Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1795: Fall Trip - vs. Back Guild -

In the process of exploring "The Tenma of Guidance (Angel Feather)". The kites were attacked at the behest of the Earl of the Kingdom of Arvent targeting Corona, but those gestures were adventurers specializing in illegal requests known as back guilds. Kite was supposed to have been attacked by such a backward guild and held captive by illegal demonic props, but he starts fighting the backward guild as if he didn't want to.


Kite, who is restrained by lightning, puts her hand on the knife pattern in such a way that she doesn't feel it. Nevertheless, it still doesn't pull out. You can still play now. Besides, above all, he had another thought.

(Well... what are you thinking?

Looking at the adventurers of the back guild that strikes me, Kate thinks about the gaze of someone she feels all the time. It was the Lord of this gaze who made this raid aware. This someone obviously made Kite notice his gaze when the other guy started tailing the kites. Obviously you're going to help against Kite.

"Whoa, whoa!

"Say hello."



As Kate dodges in the backstep, Yuri slams a thunderbolt into the adventurer of the back guild that was attacked with a two-handed sword. And behind him like that, an adventurer from the back guild with a dagger circled in < >.

"Die, Gu!

"Yes, on my back."

At the moment of being swung through, Kate kicks gently to the ground to kick the back of an adventurer with a dagger. That's when I followed him, so I kicked him to the ground as much as I wanted. That's how he leaps out into the air again, and Kite checks the number of enemies in a light way.

"Sa. The number of enemies..."

"Yes, only Hinofu's... fifteen people."

"Did you two negate?

Of course.

Apparently, this raid was caused by a total of 15 people and a medium-sized back guild. but also kite gets a slight discomfort.

(This much for one girl......? You got something behind you...)

If we were just to capture one girl, we wouldn't have to bring such a large number from another country. If so, there must have been some other purpose. And that's when I was thinking about it. Suddenly a thunderbolt struck.


"Ah, never mind. I didn't just shoot the bug down because it moved."


When Kate moved her gaze slightly, there was one man down and down. Next to that, there was a large bag of hemp that people would put in, and even though I wouldn't think about it, it showed for sure who this man was.


"Now! Shoot!"

Aiming for a moment's gap where Kate was distracted by the man, the head of the back guild gives simultaneous instructions to his men with launcher-shaped demonic props. Receiving it, several rings of light were fired at the tip of the launcher-type demonic prop. It completely seals his movements when it fits into the neck in addition to Kite's hands and feet.

"Ha! I'm not using it the wrong way, am I?

"... well, right"

Correct, but there is a question of whether or not it works in the first place. So the head of the back guild laughing at Kite without any haste ordered his men.

"Hey, rip him to pieces!

"" "Roger!

"... no, don't think of it as an adventurer of rank A compared to the power of boulders..."

Oh boy. Kate sighed when she decided that she was apparently quoted pretty low. In the bend, Kate is an ostensibly rank A adventurer. There's no way an Adventurer of High Rank C can be suppressed where more than one person has hung up.


"" "Wow!

"Dude... there would be no reason for a guy who hasn't even gone over the wall to beat the guy who did. Whoa, whoa!"


"Tsu, too strong...... ru!

Using his restraint, Kate throws five people together by spinning herself. There Yuri knocks in a thunderstorm and stuns him in the air.

It didn't make sense not to kill him, but it's not Dead or Alive, even though it's a back guild. It was a decision to catch him and hand him over to the police or the military for investigation.

"Phew... now we destroy seven people at once,"

Kite gets slightly more familiar as he crusades half at once and squeezes the loose restraint with his handshake away. and behind him like that, one of the leading arm-written swordsmen in the back guild circled.

That speed can't even be with Al or Sola or any other adventurer beyond the wall. But it would be on the wall enough. It was the speed of a warrior, and the average adventurer would have been killed in one breath.

"Stay alert."

"Oh, there's nothing wrong with that... the signs are leaking."


The swordsman man who attacked from behind Kate was unexpectedly stunned. Obviously, he took his back and slashed it before he could turn around. Yet Kate had brought out the sword as if she had known it from the beginning.

Needless to say, I used the Divine Yin Current to read ahead of them. And they're not sweet enough to miss that outrageous timing. Yuri, sitting on the pattern of the Great Sword, had already waited with her fingers in the form of a gun against the swordsman man who had thus opened his eyes.

"Yes, one extra"


A shock wave is emitted with the sound of dunno, and the swordsman's man is brainwaved and unconscious by Moro. That's how a glowing ring circle that restrained Kite first flies to the man who faints and flutters.


"Let me do this. I'm free."

"Bad, bad... what would I change now?

"No, we can't deal with this one with a boulder in our custody."

It was the male adventurer who was working with Kite on The Leading Heavenly Horse. Apparently, a launcher-type demon prop that got out of his hand when Kite threw off adventurers with five launcher-type demon props accidentally fell beside him, and things tried and used.

"Well... now that's the turning point"

"Damn... are you really in custody!?

You monster. You look like you just said that, and the head of the back guild throws you to Kite. Well, naturally. To put it once, Kate is still fighting in captivity. I mean, he shouldn't be able to use his powers. That's what I'm willing to say, because we interact more than a dozen adventurers with each other.

"Oh. I'm in custody, aren't I? But I am."


Tina leans her neck strangely to Kate's gaze. Only she was somehow not restrained by lightning, and she sat flat on the cane at all times.

"You're the same..."

"... oh. Why don't you eat it in the first place? To this extent, I didn't realize I had inadvertently decursed it because it was automatically dispelled."

"You didn't even notice..."

