Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1760: Luxerion Nation - Time Bomb -

After the defeat of the battle against Soku. Although Kate and Tina came as reinforcements to the battle between Rufaus and Kusu, the battle also shows up a clown who was still in the server room at the beginning.

Such intimidation prevented the knights of the Below Rufaus Patriarchate from moving together, and the clown left with Kusu after some report, while Kate did not give a hand in view of the state of his injuries. And then. The knights all bowed their knees to the clown who once showed his will to fight but left.

"... that's... < >..."

Dealing with hundreds of Rank S adventurers, making them the strongest and worst four who never sustained one injury. One of them. Besides, the clown is the weakest of the four. Yet everyone couldn't move with their feet clasped.

"It wasn't an exaggeration... that was it... that was it..."

< >. Four Demon Generals who were originally called < > to be too strong to say < >. Among the most vicious and worst demon king Tistenia's subordinates are the misdigits. The knights understood wholeheartedly that it was not any exaggeration.

"... can you stand?

"... oh. Sorry."

With everyone kneeling, Rufaus manages to get up with Kate's hand. That's how he stood up, but his knees were laughing.


"I can't seem to. Rufaus, I'm sorry, but I want to protect you."

"Is Lord Kite all right?

"It's the second time. Resistant."

To Rufaus's inquiry, Kate reminds him that this is not the first time he has encountered a clown. Heavenly cherry blossoms were chosen in that first hand, as everyone knows. Kite and Sola had encountered each other again, and even the second time they said so, they made sense.

"Right...... so, what do I do?

"I need protection here. What is being set up first. Or is nothing set up? We need to find out if it's been destroyed or something."

"... sorry. It's what we're supposed to do that we're not so injured... Ha. I can't move my legs properly."

To Kite's response, Rufaus laughs in a very rare way. Apparently, he didn't go flat either.

"That's good. That's from bad...... Tina. Let's go."


One laugh at Rufaus' conflicting joke, Kate heads to the server room with Tina. At the same time that the door was closed behind them, they learned of the existence of the time bomb that had been planted.

"... what... then...?

"What the fuck... think about it!?

What was in the server room was probably a small monitor that the clown thought he used to erase the information. But that's not a time bomb. The footage on the monitor was the time bomb.

"... this is Lord Justizia...? And... the rest of my mother... and...?


Kate can't hide her bitterness with frustration against Tina, who complains and confuses herself with the footage of two melons. You should want to hide it from them in the first place. And for some reason, I exposed it here. I didn't understand it for some reason.

(What's the purpose? What's the point of this? Besides, are you being polite with Tina's mother? Don't be ridiculous...)

What Kate stares at is another picture left by the clown. That was where Tina and her parents were. This was shown on the monitor.

"Kite. What the hell is this..."

"... I don't know"

I'm not lying. He's with me on what's kind of refreshing. but in response, Tina understands that Kate doesn't know, but it means something else.

"... what does your Lord know?


What to do. Kate wanted to think about it for a long time. But I can't. There is no time for that. There's even Rufaus and the others in the back, and it's not weird whenever they come. Therefore, he accidentally turned away his voice.

"Ah, damn it! Wait a minute! Fireflies! Connect me to the Empire's grandfather!

My name is Grandpa?

"It's Lord Heisenberg... connect as a top priority no matter what. Whether it's a fight, a funeral, or a meeting."

Copy that.

I don't know what it is, but it's my destiny. If so, there was no denial in the fireflies. So, dozens of seconds. Jake, Lord Heisenberg, left the comms.

"What! This one's busy right now! I don't know! It's not a big deal. '

"Ugh! Shut up and listen! This one's more serious than that!

"... you know what?

"... the worst of it all. It's worse than the Pope dying."

He understood how much Jake, the Duke of Heisenberg, had created a swordswallowing atmosphere on Kate's too sword screen. Thus, in the words of such a kite, Jake, Lord Heisenberg, understood everything and blued his face.

"... No Way"

"... the clown bastard left a time bomb. It's also extra-large, you know... so clearly that you can escape the word by the time you're completely skinless, Lord Justizia and Ikes... and the childhood Tina caught by it. It's right in front of Tina, too."


No way. What's the worst that can happen? Jake, Lord Heisenberg, lost his word to a situation he hadn't assumed. but thats kite with me. Those are the two people who can't carry on those two sentences, but there Tina interrupted them. It is also a considerable sword screen, is.

"... kite. Come on, let's talk about it. I will not allow you to conspire against boulders, no matter what your Lord may do about them."

"... I know. I can't let you get away with it... but give me a minute."

"Then no!

A fierce pressure is released from Tina's body. What I don't know is that she's with me, but most importantly, how Kate couldn't bear to hide it knowing her own parents. Her words are so particular that Kate does not prevent that pressure in any way and exposes herself.

"... calm down, it would be useless to say... there aren't enough people to tell you everything. I've only heard it since I decided to protect you."

