Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1801: Fall Trip - Celebration -

"Angel Feather of Guidance" passed unnoticed by everyone. Though it did not come true to see us until the end, we will all take the divine brilliant white wings home as a sign that Angel Feather of Guidance has come near us. That's how, the night the exploration journey ended. Together we were gathered this day to celebrate in the liquor store.

"Uh... for now. I didn't see him, but I found the" Angel Feather of Guidance "that was the purpose... So, well, good luck."

"" "annoying" "

It turned out slightly different from my original plans and thoughts, but I was still able to meet with "The Tenma of Guidance (Angel Feather)", which was my original purpose. Therefore, there should be no further desire, and the search for "Angel Feather of Guidance" seemed to end today. So together, we twist the work of the week so far and at the same time bite off the good fortune we have met by chance.

"Even so... Lord, things are still weird."

"Don't tell me... ha..."

I guess this is definitely the same individual. Kate sighed at the strange necklace she was given to herself. It was the first thing that was said, but it was many times that Kate and Yuri were saved, but it was the last time that "Angel Feather of Guidance" became known as "Angel Feather of Guidance". Therefore, the adventurers adore "The Leading Heavenly Horse (Angel Feather)" as a good luck demon.

That's where I came in and handed Kate the necklace shards, not the white feathers. Apparently, there was some intention. If so, this individual may be considered identical to the individuals that Kate and the others met.

"What, this..."

"No, kite. What are you gonna do with that?

"In the meantime I'll give it to Master Kuzha. It's refreshing what it is... but on the contrary, if she's the brave sister, she might know something."

In response to Tauri's inquiry, Kite responds in an astringent manner when it comes to presence. Regardless, this will only give you back what you don't know about your brother from the Kuzha person where you handed him the stupid honesty. but for one thing, as things stand, it is considered a possession of the brave, as Then this is the muscle.

"Well... well, I'm sorry to hear that"

"Ha ha. I can't help it. Or I'm just honored."


"Hmm? What's up?

It was a slightly bittersweet tauri and laughing kite, but he asks, noticing Alven's gaze directed at his necklace. Besides, he asked for a favor.

"... can I touch it?

"Hmm? Well, it'd be good enough to touch it"

"... wow... wow..."

Alven opened his eyes wide to the necklace shards given to him by Kite. The face belonged to a boy of his age, and he was slightly moved.

"You can't have this... can you?

"You can't do it to a boulder. For once, I still owe Kuzha a report."

"That's right..."

Alven sighed with sincere regret with the brave Kate necklace and the visible necklace shard in his hand. Well, I was looking for "Angel Feather," in response to the legend of Kite the Brave. If the brave kite winner's necklace - which, of course, isn't true - got it, I guess it couldn't help but get you more intrigued.

"Instead, I don't have white wings. It feels better to think about being a mere messenger."

"Ah... well, I guess so..."

To Kate's point, Alven agrees with the way she's going to pull her hair back somewhere - because Kate retrieved the necklace. Kate did get her brave Kate belongings temporarily, but in the end she has to give them to the McDawell family.

It was Kite's view at this party that "The Leading Heavenly Horse (Angel Feather)" returned it as a hit. So there was nothing left in the superficial kite. and against such Alven and Corona, Tauri inquired.

"So, yeah. Just a good opportunity, so let me ask you, what are you two going to do now? For once, the day is early, but this party is breaking up today."

"Ah... that's..."

Following Tauri's question, Corona turns her gaze to Tina. Take it, Tina nodded one.

"Um, Mr. Kite. Can't you just let me belong to the Alliance like this? Tina gave me permission..."

"Hmm? Well, it doesn't matter if Tina's giving you permission... is that good? I don't care if I'm being chased by nobles from another country, there's no reason for me to refuse. There's a McDawell family behind us."

As a kite, it didn't matter whether Corona was being chased or not, than it had already been established that she could fight Syndicate for her own reasons.

I'm going to have Syndicate look me in the eye for pain, including the Corona thing in the last few days anyway. There was no reason to refuse because they thought they could buy enough time to leave their own asylum. So Corona bows her head in response to Kite's inquiry.


"Oh, no, wait a minute! Don't make up your mind!

Alven waits in a great panic against Corona, who nodded on his own. Apparently, I still didn't talk to him. In response to him, Corona tells him intimidating as a little sister.

"Ven... you know that too. There's a limit to just the two of us. Even this time, if you hadn't been here, I wouldn't have been in this world by now."


"That's not how it works. Kid has to look at reality for once... Stop by and say it's the shadow of the great tree. Now it's good to go under some kind of shelter."

Tina tells Kite, flanking Alven, who had no choice but to shut his mouth to Corona's allegations. The fact that we can do this alone is a statement that does not see reality too well.

"I see... I am close to saying that we did not reject those who originally came. If you said you were good, I'd be fine."

"Uhm...... so corona. The Lord will teach you more often."


Tina and Corona are both pure sorcerers. Apparently, an agreement had been reached that Tina would guide Corona at the time of the morning's discussion.

"Well... maybe we'll see each other again if we're on edge"

"Right...... right. I was wondering if that would happen."

"What am I supposed to say... this guy (Kite) won't have bad arms. For once, we have an alliance with this guy. If anything happens, we can count on you."

It's a boarded ship. Tauri offers Corona help in case something happens. He was the one who brokered them into the Adventure Department in the first place. So as he himself said earlier, he'll support you as much as possible until the end, I guess. After that, there was no serious conversation, and we just had to work together the past week.

Well, an hour from the last banquet. I had raised the toast from a relatively early stage, and Kate had returned to her inn at 8: 00 at night. As he lay on the couch with a drunken reminder for a few moments, he was looking at the necklace he had been given again.


Truth is, Kate was just lying a little bit together. This is a necklace I don't recognize in any way. He mentioned it that way, but he didn't actually know anything about it. To the point where even half could tell the full story, it was a design bordering on him.


Kite, who sees only half the necklace silently, was slightly nostalgic. It's true that I don't know what this necklace is. but I don't know what it is, but I felt it looked familiar. And the fact. He had seen this before.

"... the Seal of the Four Knights... Right"

Four Knights. That's the four knights Rufaus once saw in memory. Each sword engraved on this necklace was the design of its four knights. In other words, this is a product that has an edge in the world.

"Have something from that world, or... something to do with me, I guess..."

Although I still can't remember the details, I'm sure this necklace has something to do with me. Kate looks at the necklace and thinks so.

"… for once, bring your memories by hand"

The fact that you handed this to yourself may also have something to do with that "Leading Heavenly Horse (Angel Feather)". Kate looks at the necklace and thinks so. In doing so, he decided to close his eyes slightly and rely on the shards of this necklace to evoke memories of the past.