Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1721: The Land of Luxerion - The Dark One

The central laboratory of the Mars Empire, in the country of Luxerion. The Adventure Department led by Kite, who had set foot in the most important compartment at the bottom of the Malus Empire using the account he held because it was a firefly created to assist the End Emperor, and the Patriarchal Investigation Team.

Such was their investigation in the Zero Magic Development Office, which became one of the two most important laboratories in the depths. What Tina discovered in such a laboratory as to be guided by destiny was a research note by her own mother, Justitia. The kites who faked it were, for one thing, putting this research note behind them to see if there were any other notes for her.

"... five books in all"

"Mm-hmm. In time, the only thing written about Lord Ixphos was the first and the last book I found."

"I'd like to think that's all..."

"Well. We wouldn't know if we weren't even there. but..."

Tina also shakes her head with a serious face again against Kate, who shrugged with a serious face. In the first place, Justizia betrayed the Mars Empire in the midst of an Ixfoss investigation that, as a matter of time, would be her last job here.

It all begins when she gets bonded by Ixphos and misses him. So as a research note, a relatively new book had a research record on him. But for a few reasons, I knew that there was a later book, a research note.

"At least one later book. One book is definite. Both books were on the last page."


Kate roars with a bitter face at Tina's words. There, Yuri landed on his shoulder. In disguise of her usual whims, she was peeking back at the work of the students who were also checking the researchers' notebooks and looking for Justitian notebooks.

"Meh. Everything I saw came off."


"Firefly. Has your Lord found anything?

"... I deny it. We perform handwriting appraisals with the letters on the cover, but not a single person has a notebook that matches the handwriting in question"

Tina was using the handwriting appraisal features that she had put on board to make the fireflies look for if they could not find Justitia's notebook from the cover. but as it turns out, she's right, it was pear debris. That's how they didn't come out of the investigation until the end of the work, so the two of them just had to conclude this.

"... perhaps Lord Justizia was taken away from here to the fold of his escape."

"Well, I hope so."

"Well... if the possibility seeps in that it's not the way it is, I'll have to suffer... mmm... if I'm optimistic, I can say I'm optimistic."

Tina also makes it clear that she is optimistic about her opinions on the bitter face of Kate, even though she sees a slight possibility that this is not the case. But she also knew that this was unlikely.

"Though, bye. As far as I can think right now, I can't get this far. I don't know what was written in the last book, so I can't say for sure... but I kept all those shelves organized. If so, it will not be easy to steal all of Lord Justinia's research notes. And that makes me think that there was originally no research note for Lord Justizia here. You don't have to bother pulling out only one book."

"Well, sure... then it's the muscle that thinks it was lost during the escape..."

Kate, who heard Tina's guess, is convinced, I see. On his escape, Ixfoss said he was just rushing around to rescue Justitia.

And at the time of the experiment, it's normal to have research notes. I don't know when and under what circumstances Ixfoss escaped, but if it caused disturbance during the experiment, it was no wonder it was lost at that time.

"Just be careful and don't worry about it now."

"Let's do it."

I can't find anything I can't find where I care now. If so, you should give up now and think about the next thing. That's what the two of you decide. That's how we decided to cut this day's work and prepare for the next day.

Well, while Kite was busy moving, around that time. According to Kusu and the others, they had already entered the Patriarchate with them, too.

"Oh, my God, he said he had two identities."

Kusu, sitting in the inn window far away, had a little fun observing Kite with a telescope in one hand. Next to him like that, Soto was having a little drink of booze with Yuanji. Kusu asks them that.

"How about a glass of economy?


"Right. I'm sorry if it didn't fit your mouth."

Kusu leans the same liquor on the two of them, silently but with some sign of dissatisfaction. What the three of them were drinking was the wine that Kusu had bought when he appropriately walked out. Therefore, it did not seem to fit Soto and Yuan next mouth.

Again, the only place where rice liquor similar to sake can be tasted is in the McDawell or Nakatsu countries where rice cultivation takes place. So when it comes to basic rice wine, you have to get it in a deal with those two, but you can't even hope for it in the Patriarchate on a boulder.

"Well... I'm currently anticipating a lot of things. Well, he didn't tighten a cup of pre-war economics... what do you say, brothers? Especially if you're Soto, I've got a lot of places for you."

"I thought that would be enough."

"There's nothing wrong with me. We just fight whenever we want."

Against the sect that bowed its head to Kusu's extraction, Yuanji says so without any particular thought. Besides, Kusu laughed at one thing.

"Right...... Phew. It's just Ba... Is there a problem over there?"

Men and women, after all. It is normal for men and women to take another room so as not to make so many mistakes as if they were adventurers. So they were also doing separate rooms for men and women, disguised as adventurers. So there was no bus here, but they stayed at the same inn.


Kusu, who remembers Ba, thinks only a little. What he thinks is the last person to accompany him in this battle. It's about monks and soldiers. He had a few circumstances in his flesh and was in the same room as Bar. Of course, she agreed to this.

(That monk soldier...... what are you thinking. Sure, if that monk soldier was, I know, he'd be there...)

The monks can't talk because they failed to build their flesh slightly during the resurrection. There are a number of other things that have been lost because of the harm that has failed to build the flesh.

