Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1779: Fall Travel - Slowly -

As Tina's mother. Eustizia, wife of Ixphos, king of the founding of the Empire of Entesia. Being a genius magician and a scientist, she had inherited her inheritance from my son, who was left to perceive the strangeness that had visited her.

Informed on the way back from the Imperial Capital of the existence of such a legacy, Tina was supposed to stretch her legs to the hidden ruins of the Entesian family, behind a mountain range called Cusipos, using Kate as a guide.

"Huh... wouldn't it take you three hours net? It's been popular for a long time."

"Because of the mass production machine, the performance is not so high... but that's enough. After that, we will have to lay down the prototype several times and make improvements."

This time, the kites are on their way to Kucipos as personnel of the ostensibly adventurous department. So what I used was a regular airship. but recently in McDawell territory, a mass-produced airship developed by Tina had taken office sequentially, so that even mass-producers would be able to make speeds incomparable at the time they arrived.

"That's good. This is a 10-year plan anyway."

"Oh, yeah."

A new model has just finally started sailing. The life expectancy is slightly shorter than that of an Earth plane due to the impact of the battle because of the energy that can occur frequently in battle with demons, but at the same time the service life is longer than that of an aircraft if nothing is present. Still, I'm glad to say that ten-year units are life expectancy when it comes to the general public.

"Ma, leave those there. How dare you?

"In the meantime, we'll have to find the carriage for the ride. We'll be in the lodging town by night."

Okay, let's go.

Anyway, this time it's just a journey with a defined purpose and no more danger. So the three of them walk to the carriage stop in an easy-going manner. Then somehow a dragon car stopped at the carriage station.

"Dragon car...? Why is there a dragon car here...?

"Hmm? Brothers, are you riding?

"No... isn't this a carriage parking lot?

"Oh. The carriage stops, but now the dragon car stops, too. Just start running this month."

Apparently, the information the kites had was old. Since it is my own territory, I was able to obtain the latest information, but that is still limited.

For example, the new operation of dragon cars like this can be granted permission by the ruler who oversees this area, and the final approval will be given to Kite after the permission has been issued. but the time is unbearable, so it is possible to operate with temporary permission during that time. The surface surface is tested and operated.

From this month on, so I guess that final approval is just the stage where Kate and the others are coming or not. but only the exchanger side can see that. There's no way I can point it out, and there's no way I can confirm it. So Kate dared to disguise herself as a normal adventurer and asked.

"Does that mean we're going to Kucipos, too?

"Oh. This is just where we're going."

"Oh... thank God. The three of us...... can we go?

"Aye. You're an adventurer."

In response to Kite's inquiry, your man retrieved the price list. That's in accordance with McDawell's style properly, and I guess it's a good idea to assume that it's been properly applied for. Fishing for the bag that your man left beside Kite confirming such a thing. That's how he took out a single price list.

"If it's to Kucipos... oh, there it is. As you can see on this price list, you can now get a set discount for multiple occupants on your launch anniversary. The departure is thirty minutes later. There are several adventurers to Kucipos in there as well. We're going to Kucipos now."


Say how many kites you don't know from corner to corner of your own territory like dragon cars do today. So I was greatly surprised by the fact that I was first informed. but his man opened his eyes slightly to him.

"Oh... don't you know, brothers? I thought you were an adventurer."

"Oh... a bit of a favor to the mountain. It's a request from a sara nobleman..."

"Well... I'll tell you what. Now that Kucipos has found good water sources and rare herbs, recovery medicine is becoming more popular. If it's a petite gold rush, it's a petite herbal rush. Rumor has it that something rarely happens."

"Heh... a rare demon"

I guess it's because sexual roots are adventurers. For the first time in a long time, Kite looks like a child with a slight eye opening for signs of adventure.

"What is it?

"Come on... I don't know that far. But thanks to that, we're all here."

"Right...... oh, thank you. Including information fees."

"Maido. This is a ticket. Don't lose it."


When Kate receives a ticket from a good mood, she leaves it in a different space. And that's how I got in and early, Tina complained.

"Lord... don't you forget the point?

"I didn't forget. But you have to know for once, right? For once, what is it?"

There's no way I can say I'm a lord in a public place on a boulder. Therefore, it seems that I was merely stating it out of the question. but the face was fun and subtly exciting, it wouldn't be my fault.

"Well, let's not forget the point."

"Wow. I'm not that stupid on a boulder."

"I wonder which one. I wonder if that's the line of a man who got drunk and smashed up a festival..."


Though it may not tend to be forgotten, the Dragon Knight Race began in the first place with Kate getting drunk and smashing up one festival. I can't say enough about him to get drunk or get on with it and forget the real deal. Well, do we know that, too, I was shy.

"You care, though, don't you? What kind of monster would an adventurer go to?"


"Mm-hmm. Well, sure."

It was a particular opinion, if you ask me. If this is a dangerous demon, a report will soon be sent up to Kite, and he will be deliberated whether to launch the army or make a request to the adventurers. The absence of it means that it is not as dangerous as it is.

"If it's a highly rare demon, I'd like to take a look. It's not like I'm free or anything."

