Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1725: Luxerion Nation - Formal Adoption -

Just a little, that's off the record. Formula adoption. This refers to the public adoption of military, police and other organizations as equipment for persons belonging to them. Many organizations basically had some naming rules for their naming, using and naming the empire's own age laws - objects used before a unified history was made - such as the 'Empire of Entesia' 000-style Great Sword, for example, if it was an empire three hundred years ago.

Basically, the Empire uses the same last two digits as Japan, and if it wears them, it also gives a code indicating the second or third digit below it. For example, if it is a magic machine currently being developed by Kate and the others, if it was adopted as a formula for the emperor's army in 300 years of unification, it would be called the "Empire of Entesia Zero Model Magic Machine".

Nevertheless, Kite and the others write abbreviations "E00M1" because that is a long time. "E" means the Empire of Entesia, "00" means adopted in the year zero zero, "M" means the Magic Conductor, and "1" means one type.

"The Patriarchate also remembers that the naming of its formula adoption was not very different..."

Kate pulls out her memories as Major General of the Army and recalls the naming rules for ceremonial recruitment in the Patriarchate. Basically, it is troublesome to fix each country's own age law, so it is implicitly understood that if each country adopts an annual number for the naming convention, it will be unified in a uniform history. According to that, the Patriarchate did not differ significantly either.

"Sure... what did Rufaus say"

Kate remembers a while ago when she asked Rufaus about her interests.

'Speaking of which... your sword. Is that a patriarchal formula hire?

'Hmm? No, no... what's up?

'Oh, no. If the church employs a formula, it would be troublesome to get an alternative when it breaks down.'

"Oh, I see"

Both Kite and Rufaus fight together. Therefore, there is always a drain on the weapon. Especially at this time Rufaus had just come to the Empire, and had to shake his head if asked if he could fix the weapon perfectly.

At worst, you have to be prepared to lose your weapon altogether, and as an Alliance Master it was only natural to ask what the case might be. Therefore, Rufaus naturally accepted the inquiry and revealed it without concealing it.

'Well... I haven't been praised very much as a soldier, but this is something that a sincere blacksmith has admired. So is Alice's. I'm most familiar with my skin because we're making you greedy at home'

"I see..."

When that happens, is it possible to read the village positive flow here? That's what Kate thought, and both the orange infarct and the stroke involved in the fact repair affirmed that there was no stream of village positives on the two swords. Nevertheless, in the conversation that followed, Kate was talking a little bit about this formula adoption.

'Oh, then well, that's good. If you need it, we have a massive roll of one-handed sword payoffs used by the Empire. Use that.'

'Is that good? For once, when I was in the military, I also had a one-handed sword for the ritual adoption of the Patriarchate as a spare... this time it was forbidden to bring it up, so my father... the captain told me to get one here. If there's anything you can use, thank you. "

"Haha. It's a commonly paid off item, and it's a retarded item. If it's awkward to get out, I'm not paying you back in the first place. '

Kate nodded laughingly at Rufaus, who seemed slightly surprised. To him like that, Rufaus told me what was going on in the Patriarchate.

'Really... there are mould drops in the Patriarchate as well, but they are strictly controlled. Was the previous change... about five years ago? You heard it was all recovered, too. "

'I see... well, at the time, the Church and the Empire were on the verge of becoming a little hotter in the Cold War. It is clear that, albeit old-fashioned, it would still have worked on active duty. Weren't you afraid of the engraving and other spills that were engraved?


I think with the roots of my eyebrows on Kate's point, I wonder if Rufaus is. After that, the two of us were supposed to engage in rigging about weapons for a while.

(Five years ago, was? If you're sure of that blacksmith old man over there, it was when ballsteel was in normal circulation already. And speaking of five years ago, just when Pope Yunal took office. And it is also around the time when there is no longer a noticeable battle between the Patriarchate and the Empire. Okay... is this a coincidence or an inevitability...)

The way you look at it, the way you wear it, it's connected. So grumbled Kite, somehow thinks about the inability to obtain the current type of formula hire for the Patriarchate.

(If possible, I would like to receive a request from the person above...)

As surprising as it may be, in Enefia, even if one simple one-handed sword is taken, it has been reviewed once a few years for the granting of engravings and the like. It also looks like a simple cast, but it actually has engravings engraved on the patterned area that increase endurance, or a material change to match it.

And naturally, when you become an elite soldier in the military, that equipment will be given preferential treatment, especially good equipment. This engraving will also change considerably from the objects used by soldiers in general. If there were a weapon that would draw the currents of Murakami, it would be there. I would have liked to have gotten it if that were possible.

(Nevertheless... the request that boulders be equipped with equipment for that area can't be helped by this date alone. It would also be a fierce fight. Then... give up on this one. So, for now)

Well, for now. With that in mind, Kite raised her hand with every cheerful face as she entered the Luxerio branch.

"Sonya. Oh, my goodness."

"Yes, good morning"

I guess it's because there was a lot going on. Sonya used to smile. If you've come to the corner, say hello to her and look after the request. That was Kite's policy now. This is a common trend as an adventurer, and no one will be surprised by it.

"So what kind of request are you looking for today?

"Hmm... no fighting system for now? You don't have to use your head for now, but best."

"That's it all the time and all the time... don't you ever think of trying to be useful in the city once in a while?

"Ha ha. This will help the city."

This chat happens all the time. So Kate sits cluttered up in her chair laughing. So at the same time, I put a bunch of requisitions on my desk that Sonya had compiled exclusively for Kite.

