Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1785: The Fall Trip - To The Depth

The kites set out in search of the legacy of Justizia on Mount Cusipos. When they reach the city at the foot of Cusipos after noon, they gather information there and reveal the night. So, the next morning. When the kites woke up at a relatively early hour, they were making a run for their exit.

"Good. It's a pile of boulders this time of year, so I need to get some thick clothes on."

"It's about time it snowed, but it wasn't suspicious, so we have to watch out for snow."

"Oh... well, we're fine anytime, anywhere... but I don't like the cold"

Kite dressed from bedtime to every adventurer's outfit further weaves a long coat of every lu on top of it. However, as he also said, it was time for winter and the next challenge was the mountain, making it a long coat of back bristles.

"Good...... Tina. What about you?

"I can do it. This is an all-powerful witch's outfit, every hour of every day."

"That's convenient..."

Seeing Tina dressed in a black robe of battle-clothed witches when it came to her everyday combat clothes, Kite squeaked so unexpectedly. Her, or the black robe used by the Witch Clan, seems to be actually quite a sgrething.

In addition to its fire and water resistance, it is also resistant to drugs in preparation for the formulation of chemicals, and it is difficult to stand out because it is dirty or black. Furthermore, it braided a special demonic material that is hard to stick to the smell, which also has an odor-proof effect. Well, the only thing that made it so convenient was that one witch - not Tina - made it because it was more of a hassle to change to suit the purpose.

"I will lose to your Lord's. It doesn't work with color-changing magic, and you can go from a long coat to a regular coat to a jacket at the end? It's too convenient."

"And I am also a lurking Sugre."

"You're just coming in because I'm just making food over there. You don't have to lose it."

"Stop. Don't take my place of peace."

Yuri, who was lurking in kite's hood all the time, can pull her face back into kite's pointer. Basically, she's laid back here. So that's why again this time.

"Ha... sounds like you. Okay... well, let's go."

"If I were you, I'd like to fly away with the art of flying..."

"Shh. It's unexpected."

I didn't know there would be so many people so far. Unexpected circumstances had forced the three of them to travel on foot to the tunnel. Fortunately for these three, if only people had lost their eyes, they would be able to improve their physical abilities and move around at once. So the three of them go outside the inn once.

"Hmmm...... it's still a very refreshing morning"

"It was sunny yesterday and according to the weather forecast. mountain weather as well."

"... perhaps the most convenient thing is your Lord's."

Kite's words according to Yuri's words, which are laid back as usual, are also equal to those of the Great Spirits. This world has no satellites. The gratitude of knowing the weather in advance there was immense.

"I don't know...... let's go. We need to get out of here before people have too many eyes."


It's still early in the morning. The residents of Foothill Town and the early morning adventurers are up and moving, but not all of them. There would never be someone to follow, but I didn't want them to find the ruins poorly. So the three of them advanced to the depths of Kucipos early.

Well, the three of them left for the depths of Cusipos for roughly three hours. It fits a little around 10am. By that time, the three stood by the cliff deep in Kucipos.

"Down here."

"Another cliff?"

"It's a secret research facility, right? If we try to get down here, it's a bad place to start without this cliff."

Standing atop the cliff abyss, Kate relies on her memory to peek under the cliff. That's how he kept his eyes closed.

"... yeah, right here. Subtly, but I feel signs of something."


To Kate's words, Tina releases her own power. Then she felt something, too.

"This... I can see now, but I feel something strange."

"Is this a good place?

"Bye. The rest of the blood is responding."

Tina nodded slightly less confidently in response to Yuri's inquiry. The boulder still wakes up with a little blood. He doesn't know. To those two, Kite tells them that he had opened his eyes that had been closed at some point.

"It fits here. There was a mark."

"" Landmarks?


Against the two who tilted their little necks, Kate succumbs on the rock where she stood. That's how when I took out the short knife, I basically stuck it in the rock.


"It's a phantom. Thin, but hidden here."

"Oh, it's true. I noticed when they told me... I see. It's not the Entesian family crest."

Apparently, the family crest showing that this is the property of the Entesian family was engraved on the rock on which Kite stood. Seeing it, Tina stood on the rock and took out her wand.


Kung, and Tina gently pokes a rock. Then that's all the mossy rock beeps and peeks at the beautiful rock skin.


"Mm-hmm. I can do that. Though this is the key to everything...... this doesn't make sense alone right now. No, I can already see the whole ruins."

"Unfortunately, you don't even look like me."

"Naturally, so am I."

"Bye. It's like a lock, so to speak... because the door is hidden."

This place is hidden with the power to distort dimensions. The specs of kite that can be found without anything or the god shady current is out of the ordinary track, and usually you don't know anything like yuri.

Even if I notice the lock more and more, I don't notice the door. No matter how you scratch it, you won't be able to discover it. but that has nothing to do with Tina. Therefore, she unleashed her true power.

"... Ha!

Just a slight flash of temper by Tina distorts the dimension as if it were inherently correct, exposing the laboratory that was in it. That was how it seemed to be a well-groomed lab on three floors.

