Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1712: Luxerion Nation - Rendezvous

An abandoned village called Orrim, in the northern part of the Luxerion Church. At the request of liberating the village, which had fallen twenty years earlier by a great army of demons, Kate had by chance gone on mission with Alice and Laurent, whom she met in the Luxerio branch of Vacation.

Such a request also led the army to complete the crusade of a demon called The Shadow that Hates the World (Haytrid Seoul), leaving only demons that did not destroy even the extinction of the junction. That's how the crusade for the remaining demons ended and we were to return during that journey home. Kate noticed a strange notebook in her own sachet.


Handle the wound as the dragon car rocks, often thinking about what Kate should do. I wonder what that notebook says and what intent it was given to me.

I can tell you that. At the same time, I was concerned about that, but I had to do my part as a secret detective. Therefore, when he reached for the knife he had left beside him during the wound, he decided to pull it out of his sheath to take care of it according to the usual procedure.

"I'll take care of the knife, so don't come any closer. Ladies across the cloth, run along when you come out!

"Oh, okay"

"Yes! I'll be careful!

Laurent and Shayla nodded at Kate's request. Weapons are a lifeline for adventurers. That care is natural to them, and you can't complain about an injury that comes close to the one you're taking care of. So with one say no, Kite pulls the knife out of her sheath.


This work is done all the time. But this time, most of the unusual opponents are undead demons, which are also zombie-like opponents and skeleton opponents. The former can be described as a soft opponent, but the latter is a bone. It took skill to cleave, cutting something hard at the same time but thus had some distortion. Well, it's unlikely that he would wear out to this extent, but this time the circumstances had dared him to slaughter him roughly.

"Hmmm... a bit of a streak..."

"What's up?

"Hmm? Yeah, there was a little distortion in the knife. Well, to this extent, there's no impediment to combat..."

Kate asks Laurent, who was intrigued to look after herself, to nab a knife in her sheath once. but when I tried to be careful at that time, I got the feeling that it would only catch a little bit.

"Well, it doesn't mean it's a particularly bad distortion, because you can do a proper naked knife on this street. But I still slaughtered the hard ones. Slightly distorted and chipped."

It is normal for a swordsman to do something about the cracks and distortions in a knife with sword chi. Therefore, Kite's statement that there was no problem with this was extremely convincing to Laurent.

"You don't have a spare?

"No, I didn't expect to repeat the battle so far this time. I was originally called to the Empire by your sister... and I left my spare sword in Urca's room."

In response to Laurent's inquiry, Kite makes a slightly bitter face to show. Laurent also knew that he had not assumed the battle so far.

"Do you... have any handouts for this blacksmith?"

"Oh. Would it be suspicious if adventurers from other countries had gotten handouts from this blacksmith in the first place? I was going to try not to take care of you this time..."

Kite laughs at Laurent's words, naturally. but then he goes on to have a bitter face and drops his shoulder wondering what's going on.

"Well, I don't know what to do... well, it's not like I can't even use a two-handed sword, so I'll buy one"

"Hmm... shall I introduce you to a familiar blacksmith? Originally in the form I requested. Can I show you how sincere I am?

"Hmm...... well, it's a corner. You mind if I take it?

"Oh. As soon as I get home, I'll ask for a reference."

Laurent nods at Kite's words, pleasantly agreeing to introduce the blacksmith to Kite. He's a blacksmith who's as handsome as Laurent. You'll be sure of your arm, and you'll have a handover. Besides, Kate decided to spend some time on the road, grinning inside.

Okay, then half a day and a little bit. When they boarded the flight to Luxerio and revealed the night, they were able to return to Luxerio at 8 a.m. the following morning.

"... Yes. This completes the request. Later, wait for an army investigation, and the reward will be a transfer. Please check after the transfer has been made, as the credits will be processed as requested."

The kites returning to the Luxerio branch will first complete the request at the reception of the Luxerio branch. This time, I couldn't bring back anything that could prove it, but instead, I submitted to the Union that I was able to properly restart it by presenting a log of demonic stones that would expand my boundaries.

Now that we can confirm that the Church has been able to reactivate the bond, we will put it into Orrim's investigation. The procedure for completing the request was thus completed and the request, which had been posted for as long as twenty years, was removed from the bulletin board.

"" "Ooh, ooh, ooh" "

Twenty years of requests have been accomplished and exclamation overflows from the adventurers around us. After all, when it comes to a request that has been posted for many years, it is something that makes everyone uncomfortable with what they receive. Even though just challenging it was derisive or admirable, it was only natural for everyone to glance at it if it broke through.

"Is that... Laurent?

"He finally did it."

"What else... Branch Manager? I thought you said we used to work together."

"Later...... eh, Lenov the eldest daughter of the Weisslitter family? Is the boulder..."

"The last...... who is that?

He still knew about Alice and Sonya. but I was just inclined to the neck to say who the opposite was Kite, who had just come on one side and was almost anonymous. Though, and Kate would be good with this, I thought.

(Is there a problem with this for now? A little bad for Alice though......)

