Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1727: Luxerian Nation - Friendship Beyond Seeds

A sword that draws the currents of the village's positive currents, that it is out in Luxerion. Kite had decided to undertake a joint mission with the Church Army in order to obtain the sword that the current Patriarchate was employing in order to investigate the matter. Such a task, but in conclusion, it was still a one-of-a-kind thing, as Kate feared.



It's a groundwater supply called this circuit route, but there were still many demons that were incredibly strong around the ordinary as Kate thought. Speaking as rank, Rank C to D demons would be fundamental. I had to say that the general soldiers were somewhat strong to get on board as a patrol.

Though, naturally, from kite, he's the only one who can say it's a miscellaneous fish. Therefore the faces of the soldiers of the Church who saw him annihilated with overwhelming fighting power were bitter.

"This is the place. Gentlemen, are you all right?

"Oh, oh... oh, you're strong, you are"

"No, I was still traveling a lot of different countries."

Kite tells that moderately to the captain, who managed to make a smile even as he dragged his cheeks wildly. If you give up on this. He just thought so.

Nothing spares their lives. I just get angry when I die for too stupid an act. Because I am angry at death for nothing as the god angel of death, and because I find it useful as a nobleman again.

"As, well. If that's the case, don't worry."

"I hope you think so."

Hearing the captain's bitter words, Kate continues to walk ahead. He looks around unannounced and reconfirms the situation.

(Hmm... constant in size. The width is… approximately 15 meters. The inner 8 meters is a water vein. Height… 7 meters. Depth is... on the boulder. I don't know that visually...)

Probably wide inside. Since Kite is not afraid to be seen, she puts a slight blur on her face without hiding it.

(The depth of the water... is probably beyond my back length. Definitely wouldn't be a busy thing if you were drawn in. Did you mean the ground is paved and used for water supply?)

Perhaps it was the Mars Empire that paved this place. Kite guesses so, making sure of the feel of the paved ground. Sure, it would be important for this water vein to be important, but I didn't think it was patrolling that often considering the demonic situation, etc. So Kate decides to give it a try.


"Hmm? Oh, oh, what?

"I meant regular patrols... but it looks like there are a lot of demons inside. Is this all the time?

Kite asks the captain who responded to herself, showing a slight rush. The captain was in a hurry because he was in a bad mood behind him. Apparently, he wanted you to get hurt so far. Of course, there's no way Kite hasn't noticed their evil behavior like that.

"Ah, oh. Well, I don't patrol every day. And this one is dark. It also connects to the river. I guess all sorts of demons are prone to spread. Besides, if we're okay alone, I wouldn't bother asking the adventurer for protection. Maybe we're the only ones here on the boulder with a flaw?

"I see...... sure, right"

Sure, there's a certain amount of muscle going through what the captain is saying. So as a kite, I had to convince myself of that. And directly beside him he nodded like that, a monster like a fishman popped out of the water.



If you dare, it feels like you put a knife there. The soldiers of the Church unwittingly round their eyes to Kite, who cut off the demons with ease as if they were paying even mosquitoes.

"Maybe you should take some action on the water veins. You won't eat this much if you're not so cautious... but if a recruit comes abruptly, you may not be able to handle it."

"Ah, oh. Right. Let's hang on to the Captain General."

It would still be because it is an indication at the place where the eyes were rounded. The captain seemed to be able to only snort his promises. So, a little pushing backwards with Kite in the lead, which is almost unrivalled. Kate asked again.

"I dived pretty deep... how far are you patrolling all the time?

"It's always the deepest part. As I think I explained, this water vein is an important one that is providing water to Luxerio. The source is behind this. Regardless, Luxerio has multiple boundaries unfolding, so it is unlikely that demons will enter, but if the numbers are still high, they may not be able to support them. We have to make a solid patrol to the back."


Kate nods one at the captain's words and turns forward again. That's how he sighed heavily.

(Well... I honestly believe you. I'm the one showing the wind... you think it's time you noticed. Now I can turn him back safely...)

As a kite, if their weapons are available, I've never crossed them, but if I can think about future activities, if I can get them without a dead person, I'd like to get them.

(Argh... these guys... they're probably going to leave me at the bottom. Are you nuts? Sure I can afford to take down the deepest part of this place... but you think we can just wake him up and put this demon of the whole underground waterway on alert and get away with it?

In view of the current situation, Kate puts a slight irritation on her face by speculating on the thoughts of the soldiers. As far as Kate reads the signs, there is a demon at the deepest end of the line close to the Lord of this water. He's asleep now, but if he moves, he's definitely a pain in the ass. I guess I shouldn't wake you up badly. but they were going to use kite to feed him. And that was how he read the signs once, but there he noticed strange signs.

(... hmm? Has anyone come to this waterline...? Think from the distance... are you still roughly near the entrance...? Is the travel speed... normal? The power is... it's a tunnel on a boulder, and it's too far, don't you see? The number is… one. Don't you seem lost in the footsteps? then you're an adventurer)

I wonder if I got anything for you. Kate sees some sign of someone new, I think. Nevertheless, I decided that it would be okay. The soldiers on the boulder would also ask for help if they were in crisis. There will be no chance that this someone will come to the rescue.