"Heh... you were surprisingly small"

"I thought it was bigger."

"Mm-hmm. I thought the rest of it... yeah?

It was Tina who tried to show her consent to Kate and Yuri's words, but she raised one eyebrow as if she noticed something at once.

"What's up?

"See you then."

"Is that... a demon of use? But..."

What Tina noticed was a little white cat-shaped user demon. Even then he appeared out of the laboratory flat and sat down in front of the door looking at this one as if he had been waiting with him.

"Master Justina. I've been waiting for you. Thank you for your patience... but you won't remember. '

"You know who the rest is?

'Of course I will sit with you. She looks a lot like you. [M] Of course, even your father, Ikes, can show you. "

The white cat smiles in a streamlined tone against Tina, who reveals her surprise. Apparently a fairly advanced user demon. The tone was streamlined and the expression was humane.

And most importantly, the immensity of the magic that resides in it. The concurrent demon, that's what it would have been like to just exhale and get rid of it without a trace. Without a doubt, someone who made this white cat would be the realm of genius.

"So, what's it been like for a long time?"

'Yes... I, before that, also used to be a demon of Master Justitia. That's why I know Justina as a child. You've been beautiful for a long time. I miss my childhood grandmother. "

"Oh, my God... Then you know the rest of your childhood"

"Yes… and I served your mother, your mother, and your mother."

"Oh my..."

Tina opened her eyes unexpectedly to the words of the white cat. In other words, this white cat seems to be a righteous demon of origins who has served the historical Entesian heads of household for generations.

"Who the hell made you?"

'Oh, will you still forget that too? No, if you think about those years, you don't have a choice. It was Lady Entesia who made me… Mother, if I may borrow your words, I am the first generation.'

"Oh my..."

Though stunned, Tina heartily convinces herself that she is convinced of that. This white cat is clearly a work of genius. It can also be called a kind of art. It was the legendary witch who made it, and she was better at it.

"No, on the contrary, I'm convinced. What a brilliant piece. If it was the first generation, it would have been a thousand years before the clouds. I didn't know it could ever exist."

"I cherished it by the contemporaries of history, the late."

There's no way I can handle that. Tina wraps her tongue around the beauty of this glittering white cat and, above all, the beauty of her first generation of arms. There has to be something for sure. but Tina's technical skills weren't enough yet to spot something of it fast enough.

"What the hell is going on?"

'Hehe... it's still blood. Everyone looked at me, and everyone was told so. Of course, Mother, who inherited me, you inherited it, and as soon as you could, you went to find out what was happening to me. "

"Mm... I don't have a choice. The blood of a witch. You can't escape sex."

Tina turns slightly shy in response to her and her mother's unchanged reactions. but she didn't realize that this behavior was similar to their behavior again.

'Well... well. Dear Justina'

"... what?

"I don't know about the people there... but I will see them with my guests. May I take you?

The white cat thinks she was accompanying Tina and asks looking at Kate and Yuri. Besides, Tina slipped her neck.

"Why ask?"

'This is different. Right now, my husband can be considered contemporary. Therefore, this laboratory will also be yours. "

"Isn't it your mother's? I hear it's surrogate authority."

"Yes, officially yours, including my husband's authority."

To Tina's inquiry, the white cat nodded clearly. That's how the white cat talked about what used to happen.

"Seven hundred years before now... was it before your mother was taken? I've noticed your own strangeness, Mother, and it was thought that at some point, if you were awakened by your own origins before Ikes could wake you up, we would need your help."

"Hmm... this development was also envisaged,"

'I don't know your situation in detail... perhaps. Although Master Ikes was dissatisfied. He said we'd do our best not to.'


I see. Certainly a lack of masculine foresight said to be < >. Tina laughs unexpectedly at her father's words. In fact, Justizia's speculation was correct and it was a matter of Tina waking up before their resurrection.

'Yes. That one somehow had a lot of expectations, otherwise it was a tease. Well, I could have said that that bottom line brightness was his greatest flavor. with the hopes of the dead.'

"I'll take it. Because it would be foolish not to think of it as the rest of my father."

"Ha ha... but it was only when we were that many beautiful stars gathered together"

"I'll take that again."

Trying to excel in wisdom. Trying to be brave. I can't be king. It takes people to become kings. In terms of its people alone, Ixfoss was undoubtedly king. That Tina also admitted that the boulder was her own father without a multiplication. For some reason, she was laughing again, too.

"Was it Master Left… So Mother left me a message to give you the Lord's seat in the unlikely event that Master Justina stood there"


"I don't even know that much about boulders. I'm just a road guide. A guide. I never met that white cat in the first place."

To Tina's inquiry, Kate shakes her head. In fact, Kite wasn't even informed about this, and Jake, Lord Heisenberg, didn't reveal that he knew, but if he went, he would know.

"Hmmm...... phase ok. If so, these guys have no problem. Undisputed, not the rest of the family."

"Was it Master Left? Then I have no objection either...... then please, come this way '

Smiling at Tina's clear words, the white cat turns his back together and heads to the lab. As such, the kites were to be followed by the institute.