Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1761: Tabernacle - The Leftovers

While Tina finally found out about her birth, In a distant royal capital, Jake, the Duke of Heisenberg, was in a great hurry to get all sorts of things in order. That ranges from having nothing to do with Tina's birth as Jake, Lord Heisenberg on the face, to having something to do with it in the back. Therefore, his work was very busy, and it was not impossible for Sola to wait.

"Phew... this is awesome..."

Sola, waiting for Lord Heisenberg Jake, just shudders as he looks into the holding room. In the first place, the opponent is the top nobleman of the great power. Normally, you can't pass in Sola's capacity. but for a few reasons he was called by Jake, the Duke of Heisenberg, who was coming to the Imperial Capital, so he ended up here. So I waited a while. Jake, Lord Heisenberg, appeared.


"No, you don't have to stand up. Sorry to keep you waiting."

"No... I think you're busy at the moment..."

I don't know what else to do. Jake, Lord Heisenberg, bowed his head small to Sola, who said so without saying anything.

"Understand, it hurts. And one more thing. This wasn't where Non intended it to be... but I have more permission than Kate. I'd like to hear more about it. From what happened at the Miniera earlier, regarding this raid on them. If you have a verse that comes to mind, let me hear it because it's any good."


Sola nodded one to Lord Heisenberg's desire for Jake. This time he was called to the Imperial Capital to help hear one of the opinions of the Duchy of Miniera after a report that he was feeling quite demoralized. but that's where I got caught up in this one. That's how he decided to remember it a few days before it started.

It started a few days ago. Sola, who remains in Maxwell, lived his days in charge of leading the Adventure Department while healing the wounds he sustained in one incident at Miniera. That's him, but this morning when I did the work of acting Alliance Master for the Adventure Department, it had been a precision inspection since the afternoon.

"... what do you think?

"... well... well, you can say this is pretty much the way it was"


In response to Meath, who was scrutinizing her own diagnosis, Sora makes a big gut pose. Is boulder a world of swords and magic, or is it the youthfulness of Sola? In about a month, Sola will be fully resurrected. That's how Meath laughed at him.

"Thank you, your wives."

"Oh, no, the... your wife is the..."

"I'm not shy. You may not have noticed, but the dish you two were cooking for me. It's a medicinal meal, isn't it? Understand how worried you two are and how much you've done. It wasn't me, it was the two of us who came back bigger and faster than planned."

"Ah... yes"

I nodded once with a shy sola but turning and serious face at the fact that Meese told me to push hard. That's all they loved, I guess.

"Great...... well. Now I'm just getting used to my body... but that's not where the doctor comes in anymore."


Even when the body was back to normal, the dull sensation did not come back to normal while I was resting. That's where Sora's going to get it back. He knows that, too, and he just snorts. And so he asks.

"So you can go to the request as usual anymore?

"Right. As a doctor, there's no better way to stop a patient than to recover. Just remember that you're in charge of Alliance headquarters right now."

"That'll be fine. If I forget, I don't know what your master will say later."

"Yeah. Then you'll be fine."

To Sola, who laughed and made it clear, Meath laughs again. She thought that she would be all right mentally if she looked like this on the inside. So with her permission like that, Sola goes back to the office. That's when I went back and I thought he'd changed a lot.


"What's the matter, suddenly"

"No, now try to come in again. He said he's changed a lot."


I was doing paperwork on Sola's behalf. I lean my neck against the abrupt Sola when Toryn returns. Against him like that, Sola said it because it seemed a long time ago.

"Look, I've been here for a while. I remember that time."

"... yeah. So?"

"No. I wasn't even Submass by then, and I didn't feel The Other World this way."


They also noticed that Toryn was told. This was common for him, but only human beings were present at the beginning. That's now even the pearl tribe like Toryn, which in a way began to make no big difference from the normal guild. It is a state where the base is located and the leader is the leader. Therefore, those wishing to join the group are close to climbing the eel, and can rightly be said to be up-and-coming.

Does it go with that, or because of Kate's fate, there are more interracials in the upper echelons, and even more frequently, Kate's morality or the children of the city. As a result, they were showing a completely different picture.

"That's good. Anything unusual, Toryn?

"No, I don't. Yeah, well, it doesn't matter if anything unusual happens at all."


Sora, laughing and nodding at Toryn's response, sits in her seat. It should be noted that such his assumption of the position of Submaster was due to an instant election.

