the Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul)' they try to get up. Undead demons become more regenerative if they reach the top. That's why I decided not to miss this period and to attack it all at once. So they cut in from left to right.

"" Gu!

Two of them cut in from left to right, but just a few moments later, the Shadow Hate the Everlasting Life (Haythrid Seoul) holds his head in stuffiness and suffers, releasing a dark light from his whole body into Cicciacamechaca. Stirred by it, the two of them accidentally stop their legs.

"Laurent! Are you all right!?

"Oh, oh!

Again, Laurent was more devastated in the nothingness Laurent against Kite, protected by the power of the exorcism. Kite slipped a little on the ground - although this is also the Kaoru of his body surgery - and was overwhelmed by it. 'Hatred Seoul' turns his hand toward Kite, who thus stopped his leg.


Avoidance of this is not good. Kate sees that a dark sphere is becoming possible, not a dark light strip, and decides to slap it off head-on. That's how, right after he decided to be ready. A dark light sphere was emitted at supersonic speeds from the hands of The Shadow Who Hates Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul).


Having calmed his spirit in an instant, Kite just quietly identifies the dark light sphere. but directly beside him appeared The Shadow of Hatred of the Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul).


I was invited. Kate realizes the shadow of hatred for all eternity (Haytorid Seoul) appeared directly beside her and understands it to be her behavior after reading that she would come out like this. And right after he understood. An impact ran on the flank.


Whew, kite is blown away with the sound of Against Kite, who has been blown through the wall so many times, The Shadow of Hate for Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul) catches the dark light sphere he threw earlier with his right hand. We re-orbited and fired into the kite again.


Laurent speaks up to Kite, who has been blown through the walls of an abandoned hospital. Without his eyes on him like that, The Shadow of Hate for Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul) was in a straight line for the blown away kite. Apparently, if it was dangerous, Kite decided it was higher and Laurent wasn't enough.

And that's why Kite was supersonicated through the walls of the abandoned hospital, but suddenly slowed down with a knife protruding into the void while blowing even more swarms of undead demons through the abandoned hospital. He clutched his fist toward the dark light sphere, which was a straight line toward himself as it was.

"Don't lick me. Yeah!

Apparently, he was hit hard on the flank and got angry with the pain. With his roar, Kate struck as many dark light spheres as she wanted. The dark-colored light sphere that was thus beaten stopped for only a moment and was ejected towards the Shadow Hating the Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul), which was chasing behind it as it was bounced.

Apparently, "Hate the Everlasting Shadow (Haytrid Seoul)" didn't even think Kate would hit the dark light sphere as hard as she could from that state of affairs and bounce it back. but in the first place this is the bullet unleashed by The Shadow Who Hates Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul). Therefore, when caught flat, it is fired into kite again.


Against a dark light sphere that flies in a straight line toward itself again, Kate kicks as far up as she wants when she grabs the knife. As such, a spin like a summer salt kick fleshed to the "Hate the Everlasting Shadow (Haytrid Seoul)" as it kicked the void and crawled through the ground when it was horizontal with the ground itself.


Apparently, he decided the melee was inevitable. "The Shadow Hates Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul)" has a dark sword in his hand that resembles a two-handed sword and meets with Kite. Dozens of slaughters will be exchanged in no time.


After handing over dozens of slaughters. Kate sees the blue and white flames burning up in the orbits of The Shadow of Hatred for Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul). And right after. The power of The Hate Shadow (Haytrid Seoul) was given, and a skeleton-shaped demon with a blue and white flame swept up and pushed him to the kite.

"Let it! Ha, ha, ha!

Laurent, who manages to catch up, breaks in against the skeleton-shaped demons he pushes in on a large scale. Thus, he unleashed the slaughter with all his might, pushing back a bunch of skeleton-shaped demons. And that's the next moment. Suddenly, a glimmer of light burst from the roof of the abandoned hospital.


Kate and "Hate the Everlasting Shadow (Haytrid Seoul)" look up unexpectedly as they were crossing swords at the heart of a bunch of skeleton-shaped demons. Then their just above junction was partly scattered. And right after. Sonya's voice echoed.

(Luckily he left, so I purified the demon stone of the junction with my power)

"GYAaaAA ahhh!

"I see."

Kite laughs when she hears the anguished voice of a bunch of undead demons wiped out by direct sunlight and a shadow that hates eternity (Haytrid Seoul), no matter how much it doesn't work. Even with a special attack, he even attenuated his opponent. This will push you through all at once.

"Ha, ha, ha!

Make a roar, and Kite increases the power of exorcism at once. It illuminates the shadow of hatred of the everlasting world (Haytrid Seoul), and strips away the dark clothes that were wrapped around it.

The shadow of hatred for all eternity (Haytrid Seoul) comes to a surprise in his own dark clothes, which are peeling off. but kite pushed in on it all at once.

"It's sweet!

In response to "Hate the Everlasting Shadow (Haytrid Seoul)," which he noted to himself, Kate pierced "Hate the Everlasting Shadow (Haytrid Seoul)" with a bunch of demonic threads that had been sneaking from around him. That's how the power of the exorcism springs from the inside, and the aurora, not the dark Moya, leaks out of the slices of the dark clothes.

"Keep going, get rid of it!

(11) Besides strengthening the power that can enter the imminent and pushing the Shadow of Hatred Seoul into the Everlasting Life without missing it, Kite increases the power to pour it into the Devil's Thread at once. That's how once it collapses, the guardianship of The Shadow Who Hates Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul) collapses all at once. but the boulder is a Rank S demon. Almost there, I blew out the kite with a dark light from everyone.

"Gu! But not yet!

Although Kate herself was blown away, the Demon Thread has not yet been pulled a thousand times. Therefore, Kate kicked herself on the ground again toward The Shadow of Hatred Against the Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul), trying to escape to the sky.


Should we escape or intercept? "The Shadow of Hatred Seoul" shows a crucifixion. And apparently, he decided to intercept it.

but this stray decided to win or lose. It was "The Shadow of Hate for Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul)" when he tried to knit a dark-handed sword, but just before that. Kate's demon thread split and restrained her arm.

"Ha, ha, ha!

With his sword protruding toward the torso of "The Shadow Who Hates Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul)," Kite pours the power of exorcism further into "The Shadow Who Hates Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul)" with his roar. but shortly thereafter. Something strikes Kite in the ear at the moment when The Shadow That Hates the Everlasting Life (Haytrid Seoul) disappears.


What's that? The next moment I got my doubts about something that Kate heard. It is as if the embankment were to be broken, and the aurora from the 'Shadow Hate the Everlasting Life (Haythrid Seoul)' rises from within, erasing all the darkness. And in the aftermath, the peripheral junctions would also disappear on a massive scale.