Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1802: Fall Travel - Old Memories

Only half the necklace was given to Kite from "The Tenma of Guidance (Angel Feather)". It was a necklace engraved with a design he found out in the 'other kite' world.

Thus, realizing that the necklace looked familiar, he had a glimpse of the memories of the past engraved in his own soul. That was also related to the memory that led to Kate once asking Will and Tina why they wouldn't use horses.

"Kite...... it's time you had a horse too"


That was long before Kate stood as a knight and a brave man. It was when I was only a single digit old. The old comrades were still all in their places, and everyone was singing peace.

As the son of the Knights captain, Kate was trained to stand as a knight with her brother-in-law at some point. It was his father at the time who was training. He was a knight called Lord McDawell.

"Oh, it's a horse... you have to ride one of those knightly things, horses"

"I heard that, many times...... so even horses can ride"

"Ha ha. Right. Much better. I wish I'd been a big surprise at first."

Well, it was Sir McDawell who made the statement that you should have a horse, but those two were talking on the horse now. He confirmed how good he was at horseback riding. Apparently, according to this statement, it's good to say we can ride enough horses already.

Unlike Kite today, Kite at that time had been trained on battle since she was picked up. Therefore, he had already ridden his horse, albeit single-digit in age.

"Shut up!"


"Ah, Dad!

Lord McDawell runs his horse to Kite, who tried to beat his father like he was lit. And even though Kate opens her eyes, I guess that means catching up. He didn't slow down and let the horse run off. Besides, kite also makes the horse speed up again.


"Phew... duh duh..."

The two of them ran horses side by side with their parents and children only a little bit, but stopped the horse at the point where they reached the small high hill. From there, one camp could be seen. Knights of Sir Lei Xun under the command of Sir McDawell. It was the camp. In order to conduct outdoor exercises, a camp had now been set up a short distance from the Wang capital.

"See, kite?"


"It's our position... what do you see?

"What... you keep watching"

A knight who behaves like a brother to himself to the knights near his father. Female knights who take good care of and help these male knights. It's all part of my father's Knights. A few, but honorable knights of the Knights.

"Oh yeah... you know what that one is?

"Horse Hut...... right"

"Oh. The hell with humans. Few horsemen on the battlefield, but still our knights are with horses"

Looking at the stable, Sir McDawell talks about horses to Kite. I've also heard about this from Kite over and over again.

Riding a horse to the battlefield is not the same thing in this world as in Enefia. Because it's hard to fight on horses, and I don't chase most of the warriors at their speed in battle.

but still many knights used horses on ultra-long journeys. To keep your health warm, as Will said in the distant future. And sometimes breeding and capturing is easy. Horses were naturally preferred to earthly dragons and tenryu.

"... I've told you many times, but the first generation also had horses to love. In view of that, each and every one of them grows a horse in the McDawell family. You'll be ten next year, too. It's about time I had one."


"Ha ha. Don't worry, I'll help. It's hard and heavy to keep a creature alive. I won't leave it to one of your children."

Having seen the slightest anxiety, Sir McDawell offers to help his son again, as he was once made his father. So, that's what Kate asked him.

"But you have to find the horse yourself, right?

"Right. That's what I learned at McDawell's."

At the same time, at the age of ten, the McDawell family is supposed to enter the meadow where the hordes of horses live and bring home one horse. This was also imitated by the first generation.

Beyond being a tradition of generations, he would just do so again, and Sir McDawell at this time had earned a slight emotion in his heart that one day Kate would do so to that child again.

"... I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of horse you bring back"

"I'll bring you the big one. Better than Dad's, Better than Grandpa's."

"Oh well. Good luck with that."

In response to motivating Kate, Sir McDawell laughs as his father, concealing a slight fear in his heart. At that time, he realized that he cared that Kate was not a real child.

Therefore, he feared that he felt that Kate would become the right knight for the McDawell family. And a few months. On his tenth birthday, Kate entered the meadow where the first generation captured the horse, as the clan had learned, and was to meet a single horse.


Yeah, this guy's with himself. At first glance, Kate decided to love the horse.

You're the only one who's white.

Mixed with brown and black horses, there was only one white pony. Even though all the horses around me were brown and black, only this child horse was pure white in this herd. Kate saw it and somehow understood it by instinct.

This horse also has no parents in the herd, just like himself. And I guess that's why. Because it smelled the same as this pony, or even though it was inherently a suspicious being close to the pony, the herd showed no vigilance against Kite.

"... with me... are you coming?


To Kite's inquiry, the white pony says nothing. Naturally. But Kate did see him ask only a few questions about the herd's long-lasting, ambitious horse. As if with that permission, he leans away from the herd and approaches Kite.

"... thanks"

To a white pony who turned to himself, Kate thanked her as she touched her cheeks to stroke them. Thus Kite, who made the white horse his own beloved horse, bowed his head to the majestic black horse and left the herd with the white horse.


Seeing Kite bring back the white ponies, the Knights faces were aligned and their eyes rounded. He was breathing about bringing home all those big horses. I was even kind of looking forward to seeing how worn out I was coming back.

