Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1770: Luxerion Nation - Home -

The State of Luxerion, at the request of Cardinal Ayul, was to visit the city known as Trayful, the home of her and her father Pope Yunal. Such was he taking only two of the attending doctors, Leesha and Yuri, aboard the flying airborne with Pope Yunal.

"This is... amazing"

Approximately a day since Kite boarded the airborne. It was just when the morning sun came in. I woke up today and again for my morning workout. It was him, but so I noticed the sight outside as soon as possible.

"A flower garden around..."

"Wow... if you suck, it could be spreading in kilometers"

"Oh... if this is the kind of sight that spreads, maybe people won't go to war"

Some seemed wild, but that was why the area around the city called Trayful was a vast garden. Both Kate and Yuri are overwhelmed by such a sight.

"Originally raised by my mother... once the village was destroyed by the plague, the flowers my mother was growing became wild"

Kite remembered Ayul saying that in a slightly bitter way. but now I didn't feel wild thanks to being serviced for nearly twenty years afterwards.

"About fifteen years ago...... is it? When the reinsertion of the trayful began, they thought about keeping the flower garden intact and using it."

"He thought about it, didn't he?"

"Haha. That's what my father suggested. I don't know the details either... yes, I do. '

Apparently my father is proud at this point. Ayul's face, which usually looks slightly suspicious, was somewhere shy and proud, with a clear reverence hidden. Kite looks down on those flowers from the flying deck. And my voice echoed where I was remembering that.

"Oh... I didn't know you had a client."


"Oh, good, good. Are you a workout?

"Yes, even though it was light and discussed with the attending so as not to blunt the senses"

Kite lists only a few bamboo knives he was bringing. It was Pope Yunal who came. He was out on the deck with only a few offerings. That looked surprising to the knights, who were in a great hurry to salute them.

"Well... I haven't seen my hometown from above in decades."

"... I think it's a great sight. I heard the garden was famous, but I didn't know it was this far..."

"Right...... thanks. I didn't raise them, I don't manage them... but it was my wife who raised these flower ancestors. I just didn't want you to lose it."

Kate is accidentally taken aback by the caged words of strong power. The word was not as pope, but undoubtedly as one father, as husband. I could never tell Kate that this was an act. And Pope Yunal laughed at him like that.

"Even so, this isn't the best part, is it? I have a better sight...... although I only see it in pictures too. Definitely a better sight than here."

"It's... I'm looking forward to it. I didn't know it was better than this."

"Um, look forward to it"

Pope Yunal laughs at Kate's words. And one of his servants tells him that.

"If you go out too far, you will be handicapped. I've been busy here for a while, so I'm around here today."

"Mmmm...... ha, ok. Let's do that. I'm sorry. I'm not too young for a few minutes. Wake up early in the morning and as soon as you get outside, this is it."

"No, it was nice talking to you."

"Oh, so am I. I'll see you later. Don't go out too far and catch a cold. Little lady, again."

He was once a disgruntled looking Pope Unil, but in the end he accepted the word of offering. One nod and he returned to the ship again. I guess it's a place where the net is not enough.


"What's up?

"I didn't feel like I was lying..."

"Hmm... sure"

From what I also saw, the words of Pope Yunal were authentic. In addition, I felt something sincere. So much so that I wonder what Ayul's distrust is from time to time.

"I wonder if Ayul has something in his belly because he suspects it... this is off, I wonder..."

"Mmmm... troublesome or troublesome... he's the enemy or the ally that separates us from each other."

Again, there are various facts to be surprised at, but on the other hand, there are some facts to take into account. I can say that it is easier to say that the sword used at the time of the adoption of the formula is the one that I adopted at the time, so I just continue to use it now. Then can I believe it? That's all I couldn't grasp. And Kite, thinking about it, suddenly quashed.

"... Hepu!


"No, it's just getting cold and a little cold... let's go back. Think hard, it's not about thinking outside either. We need to shower and get ready for today."

Pope Yunal also said that there is no former or child to catch a cold. The flying deck wasn't particularly cold with barriers, but it's still the autumn sky. It's hard to say it's ever hot. I trained so it was just fine for the body that was on fire, but it stopped moving and seemed a little cold.

Let's go back.

"Let's do that."

Being outside any more on a boulder will piss Risha off. I can't beat a doctor for some reason. Kate decides to go back honestly. That's how they showered once to prepare for today's activities.

Well, then about an hour. The flying airborne said the destination was close and was slowing down, but arrived first thing in the morning. Well, he slowed down slightly more than usual so that he wouldn't arrive very early. It's too early to be rude. Therefore, the flying airborne arrives at the departure site of the flying airborne near Trayful on time.

"Ooh... under the Pope. Nice to have you back."

"Oh, Salman. It's been a long time. Breath catastrophe, isn't it going to change?

"Thank you. You're right. We still watered the flower beds every morning."

"That's good"

It was the village chief of Trayful who welcomed Pope Yunal. Even so, it seems that he was not the village chief when he was there, but the person who Pope Yunal himself expected and requested with him during the resettlement.

Therefore, we have known each other for quite a long time, and the village chief is sure to welcome himself when he comes to Luxerio on some business. So he says it's not like it's been decades since he's been in his hometown, or that long since he's seen him.

