Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1718: Luxerion Nation - Arms Store -

He had come to an established blacksmith named 'Gates Blacksmith', close to the Weisslitter family mansion, with a letter of reference from Laurent, who belonged to the Luxerio branch of the State of Luxerio. When he deposited his knife with a man named Heath Court, who owns a blacksmith with his parents and children, he stayed in "Gates Blacksmith" as he was to show them the weapons they made.

"Hmmm... there's a lot going on"

"Uh... customer, speaking of which, we don't have a knife, are you okay?

"Hmm? Yeah, if you say so, you didn't name it. I'm Kite. I know you do, but you're an adventurer."

You wouldn't have named me that. When Kate realizes that, she introduces herself to Sims. That's how he stayed put and decided to ask about the assortment for now.

"You still have a lot of one-handed swords. Do the knights come here often?

"Oh, we've been unloading weapons for the < > Commander of the White Knights (Weisslitter) > for a long time... because of that, and sometimes knights too"

"Right... Materials, you know what?

I was originally looking for a blacksmith to investigate the influx of materials, etc. So for the first time, they decided to basically know the material used.

"Oh, those weapons there are basically steel, right? The average adventurer is looking for something that's easy to find."

"Steel or... these two-handed swords. Can I have it?

"Good, but... please don't let the magic pass"

"I know."

As a weapon seeker only, Kate gets permission from Sims. Nevertheless, it is true that I was purely interested in swords as one swordsman. So Kite tries to get a proper look at and hold of one that was kept messy.

"Hmm... a little heavy? No, it's a little light if you try it as a two-handed sword..."

"Because we sell sharpness"

"Can you cleave with sharpness rather than slap it off with weight? Many famous swords do. It's also evidence of having good arms."

"Thank you"

Sims thanks him for his praise as he tries to gently wave his two-handed sword several times. Heavier than a knife, but lighter as a two-handed sword. It would be a little heavy compared to the two-handed sword held by Rui Shu.

Her two-handed sword is based on the village masterpiece, so it is close to the sword, and there is a woman who magically assists with the cleavage. As a result, it was lighter. So much so that it can be compared to that that it is still a cleavage product.

"Though...... that's still heavy"

"You can't avoid something thicker than a knife."

"Oh...... any lighter swords?


Just now no one is going to come. That's what he thinks. Sims stands up and looks after Kate's desired sword.

"How about this or something? It will be a two-handed sword for women..."

"What's the material?

"It's steel. I don't think it's a bad alternative."

"Hmm... lend me a little"


When Kate receives her two-handed sword from Sim, she tries to wave it again a few times. Then it was, indeed, much lighter than earlier, as he put it.

"Mmm... good. It weighs just as much as I do."

"So, buy that?

"No, get a little stuck in the boulder... is there a material difference that weighs as much as this? Steel is tight on boulders."

"Even substitutes are pretty scumbag, right?

To Kate's inquiry, Sim responds to that request with a laugh. This one only responds to what the customer asks.

"Money would be fine. The worst I can do is just take it down from my account. You can't live with a guy who doesn't pay well for a weapon. If it's a substitute, we just want the best."


"What's up?

"Oh, no. Sorry, my dad said the same thing... just a little surprised."

As a kite, I'm not going to have threaded money on my weapon, and I'm not going to. but apparently it was a good word for their clan as well. It was a sim that was distracted for a moment, but he regained his mind and offered a two-handed sword to Kite.

"Really... what's this?

"It's an object that uses orihal on the surface for plating. It's steel inside. It's very strong."


Kite waves the sword offered several times. but I felt a little bit like my arm was taken, so I only floated to my face.

"Hmmm...... you can't do this. Or this. Are you out of balance? The tip is overweight."

"Ha... Oh, it's true. The tip is a little heavy..."

"Well, maybe it's a sword for the guy who cuts it with centrifugal power! Look, a guy from the south asked me to make a few before!

"Oh, that!?

Apparently Heath Court was listening in the back to the conversation between the two. Sims was convinced of his words. To Sims like that, Kite asks intriguingly.

"Do you have such a school?"

"Yes. Sounds like a genre used by small people. Even so, this one is dominated by the swordsmanship of each Knights, led by the basic Weisslitter stream... not very famous."

"Heh... different sword moves than the halflings... Interesting..."

After all, in three hundred years, new schools have been created. Kate had asked with interest about her newborn sword moves. and shake his head again, though that's him.

"I'm sorry, though, but if that's the case with boulders, I can't handle it. It weighs well... on a boulder."

"Haha. I'm sorry. I'll split it up a little bit. Please wait a minute."

Looks like Sims decided to keep the two-handed sword he received from Kite separate. I left it on the store shelf once. Looking at it, Kate decided it was time to cut it out.

"Here you go"

"Oh...... yes. There's no jade steel or anything? I knew that was the most familiar thing."

"Is it jade steel? Inventory of two-handed swords of jade steel, I wonder how it went..."

