Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1776: Fall Travel - Know -

Research data from the central laboratories of the Mars Empire, brought back by the kites from the Patriarchate. The upper echelons of the Empire were discussing that analysis. Kite, one of those top executives and the biggest trump card against the < > >, continued to hold counter-measure meetings with them as they discussed the data.

"Does that mean there's not as much damage to this one?"


One of the civil servants who was compiling the damage to the Imperial Capital nodded at Kite's inquiry. As for this one, the Imperial Empire still means that Kate's legend, many other acquaintances, and so on may be in the Imperial Capital, and it seems that it was not as damaging as the demons. Above all, even if Tina magically consolidates the protection of the Imperial Castle. As a result, I had to say that the human damage was minor.

"Right. Well, this time it's obviously a place called Yang Dynamics. The raid began there at the same time that I was contacted in the diocese. This one is only positive and seems to me to be something that I didn't think would cause damage. but for once I ask. Is there a problem with the important facility headed by His Majesty the King and His Highness's legacy < >?

"So far, the problem has not been confirmed. By His Majesty's life, we are in immediate defense."

"Mm-hmm. Let's get the rest properly contracted out there. I also get people who have no doubt about people. There's no problem."

"Okay. If so, I don't care any more."

Kite nodded one to the emperor Leonhardt, who collateralized the words of a senior military official who answered his own query. Either way, the clowns will know that Ixphos can finally make a stand in relation to Tina. There is no problem where my hands have been put.

This is what they did. It's doubtful why we did anything to our detriment, but at the same time, we don't have to worry about < > anymore. I think it worked in our favor.

"So... I want to hear about the bad guy. I thought it was two women."

"Ha... here, we have CCTV footage for you. Check this out."

At Kate's request, a senior military official displays footage of Yoshino and Chiyoko. Besides, Kite got a strange sense of ready-to-see.

"These two are the bad guys."


"Kite. Do you recognize him? It is likely that you know each other in your Lord's time, headed by Kusu and Yara"

"Both of them, I think they look familiar... but at any rate, they have made it clear that their faces are changing..."

Kusu and his face were changing in the first place, so much so that even Kite, who had a man in his previous life who had met as often as Nobunaga Oda, could hardly understand. At the moment, it was difficult to say that they looked familiar.

"Nevertheless, if you look familiar, the possibilities of your Lord's time will be great"

"That's what I'm saying... if you've transformed so far, you don't know about boulders, do you? Well, I think you know strangely, so you probably know your face..."

I definitely know them both. Kate looks at Yoshino and Chiyoko and thinks so. And such a further report will be made to him.

"Oh, yeah. This is a report from Sola Tenjo...... what do you do? Do you want to call the person in?

"Hmm? Speaking of which, was Sola still staying?"

If it was true, Sola was due home in one or two nights, but she stayed to be treated for the injury and further investigated in this case. So he was supposed to return as Kate and the others returned. So Kate decides to have him called just fine.

"Oh, do that. Anyway, it has something to do with him, that's what I'm talking about... and maybe we can follow something on that line. Especially likely at the same time as me. Then you might be able to encourage him to wake up. That would make it easier to gather information"

"Ah... speaking of which, you did. Yes... Somebody call Sola Tenjo."

Upon Kite's suggestion, senior military officials nod one and activate the comms set up at the desk to put in contact outside. So, for a while. You'll be taking a break for a little while. So Kate opened her mouth somewhere for fun and dare to speak in Lord McDawell's tone.

"With that said...... Lord Heisenberg. It's been a long time since you've been on the front line."

"If Abel were here, I would have left it to Abel. They said there was no one there either. Then there's no other way out."

"Ha ha. I'm ashamed. I miss you. You got bummed once."

I guess it's because I'm old now. As for the psychology of Lord Heisenberg Jake, he was old and a little shaken up. He pointed at it slightly shy. Kite was having fun with him like that. And, inspired by such a story, Emperor Leonhardt also opened his mouth with a little fun.

"With that said... Lord Heisenberg"


"Are you hurt good?

"Compared to that one, it's still a place called a scratch. This is still the Dragon Clan. Don't worry."

In fact, Jake's injury to Lord Heisenberg is not a serious injury, along with the fact that a thousand generations of women have been relieving him. So to him who so undertook, the emperor Leonhardt floated with joy.

"Right. That's good...... so you don't have a problem hanging out with my game later?


"What? I was wondering if I could have played a little too if your lord had come out. My body is slightly dull because I couldn't get out. Now it would be nice if Lord McDawell were to breathe... but Lord McDawell is a major injury inside, as you can see. I need you to stick with it."

"... Yes, sir."

I was completely alarmed. Jake, the Duke of Heisenberg, noticed the breadth of his own words and could only snort as he dramatically drew his cheeks. In the first place, the Emperor Leonhardt would not have meant any simulated battles with Kite.

It was just a takeover. I was interested because the man I originally saw as strong was actually strong, so I guess that means. He was still an old and bloody emperor. And such emperor Leonhardt asked Kite, as he remembered.

"Ever... yes. That's just fine. Lord McDawell."


"How was your brother-in-law? Until the Lord Musashi made it clear that he was bound to overthrow him, so fierce that even your lord would be injured so far... I'm interested"

"Oh, is that Soku-kun?"

Certainly about this interest, it seems, was the interest of all those on this occasion to hold together equally. To this, Kate speaks of the feelings she gained herself.

