Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1722: Luxerion Nation - The Leap -

Kusu and the others were starting to leap, while around that time. Kate was going back to the hotel to discuss Justiza's notes.

"And that doesn't mean. It's still important to have the last book or not."

"Hmm...... Tina. I want to hear one thing."


To Kate's request, Tina urges ahead. Taking it, Kate asked the point when it came to reason.

"What is the current level of witchcraft in the diocese seen as?

"Hmm... well, can't we just talk about it?"

Whatever you do with Justiza's research notes, you have to get to the area where you keep them as a prerequisite, both on the raven and on the corner, and avoid sealing measures, etc. If so, this was the first thing you should have thought about.

"... roughly not at a level that is otherwise impossible to deal with. Wherever it is in Enefia, it doesn't make any sense."

"So when it comes to the biggest problem, you're not for sneaking."

"Though. Well, there's nothing more you can't do if you use magic secrets..."

It's always been said, but Tina is a magician. Backward support. Sure, it's not impossible to have a sneaking mission because you're an excellent magician, but you're still done with one shot in case a magic deactivation trap was set. And these traps are considered fundamental in setting them up. Always, we should assume that the Patriarchate has one as well.

"If there's more to go, someone has to check first. It's not the end of the line."

"I guess... then I'll just have to do all the patterns in due course"


A pattern of all times. That's how Kate would do it if she dived into the facility as an undercover operative. Nevertheless, this time, even if he finds out what he's good at, it's not a way to cut through with eight hands, it's a way of assuming he won't find out. That's why Kite arranges several pieces of equipment developed for herself.

"Glad I had it Optical Camo"

"Electromagnetic metamaterials can't be produced by mass without the rest of the alchemy in Earth's science."

Tina laughs again at Kite, who laughs like a jerk. Metamaterials, which denote substances created by human hands, are often referred to as electromagnetic metamaterials with optically negative refractive indices. And here they were referring to a substance with its negative refractive index. And to those two fun people, the lights peek a little more intriguing.

"I often have metamaterials. For once, I saw the news that you were recently put on a path of practical application... this is it? I think you can see it."

"Come on... I don't know that. The company wanted to try it as an optical camo, so we were provided with a sample. They can do mass production too, but it takes time to set up a mass production system. This is a demonic prop for storage equipped with it."

"Heh... so how did it end?

"Oh, the development of optical camo? Well, looks like things are going well, huh?

To a completely intrigued inquiry in the lamp, Kate concludes with a slight laugh. To his words, the lights opened their eyes slightly and revealed their surprises.

"Heh... unexpected. Diffraction-type optical camouflage is realistically the most feasible optical camouflage, but letting light bypass means that you won't see anything from this side either. You've dealt with that problem a lot."

"Mana. It's a detour."

"In the first place, it's natural that if you let the visible light bypass, you won't be able to see it from the outside, but if you let it bypass, the light won't come in either. When looking into the abyss, it is odd to say that the abyss is also looking at this one again. I can see it from the other side, so I can see it from here. If you can see it from this side, you can't even see it from the other side. I can't see it from here, I can't see it from there because it's too convenient for the boulder."

Kate and Tina also agree with each other out of the blue in the light that revealed their surprise. We also knew about this with the company that brought the samples to Kite and the others, but we wanted the quantity to figure out how to deal with it. Therefore, the lights inquired with interest.

"So, how did you do it? I can't deal with it at the detour point, so I'm guessing you're thinking something."

"I don't know that there. It's a military secret over there. I was surprised where I offered the metamaterial. but not more than a boulder."

"Ma, naturally -... so it mass produced the sample in alchemy,"

"Soyuko and"

Kate nodded with a laugh at the inquiry in the light. Nevertheless, I still didn't think Kite had done anything more than have samples, even as a light.

"You're still looking into more than just a sample, aren't you?

"Um, naturally...... well, this metamaterial is well made. If you let the current flow, if you can see the light, let's almost bypass it."

"It's not perfect. Depending on the power, it looks good to call it the finished shape."

"Uhm... well, I can't hear it from the inside at the diffraction point, so it's a big problem at that point."

Tina nods in the lamp again and again as she was impressed, as she was impressed from her perspective as a scientist. So she laughed and told him what to do.

"Ma... you can't use this to create an optical camo if you blah blah. So the company that provided this sample was thinking about using the drone."

"Oh, I see. If you can't see from inside, should I keep my eyes outside? It won't let the light through, but it won't let the waves through."

I see, convincing. In view of the development of drone technology yesterday, the lighthouse seems to have understood that American science and technology would make a drone hard enough to spot. And the kites, too, from the brilliance of this metamaterial, guessed it would be. To those two, the light asks.

"So you brought the drone? Or Yuri?

"No, he doesn't need a drone. Because if you're a skilled warrior, you can see the signs in millimeters."


No way, and I understood what Kite was dealing with, and the lights accidentally pull my cheeks. but kite seems to be able to do it, so i couldn't bear to end it.

"Maybe... it works in complete darkness?

"Oops. Reading or erasing signs is a specialty of < >. If it's not Lord Sokku or Lord Ishikusai, you can't really read the signs of me hiding. So, electricity amplifies the battery with demon stones. It is a dish that reduces magic wherever possible."


