Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1711: Luxerion Nation - Finish the Battle -

Orrim, a village in the northern part of the country of Luxerion. Twenty years ago, Kite received a request to liberate a village attacked by demons, but the battle manages to succeed with the struggle of each of them. That's how he remembered a moment ago in the air after The Shadow That Hates the World (Haytrid Seoul) disappeared due to Kate's blow.

"Thank you"

That's what Kate's ears sounded like. Perhaps the gender is a man. That is also the voice of a very young man.


Who? I guess it's wild to think about that. Kate thinks so against the Lord of the voices she hears. At that time, I heard Kate's ears whispering, not even talking. If so, the answer is not so many.

(I guess that 'Shadow Hates the World (Haytrid Seoul)' was someone's body being used...)

What the hell happened? Speaking of which I don't care, I lie. but now it's just quietly praying for some blessing. Therefore, when Kate descends to the ground, she closes her eyes small and offers silent prayers.


"What's up?

"No... simply to the adventurers who would have died here,"

Kite tells that with a slightly bitter smile against Laurent, who was surprised by Kite, who offered a small silent prayer. I don't know who he is. I don't pry into the past. That's the manners of adventurers. Therefore, Kite stays in an unobstructed response. And Laurent nodded again.

"... right... right. May God have mercy on the dead..."

"Is that a church ceremony?

"Hmm? Oh. I'm blessed with Luxerio at first. Really, there it is."

Laurent nodded slightly shy at Kite's inquiry. Kite was also slightly aware of the behavior, but apparently he was becoming an adventurer after a fairly advanced education. The manipulation did what Kate saw and heard from Lux perfectly.

"Well...... can this be my first return in twenty years"

"Oh...... now we'll figure it out"

The two look up at the clear sky with the destruction of the junction and the crusade of the Shadow Hate the World (Haytrid Seoul). Now most undead demons will be sunlit and erased. All that remains is an undead demon of rank B and above that still won't disappear.

but no matter how much sunlight you say it won't go away, it doesn't change the undead system. Therefore, there will be some attenuation of the force. If you're in this position now, you'll get enough of a win. That's how they nodded at each other again and crusaded the demons to the end with no number of fingers left on either hand.

Well, a few hours after the kites ended their crusade for The Shadow That Hates the World (Haytrid Seoul). The kites were in the process of crusading undead demons that could not have escaped into the building or been brought to an end by daylight, but it also came to an end a little before dusk.

"Phew... is this the last one? Sonya, do you feel anything?

(No... nothing around. Please wait a moment. I'll have Mr. Shayla check the situation)


Kate snorted one at Sonya's report, sent through a spiritual connection, and decided to wait on the spot once. Her ability to sense as a spiritual medium doesn't make a fool of herself, but it still becomes only a sensory story. Therefore, Shayla's report, which looks around from above the village, was more relied upon. After a while, words flew out of Sonya again.

(... Here comes a report from Mr Shayla. From above, I can't seem to see any more demonic shadows)

(well... ask Mr. Shayla what's going on with Laurent's work)


Laurent, who had joined the crusade of remaining demons for a little while after noon, had also decided to take the demon stones that would command the village's boundaries to the centre of the village some time later.

If we leave it like this, it could become the residence of the demon again. If I thought about it, I had to expand my boundaries to prevent demons from entering.

"Phew... now you're done with the whole street. Alice. How'd it go? It's been a long time since I've used the power of exorcism."

"I'm a little tired. As an adventurer, I fought over and over for a while... and it felt a little different."

"Right. In the meantime, good luck"


Alice nodded one at Kite's ambition, who laughed. Well, although I pinched my lunch break along the way, even the co-adventurers won't repeat the streak so far. You can say I fought enough this time.

"Well, if we can fight that much, we'll fight enough as exorcists and exorcists. After that, you just need to slow down and let your talents blossom."

"Yes...... thank you"

"Hmm? What's up, suddenly"

"No... I've assisted you several times..."

Alice talks about her intentions against Kite, who tilted her neck at herself for suddenly expressing her gratitude. I took it, and Kite smiled one more time.

"Right. Well, thank you for accepting it."

"... Ah, yes. Thank you."

"Haha. It's been a long time since you thanked me."

Kite laughs at Alice for a moment. And after such a trivial act and waiting for a while, Sonya connected to the two again.

(Mr. Kite, Mr. Alice. Can you hear me?



(From Mr Laurent, this is a report. The development of the juncture is insufficient but successful. We'll figure this out until the army arrives.)

Sonya, who received replies from Kate and Alice, reports the situation. Now, you'll be fine with retreating. Later, when the military made a final safety check, and it was determined that there was no problem, the request was fulfilled. Transfer of rewards.

