Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1777: Fall Route Edition - Couple Fights Are -

The reunion of Tina, who received one incident in the Land of Luxerion, and Ixfoss, king of the founding of the Empire for his father. And a countermeasure meeting that took place at the edge of the Yoshino and Chiyoko raids.

Kate and Tina, who had come straight from Maxwell to the Imperial Capital to attend these two, had finally returned to Maxwell after these two had ended. And on the road. Communication had been received from Jake, Lord Heisenberg, who was also returning to his own territory.

"Yes, Grandpa."

'No... in the end you're blessed with the opportunity to talk to me. I want to talk to you again'

"Ha... I hope not."

After that reunion with Ixphos, what a surprise Jake, Lord Heisenberg, was exposed to the ugliness of saying he would fall asleep drunk early. but I was wondering if all my friends at the time, other than Kate and Tina, could be together about this. That's all I've been going through.

'First...... again. Your Royal Highness. Please, be happy'

"... I don't intend to. I mean, now I'm in trouble where I've been slapped."


To start with, this is all I have to say, Tina turns to Jake, Lord Heisenberg, who just cut out, shyly. I do have difficulty reacting even from her where she was now treated as a princess.

Rather than looking externally, it was located above the Demon King and above the Demon Emperor. That's what lowered my stature when I treated the princess, I could say. And she decided to embarrass herself into moving on.

"So, that's good. So?"

'Ha... so, one. Your Highness... if you are awakened more than Lord Justizia, there is something you were told to give to me. Originally, she was also noticed for the anomalies that were happening to herself. So if this happens, it's what they say.'


Even though they taught me I was still alive, it's what my mother left me. They really intrigued Tina, too. That's what Jake, Lord Heisenberg, told her.

"What's that?

'Is... information. Leaving behind a number of techniques developed during the Mars Empire, he said. If you don't have to, don't. but you can use it if you need it,'

"... ha. What a wonderful thing to think of the rest of my mother..."

Unexpectedly, I played Tina and laughed all over. If you choose it here as a gift for your mother, it would be good to have something handmade, and it would be information and technology. Tina herself would have, but I couldn't help but feel the strange blood connection. And so was Kite.

"Sounds like your pussy, doesn't it? What do we do?"

"I don't care what I do... there's no way I'm not going to get it. There is no problem with information or technology. If so, it would be best to go get it."

"Good... Grandpa"


Following Tina's conclusion, Jake, Lord Heisenberg, nodded one thing. Thus he spoke of the whereabouts of the information.

'... what cause, it's now on McDawell territory'

"Whatever the cause, then Kate just took over."

"Come on... I'm a no-touch about Lord Justizia's legacy on the boulder. I heard something."

Apparently, most of the time, Kate hears about it and thinks she's been managing everything. Tina's point was half full of kite.

"So, where is it?

"500 km northwest of Maxwell...... did you know there are mountains cut off there?

"I've been there, not once or twice."

'Deep there is a hidden ruin of the Entesian family. We are reacting to and releasing the blood and help of Master Justina'

In other words, the blood of the Entesian royal family and the power of Ixphos. I guess that means you can't spot them without these two. Tina didn't seem to notice either. In the first place, it's a family that specializes in isolating and transferring spaces. Tina couldn't help but notice.

"I see. So I can't know the rest? I was good at it."

"is... if you're not who you are now, you can't spot it"

"Bye...... kite"

"Ai, I'll take care of the directions."

Kite is the only one who knows the site as it stands and says he will be able to get that far. So even as a kite, I indicated my acceptance in two replies.

"Hmmm...... but can't we go there by flying airborne? I'd like to park a flying airborne in the vicinity..."

"Unfortunately, that's the countryside off the main point of transportation."


Kate and Tina sighed in full swing. Well, it's deliberately set up in a despicable place to make it harder to find in the first place. Besides, it was hard to get attacked and I had to make my way on foot.

"I'd like you to set it up in the future where it's a little easy to understand and pick it up."

"I wonder if it would be better for you to ask yourself. Master Justizia will be delighted."

"I don't think you're such a weird mother."

'Ha ha... See you later. If you need anything, please let Kite know. You are a dear son to us, more and more forfeited from our right to inherit the throne. So.'

"Fine. I wonder how old the rest is. Don't treat me like a child because I already have a fiancée."

"Ha... So, I'm In This"

Jake, Lord Heisenberg, finishes his correspondence to Tina's bitterness. Tina sighed upright at him as he disappeared.

"Ha... I'm not worried"

"Shh. It's a testament that everyone at the time cared about you."

"Well, I'll take it. But that's not the case. The rest are kids."

"You don't change."

Kite pleasantly tells the infidel Tina. To him like that, Tina reversed her willow brow.

"Your main......"

