Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1731: Luxerion Nation - Looking Forward -

Kite was making a leap to examine the darkness in the dark parts of the Luxerian country. Such was his success in obtaining a single-handed sword for the intended ceremonial recruitment, using measures conspired against him in reverse. That's how he succeeded in obtaining a one-handed sword. When he returned to Luxerio with it in his hand, he first returned to his inn to drink at the window when he stored a one-handed sword in a different space.


It is still psychologically stressful to retrieve artifacts. So it wasn't a good emotion as a kite either. That's how he tries to get the one-handed sword he got once.

"... Shit"

It's a bad feeling. Kate accidentally tongues at the subtle but returning feeling in her own hands.

"This guy definitely has a positive village flow..."

I've been using Masayichi Murakami's sword for decades. If it was the weapon of any other genre, I knew immediately that it would return if it were to draw the stream of Masayichi Murakami. Besides, I even have a bad feeling about this.

"Heterogeneous killing... No, it's not that realm, this is..."

Kill. The feeling that returns to Kate's hands is the feeling of killing the so-called heretics < >. Therefore, he had a bitter face.

"... how much blood did you make me suck...? This... the maker is totally fascinated by the demon knife making. Something is happening that my grandfather is most afraid of... I see. It seems good to see that the broken ones have arrived instead of the main body..."

I don't know who thought of this as a big book. but the power of a thoroughly streamlined < > was limited only to the killing intent of killing anyone. Nevertheless, this is not the case when it is said that this will have so much strong power. There were certainly some limitations.

"Hmm... this is probably... something that melted and reused Murakami's knife once made... right. I'm in trouble. It would be obviously more efficient to build a single superb object."

What the hell did you intend to do with this? Kate thinks so. Kate has heard that this is not impossible in principle.

(What was it... I do completely erase the concept that resided in the knife when breaking it down into materials in Murakami Masaki, but if I reused Jade Steel without doing so, it would be a rebound and the concept of < > would remain intact...)

I don't know what other genres are up to, but Kate is made to understand almost all the principles if they are the Murakami Masashi. So if the genre used for this is Murakami Masaki, then it is good to say that this view is correct.

"Well... no, should I leave this to Dragon Dare and Grandpa"

What Kite is being asked to do is get the sword of the Patriarchate's ceremonial adoption. Experts will find out more about the power, its principles, and manufacturing methods. So he took out the special cloth he had brought with him once he regained his mind.

"... good. That completes the first sealing action. Now you won't find out."

The cloth was marked with a complex pattern using special ink, which had the effect of keeping the inner object sealed and not transmitting the influence from the outside to the inside. I can avoid some influence if I wrap this around it, so I'll be able to bring it back later without finding out if I keep it at the bottom of Kite's different space.


For one thing, now we have access to the most important papal soldier's ceremonial recruits in this leap. Kite realizes it again and tilts the amber liquid.

"... you've been drinking all day. I don't know how. I don't know..."

I've been drinking since I returned to Luxerio first thing in the afternoon. The only time I wouldn't have had a drink would be about an hour into that cave. Rethinking that, Kate laughed and put the glass down.

I never drank too much, and once I was completely drunk with the medicine in the first place I was drunk. but if you've been drinking on boulders for half a day, you'll get tired of it. It looked like I was no longer in the mood to drink alone.

"... go home"

A little early, but that's why it would be good to flirt with cherry blossoms anyway. When Kate remembered that, she decided to leave the demon on the spot and return to the hotel.

Well, the day after dawn. When Kate interrupts her activities as an adventurer in order to avoid suspicion once the leap has come to an end, she decides to resume her activities as head of the Flip Adventure Department. Therefore, it coincided with the resumption of activities, but in conclusion this one did not have much work left to do either.

"Phew... that's all."

"Mm-hmm. The paperwork's over."

Tina nodded again at Kate's crush, too. What they were doing was organizing the material recovered on this day as well. Again, given its size, the Institute's materials are very numerous. The time seemed to take quite a while.

Besides, only two of the largest Zero Golem Development Rooms and Zero Magic Development Rooms are now recoverable. From now on, the researchers of the Patriarchate alone are going to be collecting proper materials from other small laboratories.

"Well... now we can get into our original moves."

"Hmm. Now I can say I owe you back"

Kate and Tina move on, only as a superficial story. This time, the cooperation of the kites with the Patriarchate is, in a sense, a consideration for the generosity of the Patriarchate. So you can say that I owed you back by playing a part in the investigation here and the organization of the materials.

Most importantly, to get in here - because there are mysterious adversaries - I couldn't do it without the fireflies. I'm glad to say that at that point it holds enough.

"So, kite. What do you see in the Lord?

"It's not impossible."

Kate giggles slightly at Tina's inquiry. Yuri will take you in case, but I didn't think that would be necessary either.

"Hmm... Then the problem is, I don't know how to get the rest inside."

"I don't know... what's going on?"

