Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1790: Autumn Travel - Help -

A few hours after Tina's inauguration. The kites returned to the town at the foot of Cusipos after the Institute of the Entesians, but such was the scene of a quarrel between the adventurers exploring the Wings of Guidance (Angel Feather) and the adventurers searching for medicines.

As such, it was Kite who embarked on an arbitration of fights to prevent violence in her own territory, but she senses that someone is after Corona there. He had once moved from the scene of a fight to a bustling tavern with adventurers to ask what was going on from Corona and Alven.

"Phew... so, there was something wrong. Did you do something to him?

When he arrives at the tavern, Kite moisturizes his mouth with a glass and booze first, inquiring into some seemingly awkward corona. Besides, she opened her mouth with a snack.

"Well... we came from Arvent before, did we...?

"Oh...... is that it?

"Um... Actually, I, um... I'm a questioner at Arvent..."

With a voice that is going to disappear with Boso, Corona confesses to the situation. Besides, Kite was surprised.

"Corona? You did leave Arvent when it was only a single digit, didn't you?


"Oh, I'm sorry... I just talked to you for a second"

How do you know that? Alven apologizes badly for the bat against Corona wrapped in such surprise. Nevertheless, I know his sexual roots. So it would not have seemed surprising if I had figured out this extent.

"... ha... uh... that's what I'm talking about."

"Excuse me. I don't know much more about me... what happened? At least with Alven yesterday, I still don't think Corona would do anything to make you a questioner."

Tauri waits for Corona, who tried to move on, if he knew. When he looks like this, it's good to see that he doesn't know anything.

"Um... about five years ago. My parents were adventurers too, but the city they lived in was attacked by a bunch of demons..."

What was told from here is exactly what Daemon Alven told us. Basically just saying that was told from Corona's point of view doesn't make a huge difference. If there was a difference, I'd say that included a subjective story because she was a minded one.

"Then... for about three years, it is. The lord who ruled the woods we lived in died and the next lord came... just... he wasn't very good. He was a good lord..."

"Not good?

"Behind you... grab the girls, the..."

Corona says a little to Tauri's inquiry. Looks like Tauri figured out what happened.

"... Shit"

"... Yes"

"... so why does that connect to your questioner?

Chest shit bad. Kite asks Tauri, who tongued one out like that, and Corona, who sends her consent to that unspoken word. Until this point, Kite had also heard from Alven. I didn't know what was ahead.

"Um... actually, I was about to get attacked... and I stabbed him with a knife that was nearby."

"A knife? They're nobles, aren't they? Well done on bringing it in."

"You're not bringing it in. Corona found a knife hidden in his bedroom for assassins."

To Tauri, who is surprised, Kite speaks that way in anticipation of Dachan. It's still noble. It's not something I know when and when I'll be targeted. So there are never many aristocrats in Enefia who bring a protective knife into their bedroom, and on the contrary, there would be a minority of aristocrats who do not have it. And Corona nodded again at the words.

"... Yes. Well, one of your father's familiar adventurers once told me that there was a weapon hidden in the aristocratic bedroom... so I found it when it was accidentally pushed down..."

"One hair at a time, huh"


Kokun. One corona nodded at Kate's words. Naturally, it's a single-digit old girl's arm. I don't think a man of nobility will be killed, even though it was a surprise. but they got to flinch it.

"So I ran out of my bedroom in a frightened gap... where your father's old, familiar adventurers took me away"


Is Dafan what Alven told you? That's what Kate thinks inside Corona's words. As for the basic flow, I could tell from Alven that it was exactly what Kate imagined it would be. If I had exceeded my expectations, that would be about Corona being cornered all the way to her hair. He opened his mouth, thinking that it was exactly what he had in mind.

"So you're dealing with Alven and his daddy's people at the time?"

"... Yes"

"I see..."

It was certainly a muscular story. There is no big difference between Enefia and Earth. So while playing the good guys on the table, there are people who don't know what they're doing behind it.