"If it's a crusade, we have everything."


From Sonya's bundle of requisitions, Kate first looks at some of them. The most important part of a secret detective's job is not to be suspicious. It is therefore normal adventurers who should disguise themselves. And if you're just going to act like an adventurer, you can call it his specialty. And so he had a bitter face as he looked at a bunch of requisitions.

"Nah, that's not so good."

"I don't care if Mr. Kite gets asked to say he has teeth every day."

"Ha ha. Sora, sure......... well, if you want to take it, should you just take the millennium do hand-red? Well..."

Do you have any good requests? While Kate thinks so in two ways, she looks over a bunch of requisitions. That's how I found one affordable request.


"What's up?

"Tell me more about this request"

What Kate presented was an accompaniment to a periodical lookout around the city. The danger is not as great as it is, but it is the soldiers in general who are out there looking around, he said. The strength of the general soldiers is no different from that of the Empire or the Patriarchate.

I can't get the weapon itself. But there was a chance I could get as many shards as I could. The rest will depend on your luck. Worst of all, you might want to go out to a blacksmith other than the 'Gates Blacksmith' to find a weapon made of balls steel. I had several ways of approaching it.

"Is this...? Sure, it's easy... in Mr. Kite's case, you wouldn't even make a dime, would you?

"I'm gonna make a dime. You think I'm playing games?"

"Yes, I feel like I go to the brothel every night and pack it."

"I didn't go this way -. Sonya, I want to pour it all over you, so I'll put it away."

"You're a pervert."

Wow, I sighed with Sonya's heartbroken face at Kite, who raised her hand in a fun way. Again, if I put in this play, it will look like my partner (Yuri) because he is still my partner.

Nevertheless, he accepts Sonya's chilled gaze with pleasure. He doesn't feel like coming to the Luxerio branch unless he sees this.

"Eh. At some point, Sonya always decides to fall. Just give me the details."

"Yes...... didn't you put it in a weird way now?

"Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi"

You definitely said something to this guy. Sonya thinks so in her heart to a fun kite. In the first place, even though it is always proper, what is fun from earlier. He decided to point it out, so he didn't. And I decided not to pursue it in depth this time.

"... well, good. Details of this request for now, but this request will be a joint activity with the Church National Army as stated in the request. It's basically an outside look, but it should be less dangerous."

The mission has been instructed each time.

"Yes. Please take the instructions at the stuffing station. Adventurers are accompanied by people who have been judged to be able to escape alone in the unlikely event of a strong demon appearing."

"That means the reward will be transferred without any problem even if the troops withdraw."

After all, what basic adventurers value is reward. Therefore, as only an adventurer, Kate decides to focus on listening there.

"Yes, if the troop is withdrawn, the request will be fulfilled by the time the Adventurer is able to survive his service. Even if there is a subsequent investigation, this mission itself will be terminated, so you do not need to be accompanied"

"Hmm... a contract per patrol?"

"It will."

"That means if you're unlucky, it's over fast, and if you're lucky, you're on time."

"In Mr. Kite's case, if you're lucky, I thought I'd say"

"You're gonna tell me."

To Sonya's out-of-the-box praise, Kate shows her fangs in a superior mood. Kite can crusade first and foremost against the demons assumed by this degree of request. That's what he seemed to believe. That's how Sonya asked him.

"So, what do you do?

"Okay. In the direction of acceptance, please. Sometimes an easy job would be good. This place has been second only to battle for a while."

"Yes, I did. We will now proceed to receive"

In the words of Kate, Sonya begins the process of receipt. After hitting the console several times that way, she took out one wooden plaque.

"Submit this to the jar near the West Gate. This request is a regular one, so we can talk about it later."


When Kate receives a wooden plaque over Sonya, she tries to get up with it in her nostalgia. but just before that, Sonya grabbed his hand.

"Hmm? Will you even kiss me?

"No... a little ear."


Apparently, that means we need to talk confidentially. Kate listens to Sonya's mouth, as she is told.

"... this time, Mr. Kite is accompanied by a soldier of the end, even in the diocesan country. Bad gala, there is no such thing as... not many soldiers hate interracials. Something less good can happen. Be very careful."

"What. Is that so? Thank you for your concern."

Kite is registered as an interracial. Danger is inevitable if you meet fanatics than it is. If it's an attack, it's a good one, and if it's a bad one, you leave it in a danger zone. but all I can say is that such a thing was originally within the assumption.

Looking at it from Kate, I'm glad to think that Sonya, Laurent, and Shayla are very lucky. And he laughed at me like that, and Sonya accidentally dyed her cheeks red.

"No… it is only natural that, as a Union receptionist, we should do everything in our power to allow adventurers to return"

"Ha ha. I'll be careful. Oh, if you come back."

"I won't."

"You haven't said anything yet, have you?

"Let me hold you overnight."

"No, I tried to ask you about the rice... oh no. Sonya, are you actually insatiable?


Sonya dyes her face much brighter red than she did earlier on into a kite that tears herself up for fun. Thus, she waved her arms as far as she could to Kite.

"Oops! Oh, my God!

"You can say anything you want to chase back! Why don't you just go!?

"Hahaha! Then I'll go!

Kate waves to Sonya, who joyfully snorts and throws herself a bunch of requisitions, after the Luxerio branch. As such, he decided to rely on the map Shayla had given him all the way to the West Gate.