Take Tina's word for it, and think kite too. It's kind of an all-purpose kite, but it's also a good place to have difficulty in getting information on the mention that he dived into the deepest part of the lab where the toughest defensive nets of a time are laid. So if I can get it, Tina will have to go, but then I had to think about a lot of things. To those two, Yuri opened her mouth.

"Why don't we just marker it?

"If you can do that, you won't have a hard time."

In response to Yuri's point, Kate sighed heavily. If I can do that, I've been doing it since the beginning. Because we cannot do that, we are in trouble.

"I don't care if you preach to Buddha or if I'm better at magic than I am. I don't care if I drool... what's a hidden form in the first place?

"Hidden Shapes... The art of reading and hiding your figure like a letter, right?

"That sort of thing. I'm just doing it blind or unaware of the entity, not losing it. In that regard, Tina's hidden form remains unchanged. As long as it's hidden."

Kate once again speaks to Yuri's inquiry about the foundations in hidden form. The methods are varied, such as cutting off optical camouflage and signs, but the foundations of this foundation remain unchanged. Entities can't be erased. Then there were two persons with special powers against it.

"What worries me is that the two enemies, Lord Ishikusai and Lord Soku, are there. If either of these two are attached to or lurking in the lab's protection, there's no point in hiding them. I guess I'm the only one who can fool you."

"Can you do it?

"If it's integration with the world, it's Lord Nobunaga's word that talent is beyond those two. If so, I guess I can... I've never tried it before."

If you can do it or not, you can do it. That's what Kate says in response to Yuri's inquiry. So he can manage to sneak in after using optical camouflage.

but Tina, on the other hand, has no taste in martial arts. What's more, it's too late to say that I've learned from it now. The opponent is an old strong man who devoted all his life once to martial arts. It is not the person to be dealt with without a burning blade. Then, what I want to use is a marker.

This is inorganic. It is not easy to read the signs of inorganic objects with those who are good at reading them. It would be possible if you hadn't distracted yourself, but it wouldn't be easy to find out where that marker was hidden, boasting that vast lot area.

"... but now I don't know what will happen to the sensors. There will now be a number of lost technologies in the Malus Empire. I don't know yet, but there may be a periodic table of elements. Regardless, given the extent to which we know what's going on, there's no better planet than Earth."

"but...... I don't expect to look into the iron in detail. Then…"

"Markers may also be found out by metal detector principles," he said.

"That sort of thing. I'm joking about boulders."

I should have looked into the Malus Empire a little more. Kate laughed, clapping her shoulders at Yuri's conclusion. As it stands, it doesn't go any further. Nevertheless, there are conclusions. We have to get to the deepest point. That's all for sure.

"... do we have to do this"

"What are you thinking?"

"This guy."


What Kite took out was one capsule. That, of course, was what Tina found out.

"It's... a capsule of demons. Hello, Lord..."

"You're going to have to. Anyway, they have a hand tag that could have noticed this way. Then we just have to target when we can't use that hand."

"Mmmm... sure, but... mmm..."

"Wow. I think it's a risky idea."

If both Kate and Tina leave the adventure club, all that remains is the ordinary adventurers who are no different from the ordinary ones who led the moment. That's all it takes to get me through this difficulty. Nevertheless, there is nothing we can do about it.

"Well... there are both kanata and fireflies. Especially now the fireflies are even higher than they were before they came. I'll figure it out......"

"Mmmm... can you go with that?

"... perhaps, but. Besides, it is certain that Lord Sokku will come here. but at the same time he acts differently. Kusu is, well, no problem. Then I'm worried about Ba and the others who don't know who they are... Kusu will do something about it"

"Mm? Don't act?

"Oh... only Lord Sokku acts differently. In that case, Lord Ishikusai will not come. After that, the outbreak battle, Kane."

Kate recalls a while ago and makes that clear about Soku and Ishikusai. Here, there is. The battlefield he wants. If so, there's no way I wouldn't have used it there. That's why he acted differently. Because I don't want to be disturbed. The mood was best understood by him, the disciple.

"Hmm... they... knew, huh?

"Oh... definitely"

For Kate, I knew it, but it's the first time Tina's been here. That's what Kate said, though. Probably the truth, I thought.


Cut up the discussion with Tina once and Kate looks far beyond. but he's not far from here. Probably should have come close by already.



"Long time no see...... no, it's my first battle with the same gate then. Now I know a little bit about how far the end is"

The only thing Kite has fought for so far is the Shinkansen, said to be the man closest to the culmination of his ancestry. Therefore he cannot grasp how far that back is, even if that back is visible to him. Even if the end is visible, it's too far away to grasp the sense of distance.

But even though Soku and Ishikusai did make a name for themselves as swordsmen and were his brothers, the Synopsis would not be exceeded. Using that as an indicator, he therefore intended to gauge how far he was at the end of the day.


Just quietly, Kate forgives her to keep her inner fighting spirit. As such, Kite decided to spend a small amount of time in battle as just an adventure kite now.