"... really, isn't it?

"Oh...... I swear. And there's one thing I can say. He asked me to hide it from you."


Let me hear it. Silently, Tina encouraged him to do it with her opponent. Besides, kite opens her mouth.

"... Ixfos entesia... your father. He asked me to hide that he was still alive."

"The rest of my father... but?

"Oh...... let's talk more about it later for now. Now we should serve our purpose... right?

"... um"

There are endless questions. but it was no other Tina herself who preached to kite that public and private should be divided. Therefore, she and Kate set up magic props for communication in the server room, applying everything she needed to meet the Rufaus and the others.

Okay, then an hour. When Kate was taken under Riesha, she was talking to Tina beside being treated.

"... Hey, Tina. It was a long time ago... remember?

"... what then?

"How did you know where your seal was?"

"I heard."

It was a long time ago. Some time after Tina was resurrected, she asked the kites. I wondered how Claudia could finally find her sealed land in just a few months and unseal it.

And here's what Kate answered. With the power of the Great Spirit, we can afford it, he said. Tina had doubts about this. I wondered if my brother-in-law had even assumed that degree. But what you say also makes you uncomfortable with the Great Spirits. I just thought so, and I didn't say it at the time.

"... to Ikes. Your father asked me to. He said to help Tina."

"... why are you here to help yourself?

"... one thing is that I couldn't. Right... you don't know..."

Somewhere sadly, Kate is normal for herself, and I think about her father, who she doesn't know too much about for Tina. That's how he starts talking slowly.

"Even if he has a special talent, he's not as versatile as Lewis. He can't break your seal... so he came to me."

"Why did you come to the Lord?

"... for a few reasons. First and foremost. I know... I should say that it was about me at that point to unseal you."

"Hmm... sure, I guess that's right"

As far as I can think, only Kite would have unlocked her own seal directly from the front in those days. Tina thinks of Kite, who can follow all the Great Spirits, and affirms so. The seal that had been applied to itself was definitely the first area that could never be lifted if it had been made normal. If it's possible, it would be enough for her to disarm it from the inside.

but if that's not what you want, all you can think about later is a forceful force move with the help of all the great spirits - including the four highest-ranking ones. And now Kate did. Well, that's what Claudia mistakenly developed into a battle. This is unavoidable.

"And then... maybe Heisenberg's grandfather. He was always connected to your father, reporting on your trends."

"... I see. So..."

Apparently, from time to time, Jake, Lord Heisenberg, noticed some inclusive gaze at himself. If it is the beloved Son of the Lord, it seems satisfactory.

"... tell me. Why did you throw the rest away?"

"No. Make no mistake... you weren't dumped"

Abandoned. That's what I tried to say. Blocking Tina's words, Kite pinches her mouth. So, Kate looked around once to make sure Risha wasn't there - she went to get the medication for the treatment - and opened her mouth.

"... this. This is something that Lord Heisenberg doesn't even know about Jake or many other first generations."

"How do you know that?"

"The person who taught it to Ikes told me... that's why you became < >"

"Eh! Does your Lord know what happened when the rest became < >?

Even Tina seemed puzzled to be told that she knew why Kite had become < >. Also, it was unclear how < > was born.

but Tina doesn't even know. Anyway, Kate is the closest man in the world to the truth. No wonder I knew more about < > than I did.

"Oh… < >. I can do it by having a guy who shouldn't be alive. Exceptions for the world. An existence that can't exist. Hence, the exception… < >"

"< > is…"

Tina opened her eyes to the truth told by Kate. And that meant that she was never born.

"… 700 years ago. As you know, your mother, Lord Justizia, lost all her core in the last battle and wandered the frontier of life and death. No, actually, it was one step later, and I was dying."

"I know that... no, well... then Lord Justizia... did my mother conceive the rest"

"Oh... but she... Leva... Leviathan. And finally, the legendary ancient dragon saved him."

"And did you save the rest again?"


To Tina's words, Kate nodded clearly. Leviathan. His power is to correct the reason for life and death. Therefore, on the contrary, he was able to disrupt it. He did it. As a result, he also helped Tina without realizing it.

"Thus, the disturbance of the laws of the world made you < >."


I think Tina already understood. In the first place, Ixphos himself is half out of the law of the world. That was easy to understand if you knew her aunt. She is also born again < >.

but in her case, it is because of the specificity of the clan. This one should not be born, but because of its nature, it was said to be < >.

"... and the rest of it, with so much strength, was closed,"

"... oh. A trustworthy handout… that is."

"That's good enough. Approximately, I understand the rest."

I can still say that Tina outweighs Kite a lot if she's intelligent. I think I've figured out pretty much everything so far. So, after returning, we'll talk more about it - Jake, Lord Heisenberg, was busy restoring the Imperial Capital in the first place - and now he's going to focus on healing his injuries for the first time.