Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1751: Luxerion Nation - Magic and Bow

When Kate was battling the 'demons of the narrow' over Luxerio. Fighting against a bunch of demons was taking place near the defensive airship of the Adventure Department. Nevertheless, I saw no struggle over this.

First of all, there were additional magic cannons installed in various parts of the airship, which were also useful to non-combatants, and the fact that the entire system of the airship was assigned to two types of attack and defense made it an impromptu fortress. In addition, there are times when demons come in limited directions, and it is significant that it was very easy to prevent war.


So far, so good. Tina makes that decision about her choice not to escape. As it stands, the bad guys think they are the seven headed by Kusu. When that happens, the most important thing to be aware of is Ba, a rigid bowman.

They know best about Bar's bow skill. In front of her stiff bow, there's not a single spacecraft. Whether it's Tina's improved airship or the one she built.

(... location, good. No shadow around you. Status of each user demon, no problem)

Tina alerts herself to sniping from the bar beside the demonic interception. For once, from the composition of Kusu and the others as far as I can hear, I don't think there will be much damage to the adventure department. Above all, as far as we talked in that Nakatsu country bathroom, Pa is a samurai-skinned girl, but I don't think that's why she creates senseless sacrifices.

It's a mystery why she's giving it to < >, but it's only true that she's an enemy. Caution must be exercised.

(There is no such thing as being surrounded by enemies. Don't worry about it for now)

There is no danger of attack for now. Tina decides so and floats one relief. It was her instructions that landed us on this spot. A place with a good view is easy to snipe, but on the contrary it is also easy to grasp the enemy's actions.

And if it was distance vs. distance, this definitely had a minute for Tina. She can even make kite complete if it's a long distance. If they hadn't even gotten close, there shouldn't have been a loss.

(… the current situation. War power is all that's left. but if it's a defensive battle, there's more to it. 'Fortress' No problem. circumstances sufficient to protect it)

Tina's specialty is witchcraft. Therefore, one of the best defenses is to stay at one point. If the adventure clusters were in one place, we could protect them. And the firefly contacted me on the comms.



"Shall we leave the machine too? Although considerable damage is assumed '

"No, then no. As I said earlier, your lord is waiting there."

In response to Firefly's suggestion, Tina immediately shakes her head. This time, only fireflies remained inside the airship, leaving the operation of the airship to them. The most troubling thing about this situation is that she turns to the enemy. So she was manipulating the airship by brokering a number of drones out of a completely shut out maintenance capsule.

"In case the Lord manipulates you, that's a nightmare. I know the performance of your Lord well enough. If < > is the maximum output on the city, try activating it without boundaries. At worst, Enefia will be devastated. Fighting here is strictly forbidden beyond the sight of enemy thoughts"

Copy that.

With Firefly's consent, Tina once again re-washes the enemy's actions and her own. I can't see the current state of affairs on the rabbit or on the corner, the thoughts of the enemy. What is the purpose of this place? I had to understand that.

(The next thing to think about is when the enemy will arrive. And we need to be able to secure the information while Kite infiltrates. Later......)

Was there anything I had to do later? Tina thinks many things with many thoughts that activate in parallel as she slams the storm of shelling against the demons. and a single arrow flies in, as if you could see it wasn't focused on the fight that way.

"You think you can drop the rest to that extent? If so, it was licked inside."

Tina's barrier and Bar's arrow clash as she raises the clear sound of no, no, no. and countless more arrows flew into the vicinity to avoid the barrier clashing with such a noise.

"Mm-hmm? I never thought I'd be able to break the rest of the defensive net to that extent."

So what. Tina, who said otherwise, expands the barrier even more widely to cover the entire airship.


What's your next move? Tina looks at the countless arrows that are randomly fired from all directions, and thinks about it as she looks for Bar. So many opponents. It will be easy to stop at one point and snipe from all directions.

Conversely, it is easy to rapidly fire this number while constantly moving. Regardless, it would be reasonable to hide this and fight in close proximity. All possibilities were swirling in her head. Nevertheless, among other things, she saw a possibility first. And right after. She went for it, and there was so many arrows flying that she couldn't compare to the arrows she'd ever had.

"I can see it!

To the flying arrow, Tina points at the tip of the cane. As for the logic of things, the wider the scope, the weaker the power of the barrier really becomes. This becomes a matter of cost effectiveness and how much magic the person can put out at once, a matter of faucet and capacity.

So the more it spreads, the more likely it is to be broken, but there is no way Tina could have missed the basics in that.


"To this extent, you don't praise Mr. Liang? The rest is the Demon King. Even the title of the highest demon emperor in history. This degree cannot be overlooked. So the Demon King cannot be named. '

Tina flaunts her shoulders laughing joyfully at the praise of the bar, which echoed from nowhere. There is no way to overlook the fundamentals in the basics, and what we should consider coming as the first proposal is to take a powerful blow during this extended state.