(Right. Okay. Now ask me if I can rendezvous in front of the hill. If that's okay, I'll meet you there)


All the crusades are over, and even more of the necessary work is done. You don't have to bother to stay long in an abandoned village. Therefore, Kate and Alice responded that Laurent had no problem, and decided to go for the hill once.

"Well... is this the end of the job? Inside. It was a big job this time."

"Do you get requests like this all the time?

"No, I've asked boulders for a big deal so far sometimes. Well, this time it was Laurent's request."

To Alice's inquiry, Kate shook her head with a laugh. Alice asked him over and over again.

"Are you two long?

"No? We just met during this time"


"Ha ha. You're an adventurer. A one-off meeting is a thing of all times. It's common for me to keep my back with the guy I saw yesterday. Of course, it's not the same story to believe unconditionally and not to be wary. So we don't believe in each other's hearts... oh, naturally, but don't tell me? I know we're adventurers... but when I say it, we get horns."

In response to Alice's inquiry, Kate laughs and speaks honestly. This is the basic idea of the adventurer. They are meant to travel and spend time. So it's inherently rarer to combine with a determined opponent.

"I'm actually a little familiar when I say that."


For, I talk to myself normally, and Sonya is dictating. It seemed surprising. To her like that, Kate dared to shout.

"Oh. This is a lie. - They say something like that."


I see. Is this some kind of kite joke? That's what Alice seems to have received. And talking about that, I reached the foot of the hill.

"Well... wait for the others here for now"


Behind this hill, Pierce awaits. but you don't have to bother breaking up and heading out, and it would be good for everyone to make sure everyone is safe before returning. So after a short wait, Sonya, who sat down on Shayla and her wand, appears, and finally Laurent, who walks in a relaxed manner as usual.

"You're all safe... good. We're leaving."

Laurent gives the last order after receiving what was himself the last time. The five thus walk across the hill to the other side of Pierce's waiting hill.

"Welcome back, everyone. Are you done by the end?

"Oh. The junction has unfolded safely too. Now you're done with this request"

Laurent, who was questioned by Pierce, makes clear the completion of the request. He showed his face to him once at noon, when he also told of the crusade of The Shadow Who Hates the World (Haytrid Seoul). So he thought his survival was certain, and it seemed to be to this extent.

"Well, gentlemen. Please get in. After that, I'm just rocked by a dragon car, and it's Kiem again."

"Oh...... then, please later. We take care of the injuries, we take care of the weapons."


Pierce nods at Laurent's request and enters your seat. On the sidelines, Kite and the others boarded the dragon car again.

"Well... it's my request until I get home,"

Sitting on the wall of the dragon car as well as when he arrived, Kite decided to handle the wound first. This time, he also suffered some injuries as a result of the fact that the interests of the land were in favor of his enemies and that the boss was a "Shadow Hate the World (Haytrid Seoul)". It's simple, but I needed help.

Regardless, it was the same for everyone but him, and Alice and Sonya were ordered by Shayla to take off their clothes and take care of their injuries. So the dragon car was bisected with cloth. On one side of it, it was in the form of Kate and Laurent handling the injury. And so Laurent told him.

"Kite. I took care of you this time. Give me a drink when you get home."

"Oh, that's good. Take it."

It's a corner offer. As a kite, I wanted a little bit of this information, so I decided to take it. No matter, he's a liquor lover. Sometimes I was interested in the sake of the Patriarchate. And a voice rang from the tip of the cloth in such a place.

"Then invite me too. Yikes. I've been pulling in here for a while without even asking, Branch Manager. I pulled it out, so treat me to two or three drinks instead of one."

"Ha... oh, okay. Then, let's give your ladies some extra time."

Shayla is still longer than Kate if it's the length of the relationship. So Laurent also responds to Shayla's offer a little cluttered up. Besides, Kite laughed.

"Haha...... it's not a bad idea to have a little launch. Oh, I don't know about this store, so I'll leave the selection to you."

"Oh. Let's take a look at a good store"


When Kite nodded one response from Laurent, she decided to hang a healing pill on the wound washed away with running water. And that's when I reached for every sachet. He realized that something he didn't remember putting in had hit him.


"What's up?

"No... something hit me..."

To Laurent's doubts, Kite checks inside the sachet. That's how he took out one notebook.

"Notebook? You kept that stuff in there?

"No, I don't mean to..."

In this sachet that Kate was bringing this time, I only put about some healing pills and convenient goods for the journey. There is also a notebook in it, but it is a notebook with some information about Yuri.

but this wasn't it. Most importantly, it felt much older than what he was using. Nevertheless, he had a verse in mind. Therefore, he did not check the contents and dared to behave with his belongings.

"Well, you probably put it in incorrectly where you're packing. Go home, pack your bags, we have to start over..."

"Ha... you're an outgoing trouser"

"Ha ha. Why don't you try being an adventurer?

"Or so it is."

Laurent laughs and agrees with Kate's point. That's how they decided to take care of the wounds and weapons again.