Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1783: The Fall Trip - The Tenma of Guidance

As Tina's mother, the first queen of the Empire of Entesia, Justizia. Kite was to enter the mountain called Kucipos in order to recover the inheritance she had left Tina, her daughter, knowing her time of death.

When he reaches Foothill Town at the foot of Mount Cusipos, along with both Tina and Yuri's names, he will conduct an herbal inspection there that once became famous in Cusipos. So, a little. Back at the inn, we decided to wash out the information we now have there once.

"First of all, the Wings of Guidance (Angel Feather). Is this almost certain?"

"I guess. I don't know where it is."

It's still a Rank S demon in the bend. Its area of activity is quite large and cannot be perceived by concurrent adventurers. Then Soleil and others came along, but this "Wings of Guidance (Angel Feather)" had certain characteristics.

"" Wings of Guidance (Angel Feather) "… also known as" Wings of Time Feather ". Tenma across dimensions. Ecology is not a monster that boasts the highest rarity: almost mysterious. I mean, who knew it was going to cross dimensions?"

"I don't know. That's what they say."

Tina sighed when she told her another alias for "Wings of Guidance (Angel Feather)," and Kate was uninterested.

"But at least it's true you can use metastases. Me and Kite, we've been through this a couple of times."


"No, your lords have been saved a few times."

In the words of Kate and Yuri, Tina also remembers some of Kate's comings. One of them she also saw, and knew that the legend they were saved by The Wings of Guidance (Angel Feather) was true.

"Well, there's no wonder about that in itself. The Wings of Guidance (Angel Feather) is a very warm demon. Fantasy species. Legend has it that I was saved by this. There are other salvation horses, they say in some good name, and when they decide to belong to a demon academically, the Society once disputed it."

"Well... it's about me more than once."

"Well. In the first place, there is something wrong with the demons of Megamon once in your life, the lords on their backs, to name a few that you have encountered twice or three times. Can you remember that in the same person?

"I don't know that. I can't even be sure."

In response to Tina's somewhere tearing inquiry, Kate flaunted her shoulder. Well, that's why now Kate's anecdotes go hand in hand. First of all, I don't answer the request to crusade the Wings of Guidance (Angel Feather). Because it would be more damaging to fight, and the Union would reject it.

"Isn't that a good idea? I'm not going to see him or anything, and if he's the same individual who helped me, I'd like to thank him."

"Ha ha. Certainly. What do you want?

"Carrots and hay?

"It could be a healing pill with the herbs picked here."

"This is it. Your lords are going to have a bad time."

Tina laughs and tries to modify the track to two of Kate and Yuri, who spoke with pleasure. I don't care what you think in the first place.

"Right... I'll think about it when I see you"

"That's right... so, other than that. The herbs..."

"Hmm. I'd be curious if I said I was curious."

Tina developed the subject in Yuri's pointer, but her face is bitter. The troublesome thing is that this herb swarm is at the back of the mountain, and now the adventurers are pushing it to the depths, especially with the Wings of Guidance.

"That's a hassle... the ruins of the Entesia family are deep in Kucipos..."

"Mmmm... I wouldn't expect anything more if it was just a relic, but I wouldn't appreciate it here alone"

Since the basic ruins have already been lost to their owners and associates, they will be the property of the State for public treatment. but if, for example, the administrator is present as plainly and as royally as the ruins of the Entesia family, it will be their possession unless their permission is given.

So in modern times, all the ruins of the Entesia family became the possession of Tina, who now prevails, and then she could not tolerate the ruins of herself being vandalized by the boulders. Especially if it was inherited from the parents.

"Let me ask you something, but you're not going to find out, are you?

"Oh. That's okay. My grandfather showed me the place once... but I couldn't find it at the time. Now finally, I guess. Black and white feathers."

Black and white feathers. That is the power of Lewis, Tina's aunt. She had served a certain God, the Earth, and possessed the special abilities of the Divine Angel created by that God.

That special ability was a force that resembled a pseudo-protective conferring the power of an angel in the form of an angel's apostle. This also enabled Kite to acquire the power of Tina, or of his father, the race of Ixphos.

"Even then, you can find it in the Lord. If so, can't you find it in an elephant?"

"You'll be fine if you think so"

I couldn't fathom it with kite. I went back to Earth and learned the Divine Yin Current. Now I'll be able to go without black and white feathers, but if not, it'll be tough later. It was such an amazing force with the power of Ixphos.

"So I don't know what to do. I don't want to go at night..."

"I don't know what to do..."

On the plans of the kites in the first place, based in the less popular foothill town, I was going to go in and go home unknown in disguise of the request. but the situation is bad. Therefore, it bothered my mind that the three of them were neither.

"You just have to make sure you don't find out what to do or do. If we find out, we'll definitely get a burglar or something."

"Hmm... did you rush a little? You should have used some more power before you came."

Tina unseals herself only once and transforms into a silver-haired red-eye. This state slightly reduces the nature of Ixphos as a witch because it interferes with the factors of his race, but that power can also be used for that matter.

but I haven't practiced this as much as I did in Canaan, so I can't use it satisfactorily yet. The extent of Ixphos was expected to be impossible to re-seal after the seal had been unsealed.