"No, I'm sorry. I left it to management, but in the end, it was now that I could come"

"No...... so what about the situation in Luxerio? I hope it hasn't been terrible..."

"Oh, then I'm still spared the worst, I guess. Fortunately, several young buds sprouted and folk grass was protected. You may say the damage was kept to a minimum. Most importantly, if it wasn't, there wouldn't be any way I'd come, would there?

"Sure, that's right"

The village chief also nodded one to Pope Yunal's point. There was, of course, a lot of political stuff about this. Although Pope Yunal initially showed difficulty in getting to the trayful under this circumstance, he decided to perform as usual in order to appeal to the small amount of damage caused by the minimization of human damage. Regardless, it is the first visit to my hometown in decades and the surroundings have taken into account.

"Nevertheless, it still doesn't always work. I would have stayed here for the night if I had originally planned to... just take a picture and give it back."

"Did you...... so you can't even talk to me for too long. Come on, this way. We left the house at the same time."

"Thank you, Kite. Come here."


At the request of Pope Yunal, Kite proceeds with his steps. It is a traiful township that proceeds that way, but it was an idyllic landscape with blossoming flowers there.

"Wow... flowers everywhere. I mean, flowers and flowers everywhere..."

"This is... amazing"

Both Kate and Yuri seemed to have to be distracted by the sight of the boulder. It would still be because the original would be the pope's birthplace. The security looked pretty good, and the kids seemed to be running around there lazily. Exactly peace. That's how it looked.

"Oh...... I didn't know you were rebuilding this far. Salman. Well done."

"No... I wasn't. I was just putting everyone together. It's all the credit of those who worked with me in rebuilding."

In response to Pope Yunal's gratitude, the village chief bows his head. That way, being guided by him like that for a while to keep going. I reached the elegant church of wood.


There was an overflow of voices that seemed to impress me. That definitely belongs to Pope Yunal.

"... I miss it. Yes, here I was born and raised..."

Pope Yunal walks to the wooden church, as if guided. That's how he stood in front of the entrance, somewhere emotionally touching the door.

"... oh, I miss it. My aunt screamed at me on the steps of this door and got caught up in it... I hit my head as hard as I could and it hurt me."

It's still a landscape in my hometown that I haven't been back in a long time. I guess I have something to remember. Oh, but not like this, Pope Yunal sometimes gave in, sometimes stretched out, sometimes tried opening and closing doors, etc.

"Oh, yeah. Speaking of which, if I had sat in this chair and uttered it, Ayul would have even hung a crown of flowers for me... I miss it..."

Apparently, I have a lot of memories. In nostalgia Pope Yunal had his eyes narrowed. And in that place. One of his servants called out.

"I'm in front of a guest. Not really, the..."

"... oh, oh... you did"

For a moment he was a frightened Pope Unil, but he opened his eyes and nodded at the words of offering. That was even as if I was surprised at what I was doing. That's how he shakes his head once and regains his mind.

"No, I'm sorry. I got a little confused."

"No...... nostalgic homeland. Only if I'm far away from my hometown, too, will I know how you feel about it. No, I was wondering if you had so many thoughts about leaving home longer than I did."

"haha...... if you say so, thank you"

Pope Unil expresses his gratitude to Kite for his understanding of ugliness when it comes to his own. It would not have been the fault of my chi that that face was somewhere shy.

"Come on, this way. If we get this far to the boulder, I remember too..."

As if escaping the ugliness of the present, Pope Unal walks away with no hesitation. That's how I panicked about it, and the kites go on.

"Behind the church, there is a flower bed. She used to not play there... and she used to get mad at me when she said she shouldn't go in the flowerbed."

Pope Yunal walks a little early to the back of the Church. It should be noted that from what I heard later, they could have gotten out of the church backwards, and they did so at all times. but when I entered the church, I was about to eat time again, so I dared to turn from the outside. That's how I bypassed the church and went around the back, and it felt like it was one garden.

"This... this in that church? Or did it increase later?

"Ha. Wouldn't that be amazing? It was my pride. Of course, it's what my wife was raising. I'm in charge of other people now... but since she was alive, it's on this scale."

To Kite, who gets stunned, Pope Yunal shows the garden behind his own born and raised church, showing a slightly proud breeze. The flower beds, maintained over hundreds of meters, were lined up in a narrow area, and if it were Earth, it might have been an area where specialised companies would enter and do it in national parks and so on.

"I may have lost this individually or individually"

"Haha. Did you let the little lady tell you she lost? I wonder if that would be a souvenir to a good wife."

He said he created this personally. No, when it comes to individuals, there may be a narrative, but it's still quite a thing on a scale. Thus even Yuri, who has an equally large garden personally, could not help but be overwhelmed.

No matter how much magic there is, I could have called this scale an individual - although the residents at the time of the trayful were helping me - to care for it might have been one feat. And to such a Yuri a nosy Pope Unil, once again the offering speaks.

"Under... this way"

"Oh, thank you... I'm sorry. Before I do Ayul's request, I just want to run a few errands."

"... Yes"

What was in the hands of Pope Yunal was a flower for the hand offered by those around him. And in the heart of this garden there was one tablet, the meaning of which was beyond discernment. As such, the kites were likely to accompany Pope Yunal to his grave.