Check the list in the store to see how Sims was doing with Kite's inquiry. And Kate didn't miss hearing about his crush like that.

(Can you confirm... I mean, there is a regular influx? Though, it doesn't seem to be well sought after... No, no wonder I think about this store's customers)

This is a story that concerns me inside. As mentioned in previous nightclubs, there are several mines in the diocese where quality iron can be taken. I'm sure of this because it's information about Lux. It was the Imperial Intelligence Agency's assumption that if we thought about those yearly output and usage, we should at least not have been depleted yet.

(Hmm... there's no reason to bother using jade steel. Still available, which means that somewhere regularly refines jade steel... maybe it's a hassle inside...)

Well, what's the matter? Kate checks the store again once. but still, from what I've seen, there are many iron and steel weapons, and not many ball-steel weapons.

(I mean, it doesn't mean there's iron depletion going on, does it? Still bothering with balls steel, huh......)

It's possible that Forge is in Nakatsu at last. Kite has a slight bitterness on her face. And he was thinking about it, but on the other hand, Sims was finishing checking the list.

"Oh, I have a few... Dad! Where did you put the two-handed sword of jade steel?!?

"Oh, that one! I don't think you put that on shelf number three!

"Oh, okay! I'll take a look!

In response to Heath Court, Sims nods one and looks at the shelves. That's how I took a two-handed sword.

"There was. It's a two-handed sword of jade steel."

"Oh, you're serious. Try the stuff. I didn't think there was jade steel."

Kate puts an honest surprise on her face and borrows a two-handed sword of jade steel from Sims. That's how I looked up close, a two-handed sword, but it still didn't seem to be a mistake for a two-handed sword in jade steel as far as Kate was concerned. Sims tilted his neck at his words like that.


"Oh. Jade steel is basically the only material used in the Nakatsu country or the Imperial McDawell territory. Perfect as a knife material due to refining methods and compatibility with magic... I don't really use it because refining can be a hassle. Higher. It's not an exaggeration to say it's for blacksmiths only."


I guess adventurers traveling through different countries are different. Sim nodded at Kate's words like that. To him like that, Kate asks to try.

"Jade Steel, do you get it regularly?

"What do you think? My father and brother are doing this purchase... I don't really. But it's true that steel weapons are a little higher."


Well, you're not going that well. I didn't think there was a chance that Kite and Sims would be in charge until the purchase. So it didn't seem to bother me in particular. Nevertheless, the fact that the cost is slightly higher may have meant that the refining method may have been considered the same as that of Nakatsu.

"Hmmm...... I knew the balls steel would come tightest. After that, it's just the weight and the comfort of shaking, the grip..."

"Oh, you can replace the grip. I'll charge you a fee... it's cheap, right?

"Oh, seriously."

Waving a two-handed sword made of jade steel several times, Kite brings joy to Sim's words. For one thing, as far as I tried it, although it was still not comfortable to use with the knife, it didn't seem to be a problem as a temporary alternative. Regardless, worst of all, he doesn't need to be that serious because he can knit a knife with magic in his case, but he was still seriously choosing.

"Mm-hmm. This is the tightest way to come. Let's make it this guy."

"Are you all right? As I said earlier, it's a bit expensive because it's jade steel..."

"Oh. This is the one who comes the tightest. As for the material, it's tight... well, it's not a bad idea to remember the old days and do it with suppressed output. You didn't put the knife on the boulder, did you?

"Haha. The boulder has a knife... and I've never actually seen it before until I showed it to you."


With a knife, I would be recommending a knife in the first place. If so, there is no lie in this word. When Kate decides so, she nods one thing and confirms the weapon again. That's how he got the alternatives for now, but I offer them as they are.

"Can you choose the sheath?

"Is that a sheath? Well, I sell it to those lost in battle..."

"I'm sorry, but I need you there, too. I want to use the same knife as possible."

"Fight...... are you going to?

Sims asked Kite, looking slightly surprised. To this, Kate laughed one.

"Well, that depends on the time and the circumstances, but... type auditions. Then I also use the sheath."


Sims also seemed to know as the blacksmith's son on boulders that morphological archaeology, etc. would vary according to the genre of swordsmanship. So there is also such a genre, so I will present the sheath for the two-handed sword to Kite in such a way.

"If it's a sheath, I'm purchasing the same thing as the sample on that shelf. Unless the boulder has a sheath that's a one-off, we're not making it."

"Right...... well, it's an alternative, so I'm not looking that far. For now, is that a good place?"

I can totally say this is Kate's hobby. So I decided to show them the sheath all the way and buy something of affordable weight.

"... is this good? Then, on this set, please."

"Yes, then, I'll calculate the cost, just a moment... oh, yeah. Is it okay to replace the grip or something?

"Oh, that wasn't a problem. Keep it up."


Are you okay then? To Kite's response Sims calculates the cost of the sheath and two-handed sword. As such, Kate decided to follow the Gates Blacksmith with an alternative two-handed sword on her hips.