"That's not right... why don't you temporarily seal it with yours? It doesn't have to be that way. You'll keep it for a year or two."

"Hmm... right. At worst, if it's a defense mechanism, why don't we use it to raise the report elsewhere?"

"I mean, isn't basic bass the Mars Empire when it's a relic of the Entesian family? Then why don't you bring a firefly, make sure it's compatible, and link it to the lab? Well, why don't we just find it and hold it at the Duke's house?

"Oh! Did you have that hand!

To Yuri's point, Tina opened her eyes. There is no need to repair it properly in the first place, and most importantly, if you decide to find it as the Duke's house, you can ban it from entering. Furthermore, we can develop this area. Just in view of the fact that this neighborhood embarked on a wave, there was just enough chance that it would be good.

"Hmmm...... then the reason would be good in the re-investigation with the development of this strip. After that... well, there's nothing like the magic of the Entesians, there's nothing else to make. If so…"

Oh, and I can do this. Tina will think of the operation early in the arrow succession. I guess this one is still the girlfriend the boulder was called genius. He seemed to be thinking about cover-ups and all sorts of other operations at once. Seeing him like that, Kate opens her mouth.

"Uh... leave it all to you, ok?

"That's good. This is the rest of my job."

"Ok, I'll look around the city again."

"Oh, I'm coming too."

What Kite needs to do in the first place is make up his mind and cut in captain. So if the thinker thinks, he didn't show up. So Kate then decided to leave Tina to reflect on the cover-up and subsequent movements, and look around the city appropriately.

Now, it was Kite who entrusted Tina with the decision of this later appointment, but such was he again looking around Foothill Town with Yuri.

"Hmm... I knew I saw it and thought, is' Wings of Guidance (Angel Feather) 'good with demons?

"Academically, don't you mean there's no choice?

"Academically, hey..."

I do have questions every time I come into contact with various theories on Earth, even as a kite. but I learned such theoretical arguments and often snorted. If so, the Wings of Guidance (Angel Feather) also belong to demons for a reason.

"Nevertheless, I still don't think I'm comfortable with what I'm not comfortable with."

"Because it's us."

"Ha ha. Well."

After all, the rescued opponent is called by a bad name: demon. Even if I knew I had no choice from biology or anything else, I guess I still had no choice but to feel a little unconvinced. And it was a kite walking with that in mind, but looking up at the mountain.

"Even if... Hmm..."

"What's going on?

"No, when I looked up, I wondered if I could see it in The Wings of Guidance."

"You can't - That's hugely fast, and most importantly, I actually use metastases and stuff normally."

"That speed. It's a lot of fighting power, but if it's just speed, it's going beyond the sun direction and Ise... if it's a straight distance, I can see it."

Three hundred years later, Ise and Hitachi's fighting power and speed are extraordinary. but the speed of the two known "Wings of Guidance (Angel Feather)" was well above the sun direction with Ise if only at speeds, according to memory three hundred years ago. If you're a fighter, you're still a horse against two things: dragons and wolves. The boulder didn't have a good share. Of course, as Kate puts it, combat is never inferior. If it's a monster, there won't be one.

"Somewhere in that mountain,"

"Thank you very much."

"If it's the same individual,"

A whole white horse who once saved himself and left without a trace. The beautiful body of pure white was still engraved in the back of the two brains. And I guess it's because I stopped to see the mountain. Second, a voice was called out to them.

"Ah, Mr. Kite. Yuri."

"Hmm? Oh, corona"

"Where are you going?

Well, it's almost a strange city. They are more limited than just speaking up in such a place. Furthermore, the city itself is not that big, so it was no wonder that I ran into someone I knew more about.

"Ah, yes. We're going into the mountains tomorrow, so we're gathering that information."

"Oh well. Are we similar? We just arrived and split into mountains. If you get lost, it's hard to go home. If you're going in, it's in the morning."


The corona is slight, but laughs in a way that makes sense. As I heard later, apparently only Alven didn't know that. I'm going now, she said so tightly that she stopped.

"That's right. If we're collecting information, what do we got? There's a herd of herbs in the depths."

"This way too. I'm guessing there are Wings of Guidance (Angel Feather), and some people actually saw it..."

I guess there was still a difference in what we were gathering information for. While the kites were looking into how many adventurers were headed back to the depths, Corona and Alven were gathering information about the Wings of Guidance (Angel Feather) instead of going deep. It looked like Kate was being spotted as a witness she hadn't met.

"Really? We haven't even found a witness."

"There's no point in finding witnesses in the first place."

"Haha...... yeah. Speaking of the back, what's going on with the demon in the back or something?

"Oh, or"

Upon Corona's enquiry, Kate gives her information about demons that can be obstacles as she heads into the depths. I'm not hiding anything, and I'm getting information from Corona's side. That's why the two of them decided to look around the city and then exchange information with Corona and work to gather more information.