And at the same time, she read so far - apart from reading - that she was hitting the next hand. but that's why she couldn't help but surprise herself.


Tina pointed her gaze at you by identifying the direction in which the arrows had flown, but that seemed to be close range. Apparently, he put restraint on the tow and was approached this distance. Nevertheless, this is still to be assumed. Therefore, Tina immediately activates the trap that she has strained around.


Towards the flame-blown ground, the bar jumps up slightly and taps in an arrow to blow Tina's tense trap all over the ground. That's how she releases an arrow toward her own landing spot and fleshes with tremendous momentum toward the airship in a light motion at once.

The face was fun, even as if he was playing. Apparently, she's a samurai too. And against her like that, Tina was laughing again.

"Look... good. Are we going through the rest of the minefield? No, its temper and goodness. I'll deal with you soon enough."

Tina identifies the bar that comes toward her in a straight line as an enemy. And this is a battlefield. I can't really fight because of the situation, but I'm not going to play. So she waves her wand toward Bar, who comes in a straight line toward herself while avoiding the trap.


I can see Tina getting serious and the bar slightly deepens her grin. It wasn't funny that I didn't have to come, it was just a grin as a plotter that I rode at the same time.


Tina laughs again against such a bar. Perhaps this is the hand that can be put in the hands of the enemy, I know. but it is obvious that if we suppress the bar here, it will cause tremendous damage to the adventure department. And it is good to say that it is precisely Ba alone that can be contained by her now. Then one of the latter will have to leave it to someone else again.

The laughter of the bar seemed to be in anticipation of it. And there's something about it. Most importantly, since Kusu has taken control of the seven people so far, it was great not to have to be so dangerous.

"I wonder if we can move this forward just like before."

Fun, Tina activates countless magic formations floating in the hollow. After a few moments, it begins to spit out countless demon bullets as if they were gatoring, and it arrives with a bark in its face. In contrast, when Ba puts an arrow into the ground and forces Tina's trap to be destroyed, he stands on it and leads the bow.

"... Phew"

On the verge of shooting a bow. Ba takes a deep breath only once to set his aim. Thus, in an instant, she unleashed an arrow toward the place with the highest density of demon bullets, accumulating magic.

"Ho! Don't do it!

At the same time as releasing the arrow, she kicks herself up and jumps, raising Tina's impressed voice at the bar that at once leaves the siege net of her own demon bullet. and the bar on the other side, but kicks the void to flesh to Tina at once after slipping through the siege net of demon bullets. but in contrast, Tina had already finished her next hand.

"Idiot! In a straight line"

"I don't think I can go!

Has the opponent gone above and beyond? Tina, who was going to knit a magic formation and intercept herself and the bar in such a way as to connect herself to a straight line, sees that the bar that kicked the void already had a bow. Just before that arrow was released. Tina rewrote the magic that was unfolding in a hurry.


At the same time as the arrows are released, Tina's rewriting of magic is over and I see a white back inside the magic formation. That was definitely the back of the bar. but this is still aggressive behavior. Therefore, she could see her own back, but she didn't even see the space connected. But she was perceptible, and she shot an arrow at the bottom.

"Not yet!"

Against the flying arrow directly below, Tina starts and intercepts one of the traps the bar didn't crush. Meanwhile, the bar does not kill the recoil of the arrows and rises to the sky, releasing the arrows again and again as it is, moving only in recoil.

"Clever! But to that extent! I'm used to seeing you in Soleil!

Soleil specializes in such cursive behavior against Frodo, who specializes in high-powered sniping. It was therefore a familiar and not particularly surprising behavior to use the recoil of a bow to travel through the air. And, that's her, but I still could afford it. Therefore, I always responded to the report from Firefly.

"They say it's a situation."

"I see. Let's reinforce Kuzha and Aura. That's not weak, either. We'll figure it out. '

'Got it. I'll be careful with you both.'

"Give it to me. Because if there's anything there, Kite's gonna run out of bees. If you say so, you'll be safe."

"Yes, sir."

If there is anything in Kuzha and Aura on the rabbit or corner, then Kite will be pretty. That was more than anything else Tina should be afraid of. but paradoxically, there's nothing I should be particularly concerned about if I even care about that. After that, if Mel is safe, which leads directly to the morale of the emperor Leonhardt and his people, which leads to his strategic defeat as Emperor, he can rebuild.

"Well... we'll play later for a while"

What hurt Tina more than anything else would still be that she was a witch herself. If you fight seriously and stand out, you will find out that you are the demon king Justina, and inevitably that is nothing more than the expose of Kate's identity. It is where I would like to get rid of the bar quickly if I could, but the reality was that I couldn't say so either. Therefore, she decided to continue her engagement with Pa for some time now in order to show how she was struggling.