"" Become... ""

In a conversation between Kate and Tina, the adventurers of the back guild also noticed that she was out of custody. Note that, just in case, she hasn't been in custody since the beginning. For her, this degree of witchcraft and witchcraft equals toys. It was just before I touched myself that the automatic dispel was activated and deactivated.

I wouldn't have eaten it, even if it was accidental. If they had used the magic props of the kingdom in the right procedure, there would have been no victory.

"Ma, this is why. We're not dating the McDawell family, are we?

"Do you want to do the rest?

"Ha ha... what do we do?

"" "Eh..." "

The adventurers of the Back Guild flaunt their faces in a fierce but enjoyable questioning of Kite. Obviously they are different from ourselves. They understood he was an opponent who couldn't win straight from the front.

The extra battle is to be avoided from the viewpoint of looking for the "Angel Feather of Guidance". If you would have surrendered here as a kite as well, I wasn't going to continue the useless battle any longer. Against him like that, the head of the back guild, who exposed a great deal of frustration on his face, was slightly troubled, but determined his will. That's a bad direction, too.

"... Hey! We're all gonna kill that kid alone!

"" "Whoa, whoa!

"Uh... that pattern."

There are three hands you can take on the Adventurers of the Back Alliance here. Either Kite knocks you down and catches you, surrenders you and catches you, or you run off to the discrete. They already know there is no victory.

Within this, the way to escape to a glance would not succeed first. At that point, the junction is destroyed and it is the mountain of Sekiyama that is caught up at once. Above all, if we run away here now, we're on our own side. Kill at least one kite. If you don't run, you won't get dressed. The Back Alliance has a Back Alliance.

"I can't help it...... come"

Kite gets slightly serious here against the adventurers of the Back Alliance who are attacking at the same time. Even if you prolong it too long, you will now only be disturbed in your quest for the 'Angel Feather of Guidance'. Then all I had to do was finish it quickly. That's how I packed the distance from him here for the first time.

"Yes, one"

With a double gun in his hand, Kite forcefully smashed the barrier and snuggled the muzzle into the ear of one of the men in front of him. I pulled the trigger relentlessly as it was. The adventurer, who was thus directly hit by the demon bullet, was heavily blown away and fell and lay still.

"Hmm... I'm sorry to bother you... but you're wearing magic silver."

"Kaito, there are other enemies coming."

"I know, I know,"

To Yuri's point, Kate takes the sword of the two adventurers who have attacked from left to right using a double gun. These two guns are by Tina. The material was not scarlet gold (Hiirokane), but it was nevertheless strong enough to be a demonic metal. Therefore, it was normally accepted without breaking or bending the enemy's attack.

"Yes, thank you."

"Now the three of us,"

Wherever she picks up an enemy with a double gun, Yuri slams a thunderbolt into the adventurer on the right, while Kate leaves her back to switch the weapon from a double gun to a stick and hits the enemy with it.



"Huh! Here's the thing..."

The head of the back guild apparently abandoned himself to his own men, who were defeated without even having to exchange. I took some kind of magic prop out of my nose. If this looks like it, I guess this is another illegal magic trick. Nevertheless, it also looked like a syringe from shape, and he pierced it into his own neck muscle.

"Boss! Chi! We're gonna use it, too!

"" "Whoa!

Seeing the behavior of the head of such a back guild, the four remaining adventurers simultaneously stabbed a similar syringe in the neck muscle.

"Ugh! Guuhhh!

"Gu...... ahhhhhh!

"Dude... what the...?

Kite the boulder doesn't know anything about illegal magic props, either. So about this syringe, it was an unknown magic prop, and it was refreshing to see what was going on. That's how the five adventurers transform into aliens in front of him, who is distracted.

"Hehe... time-bound... but it's a substitute for giving me mighty power"

"Heh... pseudo-demonization? I didn't know I could keep myself..."

Wow in there. I can clearly hear the head of the back guild while plundering somewhere, and Kite has a slight admiration. Nevertheless, illegality is still illegal. Not everyone seemed to be able to stand it.

'Gu! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Well, will it? Kate is convinced in her heart by one of those who collapsed spitting a chunk of blood after stuffing and suffering. Obviously I don't think something like this is in its rightful form. If so, I guess this is something I can't help. And against him like that, the head of the back guild strikes.


"Whoa... you're losing a lot of reason"

"Was there originally?

"I don't know."

To Yuri's inquiry, Kate shook her head with a laugh. The speed of the head of a pseudo-demonized back guild was comparable to that of an Adventurer in Rank B, and even though this inadequacy was certainly likely to beat that of an Adventurer in Rank A. Therefore, Kite decided to add a hassle.

You broke it!


Kite dares to take one of those shots and be blown away against an attack that can be carried out by a foursome. Its power was such that even a larger rock could easily be smashed, which is why Kate flew away in no time. but he stops in the air when he is blown away to some extent like that. I rang my neck gently.

"Phew... you're out of the line"

'Become... you, on purpose for that!

"Oh. Thanks for letting me out... I thought there was some kind of magic trick because you guys weren't influenced by the junction... this one"


Seeing Kate's removed spherical demonic props, the face of the head of the back guild distorts. They removed this from the bodies of the adventurers of the earlier self-destructing Back Alliance using the Devil's Thread.

"Well... it's a one-sided game from here. You're better prepared than a demonized criminal."

Killing criminals is not incriminating in this world when it comes to some extent. Even more so if it's a backing guild that specializes in illegal requests. It is no more sinful where you kill than you have already secured evidence and demonized it. That's how Kite, who got serious, quickly cleaned up the four adventurers in the pathetic back guild.