The truth is that Kate brought Alice in because she cared about her own safety and the size of her name at the same time. After all, she is the Weisslitter family. Hidden in the shadow of Rufaus, but correspondingly, expectations and attention have been given. Therefore, when it came to accomplishing such a massive request, it was decided that it would be difficult for Kite to be noticed.

"Shayla, for one thing, you're gonna clean up the work you've built up at the branch, aren't you?

"Yeah. Sonya's with me."


Sonya just bowed her head to Shayla, who replied with a laugh to Laurent's query. Taking that, Laurent nodded one too.

"Right. Okay, let's keep the launch at night. In the meantime, I'll write a letter of introduction to Kite."

"Yeah. See you later. Glad you haven't asked me out in a while."

"Now, if you'll excuse me"

When they each said goodbye greetings, they disappeared from the entrance and exit for employees to the back of the Luxerio branch. They are both officials of the Union in the first place. Shayla in particular is the branch manager. There will be some work that can't be done without her. That's why I was going to work on it.

"Well... Alice. Thank you for your help. And thank you to your parents."

"Yes...... well good luck"

"Oh...... well, when your parents give you permission, you should join the launch too"


To Laurent's words, Alice bows her head again to leave the spot behind. He still wanted my father's permission when it came to attending an adventurer's drink. She went home to report that she had been able to return home safely.

"Kite. As for the letter of introduction, can I give it to you in the form of a drink?

"Oh. I'm going back to the inn once. If anything happens, ask that way."

"Oh... well, you took care of me this time"

"No, this is the one I took care of. I'll see you later."


When Kate and Laurent shake each other's hands, they decide to return to each other's strongholds. As soon as Kate returned to the inn, she immediately activated the comms.

"Tina, it's me. Are you okay?"

"Mm? Oh, you're home."

"Oh. Somehow, the request is accomplished safely. but it bothered me a little."

"Hmm... well, here it is, but the Adventure Department is still joining the crusade mission. Even so, it's a simple place. Also today, in parallel with our investigation mission, we're in the back."

One roaring Tina against Kate's report, but tells the status quo as I recall. Besides, Kite nodded one too.

"Okay...... think from time to time, you're still before you leave, right?

"Uhm. Basically, 9: 05. Other than that, it could be sooner depending on the fight and the investigation '.

"Okay. I'll rendezvous with you soon. Let's talk more about it then."

'Okay. This one goes with it and does the deed'

I can open that notebook in the corner or in the corner unless I find out what it is. And if that's the kind of investigation, it's Tina's specialty. I'd say it's best to leave it to her. So when Kate leaves the demon in the inn, she decides to head to the Central Laboratory for the first time in three days.

"You're here... see. The Devil's Memory Ball."


When Kate receives the memories of her own user demon from Tina, she confirms what happened the last two days. Well, aside from the private part, there's not so much progress on anything else. The first day still usually ended with just a meeting, and the second day they actually went through a few fights. The third day will be the same, it was Ludwig's word.

"Good. I generally understand"

"Hmm... so, what do you care?

"Oh... here it is"

In response to Tina's inquiry, Kate takes the notebook out of the small locker. I can't move on unless I look into this. And maybe through the darkness of the Patriarchate. I also wanted to check it out.

"That... looks like a regular notebook though. Well, it looks strictly sealed."

"It looks that way... but it's how I got it. I didn't want to open it wide open."

Tina tilts her neck in a notebook that has no philosophy whatsoever received from Kate. but even then I activated the demon eye and looked at the notebook, she still had to shake her head.

"Hmmm...... after all, there is no way that something is being set up. So, how did you get this?


In response to Tina's inquiry, Kate tells one story yesterday. With that in mind, Tina also had to give me a surprise look.

"The Shadow That Hates the World (Haytrid Seoul)" put it in?

"Oh... Probably that 'Shadow That Hates The World (Haytrid Seoul)'. It is presumed that the primitive body was originally human"


To Kate's point, Tina roars one thing. I'm engaged with an undead demon whose body would have been human in one of Alice's earlier cases. Regardless, there are not many of those demons, but there are not many. Therefore, when it comes to no wonder that it was twenty years ago, I can also say that there is no wonder.

"Thank you very much. I still know that after I die, I can sleep in peace. but..."

"Hmm. Being selfish is still suspicious. Normally at the time of death the soul is sent to the underworld and the afterlife. So only the bodies left are demonized. It's not possible to have a soul."

Take over Kate's words and Tina mentions discomfort. And this is why they were surprised. If that demon normally just uses the body as a body, it just destroys it. Nonetheless, he says meaningful words at the last moment, and even leaves these notebooks behind. I was very curious to know why.

"Well, if it's the most likely, some malicious person demonized it in Necromance."

"Hey... but there's one thing in between. I was just wondering."

"No, your Lord's assumptions are correct. It's natural to care."

To Kate's words, Tina also makes it clear that it is right. And she made one suggestion.

"Well, let's leave some room for this. Your Lord does a lot of things, too. I can't get my hands on this analysis."

"Excuse me, please"


Tina accepts Kite's request and tightly seals the notebook in different spaces. Sure, I don't think the hands of any malicious have been added, but it's no surprise what happened. So I guess I decided to keep an eye out. That's how the two of us who finished the conversation got up again to work on the Central Laboratory investigation.