"Well, that's what I say when I've been wounded so far... he's probably the weakest of those seven"

"... what? Did you publicly injure yourself that far?"


Kate nodded clearly to the emperor Leonhardt, who could not hide his consternation. But to this, Kate laughed furiously.

"No, being strong is strong, and you don't have to be pessimistic because you think they're overwhelming. If he really fights, he can drop the Empire by himself... but he can't do it now"

…… I don't know. I don't know if this is the best way to say it... but aren't you being weaker than you were?

"Yep. Probably more combative than I ever was... well, you don't have to worry about him anymore. I could see ahead of the battle between him and my master Musashi. (i) If you fight as a martial artist, let's cut it off clearly. Master Musashi wins,"

At this time, Kate had almost lost interest in Soto in a way. I can't help it either. Because he's right, I've looked ahead.

"The word. Not losing or something, huh?

"Yeah. I figured it out after his attack. The depths of Willow Shin Yin Liu, no knife removal. This is definitely cheesy. It's a losing martial arts if you let it hit you. but... the user will cry too in the Sokku Temple today. Besides..."

Kite, questioned by Emperor Leonhardt, dares to laugh one separated words there. Thus, he unequivocally affirmed.

"I fought and understood clearly. He's the only one who says he can capture them alive."

"Ho... you didn't even teach your lord"

"Yes, I heard you were just going to let him live and capture you."

To the words of Emperor Leonhardt, Kate nodded clearly. I did go along with the roots of Musashi, but I just vaguely understood why he wasn't going to kill me. but I figured it out clearly this time.

"... he is, really, stronger. I'm weak because I'm standing over there. He must know that."


Perhaps it was only if we fought that Kite saw something. The emperor Leonhardt had a slight mourning that seemed to him to have something he could see himself because he was also a warrior.

"... well, I'm at your disposal about that. If we can capture him alive, we can't commit death."

"Thank you. My master will surely take you home."

What you see is a good thing if you ask Kite later. Kite bows her head deeply to the words of the emperor Leonhardt, who so decides. And when they talked about it, the door to the room was knocked.

"Your Majesty, I have brought Sola Tenjo"

"Oh, you're here... Sola. Well done for coming."

"No... So, what's the story?

"Oh...... oh Lord McDawell. Give him a seat."

"Ha... Sola. Sit in the empty seat here."

Once Kite laughs at Sola, she recommends an observer seat near herself. Near him is the consideration of not being nervous about high-ranking officials in front like this one, and being able to follow them at any time afterwards. That's how the meeting resumed where he sat down.

"Well... Sola. One thing, I want you to tell me about the battle earlier."

"Oh, yes."

At the request of Emperor Leonhardt, Sora begins to tell us what she felt and heard in her battle with the Chiyomaids. When the story reached her rampage, Kate's face seeped slightly.

"You... if you're going to do that, practice once before you do it..."

"Well, I know... I had to..."

"In the end, it ended badly..."

She still thinks that Sora didn't make a good choice. Quite bitterly and shy of Kite's bitterness, but Kite was flourishing back at it. And Tina pinches her mouth on him like that.

"Well, there's no choice this time. Let the boulders wake you up. Nobody thinks that's on edge with the enemy...... So, Sola. Don't you know what that awakened thing is?

"That's what I'm talking about. For once, I know you seem to be awake... yeah and sorry."

"Well, that's unusual."

Most of the time I woke up, there was some reaction. Yet something in Sola's previous life woke her up, but she barely gave her information to Sola. The only thing I found out was that I told someone something, otherwise it was refreshing.

"Kite, why don't you let the Lord wake you up and talk about it?"

"Hmm... nothing if I come forward, then I'll just have to... well, will I try that later? We'll both be here at the same time on a boulder, and then we'll pass out."

"So is that."

It would have been nice if it had been just us, but there are civilians here who are not combatant. Furthermore, security is also affected. If so, there would be no choice. Therefore, I will try this later, so I spoke to Sola again.

"Sola. So, have you heard anything else?

"Ah... uh, yeah. Sure enough, that white lady's got the ink stained lady in her back. After that, the fruit heart dweller... Oh, I just said fruit heart, then maybe the fruit heart dweller, right?

"Fruit Heart... Birth...?

Kite's face turns bright blue in the name given to her by Sola. Naturally, there's no way he doesn't know who the fruit heart dweller is. but such he turned and shook his head.


"What's up?

"No... bad. Probably, but the heartbreaker is a fake."

"Why can you say all that?"

In response to what Kate made clear, Emperor Leonhardt asks. Besides, Kate told me to be ashamed.

"I don't know what to say, but I was once my wife."

"... what?

"Well... I was apparently busy at the time, and that made me stubborn... and she learned illusion to distract me, and she falsely came to me once."

"... well. It's like the public's wife... no, the... I don't know, um..."

He played some emperor Leonhardt and seemed to be Kate's wife in front of Tina on the boulder. Nevertheless, he also seemed convinced.

"Well, I really don't think that would bother to draw the public's wife into the company. About this, huh?"

"Yes... it's probably some kind of code name, just like the rest of us"

"Uhm... well, let's continue the meeting again"

Accepting Kite's words, Emperor Leonhardt decides to hold a discussion again. That's how the three of them continued to meet for some time afterwards, and all three returned to Maxwell the next day.