So if I treat you as an interrogator with the face on the table, no one will suspect me of anything else. Otherwise, Corona and the others could have been treated to an extent other than that of being manipulated by the adventurers and grabbed.

"Dead or Alive...... then I guess not. There were obviously signs of a covert attempt to kidnap him."


Both Corona and Alven look bitter to Kate's statement. Naturally. You shouldn't even bother to expect a chase to take place to another country. That's how Corona asked.

"Do you have any good hands?"



Beside the troubled Tauri, Kate also twists her head with a bitter face again. This was out of trouble inside. The first troublesome thing is that this time the subject is a nobleman of the distant kingdom of Arvent, not the Empire.

You can't use the power of the Imperial aristocracy for a girl with a boulder and a kite. Even if we do something about it, the status quo Kate is a pain in the ass. I can't do that. And Tauri told Kite that he was thinking about it.

"... sure, kite, was it?


"I can't think of a good hand in this case right now. What about you?"

"I look just like him. All I can think about is what I don't know."

"I guess."

It didn't seem to Tauri that anything could be done with this status quo, even if it was a kite who could make a name for himself as a military fighter. I gave my consent to one sigh of confusion to Kite's response, who flaunted his shoulder. I agreed with him like that, Tauri, but I suggest to Kite in a flip.

"I don't know. The boat you boarded, so why don't you come with me for a while? Those guys just now. He's been selling a couple of fights again."


First of all, it would be one hand to say that abandoning Corona here is the best hand. but that wouldn't be like kite. Besides, above all, we cannot overlook the criminal activities of nobles of other countries in our own territory. No, whether you're a nobleman in another country, you can't overlook criminal activity.

"... well, okay. A few days ahead of schedule, anyway. So, what day is it?

"Oh. We're having a four-day party. From there, there's no problem organizing each other party or going straight to the next request."

"Four days... today is the first day, so tomorrow is the third day"

Originally Kucipos was two days and three days away by carriage from the airport. This turned into a dragon car, so it was halved first, so you can see that there is a lot of room for plans.

"Well, okay. I was also interested in Wings of Guidance."

"Is it good?

"Fortunately, I can afford an appointment. I can't stop looking at it."

Most importantly, they're trying to commit criminal acts in their own territory. In view of the current situation in Cucipos, there are no personnel available in Corona. It's also slightly different to say, let someone turn. You'll have to do it yourself. Therefore, to Yuri's inquiry, Kate merely flaunts her shoulders. That's what Corona asks him.

"Good...... is it? I do have a request..."

"You don't have to worry about that one. It's over."


The goal was to go get something. Remembering Kate and the others' plans, Corona tilts her little neck.

"Oh. I don't know what to do today... in the first place, Tina's not here to report it"


Speaking of which, Tina's not here. Corona and Alven now seem to have noticed it.

"Besides, fortunately, there's no hurry over there. There are no problems as long as you report it. He's a good client."

Kate further tells the two of them the situation. In fact, the purpose was to take Tina to the ruins of the Entesia family. No one is complained of more than it is fulfilled.

"Well... well, then I'll ask you to take the boat."

"I don't mind. Above all, if you abandon me here, the man will be abandoned."

"I don't feel very good."

The opponent says he is a lowlife nobleman. It's a kite that originally moved anti-corruption. It was enough as a reason to sell fights or buy them.

"... thank you"

"Good, nothing. There is no gold involved. Arvent has nothing to do with me."

To Corona with her head down, Kate laughs and makes it clear she has no problem. This quest for Wings of Guidance (Angel Feather) is all about no gold, just a journey as a single adventurer. Then a stop like this would be one of the flavors. For that reason, there was some nostalgic grin on his face.

"Ma, if you decide to... Oops! Alcohol exchange!

"... that?

"... No!?

We were supposed to be all talking until just now, but somehow Kate's glass was completely empty. Plus, we round our eyes without thinking about it. Thus, the same monkey kite showed off his drinks and somehow created a feast in the tavern.