Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1720: Luxerion Nation - Old Heritage -

Kite was allowed to resume her actions as Adventure Department Chief Kite following a suggestion from Tina while she was conducting an investigation into the blacksmith. He had now reached the laboratory in the basement of the Mars Imperial Central Laboratory, where Justitia, Tina's mother, and Justiel, who would become aunts, worked. So he was working under Anselm's instructions, but the work was also supposed to end in about half a day.

"Hey! How about that desk over there!

"This one's empty already! Only the side shelves after that!

"Right! I've already recovered all the shelves over here! The pictures are fine too!


Essentially, in this task, while cleaning is carried out, all desks are assigned a number to collect all the material inside on it. I put it together on a desk-by-desk basis. We are doing cleaning work because later we will also make use of it here on the Patriarchate's side. The materials that had fallen on the floor were summarized in the materials at the nearby desk, and will be compiled and scrutinized later.

"Good. Now you'll be fine...... kite kun. That concludes our work here. Contact Lord Ludwig."

"Okay...... Mr. Ludwig"

"Oh, kite, huh? Hey, what's up?

"The work inside has been completed, please report it"

'Right. There's nothing particularly wrong with this one. I was free. "

Ludwig laughs and makes it clear that there was nothing wrong with Kate's report. Space inside the lab is finite. It would therefore also be intrusive for the army to push it over in large numbers. So he led the < > in the form of using numbers to wait outside the lab, and the kites helped.

"Haha...... then you'll be fine. This is over."

"Oh. Then let's go home."

Now we can collect all the materials for the first time. It seems that the laboratory will also scrutinize the detailed materials, but now it was important to arrange for the preservation so that if something happened first, it would not be lost. Therefore, the investigation team, which finished securing the materials, decided to go outside and scrutinize the secured materials again.

Now, it's a survey team that came out of the deepest depths of the center and back to the area secured by the Patriarchate, but in so doing, Kate was at Anselm's behest helping with the task of confirming that material.

"No, I'm sorry. Anyway, we're short on manpower right now. I can't call them all because the army's closed now."

"No, I have too many people... and I want to finish this as soon as possible for our work."

In response to Anselm's gratitude, Kate shakes her head and makes it clear that there is no problem. Although there were still many materials that could not be read due to aging, etc., some materials were still managed to be read.

Apparently, various sorceries were used on the desk, and mechanisms were in place that could contain aging degradation. He was supposed to check the contents of the booklet recovered from the bookcase with Tina and Firefly and organize it in place.

"Hmm... apparently this is a historical researcher's research notebook"

"That's the place. Not sure when it belongs... Fireflies. Are you from the Golem?"

"I'm sorry. For once, we have recorded all the handwriting of the researchers in the Golem Development Laboratory... on the contrary, the handwriting of the researchers in this lab is not registered."

"I guess."

Kite turns her gaze to the researchers' research notes again just because she thinks it's natural to respond to fireflies. A research notebook is a notebook in which researchers write down their feelings, etc. about the records and ends obtained during research. Also referred to as experimental notes. It may be referred to as a primary document describing the results of the researchers' research.

This is something that is also normally used on Earth, and if you are a researcher of science, you can say that everyone has it. Instead, it is not an exaggeration to even say that it is more suspicious not to have it.

Regardless, Tina also has hundreds of years of research, so she has it in hundreds of copies, divided by field. One of the factors that prevented her from analyzing the results of her research as late as possible was that she had taken it to Earth.

"Phew...... Fireflies. When was this emperor's history?

"Yes… this was about ten years before the founding of the Empire"

"Then... is that it"

Essentially, research notes and experimental notes are compiled by age, and sorted by person from there. Furthermore, they turn it to analysis later. Now I was in the middle of the task of putting it together for each of those first years.

It should also be noted that the kites are better off. It was like the incumbent researchers were being disrupted by a sophisticated puzzle of sorting the materials that had been scattered around them and putting them together year after year.

"Yuri, take the next one."

"Yes, next... Tinner. My hands are stopped."


I guess it was because I was interested in what was being studied here as Tina. Whenever there was something on the research note that bothered me, my hands stopped.

So she manipulates the demonic yarn to tidy up a research note one turn larger than the college note in place, seemingly remorseful of Yuri's words that gave Kite an unconfirmed research note.

"Well, next time. Next... ho. This is... about five years before the collapse... what the hell?"

Apparently the next time Tina had it, it was a relatively new research note. There were several written letters there. When I hear her twinkle like that, I ask her that Kite has no benefit.

"Five years ago? The shelves we're reading now are from the research notes of retired people... did you hide them before they collapsed?