It is still the moment to move forward as a warrior. Furthermore, at that time, the command capacity had declined. He had commanded enough of the first expedition there to elect Sola as a sub-master. To Sora like that, Toryn asks.

"Oh, yeah. Let me ask you something, can I get a full resurrection certification from my doctor?

"Oh, wow. Is something wrong?

"Look, the Heisenberg family told me last week that they wanted me to come to the Imperial Capital for the first time as soon as I got back in shape, right?

"Oh, that's what happened."

After all, one case in the Principality of Miniera became a global one. Therefore, the five Dukes were responsible for the response to the incident by the Emperor Leonhardt's immediate order, and if it was diplomatic, the Heisenberg family would still be responsible for the division. Later, the Liddell family assisted them, and if anything, the other three families would cooperate.

"So, if you demobilize, we need to make arrangements over there. Well, I can't take a day trip, but I think I can handle a night or two."

"Instead, it's going to be all right."

"Haha. Maybe."

Will it go on and on instead of being called in on time and be held for long periods of time instead of ending in one go? It was difficult to react when asked which was better. but this time Sola and the others were choosing this latter.

"Can I leave it to you to adjust your plans or something?

"Oh, you're already in progress with the McDawell family. Because today, doctors are supposed to make a full decision."


After all, it seems that brothers are places called brothers. It was like I was already reading and acting on a few of Sola's moves.

"Oh, erm... then when are we going to leave?

"Three days from now, I guess. Because by then, Mr. Maple will be back."

"Ok. Copy that."

After all, Sola is a submaster. Responsible position. If it was going to go out, it had to go out and do a lot of things. It should be noted that Maple is currently on an expedition for various purchases to a little further afield. That'll take over as soon as I get home, so I guess.

"Well...... whoa. Do it."

If it's possible, it's where I want to get around, but that's behind me. after doing what you do. That's how he decided to finish his paperwork and head back to the training ground.

Well, a few days after Sola's complete resurrection. Thora, who had made a few minor requests and had a dull sensation, has been busy this morning.

"Uh... good ID. Permission to enter the Imperial Castle is also granted. I don't have a problem dressing..."

"I got the paperwork done over here. For once, if you give this to the other side, the story should go fast, so give it to me."

"Ok. Thankyou...... good. I put in the paperwork, too."

The kind given by Toryn was put in a dedicated paperwork compartment, and Sola nodded one. Put this in the attachment case and you're done.

"Hey...... last. Time... an hour ago. No problem."

From here to the airport, worst of all, if you hurry on the adventurer's feet, it won't take five minutes. This time it will be a domestic move, a move between the big cities of McDawell and the Royal Capital, and Sola, whose identity is well secured. So the process and so on are going to be over soon, and we will be able to move it sparingly enough. That's why Sola, who confirmed her degree, told Toryn one thing.

"Bye, I'm coming."

"Yeah. I'll take care of this one for now"

"Oh... well, Yuri and Nanami, they're not coming"


"Yes, come on in"

When Sola finally tells her partner and lovers to leave, she decides to head to the airport. This time it's a night or two, and there's no battle expected. So for once, I was just sneaking a set of weapon protective equipment that had been repaired, just as I did on my journey with Bronzite, and my luggage was the minimum I needed.

"Um... I applied at the counter for now,"

This time in the form invoked by the imperial side. So Sola was just glad to use the tickets that the Imperial side had prepared for her and get in on the flying airborne.


So an hour later. He was taking a breather in an arranged flying airborne. It's a mixed trip with tourists and traveling adventurers. Kite has a special machine, but there was a difference in handling.

I don't know what to do.

Sora sitting in her seat thinks it's going to be a while. I have prepared a magazine for you, and I have spare time supplies at a store located in Flying Airborne, although it will be a little expensive. For him, who received a small amount from the Principality of Miniera for sight dancing and compensation, that was also a hand. And, for now, that was Sola reading the magazine she had brought herself, but the alert sounds abruptly there.

"Hmm? Ah... I was - duh"

Though in the midst of a flying airborne with a slight chirp in the alert sound, Sola on the other hand was entertaining. Because someone came all the way out here to get busted. That's how the onboard broadcast rings.

'We are under demonic attack. If you can fight, please help us.'


Now I can get lawfully raped. Sora was delighted with her face, taking part in the first large-scale battle in a long time, and then participating indispensably in several subsequent battles to show off her rampage as if to clear up the depression of the past year.