"Look, if you can see me on the road, why don't you?

"Oh, yeah."

As I was told earlier, the purpose of this trip to Cusipos is to obtain the legacy of Tina's mother, Justitia. So if there was no danger, I didn't have to chase the demon.

So Kate agrees with Yuri's words and sits back in the empty seat. In the case of both basic dragon cars and carriages, seating for two is as basic as for Japanese buses. Unlike Earth, however, it will be a two-seater opposite each other. This is because passengers have many adventurers and parties are often organized by multiple people when it is a shared dragon car or carriage. So Yuri stays small, in the shape of Tina sitting next to Kite.

"So... what do you want?"

"I don't know... I should just wait..."

In the manner of the earlier one, the dragon cars are expected to crowd each other, perhaps against expectations. And I guess many of them are adventurers. Then, I didn't think much of the need to hand it out on the road.

"Ma, let's relax this time. There's no point in making a dime."

"And more importantly, your lord is a cripple."

"That's the thing...... so let's go to sleep at will"

At a point where we don't fight on the road, we just need to sit back and relax. Of course I'm going to leave in case anything happens, but there's no point in being strong enough to leave. That's why the three of us are going to sit back and relax in line and wait for the departure. That's about thirty minutes. A few moments after departure, a doozy and a passenger rushed in.

"Critical Safe! Ah Bu!

"Ha... ha... so... every now and then... hurry... I'm telling you..."

Two boys and girls have rushed in. You'd be an adventurer out of your outfit. I don't know about the relationship, but I could tell from the girl's tone that it was a close relationship. And those two looked around the car just a little bit and found a seat across the street from the kites that had been vacant.


"Here... excuse me. Before, is that good?

"Oh, I'm fine"

One girl pokes him in the head and asks Kite - the one on the aisle is for him - against the boy who sat down without saying no. Besides, Kate snorted one, laughing at the boy and girl who let her breath out. To him like that, a girl bows her head.

"Thank you...... Retreat"


Apparently, the relationship between up and down is obvious. The boy obeyed the girl's words, albeit honestly, and vice versa. The girl also treated the boy differently. That's how I sat down, and then the girl opened her mouth.

"Uh... Um. How far?"

"Hmm? Oh, us. We're Kucipos."


In response to Kite, the boy looks up better. If you look at the slightest face on its face, the answer is obvious. and she laughed as a girl slammed her elbow into the side of such a boy.

"Oh, we're Kucipos, too. Are you also aiming at the" Angel Feather of Guidance "?

"" Angel Feather "?"

"Don't you know?

"Oh, no, I know The Tenma of Guidance (Angel Feather). But I've never heard of it before."

To the girl who was surprised by Kite, who revealed her surprise, Kite shook her head and made it clear that "Angel Feather of Guidance" knew.

This "Leading Heavenly Horse (Angel Feather)" is the first demon Kite knows. Rather, the name "Angel Feather of Guidance" became two names, or aliases, and Kate was heavily involved in the reason for the alias.

"Come on... as an adventurer, is that good enough?"

"These guys...... ha, I'm sorry. This guy doesn't study much or anything..."

"Haha. If you're an adventurer, it's not uncommon. I'm a minority better able to speak politely like you."

I don't know about this. When it comes to suspicious kites, it's suspicious, and I can't help but point out the lack of information gathered. I rushed out this time, so there was a lack of adjustment. So the boy points his mouth at the girl who laughed at it and apologized to Kate and her partner for their mouth.

He said, "Don't study, but if you can fight, you can live."

"Still, if you look at your mouth pointing, you care about what you care about."


To Tina's point, the boy turns to her with a more bitter face. Apparently, it was a fact. Besides, the girl bowed her head again.

"Ha... sorry. Oh, I say corona. This is Alven."

"I've been close enough, sister and brother?

"Ah, yes. I'm your sister, and this is your brother."

One girl named Corona nodded at Yuri's inquiry. She presents a registration card whether it's a one-off ID or a greeting because the adventurer met the adventurer.

"Ever... I'm Kite. This is Tina, this is Yuri."



"Oh, ha..."

An adventurer named Kate, with a fairy named Yuri. Corona could only be puzzled if the boulder told her that, and she turned around unexpectedly to reach Alven, who was pointing that way, and was only grandly rare.

"Ha ha. You don't even have to look like that. In fact, it's my real name and this guy's registered to a proper registration card."

"Oh, I'm sorry... no..."

Corona unexpectedly opened her eyes when she saw the adventurer's registration card that Kate presented as a reward. Well, you'd be surprised if the rank of adventurers you stumbled across on a ride was a. Kucipos' basic demon rank is about C. A common adventurer can hunt without having to. There goes the Rank A adventurer, that wasn't the first thing.

"Uh... how could that, Mr. Kite... go to Kucipos?

"Please. That's why Angel Feather is the first to come out."


Sure, if it's also rank A, you can go there without information. Both Corona and Alven had to think so. That's how the kites were to be rocked by dragon cars along with the sister and brother of the adventurer they stumbled upon on the road to Cusipos.