"Well... it's a beautiful letter. Easy to read and gather."

It's the opposite of you.


Tina shyly points her mouth at a slightly more tearing kite scratch. Unlike this owner, Tina often writes down what she really thinks. So sometimes it happens that even he doesn't know what he wrote. but the owner of this research note seems to have written it in such beautiful letters that anyone can read it.


"Hey...... so why read"

"Mm... no, I'm sorry. It says something that interests me."

"Hmm? Something important?

Kite is also just a little interested in Tina's words, which she apologizes for a little shyness. Most of the time when she stops, she often has fun eyes like a child, or she rarely has very good content. I felt like I looked a little serious for her.

"Uhm... chi don't come"

To Tina, who looked around a little and invited her, Kate and Yuri decided to follow the instructions face-to-face.

"Here... here. There's a white boy."

White boy. And this is the deepest part of the institute of the Mars Empire. And Ixfoss once meets Justitia here. I mean, I was here. If so, I would definitely be Ixphos even considering my age with this white boy.

"Is this... the record of His Majesty the First"

"Uhm. Findings about the boy's life brought from different worlds. It's written down here."


Sure this is interesting. Basically, Ixphos doesn't tell me anything about what happened here. I don't want to talk about it. If I let him talk about it here, all I can get is a cursory story about Justitia. Apparently the majority of the harsh experiments would have been offset by her sandwiches and other handicrafts.

"Don't worry a little. Do you know the name of this owner?

"Uhm...... Justizia Entesia. The name was written down."


Mother and daughter after all. I guess that means we had something to hang out with. It was supposed to have been taken casually, and there were supposed to be hundreds, but Tina didn't know about her mother's research notes. By such a strange coincidence, Kate flaunts her face for a moment. Tina misunderstands such distortions in his face.

"Mm-hmm. One of the chiefs of this lab. Definitely the most important material."


What's the matter? Kite is slightly troubled. Naturally, the Patriarchate also knows about Justitia. Her name is very big. You can't possibly not know that. If that research note is missing, you can't possibly not notice it, and you'll investigate it. but I could say that if I could do this, I would like to collect it. He therefore asks in a little whisper.

"... Tina. Can you put a trick on this notebook in secret?

"It's possible. If we try, we can make a copy in this place now."

"No, I'm not. It's a disguise of content. You, you're getting a mentor from Mr. Lil now, aren't you? Can't you disguise yourself in the form of Lord Justitia?


Sure, that might be better. Tina also thinks slightly about Kate's suggestion. So she nodded again, too.

"It's not impossible. but I would also like to borrow a little of the Lord's hand if possible. No, it might be more about Tokuno than about the Lord..."

"Space-time acceleration? Okay, we can do that with time protection."

I understand what Tina is trying to say, and Kate understands what she's saying.

"Yuri. Ask for a disguise for the surroundings"



Side by side with Yuri in quick action, Kate and Tina have a conversation with just their gaze. Originally, Yuri remained small because of a camouflage operation that used the difficulty of spotting the small deceased. You should probably use that. That's how she unfolds her thin, concealed junction, while Kate and Tina enter into immediate action.



In the breath of two abalones, nearly fifteen years later, the two disguise the contents of the study notes of Justizia as separate. Now at first glance, it would seem to me that it was Justitia who faked this note. Upon finishing the disguise of the content, Tina stores it in place.

"Is this okay for now?"


At least this makes it unlikely that Ixphos' information will be exposed to the patriarchal side. The two float a relief to it. That's how I went back to checking the material again, but Tina asks.

"So... it's good that I faked it, but what are we gonna do?

"I'll think about that later. You'd better deal with it now, wouldn't you?

"Hmm... that's true"

For one thing, it was possible to obtain information from the research notes, but it has not been decided what to do after this. Instead, we didn't have that time. Speaking of which, I have no choice. So Kite mouths his next hand.

"In the meantime, I've earned time with this. We'll think about it when we get back to the hotel. If we do this right, we might be able to replace it with a fake one."

"Hmm... well, I can't move for a while now, but either way, it's with the researchers here. If so, there is still some time. Sometimes you find out what you're faking."

"That's what I say. In the meantime, we should grasp the intervals and prepare for them... and not just one notebook from Lord Justitia."

"Right...... um. Then we'll deal with it as soon as we find it."

Tina nods at Kate's point and drops her gaze on the research notes again. I don't know how long Justizia spent as a researcher here, but it won't be short.

I don't even think I finished it in one book, considering that. Then it was important to check on you now. As a result, the four of them decided to devote themselves for a while to an investigation in search of Justitia's research notes.