(You've been blessed, so one thing)

If there could be total annihilation, I think it could be Kite, but fortunately, there appeared to be something that could be a rescue. If you're not going to wipe it out, that's fine as a kite. If only you could drop one weapon in the water. After that it would be good to deserve it. That's why Kate decided to keep going honestly and move on to the bottom.

Kite caved in with the soldiers of the Patriarchate, roughly an hour. After more than a dozen engagements, Kate reached the bottom of the cave. but when he got there, Kate accidentally forgot the soldiers' ruse to speed up his walk slightly.

"This is... heh. Could this be..."

With that said, there was something Lux said a long time ago. Just a little bit. Kate remembers a long time ago conversation. It was in a village when Kate handmade Planetarium for the comfort of the children.

'Water sources providing water to Luxerio. It was a fantastic sight there, too.'

'Heh... what kind?

"The Demon Shining Stone is shining like a starry sky. Turn off the light source, was this uh, planetarium...? It's like that. '

"Hehe. With that said, Lux. You told me there was a good place, and you showed me around at night. This certainly reminds me of it '


To Lucia's words, Lux dyes her cheeks a little red. That's a casual act on the journey. That's why Kate looked like she'd forgotten.

"Shigeishi... Shigeishi"

He's been a romantic for a long time. I guess Kate once sat here and talked about love. Reminds me of my best friend and his wife. Nevertheless, I can't get that sentiment forever. He therefore asked the captain to turn around and watch his surroundings with a lantern.

"Captain. This is what it looks like in the back..."

"Oh... hey, do it!

"Copy that!"

Apparently, the soldiers didn't want to stay here as long as possible. Nodding or no to Kite's inquiry, he goes into immediate action. That's how they threw a grenade-like demonic stone into the underground lake that the soldiers of the Ecclesiastical National Army had as one of their standard equipment. And the next moment. A giant water column went up.

"Good, run!


Kate sighed heavily at the captain and his men, who carefully activated the fence that was attached to the tunnel and the part that led to the underground lake and escaped to a glance.

It would be too foolish to think that a fence of this magnitude could prevent Kate from escaping, but it does hold back. What's more, I guess the Lord of this Underground Lake can manage.

"Well... what's gonna happen?"

How many will die? Kate feels less emotional about the soldiers who fled at first sight. In response to the Lord's awakening of the Underground Lake, this whole cave was becoming increasingly noisy. Perhaps the sleeping demons have woken up and begun to act.

(Daita, let me clean the demons to make sure they're safe on their way home... I didn't crusade the demons sleeping under the water...)

Short and shallow. A fool who puts his men at risk. If this was an operation that the Commander-in-Chief also acknowledged, we should review the overall quality of the soldiers in that stuffing. As one of the traders, Kate makes that assessment. And, like that, if he turns around the underground lake again, something slowly but emerges from the bottom of the water.

"Ho... Oriental dragon... the type of 'Water Dragon' that is also close to Western dragons. That's a medium size too. Centennial...? How dare you? Well, it's never been crusaded before."

What emerged was an elongated form of dragon that sank the body's half onto the water. Water Dragon. Besides, it was intimidating inside to see if it was going through there years. There will probably be about Rank B. If you are a concurrent adventurer, you are not an opponent who can fight without preparation. Such a "water dragon" breathes heavily, releasing as much < > toward kite as you wish.

"Whoa... I didn't wake you up."

Kite says so with a laugh as she leaps off the scene and turns to the back of the underground lake using < >.

"Hmmm... but it's rare for a 'water dragon' to build a nest in a place like this..."

While avoiding < >, which is similar to a water cutter, Kate leans her neck towards rarity. And an intruder appeared abruptly in such a place.

"Kite! Wait!

"Oh... lux. What's wrong, all of a sudden..."

It was Lux who showed up. Basically, their emergence is free to do so, so there's no problem in showing up, and most importantly, with this level of opponent, you can stay alert but avoid attacks without any problems. I don't care if it doesn't even destroy the underground lake.

"Haha. I'm sorry. Let us take care of this water dragon."


"Long time no see"

"Oh, even Lucia. What's the matter, both of you... anything?

"Well, that's the place. I don't care."

Lux originally came from the Church, and he himself has made it clear that you are here. So Kate decided to leave it to the two of us.

"Well, okay. I'll take care of it."

"Yeah...... Lucia"


At Lux's request, a fairy feather appears on Lucia's back. During her journey with Kate and the others, she was able to do this again. As she rose into the air, she turned to herself and stopped in front of the Water Dragon, which was about to release < >.



Exchange your gaze while you are alone. Then somehow, the rough breath of the 'Water Dragon' calms down. Seeing those two, Lux also raised his voice.

"Hey, you know what I mean!?


Apparently, this "Water Dragon" knew about Lux and Lucia. Though I grew up, I saw about Lux and had slightly opened my eyes. Thus, "Water Dragon" stretched his neck in such affection for him.

"Haha. You've grown."

Lux strokes his head delightfully in the "Water Dragon" that rubs his head against his intimacy. Thus, Kite, betrayed by the same person, somehow ended up in a strange situation of successful rapprochement with the demons.