Regardless, the clown who found out about it said he had offered to rebuild the flesh to the monks, but he refused to do so. Kusu also asked if it was true about this, but the monks and soldiers moaned that it was true without incident.

(I don't know what it was... I'm talking about the loss of reproductive functions besides linguistic functions... the weakness of powerful defense and playback capabilities, was it? That's good... that's good... even we're very different from our lifetimes)

I can use witchcraft even if I can't use words. And beyond looking like a monk, let alone a monk, I guess he was formerly close to priests and priests. The former makes up for it in the reading, and the latter does not find it difficult to assume that his reproductive function has been lost if he considers abstinence as a priest. No wonder they both said that was good.

(I'm just... talking, I should be able to use it. Yet I have to say yes. That's a hassle......)

Kusu also heard from the clown who the monk was. but Kusu had doubts about whether that was true or not. Clown and Kusu are in the process of being used and used.

You shouldn't think that even trivial things are telling the truth. It is possible that the monks are telling lies to the good of not saying anything.

(In case something else was lurking inside that big figure... then don't even bother... and then even if that Chiyo-chan is revealed, the muscles will go through)

Kusu has a bitter face and guess what the counter is against us. That's how he speculates, he sighed one thing.

"Ha... betrayal is always a life-saving thing. Ah......"

"… Your Highness. Against the tone, it looks fun."

"Hmm? Really?

Kusu laughs joyfully at Soku's inquiry. On his face, he did have a look similar to a fierce grin. He opened his mouth, laughing joyfully like that.

"Kuku... I'd like to know who I've never betrayed like you guys. Betrayal is pretty hard, huh? There's no way they'll believe you're so cheap than they are betraying you. On the contrary, people think you're lying and die. Of course, if you betray me, you're done. In that case, I can't even beg for my life. Yum, don't stand around."

"... No way, my lord. Oda's Great Hall was betrayed..."

"Uh... no, this is the end of it for once, because I thought. I'm not betraying you because you look like you're having fun with boulders. Not then."

Did you betray me just because it was fun? Kusu slightly turns away from his face in a slightly worse way in response to Soto, who asked him otherwise.

"... you guys know. There was no such thing as fatality in those days."


Fun, but nostalgic for remembering the past, the two remaining couldn't say anything about Kusu. Indeed, if you look at the dossier when asked how desperate it is. Honestly, it was only a miracle that Nobunaga Oda revved from that point on. but I can only imagine how much of a situation that is.

Shingen Takeda, one of the most powerful at the time, led many others, such as Honganji Temple Ishiyama. A siege net was laid on the opponent that seemed to have a thin winning eye even alone. Everyone wondered why they survived at the time. All I could say was that many times a miracle had happened, and only Kusu could tell me.

"Let's just say... you guys know this, right? He's here... he's the one with it. Heavenly Fate."


Next time Kusu's words, neither of us said anything as consent. Living on the battlefield for a long time, we meet from time to time. At the head of Nobunaga Oda, there is an extraordinary presence among heroes who overshadow even situations that would normally die as if they had been chosen by heaven.

"The Admiral is the kind of guy who has... I didn't think he had it even though he wasn't reborn. Then it's wrong to be here from the edge. Then it's good luck to get out of here before the Admiral gets mad at you. But if I run away now, maybe I'm not betraying you because I'm serious."


Kusu is said to be one of the leading traitors in the period of boulder warfare. I didn't say anything publicly about betraying him anymore. Nevertheless, Soku and Kate's personality had been examined, and Nobunaga Oda's personality had been heard by his father.

It's especially sweet kite among sweet men. If you bow your head, you will accept, and I know that if it is his plea for life, every country will have to listen. No matter how you fell, Kusu was right about more than this one being a bandit army.

(Though... it's about you. I guess there's a reason you don't betray me)

Soku thinks so, listening to the fun Kusu say. It's about Kusu. Probably would have thought about it too if I betrayed you at the very beginning. Not really, there's always some reason why you're anticipating the opportunity. That's what I was treading on.

and the three of them talked to each other as companions on the table, but did not understand what they were thinking behind them, but visitors appeared there. Naturally, the visitor is a clown.

"Hey, guys. Are you in line?"

"Hmm? Whoa, clown. You want a drink? The swordsmen didn't take it well. It won't go away."

"Oh... I think it's a specialty... well, didn't it suit your Japanese mouth"

The clown laughs at Kusu's words and takes out a glass of wine to receive the wine from Kusu. It should be noted, naturally, that there is no poison in this. Even Kusu nowadays, even the poison of a river pig doesn't work. Not knowing any more poison, Kusu didn't even think he could kill a clown with poison he could get himself.

"So? What about you? I was just watching the Admiral return."

"This one also managed to secure the journey to its purpose. Excuse me, this time."

"No, they brought me back to life. I'll pay you back exactly what I owe you."

Needless to say again, this raid was not proposed by Kusu. It was planned at the request of the clown. Therefore, I have now repaid one debt. And the clown agrees.

"Yeah...... so please be flashy on the day. You're good at this, aren't you? It's flashy."

"Oh, of course. I got all kinds of corners. Let me use it in full and in full."

Kusu nodded with laughter at the clown's inquiry. Thus, the number of people who would not let the Three Kings grasp what they were thinking was increased by one to four, and they would spend some time in the dish of alcohol discussing the conversation between the fox and the raccoon.