"Ha ha. Don't worry about it. It's so cute, I fell in love with it."

"Gu... gu..."

No matter how much Tina said, I had to fix my mood when the guy I fell in love with told me I liked it there. As a result, they returned to their home base, whilst obsessed.

Okay. Then a few hours. Together, they were treading on Maxwell's land for the first time in a long time.

"Wow... I haven't been back in half a month... I've had trouble this time, and..."

"I feel so sorry for you when you say it..."

"Ha ha ha. Welcome to this side, too."

"Guh... uh... damn. Who are you really, my last life..."

Something in the past life caused me to get bogged down by a thousand women. Sora could only mourn. And what is wrong with them is that they are familiar with the wind that blows in their previous life.

At least I didn't recognize Sola when I saw that she was helping me, but I had no idea why a thousand generations had to kill me for not telling me anything. That's what Kate asks him.

"At least you don't seem like a very bad guy, do you?

"You know what? I've never seen a woman stare at me like that before... what did you do..."

"Did you fuck him or something?

"Stop it. Seriously... I wouldn't be stylish in those days..."

I guess this is some dumb conversation about boys in high school. They were two different people, but their sexual roots had not changed. Well, Sora was exasperating.

"Ha ha... give up there. Just as I was Nobunaga Oda, just as my senior was Shimazu's young general, there's nothing I can do about it all in my previous life."

"Ha... Seriously, if you don't want to beat me up in my last life, it's good..."

It's still a warring age. The wind discipline would have been disruptive and many crimes would have been committed. Sora also holds a precious woman. I just hoped that people weren't hurting someone's precious woman. And walking around talking about that for a while. Fu and Sola got their doubts.

"Oh, no, Tina"

"Hmm? What?"

"With that said, what's Tina's past life? I don't know why we're out on the planet. When you think about it, Tina, you don't know."

He's as powerful as Tina. Sora inevitably thought she was awake in her past life. but Tina returns an unexpected answer to this.

"Oh, the rest. I don't know the rest."


"I thought so once, and I came to my memory. The rest of the past is so bigoted, I lied about the past."

"Oh, oh..."

When I say it sounds like Tina's past, it sounds like her past. Sola accidentally pulls her cheeks. but kite was also letting her cheeks catch on to this in a grand way. However, not to be found out, it is in the heart.

(Seriously! This guy's gonna unmask himself! Seriously!?

When I say it sounds like Tina, it sounds like Tina. I just have to kite and say that, but at the same time, that's why I'm in a great hurry. She's sealing it in the first place, and she's trying to disarm it without knowing it. As for knowing that, I was worried about what to do. And Tina noticed his unnaturalness thinking about it.

"... did you pull the hit"

"... No way, you"

Got hit. For the first time in a long time, Kate remembers that Tina was one of the world's leading strategists. She rethought Kite's behavior for a while now and stepped on to find out what Kite was up to when she realized there was a trick in her past life. And from there, he camouflaged.

"Hmmm... don't hide anything else!?

"... Saraba!

"I won't let you!

He was a kite who tried to escape at first sight with metastasis, but there's no way he could beat Tina with any amount of magic. She was stopping Kate from escaping by showing off her arts and crafts that she would not have been able to do otherwise than cancel the metastasis at super speed.

"... Lord, what was left to hide next? I mean, why does the Lord know more about the rest than the rest!

"Ko, I'm not hiding this because I want to! You asked me to! Don't tell me!

"I'm not telling you!

A fierce protest is raised by Kate, who has been jerked off with a rope of witchcraft so that he cannot escape. Well, if Tina's words are right, so is Kate's. Sure, he sleeps in her. Yet another girlfriend asks him to hide it. but it's Tina, not Tina. It's not a good idea for her to know that.

"Wow, that's so annoying! You asked me to do this in my last life! Say hello after you pull yourself in."

"Let me prove it!

"Can you do it! Then you won't have a hard time!

Particularly. If you can prove yourself as a kite and get out of this situation, you want to get out, but unfortunately you are in trouble because you cannot do so.

"Think of something!

"That's for you to say! I'm just keeping my mouth shut for your sake!

It's packed. As always, Sola sees Kite only carrying troubles, and she thinks so in her heart. Anyway, I told him when he talked here, and he gets mad at Tina in that previous life. but if you don't talk, don't talk. Tina's pissed off here. Neither of them made a difference to an angry future.

"... Is it no use that I cared? Go home. Go home."

It's about these guys anyway. When it comes to everything, it's every time, and most importantly, the more we fight, the better we go on earth. I wouldn't mind letting it go. We'll be having another stupid couple in a little while. Sola, who has been there for a long time, knew it well. So the couple fight doesn't even eat dogs, just that he leaves the two of them alone and returns to the guild home alone.