They're still flying. The lights just look back, understanding that most people will probably not get away with it if Kate is serious about being an assassin. This was the impressive combination of Earth's scientific power with Enefia's magical skills.

"Tina. Sorry, but I need you to check this guy and make some final adjustments"

"Aye. Well, it doesn't take a few days to find out... is there a problem?"

"Maybe. We're gonna have to do a lot of work over here."

Currently, there is a lot going on from the Heath Coat to the investigation into Jade Steel and the accidental Sonya thing. Therefore, if it is possible to recover Justiza's research notes, it will do so.

Her research notes do not only contain information on Ixphos. Worst of all, as long as we can erase his information, there's no problem. Because if some kind of magic is developed based on this information, it could uproot the royal family and kill them. and that's how Kite, who asked Tina to check her gear, stood up in large measure.


"Is that it? Where are you going?

"A little sunset...... and I'd like to say. I want to read some signs."

"Something bothering you?

To Kate's words, Tina asks. Besides, Kite took out a single envelope.

"Lord Sokku... no wonder it's time to set me up. If there are signs, we can be vigilant. Of course, it's not easy to read his signs... but if you want to say hello, you know what I mean."

"I see...... sure, it's time for them to move and no wonder. but don't trick me into moving."

I know that Tina and Kate have received a letter of fulfillment from Soto. And as things stand, the kites don't get immediate support from < >.

You can say now if you want to set it up. So when Kate walks out the window onto the balcony, she jumps to the roof alone hiding the signs.


There are several shadows that see themselves from afar. Naturally, we're secretly watching them with the Patriarchate that invited the kites. And the status quo, that's all. Besides, while Kite floats a slight relief, she pulls herself together.

(No... Probably when Lord Sokku moves, that's at the same time as Kusu moves. Then there's a good chance he'll stop. then...... don't you know if you're here)

In his previous life, Kate knew Kusu. You can say I've been pretty close. So I could only observe that he would stop, and at the same time I heard that if he was in military action, he would suppress himself, more seriously than the Synod, which is the same division. Probably wouldn't do anything to detect a raid.

(... Kusu. What are you thinking...? Well, betrayal anyway, I suppose you say with pleasure)

Sleeping on the rooftop, Kite speculates slightly on Kusu's inner surface. We accomplished a number of things that we were told were ahead of each other in our active life. For some reason, his insides are slight, but he understands.

"Don't die, Kusu. The third time you betray me, I will not forgive you."

Kite, who raised her hand to reach out to the moon, shrugged so small. If anyone who knows this about history will wonder, but this was good for him. And so he thought to Kusu as he looked at one moon, but he created a magic formation beside his right ear as it were.

"... uh... ma (...) - (...) li (...) n (...)? Can you hear me?

'Oh... this is unusual. I didn't expect to hear from you. "

The person Kate contacted is the legendary magician Merlin, who is described in King Arthur's legend on Earth. In today's planet he has his grandson, Marlin Second, but this one, according to the story, was the first Marlin to be sealed in a tower by Vivian.

What's wrong with you? I can't believe you bothered to contact me. "

"No, I'm not running errands on you... Is Ikes here?

"Him? Yeah, I'm here. Shall I take your place?


To Merlin's inquiry, Kate nodded one thing. What he was activating was a magic trick to keep in touch with Merlin. Ixfoss, as he himself said, is constantly moving around the various worlds for his purposes. That's why I contacted Merlin, who is staying at his base, because there was a possibility that I would not be able to contact him.

'Oh, kite. What?'

"Oh. You're a little troubled. I could ask you a few questions."

To Ixfoss, who replied with a swallowing response as usual, Kate will tell her that she is currently in the Patriarchate and that Tina has found Justiza's research notes, that she has not found a single book, and so on. After speaking so often, he inquired.

"That's why. Lord Justiza's last research note. Do you know anything about that?

'Uh... Speaking of which, I had a notebook...'

Ixfoss remembered when he escaped the Central Laboratory. Apparently, Justiza had the last research note. Nevertheless, he shakes his head with a bitter face like that.

"I'm sorry. I don't know."

"No, I know that. Can't you ask Mr. Justiza?

"Hmm... I can't do it for a while, I guess. But when you can ask, why don't you ask?

"Can I ask you something? Worst case scenario, you and Tina are wiped out, right?

'That's troubling. Seriously, I'm in trouble. Worst case scenario, I'll intervene, too, okay?

Regardless of his own safety in the boulder, Tina couldn't accept it even if he was involved. To his inquiry like that, Kate asks the other way around.

"Is it a good idea to go around saying hello?"

'Oh, I'm done with that. We're all waiting together now. I don't know how long it's been that way... but it's been about six months. I'm in sync with you now. "

"Oh well. Well, this one's waiting for you, stepfather?

Then I guess I'm just really free now. That's what Kate understands. That's how I laughed at Kite, and Ixphos laughed again.

"Haha. Yeah, I'll be right there... So, any help?

"Well... just in case it sucks, please. For once, I can handle two books now. It's the last one, but I can't help it."

'Okay. I'll be in touch as soon as I know. "


When Kate thanked Ixfoss for his offer, she cut off the communication. So when he secretly started investigating the last book, he decided to go back to his room.