That came home early without one injury, and besides, it's - although it's certainly a brilliant white horse - a child horse. I couldn't help but wonder what had happened. And it was with his father, Sir McDawell.

"Duh, what's up? Is that good? I mean, you used to take the ponies home from the herd..."

"Oh... I'm good with this one. He chose me, too."


Pokan. Lord McDawell was distracted by this little pony and satisfied kite, even though he left with all that breath. Nevertheless, it would certainly look good when it comes to suiting you.

Anyway, Kite is still a kid. I'm not even a quasi-knight yet if you try to be a knight. No, on the contrary, he's not even a soldier. Thinking there, Sir McDawell regained his mind and smiled and nodded one.

"... well. If you're good, you're good. So, what's your name?

"... name?

"What. Haven't you thought about it? You've been thinking a lot till you left."

Lord McDawell points out with a laugh to Kate, who was now taken aback by the opposite. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I understood that it was enough to make me forget it.

"Oh, uh... uh... you, what shall I..."

Kate thinks of the child horse's name as she strokes a child horse the same size as herself.

"Epona... is a shitty McDawell family on boulders... right? From the black horses, the name of the first horse god... Farcion... is something different... or you. Male or female..."

Yeah, but not like this. Kate thinks of the name of this white horse as she strokes the white horse. So, a little later. He decided on the name of this white horse.

"Edna...... you are Edna"

"Edna... the name of the priest who supported the first generation had that name."


To Sir McDawell's words, Kate nodded clearly that the cleric came from. Again, he is the McDawell family. The origins seem to have become marginal to the clan.

"So that you can support me at some point when I'm a hero, huh?

"Something like that."


"Yes, I do."

To Sir McDawell's inquiry, Kate laughs slightly. And Lord McDawell found something, but without pointing anything out, he gives them what they need to tell you and what they need to give you.

"... kite. Put this on Edna."

"This is..."

"It's a crest that indicates it's a McDawell horse."

Passed to Kate was the complete look of the necklace he saw in the distant future. It was a necklace with four sword tattoos. That's a tattoo allowed only in the four houses that head the four knights the kingdom is proud of.

As such, Kite was given to go to a place where he would manage the horse to mount it, while Sir McDawell groaned somewhere slightly in mourning.

"Daimyo, did you even think of it as someone who could expose your vegetables? No, I wouldn't be thinking..."

"... Indeed, did Master Edna also say in a commentary that he was the wife of the first Lord McDawell"

"Oh...... he liked to talk about the first generation and Edna. The first generation can feel it close by."

For one theory. The legend of the first Lord McDawell is an ancient story, and it seems that not even the McDawell family, descendants, has been told the exact place. Nevertheless, various stories and anecdotes are passed on to the McDawell family. Therefore, this was something that neither of the neighbours knew.

"The story of the first Lord McDawell and Master Edna…"

"Oh... Edna and her first generation were like fighting friends,"


"Apparently... it was even childhood friendly,"

I guess it's because I'm a descendant. Lord McDawell knew all sorts of things that were not known to the public. After hearing his words like that, there seemed to be something in the hearts of Kate as well.

"... I guess you still care"

"Oh... I hope you don't mind..."

Is it too early to see that? Sir McDawell sighed slightly at Kate's heart, concerned that he was not his real son. He never separated Kate from her real child. Kate is also dealing with her own child.

but kite is more reluctant. That's why I realized I wanted someone who could expose the vegetables somewhere in my heart. Nevertheless, that's why Kate treated the white horse named Edna dearly. And Edna also answered his thoughts.

"... you... weren't a horse..."

"" "There!? Or didn't you realize!?

Approximately five years after Kate named the white horse Edna. He was coming to a new battle over his father's death, but at one point he fell into a pinch of absolute despair. So Edna finally showed her true power.

It's the power to cross dimensions. It was the supreme power of a demon in Enefia called "The Tenma of Guidance (Angel Feather)". And Edna unleashed it to help her master, who fell into the dead.

"... Huh? Seriously? Did you all notice...?

"No, you... you're not a normal horse at a time when you can think normally and go side by side with my guy"

Rex sighed exuberantly at Kite, who no longer looked stunnedly close through Yangtian. My guy. That's the horse he loves as his partner. He was a pitch-black stallion, like against Kite's white horse.

Again, this was not just a horse, but one of the god-grown divine horses born and raised in the divine domain. It was given as a gift to a great hero.

And it can run side-by-side, so this won't be a horse. That's what they all thought, but they thought Kate was a horse because she had always treated her as a horse lover.

"In other words, normal horses can't be barricaded and tackled..."


Is it my fault that I seem sorry somewhere? Pompous with a sad face somewhere, and a beloved horse - although it wasn't - to Kite stroking his back, I think so with him. Hundreds of years from the day I learned the stunning truth for Kate that way. Returning from the days of hell, he will know the fact that his own horse has disappeared again.

"Your beloved horse...... Edna. He went somewhere again."

"... right"

I don't know what else to do. To Rex's words, Kate just thought so. I no longer have that much cherished memory of my family. Therefore, I had no memories or anything. That's how he got to Kite now without ever meeting his own beloved horse.